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Manuelito One of the fun things to do during the summer was fishing. The best place to fish of course was bitter lake; which was the only lake near El Dorado to fish out. It was pleasantly warm, and the sun was bright out today. It was mid-morning currently.

Manuelito was out fishing, a chair propped up with a fishing pole in hand. His hat cover his eyes as he fishes quietly.
Fiona Fiona was there for much the same purpose, looking to fish and possibly swim. It is a bit of a surpise to find an officer out of town. She had her rifle with her, but was dressed casual. "Hello, Sir." The woman offered, having just brought a cane-pole, she starts rolling loose her line. "Catch anything, Sir?"
Manuelito "It's Manny." The Navajo replies quietly, as he yanks on the pole slightly. His brown eyes shift to Fiona, a smile crossing his lips gently. "How are you Fiona?" He inquires kindly.
Fiona The is a brow lift and a faint smile as the woman slips a cricket on her hook and settles close to the bank, "I am doing well, Manny." A little mirth in her tone, her line is chucked out from the bank with the floater. "Considering the shooting competion later?"
Manuelito "That's good to hear." He replies, glancing back to his line for a moment. "Na." He adds softly "Wouldn't be fair to those entering." He adds with a soft-hearted chuckle. Manny was well known in the Militia and community for being a sharp shooter; and a good one at that.

"So, your one of the Caine's sister hmm?" He inquires, looking over to her.
Fiona The amber eyes look out on to the water at the bob, just quick glances when she isn't speaking. "Well, it might not be easy odds when I enter." A quick smirk as she shifts her shoulders. Then she shakes her head, "The mayor and her siblings are my cousins. Mayor Max Caine was my great uncle, not my grandfather. You fish much? Swim out here?"
Manuelito "I do recall you being good with a ranged weapon." Manuelito replies lightly, a small smile on his face. The Navajo has been in the Militia since he was eighteen, but knew of many people within from his family's ties.

Ah, I see." Manny replies quietly to the response about the Caine family ties, setting the pole inside a PCV pipe sticking out of the ground. Taking the hat off, he dabs his forehead with a handkerchief before looking back to Fiona. "Fish mostly. Though, on hotter days I have swam out in the lake." He notes kindly.
Fiona Fiona has no such fishing luxuries, sitting knees out and ankles crossed, the so called indian style, the base of the pole is tucked between her ankles. Drawing out a cloth, she unstraps the service rifle to lay gently beside her. "I like to swim, and it saves me begging baths from my cousin's saloon." Her head rocks side to side to lossen her neck with at least one audible pop. "Any news on the hunt for V-30 or when we get some more horses?"
Manuelito Manuelito chuckles as he looks over to her and stands "Hear, take the chair." He replies softly, moving to stretch his limbs. "Sounds like Katherine alright. Some things with her never cease to change." He scratches his chin a little "Though, taking the mayor spot was bit of a surprise." He notes idly. "If your needing a place to crash or stay, my home is open. Any family member of the Caine's is considered a friend and welcome." He notes, looking to her.

A quiet pause is given before his head shakes. "I'm afraid I haven't heard much about the Vault 30 hunt honestly. There isn't a lot to go on really; the place hasn't been seen for decades and most of the original information was lost and those from there have long since passed. As for horses, I can put in a request for a few more I suppose."
Fiona The blonde looks up and over. Her hand catches the base of the cane, and she twists to stand up. "Are you sure, just need to stretch your legs a minute?" She asks, dusting her backside off as she moves to settle. "I wonder why they.. Didn't leave record?" Fiona comments of the Vault, "My grand-dad on the Caine side and my Grandmother on the other side died in the recovery mission there that Uncle Max lead." She says, peeking out at her line. She leaves the topic behind though, "I need to get a good horse. Did your people just stay in the desert after the bombs fell?"
Manuelito After she settles, the Navajo smiles gently to her; saying, "It isn't polite to allow a woman to sit on the ground when a chair is readily available for her." His hands clasp behind his back as he speaks kindly to her.

"In truth, I do not know what happened to the records or if such records were left behind. I barely know much of anything about the legend of the vault, or the expedition that led to a lot of people dying." He sighs, frowning "It would be good to find the vault; but I hesitate to wonder, if the last mission led by your grandfather was fraught peril and death, is it wise for us to dig all this up and pursue in their footsteps or perhaps should we allow this to lie lost in the sands?"

He lets that hang for a moment before nodding "Well, I will see about the horses. As for my native family, the Navajo, yes they took shelter north of here, in the Colorado mountains after the bombs fell. It was years later that a group of them split from the main tribe and came down to New Mexico and became nomadic." He sighs "Three tribes to be exact; two were wiped out by raiders. The third still lives, to the East, near Texas. The Navajo live off the land that mother Goddess has given us, using the wildlife as we need it, trees and fruit as well." The Romero replies quietly, having only known this thanks to his father's ability to reconnect Manuelito with his people.
Fiona There is a quick grin at the comment, "That's kind and a bit old fashion of you, but I am hardly a fancy type lady. I spend plenty of nights on the trail." The blond shifts, seeming a bit more fidgity in the chair.

The amber eyes study the officer, "It is ours, likely the same reason your people came back from the mountains. I want to see where my kin died, know why, and maybe complete what they started. It is not about good sense or logic. It is about family." The line tip pulls, and her attention is yanked back to the lake waters. A second, then she yanks to set the hook. Unfortunately, the pole straightens andd the empty hook and floater are ejected from the water. "Damnit. I know that was a big one." She pulls the line back in, the biggest always get away. "Mighty impressive being able to live through that, from what I hear, my ancestors back when the bombs fell would have died without a vault."
Manuelito The Navajo only response is a warm smile as she replies to his chivalry attempt before looking to the lake as she continues to speak.

Arms gentle fold against his chest, head nodding ever so slightly. Only after she has completely spoken does the Romero reply; "Well, I do see merit and reasoning when you speak it like that." He looks back to her quietly. "However, I cannot say the others are thinking the same." A pause and hmm is given.

"The thought of finding the vault could give us a strategic advantage if this Horde continues north and into New Mexico. If we can get it cleaned, rebuilt and readied, we could potentially use it as a haven for El Dorado and the surrounding towns." A shrug "Possibly anyways."

Glancing back to her, he nods "My understanding is that the Mountains in the North did not take as much of a brutal onslaught of bombs. The air quality was thinner to, which helped. From the tribe I stayed with, they spoke of how nearly decades went by before the three tribes came down from the mountains. I suppose by then, the radiation levels dissipated to a point of safety; or near safe limits."
Fiona Fiona starts wrapping the line up. "Many reasons to a common goal. All that would be nice, but for me, I'll fight. My reasonfor the Vault is just family, but what bigger reason could there be?" Fi clears the seat once the line is wrapped. "Thank you for the compny. Sure you don't want to at least see the competition, Manny? Might be a good time to tap somebody on the shoulder for recruitment." She takes up the rifle, shakes out a the cloth the weapon rested on while she chose to sit in the dirt.
Manuelito "It would be a good place, wouldn't it be." Manuelito replies softly as he looks to Fiona. "How about this, I have meetings lined up here in a bit. You go in my stead; official recruiter. See someone you think will do well, invite them to the headquarters." He says softly as he puts his pole up.
Fiona "More a corporal's job to tell recruits to push the ground, instead of talking them into joining. I'll try though." The rifleis shouldered, "Good luck, see you soon, Sir."