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Iris Lark It's mid-afternoon in Shantytown and it's another one of those beautiful days. The sun is high, the clouds are gone and a nice breeze keeps people from overheating too much. All of the windows and doors in the Clinic are open today, letting in the beautiful weather.

It's a shame that Vuk is blind, because the owner of the Clinic is looking a bit different today. She got to sample the wonders of a shower last night so her skin is pristine and smels faintly of pina colada, as does her hair. She walks around, tending to various patients, a big smile on her face. A lone piglet trails behind her, his little hooves moving fast to keep up.
Vuk Vuk can hear them both, he's aware that Bacon is infact, not a Molerat. "Iris, when will you stop worrying about my leg?" He calls out, because letting her -forget- she left him with out a way to find his way home is his new past time. "I mean, I don't think it's that bad, the molerat didn't get my artery right?" Oh he's gonna enjoy this. "Imagine if you had just taken me home, instead of being drunk, I would haven't been left to die in the Wastelands, partially eaten by mole rats, clutching my empty shotgun and a picture of the lovely Doc who Left Me To Die. All for my power armor!"
Iris Lark Iris stills and glances back towards Vuk's bed, a smirk on her face. "I don't think your leg is going to fall off, nor are you going to bleed to death." She walks over to prod at the wound a bit with gentle fingers. "I may amputate though, if you're worried..I mean, we wouldn't want it to get infected, right?"
Vuk Vuk grunts when she prods at his wound and -scowls- at her. "Only if you managed to find that Sentry bot chasis to put me in. I like having my leg." He says and suddenly tries to draw her in close to him, some one sure likes Iris. "So did you win that game? With shooting things? Since you took my gun away, I assume it was so I wouldn't use my talents for mischief to win."
Iris Lark "I didn't get to play, I had to go back to the Clinic to deal with some things." Iris murmurs, and she doesn't fight him pulling her near. "Then I got to see parts of Vault Town last night, and oh..I got to see what a shower is. Have you ever seen a shower?" She forgets to be upset at Vuk and his wondering as she sighs. "I want one here."
Vuk Vuk listens, even as he tries to ease Iris into his lap, and begin to gently massage against her skin. "Yes, I know what a Shower is, well..a solar shower. You know, I doubt it's like the ones in a Vault. Though for my people, a Vault is a place of terror and death...but I thought you couldn't get into vault town with out being a Vaultie?" He asks, curious, very curious now. "Why aren't we smuggling me into vault town again? Then I could see you, and go and find you lovely flowers to present you with." He teases..or is he?
Iris Lark "I was invited for dinner." Iris says, giggling quietly as she prods at Vuk's ribs. "I don't think that I want flowers, I'd rather have snack cakes...or..a shower. I bet you could build one, a few buckets with heated water that dump into a..oh..showers are amazing." She blinks and squints at Vuk. "I can't sit down, I've work to do..and..hey, are you getting fresh with me?!"
Vuk Vuk tries to look innocent when she asks if he's getting Fresh with her. "Well I don't know much about building things..but I bet me and Harlan can make one?" He asks her and gently squeezes her side. "I might be Iris. Is that bad? You don't seem to mind sitting on me when it comes to keeping me hold still. I figured you wouldn't mind if I was offering to simply hold you too." He offers, slowly working on back, a slow, gentle massage. " ate in a vault? Don't they eat like..paste?"
Iris Lark "No, they had really nice food, and a lot of it." Iris murmurs, her eyes closing as Vuk's fingers dig into the muscles in her back. "It's not so" She gestures to the dozen or so things that she has to do, completely forgetting that the man is blind. She leans back a bit and her voice is quiet. "You know I like you a lot, even when you drive me a bit crazy." She tries to pull away though and get to her feet. "I've got to change your bandages and take a look at your leg."
Vuk Vuk almost looks pouty when she finally pulls away. "I figured vaults basically had awful food as a matter of efficency. I guess maybe they aren't all bad.." But then he'll decide to hold still when she needs to do doctor things. "So when I ask you to be mine, you might consider saying yes?" he suddenly drops on Iris.
Iris Lark "Like I've told the other menfolk asking me that question, Vuk. I've never been on my own in twenty four years. Ever." Iris begins, as she unwraps Vuk's bandage from his eyes. "So you, and they, will need to give me a little time to get used to..not having to rely on someone." She pulls out the mortar and pestle once the bandages are unwrapped. "Seeing anything, shapes...colors?" When she sets the mortar down near his head she sighs and leans in, her lips close to his ear.
Vuk Vuk moves to hold up a hand in front of his eyes, moving it slowly. "Nothing like that, but my eyes tell me there is an Angel working to keep me in one piece, who I have to rely on instead of her relying on me. Her voice cascades like ripples of crystal given liquid form along rocks of sensual gold.." he begins with Iris.
Iris Lark Iris is pink in the face, but she clears her throat, gathers up the herbs she neneds for her poultice and gets to work. She hums quietly to herself as she prepares a poultice for his leg and for his eyes, deciding that any further words might get her in trouble.
Vuk Vuk doesn't need to have her talk to be ill behaved, it's part of his charm! "So....want to help me limp back into your office for that oral exam?" he suddenly teases, hoping, she was entirely not expecting it!
Iris Lark Iris was unfortunately taking a drink of water when Vuk spoke up and she starts to choke. Her hair covers her face as she bends nearly double trying to get her breath back. "I.." She splutters, trying not to laugh while she's attempting to breath again. "You are.." Cough. "Bad!" She manages to get out before she coughs again.
Vuk Vuk cocks his head..well, now he's bad. "So? You also happen to love it, and the fact I make you smile and all. was worth a shot..get it..a shot?" Oh he can be so bad! " won't let me follow you all over because who wants a blind hero at dinner.."
Iris Lark "Well it was a dinner with Jude. Have you met him yet? He's a really nice guy." Iris says, taking another breath that thankfully doesn't end in a cough. She exhales and adds. "It might have been a date, and it's not proper to bring another man to a date, or is it?" She considers the implications of this and decides it's too confusing to ponder for the moment. "You're welcome to come along with me though, anytime it's not a date." Then he whispers to her and she blushes again and goes still. "You better stop that or I might get confused and flustered and sew your eyes shut and poultice your leg wound in a ..wild backwards sort of way."
Vuk Vuk isn't sure he'd notice her screwing up that sort of thing right now, so he just playfully puts his hands on her hips. "I'm not sure I'd know the difference right now, I'm all banged up Doc." he teases and snickers quietly. "So who else is sitting in here that I should start keeping wary of? Any one get shot last night at the poker game?"
Iris Lark "We've only a few holdouts from the super mutant fight, and they're able to leave today when they're feeling up to it." Iris murmurs, still grinding herbs in her mortar even as Vuk pulls her closer. "No talking Molerats though." This makes her snicker. He whispers in her ear again and she grunts and speaks to the piglet. "Bacon, I might need you to babysit Vuk, he's misbehaving."
Vuk Vuk is positive in his mind, he can bribe Bacon into letting him run away. "You already tried to get the sherrif department to watch me. I still escape." he reminds her and begins to slowly massage along her sides. "But fine..I'll behave...if only so you don't smash surgical equipment over my head." He says with a snicker. "Wait, talking Molerats? I heard the Vault Town is ran by a talking Molerat in a suit."
Iris Lark "Well the Sheriff is busy, and his deputies probably are as well." Iris doesn't move when his fingers start to massage again, it does feel nice. "One of these days, Vuk, you're going to misbehave and then it's going to get you in trouble. What will you do then?"
Vuk Vuk doesn't answer..he's to busy following her muscle tension, trying to ease them. "Me? Probably get strung up as a bandit, and my throat slit in front of every one..or end up mutant chow. Then you'll be very sad, and you'll sell my armor and things, and use them to make a shower."
Iris Lark Iris grimaces and she scoops the poultice into the bandage, tying it around his eyes again. "Don't say things like that, because that wouldn't happen." She mutters, pulling out a curved needle and threading it. "I want a shower, but that is a pretty hefty price to pay to get one, honestly."
Vuk Vuk is glad she seemingly values him over a shower. "Well, I'll add it to the narrative story..that when the great hero asked the Doctor's hand to be his for all eternity..he bribed her with a heated shower, worthy of making those vault dwellers jealous.." He begins, grinning slightly.
Iris Lark Iris giggles softly and she clears her throat and steps a bit closer. "I'm gonna sew up your leg, and it's probably going to hurt so..take a breath and when I'm done I'll give you something for the pain, all right?" She pats him on the shoulder and holds up the needle, making sure it's threaded properly.
Vuk Vuk scowls when she seems to think he can't handle this! "I probably get more stitches then any one else you know, stop thinking I'll cry when I get them!" He says, but he -does- hold still.
Iris Lark Iris leans in and begins to work, her small careful stitches drawing Vuk's torn skin closed. She doesn't speak until she's nearly done and her tone is a little bit playful. "I don't expect you to cry, and yes..I'm going to set you up in the back room when we're done here, it's probably a more peaceful place to rest and there is only one exit."
Vuk Vuk largely thinks the one exit thing is to keep him there. " mean, you'll lock the door from the outside so I can't escape." He teases her as she finishes, not showing much reaction to the stitches. "Harlan should help us build a shower..and when I find my own Big Rig..we can install a shower in it. Mobile shower."
Iris Lark "Mobile showers?" Iris asks, giggling softly. She leans in and cuts the catgut and dresses the wound. "I'm not going to lock you in, it's a bigger bed, more comfortable. I thought you'd like that." She leans against the exam table and smirks. "We could ask Harlan about the shower thing, maybe he'll have insight."
Vuk Vuk bobs his head and gives a slight grin again at Iris. "What about the whole just taking me home? You won't need to be alone then..and you can make sure I don't try and sneak away..I couldn't! I don't know the room." he teases.
Iris Lark "Well.." Iris murmurs, trying not to grin..even though he can't see it. "It is my room, and I'm offering you the use of it." She sighs and shakes her head. "I have to get used to being alone a little bit though, or I'll just be afraid all the time. You don't want that, do you?"
Vuk Vuk hasn't overly thought of Iris as afraid. "Well..I can sneak out some times, so you can be alone? But if you hear some one fall out the window..that is very likely, me. Especially if you hear people yelling there is a mad man trying to get into power armor with bandages on his eyes." He says and grins. "So..if I build a shower..I get your hand in possible ..what ever local customs are?" he teases.
Iris Lark "No, it's not that simple." Iris says, and she sounds a bit subdued now, as she pushes off of the table and walks towards the counter to clean her mortar. "Achilles rescues me from the Legion, and we ended up together. I barely knew him and it didn't work out. You build me a shower, and we end up together..the same thing could happen again? What is wrong with courting and knowing someone before you settle with them? Huh?"
Vuk Vuk rolls his shoulders a bit at her words. "I can't have some fun any more? Sides...I rather suspect there is alot of folk looking to win you over. I figured I'd figure out how to do it with some thing useful...sides. What if we -did- get a mobile base of sorts? Be pretty nifty...we better get Harlan shot in the knee cap so he has to sit in the clinic for a few weeks and put up with me."
Iris Lark "None of them know me well either, and I'm telling all of you the same thing." Iris says, turning to face Vuk again. "I know that I am very fond of you. If I wasn't I wouldn't keep trying to keep you alive. The Wasteland is good at swallowing good people whole." She loosely folds her arms over her chest and adds. "You..hrm..things will work out as they're meant to. Okay?"
Vuk Vuk will raise one hand up, to give her a thumbs up, trying to imitate..a pipboy. "Sure Doc...but can we still shoot Harlan in the knee cap so he has to be stuck with me too? Then I'll corrupt him and he'll be limping, I can be blind, and we'll escape together!"
Iris Lark "I ..think it would maybe be best if you just asked him to come and sit with you for a bit, rather than shooting him." Iris says, trying to keep a smile off her face. "He might be more willing to do so than you'd think."
Vuk Vuk is hoping she realized he was joking..really hoping. "I should tell him how to find Dunwich, since I can not go there now. Some one should, to see if the darkness is spreading from it."
Iris Lark There is a bit of silence and then Vuk might be able to hear footsteps before Iris crashes into him, her arms wrapping around him in a hug. "You've got a bit too much darkness in your life, and you gotta come out from your past eventually.." She gives him a kiss on the cheek. "You shouldn't go back there, that place feels ..empty, in a bad way."
Vuk Vuk is surprised and oofs a bit when he finds Iris hugging him, and he gently kisses against her neck since well..she seemingly isn't to upset with him today! "It's not the type of darkness we make. I think's some thing else. I'd rather we deal with it, then some one else. If it can corrupt the willing...we can't let the Horde find it. It'll be..bad for us. I don't know what it is there..but.." he just isn't sure, so he gently squeezes against her. "I rather suspect my past will become known in time now. People will start questioning how I got electrical burns and the like."
Iris Lark "Keep covered, claim something recent happened." Iris says, her voice slightly muffled. "Just..think about taking a few steps away from the darkness. I don't know if I'm the one who is meant to help you try, or if someone else might claim that opportunity, but it isn't a good place to be." A beat. "Don't you deserve better than that?"
Vuk Vuk has to think back over his life as she makes him question things. "Eh...I've had a fairly good life? I mean...I could have settled down by now..but if I had? We'd never maybe enduring the darkness a bit longer to make sure the person worrying about me, will never have to worry for her self is worth it Iris."
Iris Lark Iris steps back from Vuk and she gazes at him as if she had never seen him before. "That's..insightful." She says, her hands going to her still bandaged torso. "So you think that all of this happened..because ..we were meant to meet each other?" Her brow furrows and she kneels down, scooping up Bacon to cuddle the little piglet as she goes to fetch some water. "Interesting."
Vuk Vuk is silent, he has his own crazy religious views, and he has to weigh them against..people with out them. "I suppose? I know amoungst my people, we strongly believe the gods will arrange things..I do not know if you believe it. But Perhaps, it was meant to be, that I was there when the Enclave attacked, that I was willing to sacrifice my self to stop the Mutant...for you. I do not care much about the others, but I do care about you. Even if I never see again, I will always remember the angel from when I could."
Iris Lark Iris hugs Bacon close, her eyes still on Vuk for a few minutes. "That's..quite a bit of..that's a lot to think about." She finally responds, her voice faint. " about you take a walk with me, huh? Let's..lets go to the market, see..let's see if anything interesting is for sale today?" Her hands tremble as she sets down the piglet, who doesn't move far from his mistress. "Maybe we can find something good for..dinner?"
Vuk Vuk will move to stand up, favouring the leg she just worked on. "Sure! I bet we can find some thing good! Like...some Brahamin steaks..or ...what ever they'll claim is Brahamin steak. I'm partial to the jerky my self..throw it in a pot with some corn...a bit of tatties...makes a good hearty stew. Maybe we can find cornbread.."
Iris Lark "I can make you cornbread, if you want it, just takes some time." Iris murmurs, reaching out to help Vuk and guide him as they walk. "Maybe someone will be in the market for some chems today too, we'll see."
Vuk Vuk cocks his head when she mentions chems. "I thought vault town sold those? Isn't there where ALice feeds her addiction? I noticed she seems quite fond of using them.." he begins, easily guided since he's behaving for their not quite real date. "If I wasn't blind, I'd master the kitchen! Right now I can master making a disaster in it."
Iris Lark "No destroying my kitchen." Iris mutters, shaking her head as she smirks. "I don't think they make chems down there, and if they do - well..they're not better or worse than the ones who do it up here, myself included. I think that Alice got most of her chems from me, actually."
Vuk Vuk listens to both her, and Bacon. "Oh? I figured she got them in the vault...since they ...have alot of pre fall things like that. I didn't know you were cooking mentats and Jet in the clinic. Now I know how to entertain my self.."
Iris Lark "I don't cook them often, but I do try to keep a supply on hand. People who are addicted need to be weaned carefully." Iris says, grinning slowly as they walk. "Please tell me you don't use them, they're pretty bad for you." She says, elbowing Vuk playfully in the ribs.
Vuk Vuk will reach out to prod Iris right back in the side. "Nope...I don't need them. I get in enough trouble with out drug abuse." He says and tries to slip an arm around her waist, letting his hand fall to rest on her bottom. Some one is sure all protective or some thing..or showing off. "I don't even overly trust stim paks."
Iris Lark Iris reaches down and pulls Vuk's hand up to curve around her waist. "Well good, one less thing I've got to worry about with you, I've already plenty." She snickers softly and turns him in another direction. "Here's the market."