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Alice Alice is presently in her apartment with the door wide open and Vaultmeat sitting outside of it like a guard dog. She's wearing a labcoat she seems to have picked up somewhere and is sitting over a bunch of what appear to be computer parts and holodisks in front of the very scrappish looking O.V.E.R. 9000 who was not able to *BZT* or anything.

"DAMNIT! Why won't you work!" Alice cried out as she tossed her spare pip-boy across the room in frustration, something that was very uncharacteristic of the young woman.
Achilles From the door comes a rapping, as a power armored knuckle makes contact with the doorframe. It's Achilles, oddly enough. Slung over a shoulder is a large backpack stuffed with goods, and his helmet is currently stashed under an arm. "Alice, you alright in there?"
Alice "No! This stupid thing won't work, no matter what I do I can't get access to over9000s systems to try and reboot him to even see if he's still in there. It wasn't this hard before, now it's all some mumbo-jumbo about the US Military and RobCo, not the programming he had before." Alice looked like she was on the verge of tears at trying to figure it out, "Sorry to whine though, how are you?" She stood up slowly and began to dust off her labcoat, walking over to her fridge to grab a pair of nuka colas!
Achilles "That's unfortunate. Is there somebody else around you could take him to?" Achilles asks, looking the wrecked robot over. When asked how he is, the giant simply sighs. "I'm alive. But I'll be leaving, for a time. I was attacked the other day by a horde of cannibals from out of Mexico. So, I'll be going there to hold the horde off and buy El Dorado some time."
Alice Alice looked at Achilles with a surprised look, "What the hell? We need you HERE in El Dorado, you're not going to last on your own against those mutants very long, we all saw what they can do.." Alice just held the nuka colas as she stared stunned at Achilles, "What will Iris do without you? YOU CANT LEAVE! You're part of Vault Team Six." Vaultmeat ran over and began raising his paw to shake Achilles hand in farewell, one of the perks of Achilles being a bEastlord was animals tended to get him and like him.
Achilles "Iris doesn't care. Things didn't work out." Achilles takes the soda with a sad smile, before dropping to a knee and taking Vaultmeat's paw. "I held my own against a hundred of the tribals. Figured I wouldn't tell any of the townspeople, it'd cause a panic. I'm sure you'll head down that way at some point, and I'm sure when you do you'll find me again. I won't die quite so easily."
Alice Alice sighed as she listened to Achilles and walked over and gave him a big hug, "I can't stop you, obviously, but I wish you wouldn't go. You and Iris were my first two real friends.." She started to cry as she hugged the big man and Vaultmeat also began to whimper!
Achilles Achilles wraps an arm around Alice. "This isn't goodbye forever. Besides, you still have Iris." That causes his smile to disappear. "Life doesn't work out like the old ones children stories. I was hard where she was soft, and where I was soft she was hard. I made the mistake of falling for her, when all she wanted was for me to keep her safe. I should have known it wasn't going to work out, I was the only one that ever said 'I love you'." Of course the thought of him being the one to catch feelings makes him chuckle a bit, even if it's somewhat empty.
Alice "I'm sorry it didn't work out Achilles." Alice said sadly, "Looks like all my friends are going. First O.V.E.R. 9000 gets broken and now you're broken and going, ugh. Fuck my life." It was the first time Alice had /ever/ sworn...
Achilles "It's fine." Achilles assures Alice, pushing up and patting the woman's shoulder. "Like I said, I'll be back." He seems sure of that at least, he apparently believes he can handle the horde by himself. "It'll give me some time to fix myself. If I stay I'll probably break whoever she ends up with next, and I'd rather not do that."
Alice Alice nodded and went to sit back down with a sigh, "I hope you'll be okay, if anyone can handle themselves out there, it's you, the toughest person I know." Wiping away the tears from her eyes she tried to smile, "I'll tell the others you said bye I guess.."
Achilles "It'll lighten your work load, and I'll be safe. I've survived this long without power armor so there's no way they can stop me now." Achilles takes a swig of his Nuka Cola before slipping out the back of his armor. Setting his helmet down he walks over to give Alice an actual hug. "You've been a good friend. I won't miss much else about El Dorado other than you."
Alice Alice stood back up and returned the hug tightly, "You're the closest thing to an older brother I ever had. Just be safe ok?" When Achilles released the hug she sat back and said to Achilles, "Be safe. Always going to be a spot on Vault Team Six waiting for you.."

Vaultmeat licked Achilles hand and whimpered sadly. He would Achilles the most, how many people actually understood hiM!?
Achilles "Of course." Achilles ruffles Vaultmeat's head and gets back in his armor. "I'll see you around. Hopefully it's back here and not fighting off mutants." He offers Alice one last smile before setting his helmet down over his head and waving.
Alice Alice looked up sadly as Achilles walked out and said softly, "I'll see you around Achilles." Vaultmeat trotted over to her and put his head in her lap and she hugged the gigantic puppy before reaching over and also hugging the broken chassis of O.V.E.R. 9000.