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Owner Pose
Konno     Nighttime, the sun having just set. Warm in the summer, the Saloon's activity is idly watched over by one of the workers in Konno. Leaning slightly against the bar, eyes flicking from face to face. He's not working to take orders, but he seems like more than a wallflower.
Hawk      Hawk saunters into the saloon and isn't particularly noticeable upon casual inspection. He wears your typical attire of the wastes, rough spun trousers and shirt. A sharp eye might notice that there's a body suit beneath it all.. or that occasionally under the hem is caught the glimmer of a utility belt full of all sorts of useful pouches. One might also notice the inherent grace in which he walks or his particularly sharp eyes which seem to quickly inspect his surroundings.
Alasa Alasa makes her way into the saloon once again. Dusting herself off as she does. "Too bad, I couldn't find the that would have been interesting." She laughs to herself as she makes her way over to an empty table and sits down. She eyes the casino a moment, then shakes her head.."Too tired."
Konno     Konno waves to the newcomer in Hawk and smiles. Atleast, he's never seen Hawk before. Alasa's mention about cow has him raising a brow, "Oh, hello again." he chimes, "Missed out on the cow but got... what?" he asks curiously.
Hawk      Hawk slides over to Konno and leans against the bar lazily. "Hey there. Name's Hawk.. What's kicking?" He turns his head on a swivel and eyes Alasa for a moment. His brow furrows as he stews over the 'Cow' mystery. "Double down on.. the cow thing.. What are you yapping about?" He raises an eyebrow while offering a mischievous grin.
Alasa Alasa shakes her head, "Nothing, nothing.,,just random thoughts, you know?" She smiles a bit, "Long day with the sky father...nothing special." As she leans back a bit in her chair.
Konno     Konno smiles warmly to Hawk and nods. "Howdy, Konno." he replies, "Making sure people follow the local laws." a wink afforded to that, "And seeing if I can ply my trade." and then he looks over to Alasa. "Ah, I see. I know the feeling of that." he muses to the tribal lass.
Hawk      Hawk arches his back and stretches.. offering Konno a similar raised eyebrow. "Well you know.. some laws were meant to be broken if you ask me. That said.. El Dorado doesn't have many frivolous ones, and ever since they made Kitty mayor.. I actually feel compelled to obey them." he drums his fingers on the counter. "But when Solomon was running the show.. Well, fuck that guy." He gives the finger to the air.
Alasa Alasa ponders a moment the political situation..oh wait, she doesn't really care about it. The only thing about someone being in charge, is when things go to hell, you have someone to blame for it.
Kaydin     Kaydin comes in, dusting off his pants as if he had something on them. He looks to the various people and looks to Alasa and Konno. "I hope you two didnt wait for me." He says as he approaches them. "Now how about those drinks I owe you both?" He asks as he pulls his helmet off.
Konno     Konno snickers, "I see." he chimes, "So, which ones did you feel were frivolous?" Konno asks, "Before Miss Kitty took over office?" leaning one arm against the bar while his eyes flick to Kaydin and he waves to the Ranger. "I work here, it's hardly waiting. And sure, I'm game."
Hawk      Hawk drums his hands on the counter again as he thinks. "Well.. Here is the way I see it. Solomon was a rotten asshole who conned people out their livelihoods. Which means he was fair game for larceny." He glances around. "And even when he was mayor, I heard through the grapevine he was planning a heist on the bank.. which 'Oh Boy' if he had carried that out, his wallet would have been right in my cross-hairs."
Alasa Alasa stretchs as she gets to her feet, "Well, the monsters are waiting on me..guess I better be getting back to the wastes...that drink another time.." She laughs to herself, as she moves out the door.
Kaydin     Kaydin nods to the man. "Well pick your drink." He says as he looks to hawk and watches him. "In assume this solomon asshole was the previous mayor?" Kaydin asks as he orders a nuka cola. "Heard alot of rumors about the man. Hard to believe someone like him become mayor."
Konno     Konno smirks. "I hear there's some good marks outside the city, if you'd want to see about aligning outings." he chimes to Hawk with a wink, then glances to Kaydin. "Cola works for me too. I get weird around chems and booze." he admits.
Hawk      Hawk nods, "Yep! He were! Well.. elections can be bought. Solomon proved that I guess." Hawk seemingly produces a bottle cap out of no where and rolls it across the back of his knuckles. "Lot of different gifts out there.. You see.. I play on people's eyes and expectations." He closes his fist around the cap, opens his other hand to reveal a cap, and opens the other hand to reveal it to be empty. "I trick the eye.. or give people what they expect to see while hiding the truth." The cap vanishes.

"Ole' Solomon.. he did that with people's hopes, I think. A big lie. A tricky bastard.. Don't have his talent, but he manipulated people very effectively to get where he got.. Just evidently didn't know how to keep it."
Hawk Hawk side glances to Konno and gives him a nod. "Sounds like plan. Someone people deserve to be lighter on caps.. but I like where El Dorado is goin'.. and you know what they say. Don't shit where you sleep."
Kaydin     "I dont approve of stealing, even against the legion where it was viewed as a great thing to do. If someone has to steal to survive, then I wont give someone a hard time, but you still rely on other people. I prefer to survive on my own means. So I have survival training." Kaydin says as he orders 2 colas and hands one to Konno.
Konno     Konno waves his hands, "Enough raider groups armin' up to seige caravans and towns, pre-empively making it harder for them to harass others ain't doin' no harm." he explains. A grim look and nod afforded to Hawk.
Hawk      "Yep. There are plenty of assholes out there who could use a few less bullets in their guns.. a few less caps in their pockets to buy ammo.. and well.." He gives a mischievous grin.

"Maybe they don't deserve some of their luxuries either.. It's really a matter of perspective. Point being.." He points a finger at Kaydin.

"I don't take from people who can't afford it.. or don't deserve it."
Fern     Her entrance is gradual and without flare. Fern is just another person in the saloon, yeah, just a kid who happens to be glancing about as if looking for someone. She takes her time with the search, and as she fails to find whoever she seeks she moves aside to an empty table. The girl leans against it and looks about, checking things out for the moment and listening to bits of conversations she can hear.
Kaydin     "I wont try and make you do anything you dont want to do, but in the end stealing from people just relies too much on people who wont kill you for it." Kaydin says as he sips his cola. "Pre-war was fine, but nowadays..."
Konno     Konno waves his hand, "Takin' from raiders, they're the kind liable to kill you anyway, so there's no conflict of morals to take arms if they catch ya." he considers, "But, I mean, it's not really my place though. That sort of thing needs more than one person." he muses, and looks at the small girl. He's curious, never told kids couldn't come into the saloon, so he doesn't do much than watch her close.
Hawk      "Good thing you aren't in this line of business, buddy. The whole point is the mark not knowing you took anything from them in the first place." He spins Kaydin's revolver around his thumb then offers the grip to him.

"Believe this is yours, sir." He offers a playful wink while offering a big ole' grin before glancing back to Konno.

"You any good at pretending to be a raider? We need to work our what kinda knacks we've got between each other to formulate a good plan."
Fern     Eyes quickly dart over to Konno as she feels the gaze on her, and as she meets it she holds it steady. She's staring Konno down now, chin lifting just a bit in an 'I see you staring' sort of way, and she doesn't give in and look away. Nope! They say the dominant animal holds the gaze the longest, and she's sure going to try. Besides, kids are good at the staring contest, aren't they?

    While staring her best at Konno, Fern's ears twitch. Raiders? Plan? Ohh, are these dudes bad guys!? Cool. She starts to glance to the side to peer at Hawk, but, no! Must.. not.. break eye contact..
Kaydin     "You are good." Kaydin says as he checks his holster to find the gun gone. He takes it back and holsters it. "Do you even know how to use a gun if need be? Or are you one of these people who prefer using weapons or fists. Knew a guy once, collected guns from every raider he killed. Never used a single one, used a little hunting knife."
Konno     Konno decides to show Hawk and the rest of the bar his specialty. Forecasting it he gives a smile and wink towards Fern, a genuine expression of warmth and curiosity, then leans a bit more on the bartop. His eyes haze over with a faint sheen. His vest and choice of shirt is made more clear, spilling downwards and revealing a good deal of his upper body, the show is angled towards Hawk, idly curling a finger from his direction with a side glance tossed to Kaydin.

    "Darling, if you really want to see my specialty I'll have to take you upstairs." he murrs, a flash of tongue wetting his lips. "If I told you everything out here it'd ruin the fun for other customers."
Hawk Hawk accepts the compliment proudly. "Oh.. I use guns. I'm a decent shot." He lifts up his shirt to reveal a .32 Pistol.

"Nothing too bulky though.. Last resort kind of thing." He folds his shirt back down but raises a finger.

"If I know I'm going into a troublesome situation, I have a sniper rifle in my stash.. and I'll handle that situation over long distance."He glances toward Konno and gives a low whistle.

"Well damn, if I were into men, I'd drop trow and scream take me." He chuckles lowly and shakes his head.

"I'd rather talk business and drink.. If you want to apply your trade, might take a massage.. but I'm FLAT ASS broke currently.. Like flatter then my own ass.. And it's a very flat ass."
Fern     Golden eyes narrow as Fern watches Konno, and as he puts on this display she starts to giggle. She can barely control it. "You're a call-boy!?" she gasps, almost falling over with laughter then, her eyes bright and grin -wide-.

    Moving away from her table then, Fern hops on over towards Konno, but not before she leans her body over to examine Hawk's ass. "Yeah, it's flat. He's tellin' the truth." She rises then and steps over by Konno, looking him over now in a curious way. "How long have you been selling sexual healin'?" she wonders, poking her nose all in Konno's business.
Kaydin     "You might be pretty, but I just dont like men like that." Kaydin says with chuckle before turning to see who he winks at and nods to the kid, drinking his cola. "What brings you into the saloon, kid?" He asks the girl as he turns his attention back to the man to see his reaction.
Konno     Konno clears his throat a little and slides himself onto a stool, slightly adjusting his clothes. "Talking business, drinks, a bit of relaxing attention. Hell, I'm actually a doctor, too." he explains. Then he looks to Fern.
    "Well, actually. I was younger than you when I started, and I've been at this line of work almost two decades." he answers. "I mean, occasionally I do checkups and the like, mild entertainment, massage, old world medicine, some minor surgery. Helping fix peoples' injuries and making them feel good'n relaxed too. Holistic healin' is my real specialty." then he sighs, "On the side, I'm good at scrappin up close. With or without a weapon. Not so good with a gun."
Hawk Hawk gives Fern an assessing look. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to sort out the kind of situation she's in. He frowns cause he knows he's in no situation himself to resolve it until he gets some caps into his own pocket.

"Hey kid, I'm Hawk." He gives her a friendly salute with two fingers. Hawk then turns his head toward Konno and assesses him.

"Well aren't you a damn handy individual. Sure we have plenty of business to conduct.. but I do have an appointment I need to keep." The best hours of night were approaching can't waste those in his line of work! He peers back down at Fern. "Look like you've got nimble fingers kid. Say Hi next time you see me. There's a few plays in the playbook where being little comes in handy. Bet we could come to some kind of business arrangement." He beams a grin and heads for the door glancing over his shoulder to Kaydin.

"Thanks for bein' a good sport about the revolver, Ranger. Try not to get shot in the name of the NCR." He slips out.
Fern     "How do you know how old I am? You in your thirties then? They started you real young. That's sad, ain't it?" Fern asks with a tsking cluck of her tongue and a shake of her head, eyes then shifting over to Hawk.

    "You sound like my dad," she notes, sending him a two-finger salute in return as he departs.

    As for why she's here? "That'll be five caps if you really want to know," Fern says to Kaydin. "Ten if you want extra details. Fifteen if you want the whole truth and nothing but the truth." She arches a brow at him, holding out her right hand as if expecting caps.
Kaydin     "An enterprising little sucker isnt she." Kaydin says as he sips his cola and begins to go through his pockets. "Alright lets see here..." Kaydin says as he pulls out fifteen caps and puts them in her hand but keeps ahold of her hand and the caps for a moment. "It better be more then you had a whim." He says with a chuckle before letting go. He then turns his attention to Konno. "I am trying to learn how to patch up folks. Figure the situations I get into, wouldnt hurt to patch myself up or the fella next to me."
Konno     Konno giggles, "Unless you're seven, I'd say you're older than I was when I started this line of work." he says to Fern, "Not thirty yet, have a few more years to go." he chimes. "Yeah, learning how to keep people going is important for long ops and for keeping yourself alive."
Fern     "That's the shitty part about gamblin' ain't it?" Fern asks Kaydin with an even wider grin this time. She looks at the caps and counts them slowly as best she can, though she goes slower after reaching ten. She pokes about, mildly flustered, and assuming it's all there they are tucked into a baggy pocket on her pants.

    "I ain't seven. I'm thirteen, so not a kid," she says to Konno. Her eyes cut back to Kaydin then and she says to him, "I was swingin' by in hopes of catching Gale.. She said I could come back sometime and help clean tables and she'd pay me for it. I don't see her, though, and I ain't about to start cleanin' anything without her here ti witness it." She pauses. "That good enough?" she checks.
Kaydin     "Thirteen huh. By your age I was out surviving in the wasteland on my own without any help." Kaydin says as he sips more of his cola and nods to Konno. "Hence why I am learning now. I always been able to cook and always healed fast so never really saw the doctors too much." Kaydin says as he orders another cola and hands it to Fern. "Here, a drink, on me."
Fern     "Who says I ain't doin' the same?" Fern asks Kaydin with a little snort. She swipes the offered cola and brings it closer to herself as she continues, "I've been on my own since I was like.. four. All on my own. Outsmarted a deathclaw at six, messed up a whole gang of raiders by ten.. Ain't nobody wanna mess with me," she grunts, lifting the drink and almost taking a swig. She eyes Kaydin. "Ain't nothin' for free.." Now Kaydin's the one getting the stink eye. She sips the cola anyway, nearly drinking it all in one long gulp. When she lowers it to breathe she murmurs, "Thanks," and gives a nod to the man.
Kaydin     "Mighty impressive resume." Kaydin says as he sips his own cola. "I got you a cola because I want to learn more about you. May take you out with me when I go raider hunting." Kaydin says as he sets his cola down and begins to look over his revolver, holstering it once it met with his approval.
Fern     Fern eyyyeees Kaydin now. "Yeah? You'd take me? That'd be cool. I bet you could use the help, huh?" she says with a smirk. She pauses. "I'd need a gun, though. Sniper rifle if you had one. Something good like that. I had to sell mine to pay a gambling debt a few years back. Haven't come across a good enough gun to own since," she says, finishing her drink then.
Kaydin     "If you are being honest then you should be able to handle yourself out in the wasteland. If not then you will probably get killed. If you do die, then I will bring you back to be buried here." Kaydin says calmly as he sighs. "Only got two rifles, and neither of them are sniper rifles. Still if you want to use one I can lend it to ya, if you promise to bring it back."
Fern     "Bury me here? What's the point? May as well leave me out in the wastes so a mutant boar can eat me, get fatter and then be killed to serve here for lunch," Fern grunts. She puts the empty bottle on the bar then. "I'd bring it back.. Mm, when you plan on going out, leave me a note here, alright? Name's Fern. I'll check back later." She starts to wander out. "Thanks for the drink," she says.
Kaydin     "Where I am from, every soldier got brought back and buried where they grew up." Kaydin says as he sips his cola and nods to her. "Will leave you a note Fern. Little girl like you should have a weapon and know how to use it. Being a kid wont save you from raiders. Take care." Kaydin says as he watches her leave.
Fern     "I know how to shoot!" Fern calls on her way out, doors swinging behind her.