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Katherine Caine Katherine had received word that Frank was interested in working at the Casino, so a meeting had been setup at The Silver Dollar and Willow had been sent word to come along to since she was going to be running The Gold Digger.

Not that Katherine didn't have faith in Willow, but the Silver Dollar had suffered in recent times since Fat Tony had quit as manager and stolen all the girls jewelry. Since that little mishap had been solved? Nobody had been hired.

Sitting at a table out of the way with a drink in hand, she said to Willow with a smile, "Heard you've been doing good with the Saloon so far, hire any new people?"
Willow Caine Willow comes to stand next to her sister and she offers a slight shrug. "Another boy for upstairs, but other than that? Nah. I'm going to be looking for some folks who won't mind keeping an eye on the bar every so often."

"Mayhaps a new cook as well.." She mutters, gazing down at her hands. "I am not the one, I burn the crap out of everything."
Frank Frank has recently come off a daring mission involving a burning village, rescuing villagers, and fighting a horde of Mutants. All in all, completely terrifying for his first week in. He swears he will never be roped into such a thing again; he hopes luck will be on his side in that regard. Still, though, the gratitude of the villagers was admittedly satisfying...not to mention the militia might even overlook some of his less scrupulous activities for a while. It remains to be seen.

Nevertheless, Frank is now focused on a new task: the Silver Dollar. Having heard they were in need of bodies, he jumped on the chance like a coyote on a jackrabbit. Working at a casino would let him get his feet wet in the business from the other side. This could be valuable knowledge for him, indeed. So in strides Frank in his usual outfit, the metal on his expensive boots jangling slightly as he takes a good look around.

He sees the two sisters and approaches, a winning smile on his face, attitude relaxed. "Hello ladies," he greets, with a flourishing, tongue-in-cheek bow. "You must be the Caine sisters. I'm Frank Mallory, but please, call me Frank."
Katherine Caine "Drunks don't really care what they eat, so long as they get to eat. Just remember to kick the Mister Cook-It when it breaks down, it works every so often." Katherine explained to her sister before gesturing for Frank to take a seat opposite to them, "Nice to meet you Frank, this is my sister Willow and I'm Katherine. Why don't you take a seat and tell us a little about yourself and your experience?"
Willow Caine Willow lowers her lashes as she gives Frank a once over and a charming smile. She takes a seat next to her sister, crosses her legs and gives the man her attention, idly sipping at her drink.
Frank Frank sits, and is sure to signal the bartender for a drink, too. "Vodka please, neat." He then focuses his attention on the two, keeping his body language casual, open. "Enchante," he says. "Well, what about little old me? I'm actually a native son, believe it or not. Grew up here before I set off once I hit 18-ish, for new lands and excitement. This wanderlust took me West for quite a while until I hit Nevada, and with it...New Vegas, that shining jewel between us and the NCR."

He receives his drink and takes a sip, then sets the glass down. "I spent the next 12 years or so there, most of the time on the Strip, doing odd jobs for the Families and their mysterious benefactor in between betting my caps. Even did some community service for Freeside. Think the most steady work I did was for the Crimson Caravan. Eventually, the Battle of Hoover Dam happened and, well, I figured it was time to pitch the tent and move on."

He pulls a lighter and cigarette from his pocket; the lighter is a metal flip-top one with an Ace on the front. He also pulls out a long black cigarette holder, which he goes about inserting the cigarette into, lighting it, then sticking it in his mouth as he talks. "Now I'm here, looking for a more concrete future. I do contract for Lone Star, but casinos are my passion."
Katherine Caine Katherine listened carefully and nodded as appropriate at points during Frank's tale but didn't interrupt him at all, if they had come across each other in El Dorado or Vegas in that time, since it seemed like they both had some similar travels; she didn't remember him.

The world was a big place though, even when it was smaller than it seemed at times.

"So aside from lots of experience gambling and a passion for casinos, what makes you think you are the best person for this job?" Katherine asked of Frank, not mentioning he was the only applicant!
Willow Caine Willow thinks for a few moments before she leans forward. "You look polished enough to do the job, that's for sure." She says, shifting on her bustle and crossing her legs again. "I am curious though, about a few things."

She holds out her hand and ticks off one finger. "We get some rowdy folks in here on occasion, most of them know Kitty and don't misbehave just to stay on her good side, but if someone does..are you able to handle that?"

She then ticks off a second finger and this question comes with a smile. "How do you handle folks who might be cheating a bit?"
Frank Frank sits up, as if waiting for that. "Three things, Katherine: my charm, my knowledge, and my patience. I will explain and hopefully answer Willow's questions at the same time. Firstly, I am most definitely a people person. I am not a man given proclivity to violence; I prefer to talk things out, you see. After all, you can't expect a dead man, or even a maimed one, to be a returning source of potential income. I believe that a winning smile and some well placed words can get you farther than any gun or scowl in the world. If a customer happens to get a little inebriated or rowdy, I could get them to settle down without disturbing the customers peacefully; wouldn't even need to throw a punch. In short, I can be VERY persuasive, which is vital to keeping a respectable atmosphere in the establishment."

He removes the holder to puff out some smoke, then takes a swig of vodka. "Secondly, knowledge. I've accumulated quite a bit of it in regards to how casinos are operated. I could never get hired by the Families; they keep most things in the tribe, so to speak. But rubbing shoulders with the staff, greasing a few palms, buying some drinks...I managed to learn a thing or two on how they do things. So I am coming to you with some of that insider knowledge already; I just need to put it into practice. If, say, someone should be caught cheating, I would discretely remove them from the premises with a minimal fuss. Few cheating techniques will escape my eye, you see. I've d-er, seen them all!" He says with a last second word swap.

"Third: patience. I am not one to give up in the face of a problem. No miss, I just keep on trucking. Where others will lose their cool, I remain like ice until the problem is resolved."
Katherine Caine "Well, I'm not above giving you a shot at the job provided my sister is willing to work with you. I'd like to see some events and what not to draw more people into the casino. Part of the revenue goes to the town, so it's a good cause." Katherine explained before looking to Willow for the final answer.
Willow Caine Willow inclines her head and her gaze shifts to her sister. "I'll work with him Kitty. We'll get business going in here again." With that she gazes at Frank and offers him a sweet smile, leaning forward to shake his hand. "Think we can work together, sugar?"
Frank Frank takes Willow's hand and instead kisses it, though keeping it formal as his lips don't touch; instead he just makes the 'mwah' sound. "My lady, I believe we can." He looks to Katherine. "Oh, I have a few events in mind...we'll have this place bustling in no time, mark my words."
Katherine Caine "Excellent. I'll leave you two to get better acquainted. Let me know what you need for the casino, I'm not around here much anymore, so you'll have to take the trip over to Town Hall." Standing up from the table, Katherine smiled, "Welcome aboard, I'm really looking forward to seeing what you manage to do with the place."