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Qwillis     It's a hot afternoon in the Wasteland that has Qwillis out hunting for.. well.. anything. The terrain is a loose area of dirt and rocks, some rough shrubbery seeking to cling to life, rather it can or not is completely illrelevant.

    The relative peace of the afternoon is shattered by nearby hollaring. It seems that Ashram, wounded as he is most likely due to his work, has been pinned down by some bandits. Specifically, there seems to be 5 of them, although none of them are all that healthy looking. They've taken up post in a rough ring around where Ashram hides, rocks and a tree used for cover as they'd take popshots at Ashram.
    "You're gonna pay! Ya took down the Eagle gang and we're gettin revenge!!" One of the bandits yell at Ashram behind the rock he'd have to hide by. Did he take down the gang? The more important question is, does the gang really care if he did?
Ashram Behind a rock himself for cover, Ashram sighs, with a hint of a groan due to that arm in a sling. Makes his rifle hard to use, at least in an ambush, so he's using his revolver. "Oh good lord, it's you guys again? What are you, clones coming out of a vault?" He takes potshots back and rests his head for a moment against the rock. "Out of the woodwork, I swear. Maybe I'll get lucky this time and have backup roll in for me."
Lucette     Ashram's in luck today. The sound of gunfire nearby attracts Lucette's attention from her running a package out. Not quite the sounds of what she'd want to use her big gun(tm) for, she reaches into her duster to free her laser and stow her glock while on approach. A familiar sight of Ashram inspires Lucette to circle around to him while keeping her eyes on the other side of the rock.

    "Stay sharp, give me the short version." she calls out into the heat while fiddling with some dials on her current piece.
Qwillis     Qwillis attempts to fire on that leader, moving into cover as he'd do so, however, the needler shot simply wiz's past the leader's head as he'd duck behind a rock.
Ashram Ashram sighs in relief at the sight of backup. He remembers Lucette's face from the Impeachment Posse but not her name. Oh well. "These guys have been a pain in my side for a while now. They keep coming. Five of them, one leader, two guns, two swords." He bends around the corner and shoots one of the swordsman in the arm.
Lucette     Lucette nods favourably to Ashram's statements and holds up her gun. "Let's see how I can help out." she chimes. The first beam fires crisp from her laser and hits one of the gun-wielding raiders dead on. The second she aims wide intentionally. It fires off and just clips through the other gun-user before striking something on the ground and doubling back to hit the first from behind.

    "Don't ease up yet, y'all."
Qwillis     The gang yells a lot. That's mostly what they do. While the Leader is ducking from fire from Qwillis, the rest of the gang is basically.. torn up by Ashram and Lucette. The one guy with a gun simply books it, dropping it on his way out. The others charge the two who are in cover together while trying to get them! ... only for one of them to be shot in the back! "GAAAHHH! Watch where yer firing that thing!!"
Qwillis     Qwillis would move, circling wide as the main focus by the gang was on Ashram and Lucette. Taking up a new firing angle, he'd aim that needler and with a shot, tag the Leader, who suddenly isn't looking very good at all!
Ashram Ashram takes a swipe down his armored forearm and shrugs off the hit. Hardly hurt at all. He turns to the side, arm extended out, and takes two point-blank shots at the swordsman. One hits his chest, the other his other arm, but the bastard's taking a beating. Sweat pours down Ashram's face as he starts to think this through. He needs to do something meaner and harder, fast.
Lucette     Lucette had a fun time sidestepping clumsy bandit swordfighting and watching them get friendly fired upon- of course, she wasted caps on a missed shot when the guy was charging her down- she made up for it by promptly BITCH SLAPPING THAT HO with her pistol and burning two nice shots into the poor sod.

    "Hey guys, you both still alive?" she calls for her friendlies.
Qwillis     The gangers find themselves dealing with superior firepower and quickly break morale.. "RUN AWAY!!" Would be the leader's cry before he'd take off, wobbly due to the poison coursing through him! The other gangers are quick to break off, leaving some last parting shots. The swordman, after getting shot, shakes his fist at Ashram as he runs. "You haven't seen the last of the Eagle Gang!!"
Ashram The gang flees from the clearly superior force. Ashram does not take someone shooting at him lightly, though, and takes a potshot at the fleeing swordsman. When the man stumbles from the shot, he holds his pistol in the air and shouts, "You'll have even more bullets in you next time!"
Ashram Once they're sufficiently far enough, Ashram scans around for his erstwhile companions. "Everyone okay? You came to help right in time."
Qwillis     Qwillis watches the gang leave and shakes his head. Coming out of his cover, he'd head over for Ashram and Lucette. "Ahh.. I was out looking for resources. Scrap metal for making stuff, yeah? Glad I was. You two going to be ok?"
Lucette     Lucette flinches.. she saw that shot coming from the fleeing ganger and her leg got in the way of moving, but it blinks off of her kit and she sighs... things seem to settle in. She quietly tugs the energy cell from her laser pistol and slots a new one in, leaning off on one leg and wincing. "They should know, the only real Eagle is American." giving a huffy salute to send the gang off as she drops to sit down and shift. "Either of you two a doctor? Kind of hard to try and fix myself." she calls out to Ash and Qwil.
Ashram "I came out here seeing if there was anything new around yet. Still the same old wasteland, eventually something will open up." Ashram sits on the rock and stares out into the distance where the gang fled. He snorts a chuckle at Lucette and shrugs. "Only know enough for myself. This lady Emily taught me that much. Could teach you the basics of first aid while we're here, if you need it. It comes in helpful."
Qwillis     Qwillis nods to Ashram, then looks to Lucette. "Oh.. I'm sorry Miss.. While I know the basics of biology.. I don't know enough about firstaid to do anything other than hurt someone.. I'll help you get back to town if you want though?" Qwillis nods slightly to Ashram. "Even with it being the same, there's sometimes things missed out here, afterall. Shall we see Miss.. err.." He'd look to Lucette and offer that flesh hand and a smile. "I'm Qwillis, I don't think we've met?"
Lucette     Lucette shakes her head and tugs a kit out of her backpack, after setting her pistol into her duster. "Don't worry none, I'll just get this covered and make my way back to town." she muses with a wave of her hand. "Workin' on yourself is different than on other people, keepin' hands steady an all that."