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Qwillis     It's just another Thursday in the Shanty Town Marketplace. Hawkers hawk for what caps they can get. People mill about, looking for deals. People are going as they will through the marketplace.

    At least, until there's a sudden stir towards the center of the marketplace area. "COME BACK!! THIEF!!" A man in a dark cloak, hood up and a white plain face mask takes off through the crowd, racing away from one of the regular vendors. He has a bag that looks close to a backpack tucked under an arm as people gawk and/or try to get out of the way!
Iris Lark Iris is looking at some perishable food items when she hears someone yell thief! Her head turns and she spots a man taking off from the crowd, knocking over a few people and almost taking out a canopy. She opens her mouth to say something and ducks out of the way when things get too close.
Vuk See Vuk is with Iris, but -he- doesn't think about moving aside, he'll move into the path of the thief..well, he hopes. He's going to try and body check him. It makes sense in Vuk's mind. "Got em!" he shouts out, like Iris needs to know he's not being smart about this.
Jericho Further off in the marketplace is another that's drawing unwanted attention. It isn't because he's stealing anything, but rather because he appears more machine than flesh. Jericho was just minding his own business, doing complex math in his head. At least until the real commotion starts. His dark eyes move towards the thief, then Vuk.

"Trouble. Always trouble." he mumbles, clenching his mechanical fist.
Ashur "Your price is higher than the other man's," Ashur rumbles, looming like an old dark tree above a man who withers beneath his paralyzing gaze. "Yet you called me over to interrupt our deal." The man is unarmored this moment, wrapped in his chalk-whitened toga, one arm slung across his abdomen and the other folded neatly behind his back, fingers curled into a fist that presses knuckles to the small indent-- all encased in a white-painted power fist. "What thoughtless greed makes you think your wares are worth more, worth more than my time, simply because they are yours?"

The man shrinks as Ashur leans in. The enormous man is an angry mountain, and his voice booms with the same hateful thunder as his footsteps. "You should--"

Hark! The cry of a thief, and a shaded figure melts into a crowd. The former Legionnaire's peculiar adherence to justice sees him turned from his 'haggling' (threatening) to look over the heads of those gathered and track the rascal, before he lumbers into motion after him. If the people parted for the thief, they damn near flee for Ashur-- when a natural disaster rolls up in your face, back the fuck off.
Smash The massive Smash is in the middle of some extremely amateurish bartering when he hears someone call out thief and looks up sharply out of guilt or surprise. The club he had leaned against the cart is hefted up with a swiftness that most people would not expect from so large a person, which causes the man that was insisting for two caps more to drop and curl up fetal even though the large customer is not looking at him, but instead around the market for something. Maybe the thief. Maybe the accuser. Maybe someone else entirely.
Jericho "Gotcha." The corners of Jericho's mouth turn up in a slight grin as his arm starts to glow the same vibrant blue as the spot on the back of his head. When the thief runs into him, his arm swings down with an almost unatural speed and clocks the man(?) in the side of the head. He might not be knocked out, but he's on the ground for the moment.
Qwillis     The Thief started to pull away from the merchant huffing after him, a thin guy who doesn't exactly look like he can move fast. The thief jags to the left, just before Vuk can tackle him, only to run head first into the metal arm of Jericho!

    Head ringing, the Thief shakes his head slightly. "Oww.. someone get the plates on that truck..?" The crowd would sort of close in.. but not too much. Afterall.. Jericho is there. Whoever it is in the cloak has a male voice and they'd get back up, scrambling to grab the bag and start moving again, slower, but not quite out of it yet!
Ashur Ashur breaks through the crowds like a bull in a china shop-- in this metaphor, the life and safety of everyone around him is the china. When he runs, the sheer size and strength of him lends him a certain unstoppable quality, barreling through any too slow to evade him; shake the ground, set his braids a-flappin', and the beast in the toga comes upon the thief like bad karma. "Submit, degenerate," he says in warning, giving the thief approximately three seconds to decide his chances after being rattled by Mr. Roboto. The thief's eyes dance, they dart, and he damn near leaps to get around Ashur's behemoth bulk--

But, mid-leap, Ashur's fist catches him in the jewels. There's a loud crushing sound as the piston-powered ram of his power fist triggers, smashing the thief's pelvis with bone-shattering force. Through the metal and leather of his gauntlet, Ashur even feels something break.. given the thief keeps going, it wasn't his bones. A cup? Huh--good thinking.
Vuk Vuk ends up bouncing into some one else because..he is blind. "Iris! Did I get em?" He'll ask as he pushes him self up least Iris didn't let him keep a hand cannon or his shotgun right? Or he might be spewing lead out into the market place.
Iris Lark "You missed." Iris says as she watches the thief go down. She covers her mouth after she hears the crunch as fist connects with ..something. Automatically, despite the fact that the man is a thief, she moves in towards him, hoping to help.
Smash Smash looks torn as he watches the thief take a power fist to the junk, and lets out an audible, "Hmmmm...." At the last moment, he steps into the thief's way and shouts, "Batter up!" He kicks the thief in the stomach to try and double him over, then swings the club like a baseball bat into the man's ribs. It causes him to start laughing. "Run faster, kid!" The laughter gets louder.
Jericho "Damnation." Jericho marvels to himself as the thief takes the vigilante beating that's being dished out. Without thinking much else he draws his pistol (thankfully a civilian model laser pistol) and squeezes off a shot. Right before it makes contact the thief changes direction, causing a poor merchant to take laser fire to the shoulder. "Sorry! It's alright though, I'm a doctor!" To punctuate that statement he fires once more, making contact with the thief.
Qwillis     The Thief? he's NOT having a very good day.. As more and more people come in to pummel him, the dull THUNK of impacts on metal showing the only reason why he's not down yet.. The merchant that got hit, took a hard blow and is down on the ground, yelling in pain and carrying on. Having a third of the people run, a third trying to rush Jericho for hitting him and a third simply looking on in confusion. The thief loses the bag he was carrying, the dull thud of metal muted in cloth there when it lands as he'd duck further into the crowd to try and vanish from sight!
Smash Seeing the thief take a lickin' and keep on kickin' puts a big, sadistic grin on Smash's face. "Run!" The word is undercut with laughter. The laughter, however, dies down as Smash begins to make his way out of the market.
Ashur Ashur seethes and growls when the thief, despite his pummeling, manages to fall in with the crowd that had parted around the small brawl-- if he gets any distance on them, he'll become lost amongst the huts and lean-tos and open alleyways of the Shantytown, no doubt absconding with his ill-gotten goods.

"Petty thief," he scowls, straightening his back and looking out over the crowd. He sees no glimpse of him, and has better things to do with his time than get dragged into a long and fruitless pursuit. Further intervention is beneath him. "The sheriff can hunt him down."

He pivots on a heel, pushes past the man even taller than he is, and glances aside toward Iris. "The wound on my Kumo's back looks much nicer; thank you, medicus."

That's the only thing he bothers to say before continuing on.
Iris Lark Iris kneels next to the injured merchant, checking to see if she can take care of his injury. It takes a few minutes and a bandage or two, but the merchant is eventually helped to his feet. She spares Ashur a glance when he speaks to her and then she spots the thief, nearly out of the market and exhales. "He's going to get away." She points to where he went, looking uncomfortable about doing so.
Vuk Vuk's sense of scavving is tingling...others may pursue the thief..Vuk? He's slamming a boot down on the dropped loot. "He dropped the goods Iris! Who do I let have it back?" he asks, he may be blind..but that sense for profit never goes away.
Qwillis     There's enough confusion in the crowd to not really have anything other than dark looks get shot at the cyborg. Most of the people aren't willing to talk to him after this however. The merchant is grateful to Iris for her healing and the one that had been yelling thief, pants as he'd catch up to Vuk, recovering the stolen bag. As for the Thief? He's limping a bit, but he'd vanish for now, foiled this time at the least!