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Kaydin     Kaydin is sitting down playing Caravan with some of the locals. When it is clear Kaydin he smiles and rakes in the caps and begins to put them into his pocket. He then orders a nuka cola and watches the various goings on. He gathers his cards and puts them in a duster pocket.
Fiona Fiona fumbles up to the bar, looking groggy more than otherwise as orders a coffee. The barkeep adds a splash of vodka to it as a kindness. The blonde nods her appreciation and slumps to a bar stool. A glance around anf she makes a dramatic sniff, " I smell bear."
Kaydin     Kaydin chuckles when he hears the woman. "Is that so?" Kaydin asks as he begins to approach the woman and the coffee she is drinking. "Got a problem with the NCR?" He asks curiously as he watches the woman.
Fiona Fiona gives a quick impish grin, spinning to face her stool at the man. Behind her the bartender rolls his eyes and starts shifting the breakables. "Nah.. The NCR is fine with me, when they stay in California.. Or have the decency to carry a big handkerchief for when they have to blow that big nose." She tips up the metal cup for a sip. "Do you? You seem to have gone a long way to be rid of it?"
Kaydin     "Sometimes democracy can be annoying but thats a person's right." Kaydin says as he offers a hand to the woman. "Name's Kaydin. NCR ranger." Kaydin says as he watches her. "You must be part of the militia. I been helping out."
Fiona "Democracy? I think you are in the bar of an elected mayor." The woman states, reaching behind to put down the cup, the offering her hand to the man. "Fiona, Scout-Recon for the El Dorado Militia." A polite, but firm handshake. "Helping out?"
Kaydin     "I been helping out, fighting for the militia. I also been scavenging." Kaydin says as he drinks his cola and watches fiona. "So as a scout that means you know the lay of the land fairly well. Anything interesting in the area?" Kaydin asks curiously.
Fiona "A few things, but most of it is same old. There is some sort of mutant arm south of here, huge. Have you heard about them?" The woman asks a bit curiously as she studiess the man. She turns to take up her coffee, "I wish we had more Sunsets around here.I don't know how you drink that stuff."
Kaydin     "Well I tell you what. when I find sunset sarsaparilla I will save them for you." Kaydin says as he nods. "I was there when the militia fought the mutant army in hope's crossing." Kaydin explains. "So are you from this place or somewhere else?"
Fiona "That's mighty nice of you." Fiona comment, finishing off the coffee in a couple more sips. "Oh, did ya. What was that like?" The cup pushed back on the counter for the barkeep to claim it. "Yes, I am. The founder, Max Caine, he was my Great Uncle. I am cousins with the mayor." A hint of pride showing in her eyes and straightening posture.
Kaydin     "I see." Kaydin says as he watches the girl. "Explains why you are so pretty." He says as he drinks his cola and begins to look out the nearby windows. "Nothing new for me, bored mostly. Prefer to out exploring or scavenging."
Konno     Another day another trip to the saloon. Konno hops down the stairs almost two at a time on his way in from upstairs. A brief sweep of his eyes scan over everyone present before he notes held rifle and casual attire with kit he's seen on militia otherwise just brought along. He moves his way over to the bar and settles in at one end, keeping an eye on the lass with the service rifle- but only because nobody else seems to be keeping their piece in-hand.
Fiona A faint snerk of surprise at the compliment, followed by the amber eyes rolling. "Right.. I am just a cousin. You would get any credit with K.C. from me, I barely get it." The tone more amused though. "Maybe we can go out and do that something, hunt for stuff." She stands talking to Kaydin at the moment. A glance towards Konno and a nod, then she looks back to Kay. "Found any good places?"
Kaydin     Kaydin shrugs. "Nothing recent. Mostly what I been doing is the various work found about the place. Miss willow caine is going to speak with her sister and see about making me the cook here since I can cook good." Kaydin says calmly as he nods to Konno.
Konno     Konno leans against the bartop and listens. Hmn, another Caine it seems? That or he's thinking of the wrong KC, which is what he's going with. He hasn't heard anyone call Kitty by that moniker. Both Fiona and Kaydin are treated to bubbling smiles and a fingerwave as they note him before his attention shifts to the rest of the saloon.
Fiona "Willow, a sweety most of the time, except when I want free drinks." Fiona comments, glancing at the bar, then leaning to judge the light through the window. "And if you cook well, then we really should try a little prospecting." Another glance to Konno, and she returns the wave while searchig her memory and drawing a blanm on his face. She leans a little towards Kaydin, "You know him?"
Kaydin     "Thats Konno. He a doctor/healer with holistic medicine. He is also a boy toy for those with the caps." Kaydin explains as he sips his cola and chuckles as he watches Fiona. "Maybe your sister just has a strict business sense." Kaydin says with a shrug.
Konno     Konno shifts some, settling in next to Fiona opposite of Kaydin. "I heard my name." he chimes, "Something I can do for either of you today?" a bright offer while he glances over both the ranger and the (to him) newcomer lass.
Fiona The explaination of Konno gets a nod and then the dude is there before Fiona can continue talking about him. So, the absent Willow becomes the topic, "Cousin.. She is my cousin, I could talk her into it if she was my sister." Probably not, cause nobody really wants Fiona anywhere near free drinks. Drunk soldiers are bad for business, especially when they are family and didn't even pay for the booze. Her gaze turns to Konno, looking him up and down. "Oh, hi there. Maybe in a bit Dr. O. You work here?" A tiny bit suspicious because she doean't know him, and he might be poaching.
Kaydin     "Just telling her what you do here." Kaydin says as he watches Konno. "You do know how to defend yourself do you?" Kaydin asks the man before turning back to Fiona. "Cousin, sorry." Kaydin says as he sips more cola.
Konno     Konno hums, then gives a nod to Fiona. "Willow Caine has me staffed here. She is serious about her hiring process. Feel better working here than the clinic." he chimes, "Holistic healing is the focus of my services. I try to hit the important aspects of atmosphere, bedside manner, and companionship to get everything sorted out."
Fiona Fiona lifts and lets her shoulders fall back down, squinting to the outside again. "I see. Well, nice to meet you, Doc. I am sure Cousin knows best on hiring you two." A pause, then a sigh as she looks to the stairs, "Excuse me Doc, California. I have to report into the base, see ya soon though if you are working for K.C. and Willow."
Kaydin     "Dont have too much fun at base." Kaydin says as he drinks down the rest of his cola and begins to head towards the kitchen to cook. When an order for food comes he cooks. When the order is filled he comes back out and hangs out with Konno.
Konno     Konno smiles and offers a wave to Fiona, "Stay safe." he chimes while bringing his attention back to Kaydin, but the need for food has him off. "And I hope I'll be able to help you sometime, Cainecousin." he murrs