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Konno     Konno half-skips his way down the stairs of the Saloon, making his way to the bar. Early morning, before dawn. He's definately an early riser, or, maybe he's back from a client? His lean on the bar doesn't give any lean to either answer. Meanwhile he looks over everyone present curiously.
Chloe     The door to the Saloon swings abruptly open, and in comes a weary traveler to shield herself from the heat. She wears a short-sleeved knee-length dress of oriental designs, wrecked black stockings, and heavily studded black knee boots. Once mint green eyes locate an empty stool near the bar, she stumbles thataway and collapses on the designated furniture. Tugging her sun-bleached hair aside, her arms cross atop the bar to act as a pillow for her head. She breathes out a noise somewhere between a sigh and a groan, and slowly closes her eyes.
Kaydin     Kaydin comes into the saloon in the early hours of the morning, mostly to avoid the sun. He is dressed like an NCR veteran ranger, black armor and helmet over a long leather duster. He nods when he see's Konno and moves to sit by the man. "You are up early."
Konno     Konno offers a look to the newcomer, someone else he's never met before! Chloe is offered a wave despite her quick move to settle in. Then he nods to the Ranger. "Best time to work is after the sun's down, you know. Too hot and... close company can get uncomfortable." he notes.
Chloe     Chloe barely reacts to Konno's wave, simply groaning again and shifting some on the stool. With a good enough look, one might spot a busted lip, scraped knees, and the fact that she seems to shy away from anyone drawing near to her left side. Otherwise, she's as quiet and mellow as a customer at a library. Or someone just trying to relax after a horrible day.
Kaydin     "True but there are creatures that come out after dark. Basic survival training always says to stay cool and in shade during the day and do the majority of your exploring and walking at night where it is cooler." Kaydin says calmly as shrugs. "Thinking about becoming a new cook here. Cooking is something I am experienced with and I can use the caps."
Konno     Konno smirks at Kaydin and nods, "All valid points. But, my work in particular I meant." he explains with a wink while he makes his way to seat next to Chloe. "Are you holdin' up alright darlin'?" he asks her in a quiet murmur. "Want me to give you a look-over? Don't let the looks fool you, I am a doctor." he just prefers working as a boytoy, that's all~.
Chloe     Finally, Chloe speaks, offering a murmured, "that's if you have the luxury of waiting until nightfall. It doesn't quite work if you're stranded in the middle of a shadeless desert..." When Konno manuevers towards her, she shies away slightly. That is, until he offers his services as a doctor. With that, she finally lifts her head from her arms, brushing aside her hair to get a good look at the man. Warily, she replies, "I can't pay you."
Kaydin     Kaydin shrugs to Chloe and watches her and Konno. He then moves to take off the helmet he wore. He then looks back around before looking back to the two. "So where are you from?" Kaydin asks. "I am from the NCR if it wasnt obvious."
Konno     Konno nods to Chloe, "Well, for the price of nothing, I can see if you nee d serious attention and get your injuries dressed at least." he offers warmly with a smile. Konno blinks to Kaydin, "Well, from what I remember being told, I was born to some raider gang to the north a ways." he answers. "More of a nomad all of the life i can remember. Working in settlement to settlement, on the roads between."
Chloe     "Nowhere, now." Chloe looks at Kaydin, before looking away with an expression of sorrow on her darkly tanned face. Inhaling heavily and breathing out raggedly, her attention wanders towards Konno. Mint green eyes peer suspiciously at him, before she slowly nods her head, "ok." Her brow furrows then, seeming uncertain as her gaze flows around the saloon, as if she were searching for something.
Kaydin     Kaydin nods to two. "I grew up in the NCR. Fighting raiders, slavers, creatures and surviving in the wasteland." Kaydin says as he holds his helmet and looks it over. He uses his duster to wipe the skuffs off the helmet and sets it down on the nearby table.
Konno     Konno shifts his vest enough to take a small pouch free from it. He looks up to Chloe and murmurs, "Please, stay still. This'll sting a touch, then the pain will go. Mind the taste." he remarks, rubbing a bit of the dark powder onto his thumb and reaching up to give a coating onto that lip and any other places with notable abrasions.
Chloe     With seeming reluctance, Chloe briefly admits, "New Vegas. Until New Vegas became New New Vegas." With a sigh, she turns to the bar, "could I get some water, or something to drink. Please? I'm so parched..." At Konno's remark, she turns carefully to face him. Expectedly, she winces at the touch of his thumb to her busted lip. When he spots the abrasions on her knees, he might also spot a bruise, and she gasps when her left foot moves. "I think...I think I sprained my ribs, doc. Maybe my ankle too."
Kaydin     "There is another new vegas citizen here, name of frank, got in trouble with the omertas. I fought in the first battle of hoover dam." Kaydin says as he watches the girl. He then goes to the counter behind the saloon to look over the food supplies they have. "Lets see if I can make something good for you both."
Konno     Konno nods patiently at Chloe, treating any broken skin with the powder before he stashes it away into his vest again. Licking his thumb off he waits until one of the robot servers brings Chloe a glass of water.
    "You want anything more done, I'll have to bring you upstairs." he notes brightly with a wink.
Chloe     Chloe blinks at the mention of another citizen of New Vegas, "Frank..." Frowning thoughtfully, her expression grows dark and mysterious. Then like a disappearing storm, she shakes her head. In a level tone, she admits, "I'm not sure. I knew a number of Franks..." Seeing Kaydin circle around the counter, she offers a small smile, "thanks..." Once the quick examination completes, she nods and takes a sip of water from the offered glass. "First a drink...and whatever Mister Homecooked Meals has planned."
Kaydin     Kaydin just goes through the food and begins to start cooking. "Mom taught me how to cook. Dad could burn water." Kaydin says as he works, cutting several vegetables and puts some water in a pot and begins to go through the process of boiling it. "So what did you do in New vegas? Did you work with the families?"
Konno     Konno shrugs, "Dunno a frank, sorry." he admits, eyes turning to Kaydin. "Well... I may have worked a little while for the omertas at Gomorrah, but. That was only a weeklong gig." Konno considers aloud, "Then the wrangler a while. Then I moved on the caravans out."
Chloe     Chloe leans cautiously over the countertop to watch Kaydin begin the cooking, instinctively pressing a hand to her ribs. " was it like in the NCR? Besides the raiders, I mean. I've...never been." Hearing the question, she sits back and once again shies away, "something like that." A frown, staring out into the distance, "now it's all gone..." Surprised, she turns to more fully face Konno at the revelation of his past. A sigh, "sorry...there were a lot of faces in New Vegas..."
Kaydin     "NCR takes care of the settlements. Everyone works together. Brahmin barons have the major power in directing things but in the end, folks can live peacefully...well as peacefully as one can in the wasteland." Kaydin says as he stirs the pot and adds some vegetables and meat to the pot. '
Jericho The doors swing open and a stranger enters, a thin man with a travelling cloak wrapped around his shoulders. His dark eyes scan the room before settling on the bar. Taking a seat something strange makes it's appearance, a metal plate with a blue light appears to be bolted to his skull. Furthermore once the cloak comes off his outfit is revealed, a lab coat with the sleeves ripped off and a number of pins stuck to it. But what stands out most is the fact that his arms appear to be made of metal, that or he's wearing some strange armor.
Konno     Konno smiles warmly to Chloe. "Sure are, it's a busy place. Don't get too worried about it. You'll find somewhere nice to settle'n then it won't matter none." he cheers, then glances at -another- newcomer with a hum. Looks off though, real off. Konno isn't sure what to make of Jericho.
Chloe     Chloe allows herself a small smile, "that sounds...nice. Peace is...nice. I wish it was something more of us could experience..." Green eyes flicker towards the entrance, to witness a newcomer to the Gold Digger Saloon. Most of her attention wanders to his arms, and the glint of metal at the back of his head. Tentatively, she comments, "greetings, stranger..." She takes another sip of water, seeming at least marginally more relaxed than when she first arrived. Especially with the bubbling sound of boiling stew nearby.
Kaydin     Kaydin just stirs the pot and looks to the new entry. "Howdy." Kaydin says as he checks the pot and then looks to the others. He then looks through the cabinets and begins to add seasonings to the pot.
Konno     Konno nods, "Well, stay around town and you'll have a semblance of it after some time. I have." he chimes, curious on the details of what's going on in the kitchen but not breaking attention from Chloe before him at the time being.
Jericho "Oh," Jericho looks over at Chloe, causing his dark curls to bounce, "hey there." The movement causes a symbol his his left shoulder to be revealed, the cross of the Followers of the Apocalypse. Thankfully that means that he's not likely to start a fight, unless he's not actually a member. "Not interrupting anything by chance, am I?" The man offers a small, slightly nervous smile.
Alasa Alasa comes strolling out of the casino, "Rats!..why did you tell me to bet on black?" She shrugs, and glances around. Moving over to an empty table and kicking back in the chair, her boots on the table. "Next time I'll get you gadget, next time.."
Chloe     Chloe hesitantly nods her head, "I'd like that." Her cheer already begins to fade when she admits, "but with the arrival of the Enclave, I doubt it'll last for much longer..." Her gaze falls to the countertop before her, and she murmurs distractedly in response to Jericho, ", not interrupting anything." A brief pause, "Wasteland Chef here was about to cook us up a meal..." Hearing some commotion, her eyes flicker to Alasa, but she quickly returns to miring in her despair.
Kaydin     "The Trick to cooking is seasonings. With the right seasonings and a little time, even rations can taste fantastic." Kaydin says as he stirs the pot and looks to the other people. "Want that drink I owe you, ma'am?" He asks alasa.
Konno     Konno maintains his look on Chloe, "Don't be down like that." he chimes, "I'll show you around after you eat up, maybe help you find your niche." his tone warm and considerate, while Alasa gets a peek and smile.
Alasa Alasa smiles, "Oh yes, definately..after my day in the casino, I sure could use that seven times in a row...what was the chances.." She shakes her head, "Ah well, I'll have to try another day..."
Kaydin     "Thats why I never gamble with my money, only my life." Kaydin says as the pot boils softly. He gets a spoon and tries a spoon ful and smacks his lips a little bit. He then begins to look for some bowls and ladles. Finding what he looks for, he scoops out a bowl of hot soup to Chloe and another bowl of soup to Konno. "What will you drink then?" He asks as he gestures to her to ask if she wanted some soup.
Jericho There's a slight curl at the corner of his mouth as he watches Chloe interact with Konno. "I think he's trying to cook you a meal." He turns to face the bar again, stretching and running his metallic fingers through his hair. "I'm Jericho, by the way. But you can call me Exo." He may be recognized as one of the surgeons from the New Vegas Clinic.

"Out of curiosity, would any of you happen to have some gear for sale? I checked out the local shops on my way in, but I should have known they wouldn't carry energy weapons. That shop near the gate did carry an older suit of power armor, but the T-45 series is so unreliable." Smart talking, strange tech, all his original teeth? He's not from a settlement.
Chloe     Chloe smiles faintly, "my mother used to say something similar about seasonings..." Looking up hopefully at Konno, she replies, "I'd like that. Thank you..." Sighing and shaking her head, she admits, "I really need the caps. I have almost nothing left, after the Enclave...Enclave..." Eyes suddenly burning, she glances away, "sorry..." Then a bowl of steaming stew ends up set before her, and she rubs at her eyes before grinning like a madwoman, "it smells amazing." Quickly, she steals a spoon and tests the meal. Without saying a word, she digs in as if she were utterly starved. Which by a closer examination of her face, she very well may be.
Alasa Alasa hmms, "Me?..Oh I usually drink the strongest thing the bar has to offer. Which usually isn't that strong in my oppinion, but what the hey..its whats there." She waves off the notion of soup, "No, no..I had some roasted vegtables, with a fine cornish game hen for lunch....I'm good." She looks over at Jericho, "Sorry..nothing at the moment, I like less break down type things...those fancy weapons are just..silly"
Konno     Konno straightens up a little. "I'm sure you'll hit something at some point. Or run out of caps to try." he comments with an ambiguous smile, then Jericho mentions kit. "I hear a town nearby called Acme has some tech for sale. Might want to look into it." he offers politely, "Can't tell you out of firsthand knowledge, such things don't catch my interest." an apology.
Kaydin     Kaydin nods as he pulls out a bottle of whiskey from the cabinet and pours a shot for Alasa and offers it to her. He then gets a bowl of stew/soup and begins to eat for himself. He sets his bowl down, reaches into his pockets to pull out some caps to begin paying for everything. "Got 25 caps, Konno?" He asks curiously.
Jericho "I appreciate it." Jericho dips his head in a slight nod towards Konno before looking back at Alasa. "Depends on who's using it. I'm hopless with a regular pistol." He reaches up to rub at the back of his head, black and red hand covering the metal plate. "Oh, also. I'm a doctor, if anybody's needing any help. Or if you have any implants I need to look at, assuming you guys have access to those out here."
Chloe     Chloe has been almost entirely silent through the last few exchanges, busily working at her bowl of stew. Coughing a little for eating to faster, she offers a muffled, "I think I have sprained ribs. And a sprained ankle. But he said he'd take a look." She nods towards Konno, then returns to her meal.
Alasa Alasa raises an eyebrow, "Out here?" She looks around a couple times, "As opposed to in the casino? Thats an odd way to turn a phrase." She shrugs again, "No, no implants...I believe if theres a bullet, you should take it out.."
Rose Despite quite a bit of violence in the last few days seeming to seek her out, somehow Rose had finally managed a week without getting half-dead. One would suppose that made it a good week! Stepping down the stairs from her room floors above, the blonde woman is without her helmet, currently tugging her duster around her shoulders to cover the figure-hugging moulded plates of her armor and the 'gunslinger' belt with her two hip holsters sporting her revolvers. There's a pause as she reaches the bottom of the stairs, both at the new faces and the scent of food.

Clearly Katherine Caine wasn't the one in the kitchen anymore!
Jericho "I meant in this settlement, and I didn't mean bullets. Cybernetic augments, like my arms and the mod in my head." Jericho explains, motioning to the light coming from the back of his head. Which is one hell of a thing for Rose to walk in on. "He looks very qualified." is added aside to Chloe, nodding slightly. "I don't have a clinic set up just yet anyway."
Kaydin     "There is a clinic set up in Shanty town. It's south of here." Kaydin says as he offers a bowl of food to Rose when she shows up. "If anyone wants to donate some caps for some food, I would be appreciative." He says calmly.
Konno     Konno offers a bit of a nod to Jericho, "Nice to meet another doc'. Maybe we can exchange journals sometime." he chimes to Jericho, "No implants this far out, maybe the vault town." he considers, smiling warmly. People talk about the clinic, and Konno keeps an eye on Chloe.
Chloe     Chloe nods appreciatively to Jericho and rubs an arm carefully over her busted lip. Stopping just short of licking the bowl clean through sheer willpower, she slides it away and finishes her glass of water. Suddenly, she looks around like she just entered an entirely different room, noting the burst of activity at the Gold Digger Saloon. Shyly, she asks, "I don't suppose anyone has any completed tasks they'd trade for caps? I'm...running short..."
Alasa Alasa says, "Oh, like I said..I prefer low tech more...and a person should be..a person. Harder to hear the spirits, if you have a lot of wires getting in the way." She shrugs, "But thats me..." As she takes a sip from her drink, "Trade for caps?""
Rose Rose does blink as she's greeted with the sight of a man with a lightbulb literally embedded in his head. That was more than a little strange...but then it was all sort of relative these days. Seeing the planet from orbit and fighting literal aliens did seem to move the bar a little, not that she tended to share that story with those who weren't there, for fear of being thought mad.

Anyway...time or a soda! Moving her way towards the counter she signals to the bartender for her usual: a nuka cola. Kaydin's offer of a food bowl, she blinks but lets him set it down before her, turning her gaze over the healers. "There used to be a clinic up with the militia where Lilu would patch people up for free, but she left town recently." Talk of tasks for caps and such does get the Ranger raising her brow. "What sort of work are you looking for?'
Jericho "I might not hear the spirits, but the knowledge of the Old Ones is with me." Jericho doesn't seem to mind not being all flesh and bone. "Sometimes you have to make sacrifices. But sometimes the rewards outweigh the cost." He nods at Konno before stopping to think. "Maybe I'll see if they need any help before I set up a workshop. This place seems like a good one to settle down in."
Chloe     Chloe tilts her head curiously at Alasa's remarks about spirits, only to clarify, "honest work for honest caps." Hopefully, her attention swivels to Rose. With a noncomittal shrug, she says, "what sort of work do you have?"
Kaydin     Kaydin looks to Rose and just goes back to eating his food. "So how are things with you, Rose?" Kaydin asks curiously as he watches her. He then looks to the other people as they talk and move about.
Alasa Alasa hmms, "Oh, work? in like an actual job? Sorry, never had one of wouldn't know how to get one." As she stretches her arms a bit. "I hear those can be time consuming, and limiting."
Rose "Well...I haven't had to shoot anyone trying to blow up the saloon to kill us all," Rose comments as she twists the cap off her drink and hands it back to the server, shrugging her shoulders with a grin. "So that's a plus." Talk of spirits and the like earns a sidelong glance, but she doesn't comment any judgements. Wasteland was full of plenty of people who believed odd things. "Nice and vague there," she nods towards Chloe. "I'm sure a few people around here could use a hand in service. Simple labor and the like. I'd offer to help you out, but I'm not exactly the 'day job' sort."
Chloe     Chloe frowns at Alasa skeptically, "well, how do -you- make your caps?" Her frown transfers to Rose, whom she offers, "I could do that. Grow plants or...or brush the horses." A shake of her head, and a dangerous edge enters her tone, "the Enclave robbed me and killed my friends. I just want the caps enough to make it until tomorrow." Glancing Konno's way, she notes, "I believe I remember you speaking about a niche?"
Alasa Alasa hmms, "The spirits guide me to things. The things I don't need, I sell. Been doing that most of my life. All kinds of things lost in the recently I came across some leather..."
Konno     Konno blinks a little at Chloe's inquiry and nods. "Well, my niche is a bit broad, but I could ask my boss about hiring you on. Given your professed skillset." he chimes with a wink to Chloe, otherwise seeming a little out of it. Hmn.
Rose "The Enclave?" Rose repeats, frowning a little and shifting her form in her seat as she reaches up now, trying to pin her back-length blonde hair into its usual folded bun. "We had encounted a few stragglers and facilities out here, they weren't exactly friendly, but the majority of them were long gone." Unless you count the crazy guy running around anyway, but she doesn't mention him. Alasa gets a quirk of her brow. "There's a few people out there that can work with it, or the town up north trying to rebuild. Look for a woman called Sparrow and she might find use for it." A glance to Konno, but she herself just shrugs. Any 'work' she could offer probably involves violence, and she's not keen on bringing others into the firing line.
Chloe     "The Enclave. Not a day's walk from El Dorado, no less. I've got a feeling those aren't just 'stragglers' and 'facilities' but scouts and forward stations for a future attack." A small shrug, "but I'm not the head of this town, so it's not like I could do a thing about it even were I right." Upon hearing Konno's remarks, Chloe offers a simple, "I...see." A slight frown, "well then. Let me know what your boss says?" Sliding off the stool, she states, "in the meantime, weren't you going to give me a grand tour of the city? The day awaits, does it not?"
Alasa Alasa hmms, "I wonder if those were the crossbreds that I've been seeing out there. Thought at first they were following the refugees coming from mexico. But something thats neither man nor beast..but some combo...oh I'm sure its nothing."
Konno     Konno seems uneasy hearing about the enclave, militarized threats are terrible. He smiles to Chloe's reminder and nods, "Are there any particular things you would want to be shown about the town? I admit I'm new here myself but directions aren't hard to get."
Chloe     Chloe shrugs her shoulders at Alasa, "they looked like Enclave to me, and they certainly packed the guns for it." At Konno's query, she raises a hand to start counting down, "I'd like to find four main things: clothes, a bed, a bath, and drugs."
Alasa Alasa says, "I believe you can find all four of those things right here...for the right price"
Jericho "Could use a pair of hands myself." Jericho finally decides, attention settling back on Chloe and the others. "Though it'll be some time before I can get a workshop set up. I believe I'll start installing augments, and aside from Enclave worries, it's been quiet so far." He laces his fingers together, hands clasping in front of his mouth. "If it is the Enclave though, I'll help you out the best I can. They'll kill me and take my arms if they get the chance."
Konno     Konno hums and answers Chloe in order- "Tailor, here or the hotel, I hear there's a lake nearby, and I'm bad with chems. You could check the clinic in shantytown for chems, might be able to set you up." he murrs, "Of course you could find connections for clothes or chems here I suppose." then eyes to Jericho and a nod.
Chloe     Doubtful, Chloe comments, "I could kill for a shot of Calmex." Then, a glance aside to Jericho, "if you help me deal with the Enclave and pay me a few caps on the side, I'll let you borrow a pair of hands for your science projects." Grinning excitedly, she states, "sounds like I'll have to pay a visit to this shantytown clinic. Anyway, I've been cooped up in this stuffy bar for too long. It's time I go check this town out." With that, she begins heading towards the door.
Chloe     Halfway to the exit, Chloe slows down, does an about-face, and strides back to the bar. Moving to grab Konno's wrist, she declares, "but first, I need to know I'm not bleeding internally." She then promptly tugs him elsewhere.
Rose Rose herself simply sips her soda as the pair begins to walk. Seemingly, the consideration of the Enclave actually having some grand army sneaking up is kinda unpleasent, even if it didn't match up with the things she'd seen. They had the horde, the legion, plenty of other problems they already had to deal with. Still, with the others running off. "Best of luck to you hun. Sure there's something out there for you."
Jericho "Alright, y'all take care." Jericho offers a wave before turning back to the bar and ordering a burbon. The cyberpunk doctor was left with his thoughts for the moment. It's hard out here for a pimp.
Konno     Konno was about to wave Chloe off, but then she turns about. "Oh, I guess I can give you a checkup." he murmurs and will follow along with the tugging, "My room would probably be the best space for privacy, though." he chimes, going to see about helping Jerri later comes to mind. Meanwhile, he tries to lead on now.