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Lucky Enjoying the pleasantly warm atmosphere of El Dorado and the summer air was Lucky. He had heard rumors of a holodisk that was available and headed off to find it. This of course takes him to the mechanic shop where he was told it might be for sale. If he was able to get his hands on the disk, then he'd be well on his way to owning his very own wasteland animal.
Dusty Rose As usual the mechanics shop is a bit on the low side for actual work. There still wasn't a lot of vehicles around El Dorado that needed a steady operation. But that just meant Dusty Rose had more time for her own projects. Not that it was easy to tell what the assortment of salvaged mechanical parts and metal frames scattered about one corner of the shop really were suppose to be yet.
Lucky Knocking on the door as he opens it, Lucky smiles brightly. Stepping inside his eyes adjust to the low lighting and smells of the shop. "Hello?" He calls out, closing the door behind him.
Dusty Rose Dusty Rose jumps a bit at the knocking, having been so involved in her tinkering. "Hello?... Oh, hello!" She grabs the work goggles with one hand and pushes them up on top of her head instead. "Can I help you with something?"
Lucky "Hi!" Lucky says cheerfully, a bit of a wave being given. "Oh, I was looking in to this husbandry holodisk thingy that was for sell." He says, stepping in further until he sees Dusty rose. "How are you?" He inquires.
Dusty Rose "The.. oh! Yes. I have one of those!" Dusty spins a heel back to her workspace and starts rummaging through things. "Now where did I.. nope... I know I stuck it in something safe..." Tilts her head to look back over her shoulder. "I manage to keep busy most of the time."
Lucky "That good to hear." Lucky replies warmly, looking over the vehicles quietly. His eyes settle upon the motorcycle and a small hmm escapes his lips, hands running over the bike slowly. Giving a faint shrug, he shifts his attention again to Dusty and waits.
Dusty Rose Dusty Rose moves aside what looks like it could be some manner of animal limb but made of metal and ahas! "Here it is." She picks the holodisc up and wanders back over. "Nice bike, isn't it? You'd think they'd be more popular, since they don't take as much effort to keep going as a truck or such." Shrugs her shoulders a little. "But it's not exactly cheap either." Holds up the holodisc. "But I have the disc right here."
Lucky "Maybe in the future I'll consider purchasing it." Lucky replies, eyes looking back to the bike. "Although.. truthfully, I don't know how to really drive. Might end up running over someone .. or crashing it." he adds, chuckling as he looks back to her. A hand reaches to the nape of his neck as he nods. "Well, I really could use the disk.. so how about, say 300 caps for it?"
Dusty Rose Dusty Rose says, "I could, but," Dusty glances over her shoulder a moment, "I have something else in mind." Then turns back to Lucky, holding out the holodisc. "Good enough for me! I have more use for the caps than for this bit of tech, so I'd rather sell it to someone who can make something of it. Better for us both that way."
Lucky Fishing out caps, Lucky hands over the caps with a gleeful air. "Sweet! thank-you soo much!" He exclaims.
Dusty Rose Dusty Rose takes the caps in one hand, and hands over the disk with the other. "To be honest, I don't even know what that -is-. 'Husbandry' sounds like some cheap dating sim."
Lucky Lucky laughs "Oh, no, no. It's about animals and creatures; or so I was told. Honestly, before I got here I wouldn't have known what husbandry is. Been out on the Drakes family farm a lot and learned a few things." He replies cheerfully. "Hoping with this I can work towards learning more about husbandry and taming animals."
Dusty Rose "Ooooooooh." Dusty glances over at a storage bin where a grey cat is sleeping. "Eh, still no use to me. Sprocket is all the animal I really need to worry about." There's a faint twitch of an ear, but that's the only indicator the cat heard her name mentioned.
Lucky Lucky spots the cat and smiles. "Sprocket eh? Cute name for a cat." He replies kindly as he puts the holodisk away. "Well, thank-you again Er, you know where ARE my manners." His hand extends out "Lucky Strikes."
Dusty Rose Dusty Rose squints one eye, as if she's not sure that's a real name or some kind of alias. But in the end it doesn't matter, and she grabs the hand with her own after dumping the caps in a pocket of her coveralls. "Dusty Rose." Her name really isn't much more 'normal' after all, who's she to judge.
Lucky Shaking the hand firmly yet gently, Lucky nods. "Pleasure Dusty." He replies kindly, letting go of her hand. "And yeah, name's unusual.. my father named me after a carton of cigarettes. " He adds with a grin. "Well, I hope to see you around, I should head off and find a technician to get this thing installed.."
Dusty Rose Dusty Rose ahehs, rubbing the back of her head with one hand. "Yeah, that's one of the technology things I'm not versed in. Might have to ask one of the Vault folk, more up their alley. See ya around Lucky!" She almost adds a 'good luck', but realizes it'd probably sound redundant.