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Willow Caine Willow Caine, the self proclaimed desert rose of El Dorado sits surrounded by such flowers. She sits among the green, her skirts pooling around her as she works to weed and water the beauty that can be found in the gardens.

She sings, her voice clear like crystal of a time long ago with cowboys and a simpler life.
Kasumi     Kasumi, the asian girl who answered the call to go to Hope's Crossing. Not much was talked about so far about that mission. There might of been a few words from the survivors though about her picking off Super Mutants and Centaurs, but the woman has denied it. She is moving with an elegant grace as she practices some sort of wierd dance. Its as if there's something that she should be holding in her hands as she moves in a series of steps. If anyone looks, there's a couple of times where her steps seem to falter as if something is bothering her.
Willow Caine A noise makes Willow turn and she spots Kasumi. She sets down her tools and gets to her feet, quietly drifting closer to the other woman as she keeps an eye on her activity. When she's close enough she takes a seat and continues to watch. The second or third time her step falters, Willow speaks up.

"You doing okay Miss Kasumi?"
Kasumi     Kasumi doesn't seem to notice, lost in her movements for a few seconds. She tries the step again, and then a dark patch starts to spread against her clothing. THe woman winces, and then opens her eyes. Kasumi squeaks a little bit, as she sees Willow. "I-I'm fine.", she says. The woman is holding her hand against her leg.
Willow Caine "Liar." Willow says, a grin on her face to take the sting away from that word. She motions Kasumi closer and her eyes narrow. "Are you walking around wounded?" Her words quick and her tone indignant. "That's not smart, darlin'."
Kasumi     "I wasn't walking around wounded.", Kasumi states. More like running around wounded. "Its a small cut I got when I got away form those slavers. After it stops bleeding, I'll slap a bandaid on it.", she says. Clearly thats the best medical knowledge the woman knows..."It'll be fine.", she says, wincing a little bit. The woman heads over, no limp, but now that its seen, Willow can tell that Kasumi is moving her leg to keep pressure off it.
Willow Caine "This isn't going to do Miss Kasumi." Willow says, getting to her feet as Kasumi approaches. "It isn't a weakness to visit or need a doctor." She reaches out to the woman and attempts to take her hands. "I've had to see a doc plenty of times, it's not all bad."
Kasumi     Kasumi gives a light laugh. She shakes her head a little bit. "Its not so much that. Or admit weakness. Its the fact that I woke up, in handcuffs, without dinner first mind you. Dragged out into this world that I know little of. My escape has made me a bit...cautious of things."
Willow Caine Willow nods and sighs softly. "Well, as long as you stay on the right side of the law here, you'll be fine." She guides Kasumi towards one of the benches here and takes a seat, crossing her legs. "Have you done any exploring? Have you seen those ruffians around town again?"
Kasumi     Kasumi takes a seat. Joints pop, and bones almost seem to creak. She must still be having effects of sleeping for 200 years. "I've done some exploring, and tested myself a little bit. Supermutants...are freakish.", the woman states. Yes, she fought supermutants...with a bad leg. Somebody bap her some more! "And those Ruffians, they've been keeping an eye on me, but havn't made any more attempts. Seems they know not to act without cause first."
Willow Caine "Good, I will talk to the Sheriff about them." Willow murmurs, smiling at Kasumi. "I've been spending some time here, and in the Casino, just a bit of a break from the Saloon."
Kasumi     Kasumi nods her head. "They'll stay on the right side, just enough to try to get me to go to the wrong side.", she says. The woman sighs a little bit as she pulls her hand away. Its a bit red. She takes a cloth out, and wipes her hand. "I guess I'm still a bit excited over what has happend the last week.", she says. She's...overexcited? And she's acting so calm? It has to be something in the water they drink over there!
Willow Caine "What happened in the last week?" Willow asks, shifting a bit so that she's facing Kasumi. "I've been doing a of busy work, we're trying to hire a man to run the Casino, we want to get more business."
Kasumi     Kasumi laughs a bit more. "I woke up last week, got away, somehow managed to crash a car a few days away, and then walk all the way here after a few days in the sun. I have decided that the desert is not a friendly place for me. I miss air conditioning.", she states.
Willow Caine Willow chuckles quietly and nods to Kasumi. "There are a few buildings in town that have air conditioning, but the biggest place is the Town Hall. Sometimes I sit in there and read for that very reason." She gazes around the garden and lowers her voice as she leans in towards the other woman. "I also spend a lot of time in my room naked, it's nice and cool without clothes."
Kasumi     Kasumi blinks a little bit, and then giggles a bit. "You act as if that is scandelious. That is how I slept before the bombs. Now, I'm kinda hesitate about taking off the armor in my sleep. Might wake up somewhere else.", she says. The woman stretches a little bit, wincing a bit, holding her leg a little. "I do miss my silk kimono though."
Willow Caine "Well eventually things will settle down here for you, and you'll be able to be comfortable and not quite so wary again. Give it time, darlin." Willow says, rolling her shoulders and tugging fitfully at her gown. "It may seem a bit bleak, but there is color here, you just have to find it."
Kasumi     Kasumi shakes her head a little bit. "That is what I am afraid of. Color. My world has always been shades of grey. That was where I was comfortable. A little Dark, a little Light. Now, I have to examine everything, and make judgements without knowing where it will lead later in the future.", she says. "Makes me very edgy about how I encounter people."
Willow Caine "I don't know if I could be happy seeing the world in gray, I've tried so long to find some color...some life." Willow says, folding her hands in her lap. She smiles over at Kasumi and then shrugs. "Future is always a toss up around here, best you can do is find a way to be useful and busy."
Kasumi     "That is cause you lived in a bleak world. I lived in a world where esponage, assassination, and stealing were the accepted forms of combat. Seduce a target, and they accidently fell of a bacony of a hotel. Borrow a key, and unlock a safe that has state secrets. Shoot a target from a rooftop, and get out of there before they knew you were there. That was life.", Kasumi says.
Willow Caine "You can find those things here, if you look hard enough." Willow says, a wicked grin forming on her face. "We just don't advertise it, or people wouldn't visit the whores nearly as much." She leans back on her hands and gazes out at the green. "I think you'd do find around here, you just need to find someone who needs your kind of work."
Kasumi     "Oh, are you trying to invite me to work at the Saloon?", Kasumi laughs. "I wasn't sure if I should have told my skills or not. And I don't think I'll be able to meet Miss Kitty anytime soon. Somebody also said, that there needs to be a guard around the kitchen to keep Miss Kitty away from it."
Willow Caine "I think you would like the Saloon, it's honest. It is what it is and if people don't like it, they don't need to come by." Willow says, a happy smile on her face. "She doesn't have time to cook anymore, not with her new job, so..I think we're safe for now."
Kasumi     Kasumi nods her head a bit as she stretches out. "Alright, but we really should consider what to do with my leg, and get my joints back into shape. My sleep has stiffen my joints.", she says.
Willow Caine "I'll see about a doctor around town, surely someone can tend to you." Willow murmurs, reaching out to wipe a spec of dirt from Kasumi's cheek gently. "Once that is taken care of, the rest should be easy. If you don't find anything in the saloon to your liking, I'm sure we can find someone who needs your help."
Kasumi     "Thank you.", Kasumi says. The woman looks around a little bit. "I could just sell my skills out to others. Just take odd jobs.", she says. THe woman winces a little bit. "I mean, in terms of my shooting and fighting ability.", she says. "I do not want to cause...tension.", she says.
Willow Caine "There is enough tension around here as is, I'm sure if you scratched at the surface you'd find that." Willow responds, getting to her feet and shaking out her skirt. "Best thing to do is find a place where you can push at things, and pull it back if you've a need." She takes a breath and crooks a finger at Kasumi. "Come on ove rhere darlin', give me a hug, I'm going to go take care of some business, and if you're amicable maybe we can have dinner later?"
Kasumi     Kasumi gets up, and gives Willow a hug. "I would enjoy that.", she says. "And maybe after I can get some real gear, be a bit more helpful to you.", she says. The woman does give Willow a small kiss on the cheek.
Willow Caine "You don't need gear to be helpful, you're a delight as is." Willow says quietly as she gathers Kasumi into the hug. When she gives her a kiss on the cheek, Willow turns towards her face and their lips meet briefly. "Be safe until I see you again, try to find a doctor."