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Sammy     So it's fairly easy to spot the location Sammy had arranged from the various notes he'd posted, the El Dorado flag, the folding metal chair, a line of sandbags just along a hillside that looks down, away from the town, into the nearby wastes. And he's there with the calm quiet demeanor he sometimes has, but the grin on his face is a few inches wider than if he'd just had the helmet on, doing his normal routine, The gas mask half of his helmet sits to the side, leaning next to him is a box of ammo, and his old and well loved NCR Ranger .308 rifle, he's got his own ginormous sniper rifle over his own shoulder, and he's flicking over a deck of playing cards, looking at each card in turn, and dropping them into a coffee can between his feet, waiting for everyone to make their way in.
Iris Lark For some reason Vuk wants to play poker. Far be it from Iris to argue with the blind man, it never makes a difference when she does. So Iris walks down to where Sammy is set up, dragging Vuk behind her. "I don't know how to play poker Vuk, and if you get shot, I'm shooting you too."
Barns barns heads to the location of the hill spotting sammy he smiles the grizzled old man says to sammy "nice to see a ncr even if you are a ex one now" he dicides to take a knee by the sandbags and check his rifle as wel as clean it
Frank A figure approaches the Ranger's little setup, one finely dressed. It doesn't matter where a game is held or when, if Frank gets wind of it, he will be there. For the call of the game, the bet, is always enticing. "Howdy, gentlemen, and lady," he greets Sammy, Vuk and Iris. "The name is Frank Mallory...but please, call me Frank." He grips the lapels of his jacket and flashes a winning smile.
Vuk Vuk actually mostly didn't want to sit in a room any more, or get left in a store alone. "Poker? I was just going to try and shoot at the molerats. Or..uh, the talking molerats." He says, deciding to simply sit on a spot that -feels- like a rock and pats his lap. Some one sure is...well, being forward because he's blind. "I mean, I suppose I could learn to play poker, but I thought they were shooting things." He says to Iris before listening. "Is that a talking molerat?" He asks about Frank.
Saeko Saeko herself wasn't exactly one for firearms, nor was she a ranger, but even with her preferences for more 'traditional' weapons over gunpowder, she'd been on the wrong end of them enough times to appreciate the usefulness of a gun. Wrapped up in her cloak that conceals both figure and gear, the woman simply seems to arrive from the sands, just sort of 'there' with a rifle craddled in her arms lightly. It's amazing what you can collect on the road.
Sammy Sammy says, "Some of you may not know how to play Poker, it's fairly simple, with a regular game, you ante-in so there's money in the pot. this being a 5 card stud game, I thought we'd improvise a little since the fun is gonna come from shooting that target over yonder." he looks over, and down the range, it looks like there's of all things, a scarecrow made of a rusted Legionnaire's breastplate, a 55 gallon drum, and is that a cast iron pot for a head? With great cartoon eyes drawn on it.
    "Everybody gets two cards, one face down, one everybody else can see. Only you know what your face down card is. Rather than just draw cards and bet, you're gonna shoot that target dummy. If you hit it, great, you get a card. If you make a head shot, you get two, and you keep which one you want. If y'all want to work on a bet after everyone's got five cards, that's up to you. I'm here to see how many head shots I can help you make.
    "If everyone shooting to-day would be so kind as to line up, we can see what the cards hold."
    He grabs the cards up from the coffee can, and riffle-shuffles them, cuts them with one hand, and fans them out to see that the deck is in immaculate condition."
Fiona     Fiona nods as she approaches the gathering, she has a rifle strapped to her shoulder. Unless someone knew her though, she is dressed in civies. An unlit cigar hangs out of the side of her mouth. A moment to listen, then she woman lines up. If there is one thing teaches above all else, it is how to stand in a line.
Frank Frank listens to the explanation. "Well now...I have to say, I've never played poker THAT way. It should be interesting. You can count me in, sir," he says, walking over to form up in line. He unholsters his ornate revolver, which probably he either stole or spent a great deal of money on.
Barns barns grins and nods his head "alright sammy i get how to play but are you ready to lose?" the old ncr vet was sure hed win today
Iris Lark Iris watches Vuk pat his lap and she sighs, loudly. Shrugging a bit she unshoulders her rucksack and sits it on his lap. Might weigh about as much as her..maybe. She lines up where Sammy indicated, her M72 rifle in hand and glances around a bit.
Vuk Vuk has his hand cannon..well, that is what he's going to use. "This game is rigged, I can't even read cards. I just thought I was supposed to shoot at things." He says and keeps one arm around Iris' waist...she ain't leaving him to wander around alone at night again! "Also what the hell -did- I shoot last night?" He asks Iris.
Smash The nearly seven foot tall man dressed in patchwork leather armor, which just happened to be wandering by, detours on his route and walks over to sit down in the group like he knows everyone. He sets a bloodstained axe across his knees. He looks over at Fiona and lifts his chin. "Got snother one a those?" he asks in a naturally booming voice as he eyes her cigar. "I'll give you a poem for it."
Saeko Saeko herself seems to frown a little, crossing her arms over her chest. "I am somewhat lacking in funds," the asian woman says softly. "I was hoping to gain some practice and some lessons, but I am not so well off as to wager on things I know I am unskilled in."
Darling Tagging along behind Smash is Darling, she's not wearing patchwork leather armor, and probably a lot less in general comparison. She comes to a stop nearby, glancing over towards Fiona as Smash addresses her, then back in then back across the rest of the little gathering in general. "So what kinda party we got going here?"
Fiona Fiona glances over to the voice, then up Mount Smash, shifting the unlit tobacco. "A poem?" Shoulder shift and she pulls a mason jar from her, three poor examples of cigars inside. "Here." Waiting for the giant to take one.
Iris Lark Iris is tugged back towards Vuk and she makes a face, dumps the rucksack next to a rock and hauls the blind man to his feet. "You probably *shouldn't* shoot anything, to be honest, it's bad enough you brought that huge honking bug back to the store." She tries to swipe Vuk's weapon, but can't seem to get him to let go.
Smash "So kind. So very kind." Smash's voice is the kind that needs no stage. It just reverberates out from his drum of a chest. He runs the cigar along his nose to smell it. "Fuuuck. That's divine." He puts it in his teeth, rips the end off, lights a match off his neck and puffs the cigar to a nice cherry. "There was a man from Nantucket," he begins with smoke leaving his mouth.
Vuk Vuk won't put up to much of a fight; given stationary targets don't make much of a noise. "A giant bug? Huh..I suppose that makes sense with the buzzing noise. Did any one try to eat it yet? I heard some bugs round here can be good eating." He says to Iris, though she better not hide his hand cannon after his vision returns!
Sammy     Sammy grins, a nod to Frank, "Nice to meet you, Frank. When I've played with my old unit, the cards themselves would be all lined on a board at eight hundred meters... you shoot it, you get it in your hand... Destructive of the cards but they were cheaper in New Vegas..." he gives a bit of a nod, and considers, glancing as Iris and Vuk get situated "Good to see he got peeled out of that suit, not so great perhaps that you still have to spend so much effort holding him down, Iris. But a good shooting rest he might be after a fashion." he walks a bit up and down the line as people start to get settled.
    He smiles to Saeko, "If you want to shoot, you're very much welcome to give it a shot. That's what it's about, gaining a little more skill at hitting that pot down there." he gestures to the target dummy, then to the rifle resting by his folding metal chair, "I'll just have you find the caps in the next few for ammo." he pats a pocket that indeed goes jingle-jingle-jangle of brass on brass, loose ammo.
    "Barns, I don't know where you got the idea I'mfinished with my tours of duty yet... Do you see vetran stripes on my revolver nobody told me about?" he smirks, "And I can't bet, I'm the Dealer!" he smirks.
    Tilting his head as he turns to regard Fiona and Smash and Darlin, "Were you also interested in a round of Sniper's Poker?"
Fiona "My kinda poet." Fiona comments, drawing up a match and stiking it on her belt. A heavy draw, center of the mouth. Then she takes it and lowers it. A pull to charge her service rifle, locking the receiver back before snapping forward. Another drag. Next up in space. "So, poet, what'ca called.. Other than Sir?"
Iris Lark Iris glances back and Vuk and then smiles at Sammy. "I'm hoping he's just here to keep me company, I'm mostly here to watch myself, but I'd like to practice shooting if I can." She sets Vuk's weapon next to her rucksack and smirks.
Fiona Fiona looks over at Sammy, "I am shooting." She offers after hearing the question, "Fiona."
Frank Frank reholsters his pistol; that target was farther than he thought, and he doesn't want to have the odds stacked against him. Looks like he'll have to use the rifle. "You soldier boys sure can get creative," he remarks genially. "Are we ready to get this show on the road?"
Smash "His cock was so long that he could suck it." Smash makes a lewd pantomime with the cigar. "He wiped off his chin," he does so as he passes the cigar over to Darling. "As he said with a grin." He picks up his canteen and takes a big swig. When next he speaks, water spills out, "'If my ear was a pussy, I would fuck it!'" The crude man laughs a loud, thundering roar of merriment and offers a shovel-sized hand to Fiona without getting up. "I'm Smash." He looks over at Darling. "This one here's a friend of mine. I call 'er Doc." He offers Sammy a shake of the head.
Vuk Vuk is listening to the idea of shooting the cards them selves. "Why not paint the cards onto some wood or metal? Hang it out there, alot cheaper, and mostly easily touched up with a spot of paint." he offers to Sammy and squeezes Iris' side. "That, or to wander off into the wastelands to save another town from insects."
Darling "So it's like some kinda shooting game?" Darling asks as she comes to a stop beside Smash and Fiona, flashing a quick smile towards the woman before her attention shifts towards Sammy as he gives a run down of how the game is actually played, glancing a little towards the big guy, then back to Sammy. "Don't really know how to shoot guns." She says, casting a glance sideling to Fiona, "That works, most folk just call me Darling, but call me whatever you'd like."
Fiona Fiona takes a draw, holding it a second before blowing it away from the group. Her gaze plays over Darling, "I'd be just happy to call you Darlin." A quick smirk, then she glances back to the action, flipping the dust cover closed on the rifle.
Barns barns finnaly finishes cleaning his rifle and looks to everyone "well good luck to everyone"
Saeko Saeko herself moves to retrieve her rifle, flicking the cap off the marksman's sight and taking aim down at the targets with a grateful nod towards Sammy. "Well, I'll give this an attempt." She turns her gaze over Smash as he makes his pantomime, then Fiona and Darling in turn, but for the time being her focus falls on the gun in her arms. It didn't take a detective to see she wasn't comfortable with the rifle.
Sammy     Sammy walks along the line, riffle-shuffling one more time, handing out six cards, handing them out smooth and even dealt from the top of the deck, nice and simple, nothing fancy, "This is your hole card, for those not familiar, this is your secret." he gives a knowing wink and asides to Frank, "You spend seventy hours laying prone in the desert waiting for nothing to happen, you get creative about your downtime." he smiles walking back, dealing out the next wave of cards, calling each one out, and dealing this set, face up, Barns gets the 10 of Hearts, Frank the Ace of Clubs, Saeko White-on-black-Joker, Iris the Jack of Spades, Fiona the Queen of Clubs, and Darling gets the 10 of Clubs as their first face-up card. "Allright Barns, you're first. Two shots. Make 'em count."
Frank Frank takes his secret card, examines it, then keeps it close and from prying eyes. He assumes a relaxed stance, smiling as Burns steps up to the plate...but all the while, Frank is calculating ways to try and see his other opponents cards, or perhaps, ways to discretely distract the shooters.
Barns firing his rifle hed already prepared himself for the kick plus recoil and hits dead center of the torso of the target twice "hmmph thats easy
Saeko Easy, but only for those who'd really used a firearm before. Her grip is a little off but her breathing is pretty decent, that much is similar to her work with her bow. Firing her first round, then second in quick succession, the first round hits the dummy's head and the second slams into the upper torso, even if it was just a twitch that had kept the second round remotely on target. Beginner's luck!
Darling "You and a lot of folk." Darling says in response to Fiona, nodding her head ever so faintly, then collecting her initial cards before going and watching the game in progress. Once it's her turn to step up and shoot she goes over, taking up a smiliar position to the others who shot before her, "Wow, you sure have a big gun." She says as she's given the loaner rifle to use, and while it's clear she doesn't really know how to use a rifle like this, she eventually figures it out, and even hits the target a couple of times.
Fiona Fiona moves into postion, dropping to one knee and steadying the rifle. Flip to single fire. Squeeze one. Breath and hold, two. Center mass down range nearly placing them in the same hole. A quick grin, flicking the rifle to safty. She stands up and clears the firing line.
Sammy     Sammy walks along the lines, nodding at Barnes, laying down a Jack of Clubs, 10 of Diamonds to him, takes the rifle from Frank, checks the chamber, nods, hands him the 5 and 6 of Spades. He stands behind Saeko and watches her shoot, drawing off the top of the deck the 4 and 2 of Diamonds "Nice headshot, first of the game." and he draws her 3rd card, nodding, he tosses the 4 into the coffee can 'discard' pile. He looks to Iris, watching her line up her shots, and steps past, smiling as Fiona sends some shots downrange, "Good consistent groupings." and draws her the 2 of Hearts & 9 of Spades, and as he watches Darling figure out the rules, he draws the King of Spades, and 3 of Hearts for her. "Good shooting everyone. There's a bit of a grin that covers his tone as he walks back to the line, and offers the rifle to Frank one more time, "Next shot." he grins.
Frank Frank fires the rifle twice; it felt weird in his hand, but he got the gist of it. He takes his cards, then waits out his next turn. When that comes up, he fires again. He takes a look at his hand, his expression kept neutral. It's a practiced poker face.
Saeko Saeko fires another pair of rounds, trying her best to adjust her grip and stance. Is she worried about her hand? Not so much. She's far more concerned with her shooting anyway. Even so, it seems her luck was holding firm.
Iris Lark Iris picks up her rucksack, and leaves Vuk with someone who will kindly lead him back to the clinic when he's ready to come home. She waves off and departs for El Dorado.
Smash "That's a golf shot!" Smash bellows out as a round flies downrange. Getting to his feet, he lifts his axe like he is going to execute someone, but then slides his hand along it to stretch his arms back and loosen the shoulders. "Your target needs a dick, guy." He looks at Sammy and points at the bottom of the target with his axe. "Shooting the dick off woud be an ace. Or somethin'. Bad day for someone!" He laughs crudely again.
Fiona Fiona moves up to take her same kneeling brace shot. Squeeze one. Right leg, the second right leg. "Must have bumped the sight." She switches back to safety, and clears the line. Joker, not a bad final card at all. Checking her hold again with a smirk.
Darling Once it's her turn again, Darling moves up to take the loaner rifle again, laying down and struggling with the mechanical workings of the rifle as she works to make sure everything is situated. She takes aim down the scope and shoulders it up before firing off two shots, both hitting the head of the target dummy.

"Yeah!" Darling exclaims, standing up and handing off the rifle back to Sammy, "Is there like a special prize for that??"
Frank Frank takes a look at his deck, then shakes his head. "Ah well...guess Lady Luck isn't holding a torch for me today." He rolls his shoulder; man, those rifles could kick. He'd stick with a pistol any day. "Think I'm gonna take a smoke break, ladies and gentlemen."
Sammy     Sammy chuckles, as he walks the line one more time, dealing out the cards, smiling "It's one of those things, you win, lose, or draw, today, the target didn't shoot back. Some days it might get a chance, that's where the long range comes into play." he looks to the departing Iris, Vuk, and Barns, and shrugs, "It's not a great job sometimes a lot of waiting and coming up with creative uses of cards that's for certain, though this is totally easier than the last game of snipers I played." he grins, and looks over the cards, "Anyone hazard a guess who ended up with the win?" he turns over Barn's first card, looking down at the list, it was the 8 of Diamonds.
Fiona Fiona steps close enough to Darling to comment, "You should consider the militia, very fine shooting." She tosses her hold card over, "Pair of Queens, anybody beat that?" She asks, stepping away to eject the magazine followed by the chamber round as she waits on the final tallies. Round reloaded to the mag, and mag pressed back in to the slot.
Smash Smash looks over at Darling. "Not bad shootin', Doc. Let's get the fuck outta here." He points towards the horizon to the south. "The others're meetin' us over there with some hooch." He puts his axe up on his shoulder and starts walking with long, swaggering strides.
Darling "One of the two with the Joker, probably." Darling says at the question asked by Sammy, she goes and flips over her hidden card, "I got two Kings." She says, glancing sidelong to Smash and nodding her head, "I'll be right behind you." She says, her attention shifting to Fiona once again, "I don't really know how to shoot, was just luck, that's all."
Saeko Saeko herself looks down at the cards, blinking a little before shrugging her shoulders. "I have never actually played poker before," the asian woman comments quietly, peering out at the dummy as she inspects the damage inflicted by the others. "I just wished to practice my shooting." Even so, a pair of twos wouldn't be enough. Too bad she'd gotten rid of that 4!
Sammy     Sammy surveys the cards, "Beginner's luck is upon a lot of people tonight." he grins at Fiona, and Darling, waves to the departing Frank, "I'm sure this'll get more regular as I get things going. He gathers the cards, and smiles, counting them, carefully and shuffling them back together. He gathers up his spare rifle, and folds his chair up, leaning on it, he looks down at the sandbags, and at the misshapen shot full of holes target dummy. "Mmmmnyep." with a bit of a wry grin.