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Harlan      The sounds of hammering and the quenching of hot metal had occasionally emanated from the backyard where the small forge had been setup through out the day. Harlan emerges from the back clad in a healthy sheen of sweat, a by-product of working close to smoldering coals and glowing metal. He wears a set of heavy trousers, boots, shirt, and a leather apron to keep himself being burned by molten slag, and one of the first things he does is hang that apron up and roll up his sleeves. Wiping his forehead on his sleeve, he heads to the cooler and retrieves something cold to drink.

"Whew.. It's good to have a dedicated place to work again. Like a dream really." He comments mostly to himself.
Iris Lark Iris sits behind the counter, a rucksack in front of her as she seems to rummage aimlessly. When Harlan walks in and grabs something from the cooler she raises her hand to wave and calls out. "Good afternoon Harlan! How are you doing?" Before she turns her attention back to the large rucksack.
Harlan Harlan turns from the corner and spies Iris. He beams her a smile. "Afternoon, Doc." He looks over himself and grins.

"Right as rain, I suppose. That salve did wonders. I would say I'm one hundred percent healthy as an ox. He places his hands on his hips and watches her curiously. "And what about you, Iris? How are you doing? Having a better time of it then last we chatted?"
Iris Lark Iris gazes up from the rucksack and considers for a few moments before she answers. "Things are okay, for the most part. Every day has sunshine and shadow." She glances around, a slight frown on her face. "Have you seen Vuk lately?"
Harlan Harlan shakes his head. "Haven't seen him since we had him on the table." He fetches a clean cloth from amongst a backpack of his things and starts wiping his hands. Despite being sweaty, he seems like a pretty clean individual and fastidious about getting to a better state as he wipes down his broad arms. "Yea, that's life.. Sunshine and shadow." He nods solemnly. "As for Vuk, need me to keep an eye out?"
Iris Lark "Uhm, do you remember that creepy lady ..with the weird breathing in the lab?" Iris asks, her brows lifting slightly as she shifts on her seat. Fidgeting. "Well she came in here yesterday and she scared me, and I ran off..and ..well Vuk was here when I left and now he's not here." She glances around, a slight frown on her face. "I'm worried about him."
Harlan Harlan frowns gravely and nods. "Yea, I remember her.. Creepy ain't the half of it." His eyes narrow as he takes a cold drink of water. "Think she snatched him, huh? I'll keep a look out. I was thinking of going into El Dorado sometime soon anyway." He hums. "Yea, that lady seems.. very off. Then again, that whole situation in the lab was pure madness anyway." He leans on the counter with a huff occasionally dabbing his brow.
Iris Lark Iris folds her hands in her lap and shrugs. "I usually don't let people like that get to me, but..she caught me at a very weird time. Plus, I had a hangover. My first one." She furrows her brow and leans in slightly. "I have found that drinking is not for me, by the way."
Harlan Harlan chuffs a light laugh. "Drinking is an expensive habit which sounds like a good idea at first and rarely ends well." He shakes his head. "Takes too much for to get a buzz. not worth the caps honestly." He grin a little. "But at least that means you were out having fun. Ya? That's a good thing.. or at least I hope it was." He lets the subject of Apostle drop for now.. cause...-CREEPY-
Iris Lark "I don't remember enough to know if I had a good time or not." Iris admits, leaning against the counter. "Harlan?" She asks, gazing at him with a smile on her face. "You use big unwieldy weapons, don't you?"
Harlan Harlan chuckles again and raises an eyebrow at the question. For the sake of comedy, he makes a big bicep curled pose and for all the humor in his expression, it's actually pretty damn good! He holds up with the other bruisers. "Yep! Hammers in particular.. cause they don't have to be as final.. as other kinds of weapons.. and they serve a double purpose.. Not that I won't pick up a sword if that's the best we've got available. That chinese sword you tossed my way is pretty good."
Iris Lark "Would you like to buy a flamethrower?" Iris asks, an impish look on her face. "I would sell it here, and I still might if you don't want it, but I don't know how much to sell it for, and I don't need it. It's too large for me to play with. It reminds me of the gatling gun I have."
Lucky Ding-a-ling-ling

goes the chiming bell.. The store has one now, promise and is perched just above the top corner of the door as it opens. So, chime goes the bell.

Walking in, hands stuffed in his duster (yes, wearing his trustee Desert Ranger duster in the beating heat that is New Mexico) is Lucky. Eyes take in the shop slowly as he makes way to Harlan and Iris.
Harlan Harlan blinks. "Oh! Those kinds of big burly weapons." He rubs his chin and beard. "Yep, I'd be very interested. Though, I only have 324 caps on me. I'm finding it really hard to find people with caps to sell myself. I recently let some metal leg guards go on credit.. in hopes Emily would come back with Scrap for me or find the caps later." He frowns, "I get the feelin' I'm going be operating on the credit model for awhile.. That Japanese lady wants a katana.. and is also flat broke." He sighs, shoulders slumping a bit.
Harlan Harlan side glances toward Lucky and offers him a nod. "Afternoon!"
Iris Lark Iris grins at Harlan and she wrinkles her nose a bit. "Well, how about this..." She says, reaching behind the counter and hauling up a rather large and unwieldy weapon that she sets before Harlan. "You use it, and after you see how it operates, you decide what it's worth and when you're actually making caps, you can pay me then?" She holds up a finger and adds. "If you decide you don't want to use it anymore, or go back off to the wilds before you pay for it, you simply return it?"
Vuk WHAM! The door is kicked open and a shotgun points in. "I ain't playing no more games with ya Molerats! Keep talking out there and running away!" That would be Vuk, who looks a bit battered, with a large winged insect being dragged by it's stinger into the store. "I think I bagged a talking molerat after Iris left me to die of dehydration." He says, to the air, because he can, or he's delirious from heat stroke, but some how, it looks clear he -killed- a Cazadore.
Lucky "Hey Harlan." Good ol' Lucky replies in kind while giving Iris a simple wave. He doesn't want to interrupt the talk of business, so he decides to lean against the counter to allow the two to talk.

It's about that time that Vuk enters and a brow raises up "Uhm" He shakes his head. "Please don't tell me you've been wandering the wasteland, blind and without an escort.." He mumbles just loud enough to be heard. "And I'm pretty sure there are no talking Molerats around these parts." He adds.
Harlan Harlan returns the grin to Iris. "Aww, that's kind of you. I'll accept the offer, and also promise if I find any other medical supplies and such, you get first dibs." He hums thoughtfully and continues to dab his forehead of the forge imbued sweat. "You in the market for any armor? I've found some decent leathers.. and I could bang up out metal chest-piece, arm guards, or leg guards for you. Scrap kind of dedicates how good they are.. but the last leg guard set I slapped together was pretty damn decent if I say so myself!"

Harlan blinks at Vuk as he enters. "Well there he is after all...And what the hell?" He tilts his head at the cazadore. "How did you manage to kill that thing while being blinder then a mole rat? Have you learned their ways?.. Maybe from your talking mole-rat teaching?" He chimes in after Lucky.
Iris Lark Iris glances at the door and frowns at Vuk. "Why in the world did you LEAVE the store you jackass!" She gets to her feet, sets down the flame thrower and walks over to Vuk, checking him over. She steps over the bug, makes a "gross" face and concludes her examination. "You'll live." She pronounces, grabbing the grubby man a bottle of water and shoving it at him. Walking back over to Harlan, she sets the rather large firethrower in front of him. "Remember me when you're burning things, okay?"
Vuk Vuk drops the bug he had with him, with a thunk, because these things are little you know? "Eh? I thought I shot a Talking MoleRat. What the hell did I kill?" He asks the familiar voices, and then Iris is shoving water at him, and pronouncing him fine. "Eh? Whatcha mean I shouldn't leave? You left and every one else left, and I didn't want to sit here with the Talking Molerats outside. So I left and decided to shoot a talking Molerat." See? "Harlan, tell them the Molerats talk."
Decius Vuks entrance into the store meanwhile is soon followed by a certain heavily armed incarnation of Roman Glory as Decius trudges into the store only moments after Vuk, fully armed and with his BOS Super Sledge over his shoulder. "Do I even want to know what is going on here? Degeneration in progress or what?"
Harlan Harlan smiles at her. "Shucks, Iris. You are completely unforgettable as it is. Kindest soul and best set of healing hands I've met in a very long time.. and I guarantee ya, whatever I incinerate with this puppy.. will burn for the sake of preservation of good sane sentient life." He glances back Vuks direction, his eyebrows knitting together. "Sorry buddy. They don't talk.. You aren't letting that creepy lady touch your brain are you?" He points a finger, not that Vuk can see it.
Lucky Lucky smirks, his head shaking as he looks over to Vuk as his arms fold against his chest. Leaning carefully against the counter in an angle, his legs cross as he speaks "Tell you what Vuk, if you can find a talking mole-rat, I will pay you three hundred caps. Gotta talk and be alive. Betting you'll have to go -way- out to the wastelands though."

"Degenerate?" Lucky adds, peer toward Decius. "Where?" He adds
Iris Lark When the man in heavy armor walks in, Iris gets to her feet to go greet him. "Decius, it's been a while - are you doing well?" She pats Lucky on the shoulder as she passes, offering the man a smile. She gestures around the store and her shoulders square, a proud look on her face. "We just opened this store, did you come to shop or ..did you get injured?" She keeps her eyes on Decius as she takes hold of Vuk's arm and leads the man back towards the stool she placed him on yesterday. "You stay here this time, okay?" She mutters to him before she walks back towards Decius and the large insect. Giving Harlan a quick glance she gestures to the bug and mouths to him "Take this out?" Pointing towards the back door.
Lucette     Lucette had just delivered a package out of Acme and is coming back in. This time making he way to the general store. Dawn should be here soon. She's walking with a notable favour to her right leg and a limp. "Hey!" she calls, not expecting people to have been inside this time. A slow blink, and then she asks more quietly, noting Iris. "Doc, mind seeing to my leg? I can't get a good enough angle to work on it myself." she admits plainly. Her jeans are seared off on her right thigh and down to the calf on the exterior side with unpleasant(but for the moment dressed) burns peeking out.
Vuk Vuk scowls when people insist there is no talking Molerats, and then he finds him self on a stool, and he prods around till he's certain where the register is. Like he can use it. "Eh? You mean the one with the weird breathing? No. Driver and her don't seem interested in making friends." He says and listens ot Lucette coming in. "Hello Enclave." He announces before finally starting to drink the water Iris shoved into his hand. "I'm still pretty sure I shot a talking Molerat."
Harlan      "Sure thing, ma'am." Harlan replies as he fetches a pair of metal tongs from among his belongings. He walks over to the cazadore, carefully picks it up between the metal prongs, and holds it out at arms length as he roams into the storage room for a brief moment. There's the sound of a crate opening and being slammed shut. A little more time is spent adding a label. 'Danger: BIG ASS BUG'

He returns to fetch his cloth and once more wipe off his hands.. not that he touched the bug. "Good. Not sure they are the best kind of people to make friends with.. unless you like people sticking fingers in your bullet wounds." He shakes his head with disapproval.
Iris Lark Iris walks towards Lucette, gesturing for her to take a seat on one of the chairs near the entrance. "Sure, I can certainly take a look at you. Sit down, please." She opens her medical kit and then makes a face, turning to walk back towards the counter to collect her rucksack. She makes her way back to the other woman, stepping around large armored men and unarmored Lucky's. When she gets back to Lucette, she sinks to her knees and starts to poke and prod at the wound. "What made this?"
Decius Lowering his sledge to the ground with an audbile thunk, Decius nods slightly as he actually bothers now to see just who has piled into the shop by now. "Well, I'm considerably fine Iris. At least I'm not scattering my innards all over the wasteland and besides... I look more magnificent then ever." With that said he glances briefly over to Vuk. "Sure that you didn't just shoot your own hallucinations?"
Lucky Giving a smile to Iris as she touches his shoulder and a nod, Lucky looks back to the assembled crowd and listens idly to everyone.
Lucette     Lucette takes a seat, making sure her leg's extended and the burn is easy to see. "Paper Tiger, best to listen to your doctor." she chides in a tease, then glances down. "If you need my pants off for this I can understand. Pretty sure there's less of them left than I got burned though." as for the question
    "Was running a package out. Roaming cell of the Enclave called me a traitor and opened fire. Militia group intercepted and I managed to get out, militia didn't make it though." she sighs. "I'm gonna have to find some other way to contact them, have a feeling that damn computer's already spreading word of me commitin' some kind of treason." she doesn't add more to that.
Iris Lark Iris shakes her head at Lucette, already pulling some aloe-infused salve from her rucksack. "Not necessary, though once you get settled somewhere you might want to take the pants off and let the wound breathe a bit." She smiles at Decius and gestures at him to come sit on one of the chairs. "I'm glad you came by to visit, Decius." She says, as she starts to apply the salve to Lucette's burn. "I wasn't sure you'd stop by the clinic after the fuss the last time you were there." She reaches in her rucksack and rummages a bit, pulling out some bandages. She gazes at Lucette and then her pants, as if she were trying to figure out the best way to wrap the wound.
Harlan      Harlan glances at Decius sledge and offers an approving nod.

"Say.. now there's a proper weapon." The blacksmith offers a calloused thumbs up of approval before glancing back to the others. He sees Vuk enjoying some water and is reminded of his own cup walking back to the counter to fetch it. He then peers toward Iris and Lucette.

"Need anything else, Doc?"
Vuk Vuk is still Paper Tiger! He's a damn hero now, he should get a such better name! "I'd normally say I'd love to see Enclave with her pants off..but I'll be honest? I can't see, so...I mean, not as much fun." he says, of course Vuk can make a joke about it. "Now if we let the blind man do judging contests with his hands.." He starts with a slight grin.
Lucky Shaking his head slowly, Lucky sighs. "Well, I'll turn my back if you want to slug him." He says, looking to Lucette with a small smile.
Lucette     Lucette is quick to undo the cloth she had wrapped over her leg for Iris. Covered in dust already from her walk they were practically falling off already. "Tell you what paper, touch all you want when Iris is done. If you hit a gun though, you're getting shot." she chimes mischeivously, flashing a wink to Lucky. Paper tiger, he still is.
Decius Decius quickly handles the shutting up of Vuk himself as he does his best to slightly slap him over the back of the head with a flat hand while wisely saying nothing as he does. With that done one way or another he nods towards Harlan and lifts his Super Sledge again. "Indeed. Took this BOS made sledge from the cold, dead hands of Decanus of Lanius Legion. Quite a good and well earned trophy. You can say what you want about the BOS, but they know how to make weapons."
Vuk Vuk almost spills his water before threateningly gesturing the bottle around the room. "One of ya hit me, and I'll figure it out.." he says and listens to Enclave Girl. "Sure..then charge me a small fortune. I thought Heroes got some of this action for free?"
Lucky Smirking at Lucette, Lucky replies "How many guns are on you today? Three, four?" He inquires teasingly. "And at least one of'm is a laser.." He looks over to Vuk "Pretty sure you've been reading too many books Vuk."
Iris Lark Iris is still working on Lucette, so she misses the slap, but her head comes up and she calls out. "No violence in the store." She finishes smoothing the salve on Lucette's leg and wraps it with a bandage. She gets to her feet and grabs some water, washing off her hands. "I would like it if you all could visit again, but you won't be permitted if you can't behave."
Harlan Harlan extends his thumb toward Iris.

"You heard the lady. No rough housing. Maiming. Amputating. Bludgeoning, and other sorts of bodily Destruction."
Lucette     Lucette half closes her eyes and relaxes for Iris to work on her with ease. "Four today." she answers the gun question, "Would but five but that damn thing is probably heavier than I am." she mutters, "Heroes get some from the partners they already have. Anyone whose only with you for your heroics usually isn't the type you'd want to have around." she teases Vuk.
Vuk Vuk some how is the blind man, Iris handed a shotgun too. So, you have to wonder about those rules. "Well, we could wonder about you Enclave Girl. You did call us all muties." He's pretty sure only some folk are muties.
Decius Decius shrugs at the mention of 'no violence' and goes ahead with acting completely innocent. "No need to tell me. I can behave, compared to others." That would likely sound more convincing if it weren't said by the Legionnaire, no matter how shiny as he may look.
Lucky "Hey, I am behaving." Lucky replies heartedly, a smile on his face. A nod is given to Lucette "What kind of gun?" He inquires with curiousity.
Iris Lark Iris hands Lucette a small crock full of the salve she just used. "This will keep it from hurting and soothe the burn." She murmurs, a smile on her face. "That will be fifteen caps." She says, folding her hands in front of her, an uncomfortable look on her face. "Please.." She adds quietly.
Harlan Harlan gives a stern nod as people seem to be behaving.

"As for the B.O.S.. yep, I have to agree. They have good weapon craft. I'm a fair hand myself.. but their supply chain and logistics are solid.. which means they have the damn supplies for that kind of quality work." He gives an envious sigh then eyes Iris and Lucette. He rubs his chin and looks around the store.

"Maybe we need an examination room here or out back."
Lucette     Lucette sighs slowly and accepts the salve. She opens her pack to the side and slips it into her kit, then wears the pack again and nods. Her hand goes into her duster and, after some jingling and careful fidgeting, she offers a fistful of caps to Iris. "Salve'll help me nice, any leftovers I can put to use on someone else." she insists, "Supplies cost caps, keeping yourself up costs caps. If the medic goes down, the team stays down." she repeats as she settles her hand atop of Iris's. "Don't feel bad for taking what you need in exchange for keeping others healthy, alright?" The rest of the room is mostly tuned out for Luce at present, she's focused on trying to assuage the discomfort Iris seems to be emitting.
Vuk Vuk is still perched on his stool, pretending he can run the register. "I'm pretty sure if we put an examination room here, Iris will just lock me in it at night so I can't wander off."
Lucky "Well.. that would keep you from getting injured so often.." Lucky responds thinking idly with a small hmm.
Harlan Harlan raises an eyebrow at Lucette and offers her a nod of approval.

"Well aren't you just a damn wise woman. I haven't heard that kind of sense spoken in awhile. Kinda refreshin'." He sits on a chair and sips from his cup, careful to keep his beard from getting damp. He reaches nearby and retrieves a sheet of chain-mail. A small box of pre-fashioned rings is pulled close then a set of pliers from a shelf. Humming to himself, he starts crimping.

"That's just -ANOTHER- reason to put an examination room here." He replies to Vuk pointing pliers at him before closing another ring. He nods his agreement with Lucky.
Iris Lark Iris gazes at Lucette as she speaks and after a few moments she nods and takes a step back. "Thanks for the words, I'll remember to use them if I need to. Most of the people who come to the Clinic don't usually have the caps to pay, so I feel bad for even asking." She turns and walks back towards the storage room. "Maybe we can ..I don't know..I can't think where we'd be able to fit an exam room in this store, it's so full up already."
Vuk Vuk slowly swivels as people talk, following the voices. "Well, I say we just take over -another- building, and set up a clinic here too." He says and begins to follow Lucette. "Maybe you should admit the Enclave are dead and gone."
Lucky Untangling his legs, Lucky pushes off the counter and begins for the door. Pausing, he looks to Vuk. "That would be a good idea. Then we could place him in one of the rooms each night." He notes before giving a gentle wave. "Alright, going to head for El Dorado; anyone need anything?"
Decius "Well, I guess I'd be on my way as well before I overstay my welcome. Going to take me a good long while to get back to El Dorado as well, after all. Take care you all." With that said Decius heads towards and out the door at a slow pace.
Iris Lark Iris turns to say goodbye to Lucky and Decius, waving as they walk (or in Decius' case - thud) out of the door. She takes a seat at the counter, sees Vuk playing around with the register and smaks at his hands. "You're going to mess it up, just sit there and drink your water and..hmm, let me look at the bandage on your eyes, it might need changing." With that said, she's on her feet again, pulling a mortar and pestle from a shelf. "Harlan, do you think we can manage another room on here somehow?"
Lucette     Luce nods to Iris, but she isn't moving yet. "Y'know paper, giving up on my people like that would be treason. I'm gonna have to make up my own group and try to rally them into seeing things right." she murmurs in sigh. Cricking her neck a little. "Thank you, Iris." she bids. "Just add in a table and a privacy screen and it should be fine."
Vuk Vuk's hands are swatted, and he goes to hold still. "I don't know if i even need the poultice." he says quietly and begins listening to Lucette. "Ahh..but you need some impressive base first, yes Enclave Girl?" he teases.
Harlan Harlan glances around and shrugs.

"Like she said.. could just add a privacy screen and a bed.. Same time, we could hammer together something in the backyard. Like maybe a carriage house. I'm decent with construction. I'll see if I can plan something out."
Iris Lark Iris mixes up some poultice as she listens to the conversation, her eyes occasionally gazing at the back door. "I'd love a little carriage house in the back." She says, a grin forming on her face. "I'll ask Jude what he thinks." She gets to her feet and applies the poutice to the bandage, and then removes Vuk's old bandage. "Hold still here for a few moments." She says, wrapping the new bandage around his eyes. "Where did you end up going last night? You could have got hurt."
Vuk Vuk huffs a bit when she mentions he could have gotten hurt. "Not sure, some place with a lake, and there was shooting, and yelling. So I shot some thing alright. I think it was likely what caused people to yell. Not sure what it was."
Harlan Harlan continues his crimping of metal rings. CLINK, JINGLE, SNAP.

"Still need to really meet, Jude. Guess he calls the shots on the store?" He hums inquisitively.

"Yea, I was thinking it might be nice to expand around here. Maybe I can experiment with a carriage house.. and then a proper forge and workshop for my needs next-door. Either that or build out in El Dorado.. Not quite sure where to setup." He stands up from his chair and sets the chain-mail sheet aside along with his tools.

"Think I'll go have a look around and get ideas. See you around." He roams out the back.