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Roxie El Dorado has seen its share of people coming and going through the dusty old streets, from drifters to grifters to ner do wells. The only real exposure to Ghouls the city has had, however, is in the form of the mindless variety that haunt and hovel down in the plethora of dark caverns and mountainous caves.

Which makes Roxie a bit of an oddity. Sitting at one of the tables of the Gold Digger with her boots crossed on the edge of the table and a cigarette burning between her raisin lips. A bottle and a half full glass of really old bourdon beside her assault carbine and duel SMGs... Mostly being ignored or given a wide birth by the few locals she hasn't out right stunk out of the joint.

The fact that she's not been thrown out herself, despite complaints, is testiment to her reputation.
Hanzhou Hanzhou has seen many things while wandering the wastes and isn't one to judge, so if nobody else is bothered by seeing a ghoul drinking and smoking in the saloon, he isn't either. Of course he's not one to talk himself, even though he's a human he is very oddly dressed and there aren't many Wasteland Samurai's around.

He was taking a short break but now he's back to playing his Shamisen guitar, there isn't a stage really set up so he's mainly just sitting at one of the tables near where Roxie is and starts strumming. He is playing another old pre-war song, perhaps something he heard from some old tech growing up or music passed down from older relatives. A rendition of 'My Guitar Gently Weeps' ( and it seems like he's playing it with a lot of heart, his eyes are closed and he's lost in his music.

An odd sight indeed, a sword wielding Asian warrior/cowboy and a musician.
Katherine Caine Katherine was incredibly hung over after the night before, somewhere in between the whiskey and tequilla and the moonshine she had passed out in the backroom not even making it to her bedroom. She had no idea what time of day it was, but she remembered something very important she had to do.

Something very important for everyone.

Grabbing an entire bottle of Eau de Whore (Cheap Perfume) she stomped out of the backroom in a low-cut evening gown heading directly towards Roxie who was just doing her own thing peacefully.


The entire bottle is tossed all over Roxie and Katherine finally smiles, "That's so much better, I could smell you from the back of the building Roxie." Of course, she was in no much better shape herself but at least she didn't smell like a ghoul!
Roxie Roxie hadn't slept, but it's reasonable to assume that Ghouls don't sleep... They consume the souls of the damned and lost, feasting upon their flesh, drinking their blood. They also drink lots of whiskey, using old ''connections'' for just one more bottle from behind the bar because she's the bosses ''oldest friend''.

With music, she even starts bouncing her foot a little, the cigarette pulling against her raisin lips with a long drag.

That's the worst part, honestly.

When Katherine comes kitty cat walking from the back room with her whorin' scent to splash the defenseless, beloved ghoul right in her ugly kisser with a whole decanter of douche juice.

"Oh for fucks sake!" Startled right up to her feet with her arms out and up dripping with perfume.

Roxie turns and sniffs at herself, "oh god dammit, you bitch.. I smell like your withered, abused vagina..."
Hanzhou Hanzhou cracks open his eyes at the sound of cussing from Roxie and see's the end result of Katherine's dumping of cheap perfume upon the Ghoul, who was just sitting there quietly relaxing and enjoying his music. His playing doesn't falter though, he probably worked in some places like this where distractions such as these are common place. The insults about Katherine's umm, private parts do get a slight eyebrow raise though and he watches the action playing out in front of him with interest.

Seems like there will be a lot more than just gentle weeping from a guitar soon though...
Katherine Caine "Oh, fuck you. At least my pussy doesn't smell like a rotting corpse. When's the last time anyone besides you put anything in that big'ol gaping hole between your legs?" Katherine's eyebrows raised skyward as she entered full-on bitch mode.

She was most definitely hungover. Way too hungover for this crap!
Roxie "I'll have you know I get more action than a Mr Gutsy!" Roxie asserts with the most assertive of gruffy tones because that's what ghouls sound like, okay? "People line up around the block to get a turn on my gore box, thank you very much... And you know why that is? Because I bathe rather than sugar coating my coochie with dime store bottles of certified toilet water!"
Hanzhou Hanzhou bursts out laughing, while playing his shamisen and nearly falls off the bar stool but lucky the bar is behind him so he just bounces off that instead. His playing falters just slightly but he continues to jam as the two so called ladies continue their burn-fest about their vajayjay's.

He doesn't dare get involved with this conversation though, the code of Busido is clear on this. Never EVER get in between two ladies who are in verbal combat with one another if you valued both your life and your sword.

Hanzhou continues to finish off his riff and rendtion of a pre-war song called 'My Guitar Gently Weeps' and his next song will probably be an up tempo one to coincide with this escalating verbal joust between the Lady and the Ghoul.
Ruane Roman Raune is the sort of person who just always ends up in the wrong place at the wrong time. Why would today be any diffirent? Walking in with a cheerful smile on his face, the man steps in through the doorway, now much cleaner then earlier as he stretchs his arms out before his head. "So refreshing! Nothing like washed clothes!" A clean-boozey smell for sure.

"Time to enjoy the day." Roman offers as he steps inside. Music? Good company? That is what the Gold Saloon is known for right?
Katherine Caine Katherines eyes narrowed and wanting someone, anyone to take out her frustrations on for this bitch of a headache she spat at Roxie, "Screw you zombie." Using a derogatory slang for a ghoul, that was pretty racist! Whipping her hand around she tries to bitch-slap Roxie!
Roxie "ZOMBIE?!" Roxie's eyes flare wide at the racist insult hurled at her with such harm and disdain for her ''feelings''. It's the twenty third century! Have we not grown as a people? Have we not gotten beh- Kitty swats at the ''zombie'' and finds her wrist caught, "Two centuries worth of biological engineering in eating struggling targets and you want to ''slap fite''?"

Roxie tosses her friends wrist and swings her other hand around wildly! "TAKE THAT YOU CHEAP HUSSY! And I was lying! Your tits look like Picaso painted them on while drinking expensive wine out of a mason Jar!"
Clara Caine Clara Caine, the likely most normal of the Caine's, or at least, most sane, has had a shit day and some. Her lil' flower, she was shot, fell off her horse to boot. It was a mess in her mind, brought on by her fake busty sister.

The doors fly open, blue eyes peer out from under her askewed cowboy had, that long leather jacking swaying around her ankles. At her side is her gun, which is taken, pointed upwards, two shots being let out.

"What the fuck are you two doing!" Snaps the Caine, gun being shoved into its holster. "And if you're going to fight do it like bloody men and not wimp ass children!" She is not in the mood and goes to pull them apart. "And Roxie careful if you pop a boob she'll deflate like a damn baloon!" From the ghoul she looks to her sister. "And grow up! Be a right woman for once!"
Hanzhou Insults is one thing, but a bar fight between these two is another and Hanzhou didn't come here for this. There is no honor to be had in this conflict and as a follower of the code of Bushido, the best thing for him to do in this situation is to leave before he gets both his honor as well as his shamisen guitar busted up.

The wasteland samurai and musician, finishes his song and slings his instrument over his shoulder. He gives a slight bow towards the crowd, not that anyone is paying attention to him anyways since Katherine and Roxie are now engaged in a slapping match. He blinks and then shakes his head a little as the battle between the ladies continues, the verbal fire sounding much more painful than any physical wound.

Making his way to the exit, he ducks as people throw their fists up in the air or leans away as the crowd gets riled up, hootering and hollering as the fight escalates.

The Wasteland Samurai slips away, through the exit and just misses Clara before she comes into the Saloon, nodding politely to her as they pass one another. Hanzhou, then starts his journey back to Acme. He's got a lot of work to do anyways with his new restaurant/home and hopes to get it ready soon to officially open.
Ruane Roman just stps in his tracks then as he just looks with these wide, naive and horrified eyes as he looks across the bar then back at the man.. Hanzhou, with his Shamisen and back then to the fight in question. He'll start awkwardly clapping his hands together as he tries to step very slowly and nonchalantly to the bar, giving a half-hearted exhalations that might be a whistle by someone who isn't really skilled at whistling.

"Better not look. Avoid the Blood. Don't get Cut." Roman states, clearly going against his better judgement as he tries to settle down at the bar.

Also try and hold back the snickering. So there Roman is sitting, straight backed on a stool, staring straight ahead completley wide eyed and his face frowning.. but more looking like he is trying to hold back laughter.. or maybe Roman is just horrified at what is going on. He'll not even respond to the sound of a gunshot behind him by this point.
Katherine Caine Katherine looked pissed at Clara shooting a hole in the ceiling more than Roxie and her fighting, "Get off of me you withered old hag and stop drinking all my booze, I'm starting you a tab." Then? She stormed off, very very very unamused with everything.
Roxie Roxie is no stranger to the snap hiss of a guns report and turns to regard the marginally less insane Caine with a level stare, "Look what the cat drug in!" Grinning wide, even under Katherine's onslaught and demands of starting a tab, "You do that, you start a tab..." She grabs up her carbine, "I suddenly want to go shoot mindless creatures... where's the local orphanage? I'm just kidding, I'll pick them off right on the street."
Ruane Well, Roman at the very least has something entertaining to watch, not that he'd ever actually directly watch. Instead he'll keep to himself at the bar, still trying not to call attention to himself even as he still looks like a cat caught in the headlights, head turning slightly every so often before glancing back. "So uh, who do I ask for a drink around here when the Bartender is in a fist fight?" Roman idly wonders as he looks about then.
Katherine Caine One of the robots (Mentioned in the Description) probably handled getting a drink for Roman, like it would the majority of the time.
Katherine Caine Katherine returns sometime later looking a little more composed as the forementioned Robot Bartender serves Roman. Pouring a shot for her and one for Roxie? Maybe she sets it down on the bar and says, "I'm sorry I called you a zombie. I'm not sorry I threw perfume on you though." Looking towards the door, she asked, "Done much exploring around here? More to see than the bar."
Roxie "You wouldn't be." Roxie has reclaimed her seat, kicked her feet back up on the edge of the table, even resumed smoking when Katherine returned from wence she went, "Some, yeah.." Ignoring the fact that she was splashed with perfume, "I'm sorry I said your vagina was a giant cavern better suited for establishing a new nation state than comfortable, enjoyable intercourse... I realize that saying it now, I didn't go to quite that extent originally... but I thought it." She pours herself another glass of whiskey, "Put this one on my tab..." pause, "But I thought it, and I'm sorry for that too."
Ruane Roman just blinks then as he sits there, looking down at his shot before reaching his hand out to grasp the glass and knock it back rather quickly before exhaling and grunting. "Mrm. Few more of these and I'll get drunk." Roman mutters under his breath before his lips purse and he studies the empty glass in his hand before lifting up a finger to try and beckon for another shot of.. whatever the hell that was.
John The sound of boots thumping against wood is heard moments before the saloon doors sway open. A moment later as the doors parted, an unknown man walks inside. His face was weathered and tanned from time in the wasteland, eyes take in the Saloon with a reticence of a look. His hands were inside the weathered leather jacket.

After a minute of standing at the door, the man moves forward toward the bar. Unlike prior to entering, his footfall is quieter now.
Katherine Caine Katherine rolled her eyes and stepped away from Roxie, pouring Roman another glass of local moonshine, why bother giving the man a shot when it was clear he needed more, "Here, this should help you get good and sauced luv." Winking at Roman she walked towards the newcomer and leaned forward on the bar, affording a generous view of cleavage as she asked, "How can I help you darling?"
Ruane "Oh, uh thanks? You are.. like royalty with the pours.. uh.." Roman mutters before looking down at his lap then towards the Moonshine as he holds it up, gives it a sniff and makes an absolutly horrified face. Pinch the nose, toss a sip back before his brow furrows and he exhales and places the glass down lightly.

Regardless, Roman tries to lose himself in his cups for just the time being as he sits quietly muttering under his breath. "Need a big score. Something with electricity."
Roxie "Whelp..." Roxie hops up from her seat and grabs her SMGs, slipping both into the holsters on her legs, then her carbine. "Fun as this is..." Once she's suitably rearmed, she reaches up to flip her hood back over her head. "I'm gonna go find something to get into."
John The older gentleman turns to face Katherine. His eyes befell upon her quietly. Then a small, creeping smile crosses his face. "Well.. well, if it is not Katherine Caine, alive and well." He said placidly, paused and adds "And had minor upgrades." He hehs, head giving a shake.
Katherine Caine Katherine nodded appreciatively at Roman as John turned around, not quite sure how the stranger knew who she was, "Do we know each other? Don't think I've ever seen you around here before." There was a cautious look on her face, the smile that was ordinarily there when she worked the bar fading ever so slightly.
Ruane Roman just continues to drink, trying hard not to taste the actual moonshine too much but the effects of his drinking are more than obvious. A bit flushed around the cheeks. A bit of a flush even trails down along his neck, what little is exposed above the vault suit he is wearing. "So, did anyone see that explosion from here in the city? Was like a giant mushroom cloud.. crazy stuff that." Roman mutters dryly, as he looks down at the bar, muttering to himself.
Bane      Bane comes walking slowly down from his room, the rest of the blood staining his duster has been cleaned away. The whole in the shoulder is still there though, as well as the bloody bandaged wound visible through it. The girls in the Saloon had tried to help him out, but they aren't here to be docters. He moves through into the casino and comes back out just a few minutes later with a curse and moves to sitdown at the bar. He watches the byplay between Kitty and John with interest, his hand resting near the revolver at his waist. "Got anything to eat today MISS Kitty? My stomach thinks my throat has been cut." The well travelled wastelander looks towards Roman "Explosion?"
John "Oh come now, don't play coy Katherine. Never fitted you." The man replies calmly. "A beer please." He adds as his arms fold along the bartop. "And no, you have not seen me around these parts. One could say I am from beyond the Wasteland; beyond the gambling city. Did spend some time in the Mojave" He said in a subtle, soft-spoken voice.
Katherine Caine John wasn't responded to for the moment, she got the man a beer and set it down in front of him then Katherine turned away from the stranger, "It was a motorcycle exploding, Roxie shot the fuel tank or something. Gang leader of the group you all took down in Acme." Looking over the badly wounded Bane she frowned, "Yeah, I've got something in the back, just let me know what you want and the Mister Cook-It should be able to whip it up or something close to." Leaning in close to the man she said softly, "Looks like you could use some TLC, why don't you take a couple of girls back to your room later, I'll put it on your tab." Finally she returned to John, "Yeah, I did. Don't think I know you though."
Ruane "That is what that explosion was?" Roman offers rather confusedly before he offers a quick dip of his chin. "That woman must have a set of tits on her.. or a death wish." Roman mutters under his breath as he leans his head to the side and looks back at Bane and John then for a second. "Dangerous stuff that though, wouldn't recommend getting shot at. I almost got killed just trying to shoot some folks. Not worth the risk I find. Half the shit they drop is junk and the rest is worthless. Good deeds and all that too." Roman says this more in general then to the pair, but still. "So any of you good with a set of tools? Still looking to expand my business interests here."
Bane      "Sounds like a waste of a motorcycle. Should have just shot the man. Something like that is worth a lot of caps." Bane grins tightly at Miss Kitty "I ain't looking for something in particular. Whatever they have that is loaded with protein and iron." He shakes his head a little as he looks over Miss Kitty "I don't really do that much." He looks away for a moment as his hand runs over the coppery wire of his stubble "But I will pay you for their time and care. They are sure as hell better company than docters ever are." He chuckles weakly as he continues to be wary of John, but he turns slightly to look at Roman "No. Not unless you count guns as tools. You need someone tracked down or something found I am your guy. But if you are looking to fix up the junk..." He shakes his head.
John "Not often I hear of that from former brethren." The man says simply with a roll of his shoulders and leans forward to whisper in her ear "My name is John Winchester. Blodwyn says hello." He leans back from her, eyes on her as he picks up the beer and drinks. "Damn good Saloon you've gotten yourself set up with. Love the town too." he adds in a jovial tone of voice.
Katherine Caine "Probably, but better than the sonofabitch getting away." Katherine replied to the comments of the motorcycle without a whole lot of care, turning around she went back towards the window leading between the bar and kitchen and leaned over and grabbed a plate of food. It wasn't freshly prepared, it was from today though. Likely the bot had been on the fritz again and been making up extra orders, "Here you go. Brahmin steak and roasted uh, I think those are some kind of potatoes." It didn't just so happen that a couple Brahmin recently got blown up outside the gates and now there was steak.

John's words send a chill down her spine, "Don't know what you're talking about, you don't look like any kin of mine. Maybe someone's been using my name?"
Ruane "Good with a gun? I might have need for you. I want to start setting up this caravan idea I got.. go to roswell, maybe strip some cars down or some robotss. and bring e back here. I'm sure a man like you could get a job escorting things for me if you are that interested. More than that though? Depends on the day of the week." Roman observes as he leans slightly into the bar then as he inhales and wheezes a bit as he looks down at the glass now empty beside him. The man clearly a bit woozy. "Maybe find a vvault.. stirp out all the good stuff. Got to find people good with their hands for that though."
Bane      Bane just shakes his head as he looks down at the food on his plate "As long as it is edible sounds damn fine to me, add it to my tab. Still organising everything for Roswell. don't happen to know anyone that can take a few guns off my hands do you? Ones I am not using?" He digs into his food quickly almost shovelling it into his mouth, he really must have been hungry he normally shows a little more poise than that. He laughs though as Roman speaks "I am actually organising an expedition at the moment. Couple of wagons, a bunch of gunhands, medical support and some good scavengers. The idea is to set up a perimeter and let people go to work while the gunhands do the protectin'. I have already scouted out a good route in and cleared it of ghouls." He shakes his head as he shovels more food in bbefore quickly swallowing it "If you are going to go in there with a small crew I would make it a damn good one. Freaking place is crawling." He looks towards Kitty for a moment, the woman has done good by him so far. Even if it has only been a week or so. He tilts his head towards John, his hand remaining on his gun. The message to Kitty is clear. Does he need an escort out.
John After finishing the beer, the man sets the glass down with a deftly thud and slides it toward her. "I never forget a face. Especially one as pretty as yours." He retorts, sliding off the stool as he stands up. "Don't worry, secret is safe with me; for now." He adds with a soft wink. Turning, he makes his way toward the exit, pausing in brief step to look at Roman. "I would stay away from Roswell. It is infested with Ghouls and other.. things."
Katherine Caine Katherine seemed to grow pale at the words of John Winchester, her throat catching for a moment and when Bane made his offer she nodded, "I think Mister Winchester needs to leave and know that, he's not welcome around El Dorado. He and his type aren't welcome around here." She set her hand down on the bar and narrowed her eyes at John. She knew damn well who he was and what his words meant.
Ruane "I've seen a few. Went there to test. Terrifying. I saw a lot of possibility in that area" Roman mutters before glancing aside to look at Bane then. "Really though? You got something big in mind?" Roman inquires before there is a look of curiosity then as he glances aside to katherine then and back to John. "Huh. Must of been pretty mean whatever he said."
Bane      Bane nods to Roman "Yeah we are looking to try and clear a couple of bblocks of everything worth it as safely as possible. The loot will be divided between everyone that comes on the expedition as long as they all draw their own weight."

     Bane stands his breakfast temporarily forgotten, he isn't going to ask. Not yet. They all have their secrets. His hand curls around the grip of his revolver as he watches John head for the exit, making sure the man is really going to leave. He is an imposing figure, but it is undercut a little by the obvious wounds. Or maybe it isn't considering such substantial looking wounds don't seem to bother him too much.
John Hands settling on the door, the words that flow from Katherines mouth give him pause in motion. Lifting them off, he turns to look at Katherine with a smile. "Well now, Katherine. We all can be friends here. After all, I plan on returning to El Dorado off and on, my dear, to purchase supplies and gear." His eyes look from her to the Brothel rates. "Hell, I am even willing to pay a substantially more for the hospitalities of the Saloon." He adds as he slid a hand inside the leather jacket pocket and retrieved a small cap purse. Looking to the sign, he hmm "say, double your asking price." He notes eyes looking back to Katherine.
Katherine Caine Money gets Katherine's attention without pause and she signals Bane to hold off on doing anything for now, because she didn't run this place out of the sheer goodness of her heart, "For you sweetheart, triple. I'm sure you'll end up getting rough and I need to make sure it's worth their while." The allure of money was just too great to resist for the moment or maybe she had something else in mind.
Ruane "Triple? For Drinks? Goodness. think this guy'll break that many gla-Oh wait." Roman gets it.. finally of course and he'll stare wide eyed at Katherine and then back to John before shaking his head. "Expensive." He'll mutter under his breath before offering to Bane once more. "You are going to try and strip down square blocks? That seems a bit much, and like a lot of guess work. You got a place mapped out? Wagons to bring stuff back? The Bramhin and everything?"

Roman inquires before he moves to slide his glass across the bar slightly toying with it with his fingers before looking back down.
Bane      The pistol clears his holster in a split second even if it is still held by his side, the old man is fast. Faster than he has any right to be with those wounds. "I believe that the lady asked you to leave her establishment, friend." And then Miss Kitty speaks up again, and Bane grimaces looking over his shoulder for just a moment before his eyes fix back on the potential threat infront of him. He isn't going to undercut Miss Kitty in her own Saloon, but he is clearly not happy with the about face especially when she mentions getting rough on the girls. He doesn't answer Roman right this moment, he is a little preoccupied.
John "Put the pee shooter away son. No need for that in Katherines fine establishment." He informs Bane in a placid undertone. With the words spoken, his eyes drift back to Katherine again. Watching her carefully, he nods ever so slightly.

"Rough isn't my style usually; unless of course that is the way they like it. But, since I have obviously offended you, the amount is fair. Say triple for the first three times, leverage it down to double after that?" He replies smoothly as he slides the purse away. A pondering thought, then he asks "And just how much would it be for you, Kitty?" He asks casually.
Rose      Into the saloon Rose walks...right in time to see guns pulled on a stranger and catch the tail end of words offered. The blonde woman in the Ranger's coat has her rifle slung over her back and her rucksack in one and her other carrying her helmet, so she doesn't go for her own gun, but that doesn't mean that she isn't stepping to the side with a frown. If she had to go for her gun? Odds are she could go for it quickly.

     "Somethin' going on here?" she asks calmly.
Katherine Caine That was quite a bit of caps to be throwing around but Katherine notices Bane's change in demeanor even if not the grimace, "Would have been a better offer to open on instead of what you did. Maybe come back another time and be a little nicer and we'll see how it goes." The loss of caps was very stinging to her, but she still didn't know what John's game was. Leaning in close to John she said something else before turning and grabbing a bottle from under the bar.
Ruane Roman just lifts his head then slightly before looking between Katherine and John again. Given that Bain is just as inviolved in his question. Roman will blink, look more than a little perplexed before he coughs into a clenched fist and looks down at the ground. "Not how I planned my day. Most days don't go as planned however. Should probably change expectations." Roman notes even as he looks behind himself again to study everyone else in the room before noting Rose's entrance and dipping his chin to the woman.R
A smile might be offered as well though for the time being, the man is clearly just trying not to make waves. Sit still, drink the booze and smile.
Bane      "A .44 is a pretty mighty pea, friend. More than enough." His pistol stays ready by his side as the negotiation goes on, he is the kind of man that likes to be prepared come all situations. He doesn't say another word to either Miss Kitty or John, even though his body is clearly taut with anger. He really doesn't like this kind of situation, especially when he is not really in the know on what is really going on. As Rose makes an appearance his eyes flick to her for a moment. "Rose. Miss Kitty and this gentleman are just going through some tense negotiations.
John Ignoring the man with the service rifle accurately aimed at him, the older gentlemen nods to Katherine. A glance to Rose is given as he says "Oh don't mind the pessimistic redheaded lapdog. Katherine and I were just catching up on old times and negotiating solid deal rates that will put her in the black for a few months. Said lapdog thought it'd be nice to cause tension, see if I'd break or something." He notes with a warm little smile. "And deals are done, transactions are pending and the lapdog" He looks to Bane. "Can put the rifle away." He notes.

"Until next time Katherine." He turns and proceeds on out, whistling the tune 'Pop goes the Weasel.'
Katherine Caine "It's quadruple if you come back Mister Winchester. Don't care for my friends being insulted." Katherine called after the man with narrowed eyes as she began pouring some shots at the bar, at least one of those being for Bane and several for herself.
Rose      It's a slow, circular walk around the exchange to the bar, casting a quiestioning look to the bartender to ask if she was okay even if it was without words. Her helmet, her bag, both are placed down at the base of one of the stools before she turns, leaning back against the bar with her elbows in a way that makes her coat fall back, revealing the large revolvers resting in their holsters at her hip. It was casual, relaxed, but those that had fought beside her would know that those guns could be in the blonde's hands and firing before one could blink if needbe. "No kidding..."
Joe Caine Stepping through the entrance to the Gold Digger, the dashing image of the legendary Hero of El Dorado appears. Ok, maybe not the Mayor himself, but if one didn't know any better they might think it was a ghost. Yet it's no ghost. Instead, it's Joe Caine, the spitting image of his great-grandpappy who was a staple to the town.

Expecting less hostility, Joe blinks at he situation, his piercing gaze settling on each occupant until it lands on his mother, who he also did not expect to see, yet seems the least bit surprised. "Mother."
Ruane Roman Raune by this point eventually moves to push up from his spot at the bar. He'll take a second to pull out a couple of caps, carefully stack them on the bar before he lifts his hand and offers a wave to the group. "Keep up the good work, Barkeep, and uh.. Scavenger. Lady with the guns. Be well." Roman will state with a small smile as he walks, not straight but straight enough as he makes his way to the doorway.
Bane      His revolver slides quickly back into the holster at his side "I am not trying to break you, yet. If i was you would be too busy choking on teeth to mouth off." He shakes his head and heads back to his rapidly cooling breakfast which has already been largely demolished. He looks up at Miss Kitty "Going to have to tell me what that was all about some time. Haven't seen you get like that before, not even when we were surrounded by ghouls."

     He shifts slightly in his seat and looks towards Roman. A small smirk twists his lips "Anyway, yeah. We plan on moving through there systematic for a little while. Easier to keep secure. I am organising wagons and the horses or brahmin to pull them. Either way it is well planned out. We have a secured route in with fallback points waiting for us if we have to take a couple of bites at Roswell to get a footing." He takes the shot slid to him by Miss Kitty and takes a small sip from it between bites.

     He looks towards the new person who walks on in before he looks back towards Miss Kitty with a raised eyebrow. Another one? He watches Roman walk out a few moments later, yeah makes sense.
Katherine Caine "Sorry about that Bane. I'll give you the explanation I owe you when you bring by the guns you're talking about and we can see what sort of arrangement we can come to. I might be willing to buy them off you if the prices are right or find buyers." Katherine replied with the raise of her own glass in a small toast before drinking it as her son entered.

Joe was Lilly's twin but they looked nothing alike, Clara had joked before they must have had two different dads. Katherine didn't find it the least bit amusing, "Back from Jack's Town already? Don't tell me your missed your dear old mother that much." One of the poured shots was slid over to Joe, "You went and seen your sister yet? She got shot."
Rose      Well, Rose didn't get an answer from Kitty, but at least the woman seemed quick enough to put on the face of 'normal'. Who was she to judge? Sliding into a seat as the pair drank, the Ranger adjusts her coat lightly and just shrugs, letting them finish their line of drinks before she signals her own intention for a drink. Cola again, almost certainly. "Charming company that can come walking in here, huh?' she comments absently before her gaze switches to the newly arrived Joe with a raised eyebrow. A son? It seemed that the 'Caines' were quite the extended family in El Dorado. It wasn't abnormal really, but it was somewhat strange to an Army Brat who'd never really stopped in one place.

     "I saw your girl earlier actually," she comments idly. "She's doing alright for a gutshot and a spill off a horse. I've seen troopers cry harder for less. Thinks the world of you too Miss Kitty."
Joe Caine Joe Caine eyes his mother, who he barely knew in the first place when she asks about Jack's Town, "Yeah.. Jack's Town. Right. I'm back." Before the shot can finish sliding, Joe has snatched it from it's course, and is shooting it back, his facial expression unphased by the stiff drink. "Missing you guys might be one of the reasons I came back.. but don't get your hopes up." There might be the slightest hint of resentment for being ditched for most of his life on his Aunt, but there's also the faintest sign of love and humor.

When Kitty speaks of his sister, his eyebrows furrow, "Damn, I'm gone just a lil while and you're all gettin' shot up.. THIS is why I'm back."
Bane      Bane pushes his plate away finally finished with his steak and what may once upon a time have resembbled some kind of poatato. He grunts gruffly at Rose's comment "It is a Saloon with working girls. Were you expecting anything different?" He shakes his head with a short bark of laughter "That fella' got to me though, not many that can do that. Wouldn't mind seeing him lying down with a cross about six feet above him." He looks at Joe with a small smirk "So you came back so you can get shot at too? Good thinking." Of course Bane isn't exactly one to talk, he has known Miss Kitty for all of a week and he was willing to put down someone giving her a hard time if he had to.
Lilly Caine Lilly Caine winces her way into the salloon. "...Jack?", she calls out, wincing her way over to her twin brother, hand holding her bandaged midsection, eyes like a puppydog's thats about to get a face to lick and a whole buttload of bacon. well, something like that. Either way, Lilly's expressio is endearing. Her Twin!
Katherine Caine "Nice to hear Rose, thank you." A shot is slid over to the ranger before Katherine finally replies, "Nothing worth getting in too much details over, although, I suppose it's going to come out sooner or later." She looked quite distraught by the thought of it, smiling at her son who she had only known for a whole four years, "That man, he's a Brotherhood of Steel Paladin. Not the hippie-Brotherhood that Knight Caldwell belonged to out East. He's part of the real Brotherhood of Steel and him being here is bad news." It didn't explain why the man knew her though.

A look to Bane's revolver and the man's intimidating visage was all the convincing she needed before she decided to pull some caps out from the register, "Seeing as you're already living here, may as well provide security to. Consider it advance pay." The caps were slid over to Bane.
Joe Caine Joe Caine nods, "I'm not too worried about gettin' shot. Wouldn't be the first time, sure as hell ain't gonna be the last." He returns a faint smile to his estranged mother while turning towards the sound of his twin sister. There was no denying the bond that the two shared, that all twins shared. Joe wasn't a very empathic person, but upon seeing her in pain, he instantly looks disgruntled, "Oh Lilly, what the hell happened. Who is stupid enough to shoot you?" His disgruntled, brotherly look fades into an angry, vengeful expression; his cheeks flushing red.
Rose      "People keep asking me if the NCR is invading," Rose comments casually as she watches the reunion of the siblings and glances back at the exchange of caps between Bane and Kitty. "But right now? I'm wandering the same of the Brotherhood. 'Real' brotherhood aren't out here for the people, and it often ends poorly." A somber thought before she shakes her head, leaning over now and resting her elbows on the counter as she addresses the Saloon's owner. "Speaking of which...I get you probably don't hold a great deal of love for the NCR, and I don't have Bane's charmin' smile an all," she says with a little chuckle and a wink to the wounded man beside her, "but I'm not the NCR, I'm just one Ranger and you and yours have been good to me. If you're willin' to have me I'd like to offer the same as the Old man here...or at the very least ask if you'd let me take a room. I can't go camping outside the city forever after all."
Lilly Caine Lilly Caine hugs onto her twin. "Person who shot me is dead", not wanting to mention she got shot helping Mom.. or.. what it involved to get her healed. The bullet is out.. but some wounds never heal.. they just get annotated and logged away in some part of fate's diary.. to be dredged up the first time some boy decides to smile at her in a sorta sheepish way. Yep. This is what'll pop in her mind.. Well, Later. right now, she's a kid again and hugging on her brother for all she's worth.
Bane      Bane isn't the type to say no to caps. Especially not for something he was going to do anyway, I mean he does live there. Kinda stupid of him not to defend it and the girls that feed him and tend to him when he gets hurt. He takes caps and slides them into one of his dusters many internal pockets. "I think I can do that for you Miss Kitty, Just you remember that I won't always be around. Got my own business to run and my own things to take care of around here." He grunts at Joe's words, clearly the big man is no stranger to getting shot or bitten or stabbed.

     He nods his head as Miss Kitty speaks "I am no stranger to how the brotherhood operates in other areas of the wasteland. I have seen good and I have seen bad, just a lot more of the later. Arrogant pricks. Certainly explains the attitude." He shakes his head as he finishes off his drink. Smirking at Rose "It is charming enough when I need it to be. Never failed me when I have needed it most, and when it does well...I have contingency plans." He pats the iron at his hip affectionatly. At the request for a room he shakes his head "I thought you Rangers lived to rough it up out in the cold. You really must be going soft Rose. Maybe that or you just want a place to take the girls." He watches the byplay between the kids curiously, still getting a hold of the whole Caine family, and how that all works.
Katherine Caine "You feeling alright Lilly?" Katherine asked of her daughter before looking to her son and pointing out the weathered black combat armor Lilly had on, definitely once part of an NCR Ranger's Armor, "What do you think of your sisters new armor? She looks badass doesn't she."

Katherine might not have trusted Rose a week ago but she had seen the woman help the city and other locals for no reward, "Don't really have anything against the NCR Rose, just a parting of ways is more like it. Not really good at commitment if you know what I mean."

Grabbing a key to one of the rooms she smiled, "Normally 100 caps, consider it 60 so long as you keep an eye out for troublemakers. Archene is pretty much the worst security we could have and with no Sheriff, well." She just smiled as best she could.

"Sounds good Bane, not too often that trash comes rolling in here that needs taking out. Just good to know there's a few guns around other than my own when it does come tumbling in." Without explanation she turns and heads into the backroom.
Joe Caine There's very few people that Joe would hug, or more fittingly, let hug him. His super-tough demeanor is as hard as the metal plate that protected his chest. He carefully returns the hug, wrapping his massive arm around her shoulder, careful not to aggravate the wounds.
    When Katherine points out her new armor, Joe smirks, "Wow, nice. Were you wearing that before or after you got shot?" He offers in jest, finally taking time to look towards Bane and the others when his mother abruptly leaves the room, "Excuse my horrible manners, the name's Joe. Mercenary extraordinaire, or some shit like that." He mumbles the last bit, reaching behind the counter and snagging the bottle of whiskey to pour another shot, which he abruptly takes.
Rose      Bane's words bring a roll of the eyes from the blonde woman who still saw him as a twisted, bullet-riddled and scarred semblance of a Father-figure and brother all rolled into one. "Bane, this place probably needs at least one of us around here who isn't full of holes and half-gnawed at any given moment." The Ranger winks to her companion before looking back at Katherine, nodding her head as she straightens up from her leaning and starts digging for the caps. "I plan on sticking around the area for a while, unless something crazy happens. Even I get tired of having to wake up in the middle of the night to shoot something trying to eat me, rob me or both sometimes."

     A look back at Joe, the Ranger gives a lazy half-wave and a nod. "Rose Hallows," she says, watching the man steal the bottle. Yep, probably family. Otherwise he might have been shot for that.
Lilly Caine Lilly Caine says, "Nah. Mom gave me this awesome armor after I'd already got shot off Sprocket.. but I zapped him back inna gut with Grandpa's Laser pistol. I figure Grandpa woulda been proud". Lilly continues to sorta hang off her brother, holding him close as if afraid to let him go. She then wrinkles her nose, ahving gotten enough it seems. "you need a bath..", she offers critically. "Smell like you've been snuggling a sick molerat. ""
Bane      "Bane Creel, bounty hunter and mercenary. I don't know about extraordinaire, but I am still around and kicking so I must be doing something right." He shakes his head as he pushes his plate and glass away from him. He smirks at Rose and shakes his head "Full of holes and gnawed on I am still as capable as most. You know this by now Rose." He lets out another bark of laughter as he leans back slightly preparing to stand up, he grins at the twins as they interact his arms slowly going over the armour Lilly has been 'gifted'. It is something else. He turns to head up the stairs "I have something I need to take care of, a new weapon I need to go over and make sure It is worth what I paid for it. I'll see you all soon. Rose I have a job that I have taken on that I could use some backup for if you are interested. Don't want to handle it on my lonesome. We will see if we can round up a couple more if you are game. Seeing about getting a stolen caravan back."
Katherine Caine Katherine returns just in time to hear that Bane is heading out, "Take care Bane and make sure to bring those guns by later. Always interested in bartering. Whatever you got." Soon enough she would be able to setup a gun shop to, maybe let Lilly run it or even Joe, give them something to do with their lives other than be aimless wanderers.

A helmet that Rose would recognize is in her hands, of course it's been spraypainted over several times but it's a distinctive Ranger helmet, "Joe. I want you to have this. It'll serve you better than it's serving me in an old chest." It's set down in front of Joe and she steals the bottle back from him.
Joe Caine Joe Caine smirks at Lilly's comment, "I mean, it's totally a possibilty. There were some very drunken nights out there in them wastelands.." He /acts/ like he doesn't care, but you might catch him take a quick whif of his funk, his nose wrinkling slightly. He'll never admit she was right though.

When his mother returns with the helmet, Joe quirks a brow, surprised by the gift. Carefully, he takes the helmet, appraising it for a few moments before placing it on his head to fit it. Joe, for perhaps the first time in a very long time, gives his birth-mother a hug, "Thank you, this'll save my hide!"
Rose      "At this rate you probably have enough bullets lodge in you it counts as armor plating," Rose winks at Bane before nodding her head at his words. "Sure, let me know and fill me in. I'll ride with you." Still without her drink, the woman reaches up now to tug the tie that keeps her hair in order free, letting those blonde locks spill down as she watches the gift exchange between mother and son. No words, just a raised eyebrow from the ranger. She'd figured out plenty from what she'd seen already, but this was still right in front of her face.
Lilly Caine Lilly Caine beams happily, fingers thunking on her breastplate. Should help protect me more. Helmet looks good on you" If she were feeling better, she's probably be climbing on him or something, but for now, she just settles for turning back and forth on her favorite barstool.
Katherine Caine Katherine had probably not even noticed Rose ordering the drink, it was a rare occasion she had both of her kids in one place at the same time, "Sorry Rose, I feel like I missed something there. Did you want something to drink or eat?" She also grabs the key to the room, "Second or third floor. It's your choice." The hug from Joe is returned very tightly, she hadn't been this happy in a long time!
Rose      "Third floor? Close as I might ever come to a penthouse suite," Rose jests lightly before shrugging her shoulders. "Might go a take a walk, see what I can get into. Check in with that girl who talked about fixing up something I found out there." A pause, she smiles as she looks between the two Caine kids. "You take your time and enjoy having your family here Miss Kitty, I'll be back later." With that, the woman bends to scoop up her gear and makes to head for the door.
Joe Caine Joe Caine eventually drops the hug, the helmet-mask combo being removed in an upwards tug, where it rests on his neck and head, "Thank you sis.." He offers a toothy grin, waving towards Rose as she begins to depart, "I was just about to go poke around at some ruins I found not to far form here, if you two wanted to join me." He says towards his sister first, including his mother after a few seconds with a curious glance.
Katherine Caine "Alright." Katherine replies to Rose as she accepts the caps and hands her a key, "Fourth door on the right. It'll be the one that the key fits in." Looking between Joe and Lilly she smiled, "Family outing? Sounds good! You guys head out ahead of me, I'll meet you there. Gotta change and all that stuff first."