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Smash The booming voice of Smash can be heard even before the front door is slammed open. "Doc!" the man bellows out. "Get your shit ready!" It is mid afternoon, a mere two hours after they left, and yet here they are back and, from the sounds of it, not in the best state. "Doc!" he shouts again as he can be heard coming up the staies at an uneven gait. When he comes into the room, he is carrying a petite, beautiful woman that has lost a decent amount of blood. It is smeared all over her right arm, which is where a dark bullet hole can be seen. His left leg has also been shot, but is not bleeding nearly as bad. "Where the fuck do I put her?" he shouts as he moves into the room fully.
Darling It's a hot post appocalyptic summer in new Mexico, so it's not suprising that Darling can be found doing everything she can to fight the heat. She is currently laying on what passes for a couch, vest undone, and boots off. The sound of the door bursting does get her up, however.

It's clear who it is who's coming in, however, so the gun remains out, "What happened?" she asks, a hand coming to wipe the back of her brow as she moves to meet Smash and the lady he's hauling, her hands coming to close her vest and she starts to button it up. "Over there." She gestures towards a flat surface, "What happened to the girl?"
Splutch The girl being jostled around in Smash's arms is tiny in comparison to him. One would consider her very pale at the moment, although that could be natural or due to her current condition. She winces a bit, steely-blue eyes just a little squinty as she peers at Smash, but as soon as they enter the room, her eyes dart toward the other woman in the room, and then to the place that she's indicated that Smash should put her. She reluctantly releases her grip around his neck so that he can put her down, one small hand moving toward her arm. Oddly enough, she fumbles around with a bit of fabric from her shirt before checking the wound. "I'm going to have to replace this thing. What a damn mess..." Her finger prods at the edges of the wound just a bit before she looks over at the other person in the room inquisitively.
Smash Smash sweeps the two boxes off the table with his arm even as he is laying the woman down across it. "You're gonna be fine, Splutched. You'll be back on your feet bein' a foul-mouthed, crazy whore in no time." The words would make some gasp, but he says them as if those traits are positive qualities. "So just don't be squirmy for the doc-she goes by Darlin'-and I won't have to knock ya the fuck out. Like last time." His thick fingers brush some hair out of her face before he looks over at Darling. "Hell ova way to make introductions, eh?" The laughter spills out of him; filling the room and filtering through the rest of the building.
Darling "So she's one of your gang girls?" Darling asks with a glance over towards Smash, "A John get too rough with her or something?" she turns her attention back towards Splutch and she starts to examine the wounded arm, "Alright, tell me where it hurts, girl." she glances over towards Smash, "Get me that bag over there, and some water, or liquor, or something."
Splutch Those eyes watching the 'doc' thin a little bit as the questions begin to pour forth. "A /John/? What do I look like to you?" She looks over at Smash for a moment, gaze lingering for about three seconds before she looks back at Darling. There's a lingering pause before she finally answers, "It doesn't hurt anywhere. Except my pride, maybe. Fuck." She kicks her legs up onto the table and stares at the ceiling. Her lips are held tight and thin, and the hole that her stare is boring into the ceiling indicate that she might actually be in some degree of pain. She takes in a deep breath, pushing the air out slowly as she then begins to look between Darling and Smash, presumably to see if it will be water or booze.
Darling A little shrug is made by Darling as a response to the question of what Splutch looks like, a slight nod offered at the further explanation by Smash, "Ahh, Sorry for assuming you were one of his whores." She says, taking the bottle of alcohol and pouring a bit of it on Splutch's wound before taking a bit of cloth and cleaning the injury, "Okay, it looks like the bullet has passed right through." She says, "Which is good, and it doesn't look like it hit anything serious.. I'll stitch it up and you should be good as new."
Smash Smash thinks the assumption that splutch is a prostitute is absolutely hilarious. He is chuckling even as he fetches the items and brings them over to the table one by one. "This whore ain't a whore. She's the co-founder of our little posse. The Marauders. Think of this as... part two if your interview." He sits doen where Darling was laying previously and puts his foot up; elevating his injured leg. "Remember how I said I was gonna go bring 'er over? We ran into some fun on the way back. Don't worry." His grin turns wicked. "They are in a hellova lot worse condition than we are." He looks at Splutch. "Ain't they, slut?"
Splutch There's a touch of something in Splutch's eyes as Smash explains a bit further. Perhaps it is something a little like redemption. She watches his leg as it thuds down hard onto the table. "Yeah, they're fucked up something fierce. Ain't no doctor gonna doctor them up..." she laughs a bit despite spying the alcohol that Darling is holding. Once it hits the wound, she pulls in a breath, balling her other hand up in a fist and smashing it on the side of the table, biting her lip. Her eyes close firmly, and almost as suddenly they fly open again. "Fucking /fuck/..."
Smash "Quit bein' a pussy," Smash chides at a quiet volume for him, which means the neighbors can hear it. "You'll be fixed and stitchin' assless chaps up in no time." He lifts the bottle of hooch and takes a swig before tilting the bottle for the patient. "Open wide, Splutch-Splutch. Daddy's got a treat for ya..." He pours a little booze. If she does not open, it will splash off her mouth. As he returns the bottle to its place, he looks over at Darling. "Were you airing out your boobies while I was gone or somethin'?"
Darling Darling fishes out a needle, dousing it in some of that same alcohol before setting the bottle down beside Splutchy's uninjured hand. "I don't particularly care about those guys anyway." She says, taking that needle, along with some thread and she starts to stitch the wound closed.

"So who are you making assless chaps for?" she asks, stitching a little more, glancing over towards Smash once again and nodding, "I was. Did you like what you saw?"
Splutch Splutch opens her mouth for the alcohol, half-grimacing as she isn't sure that Smash will stop at an appropriate time without boozeboarding her. It's almost a decent distraction before the sting of the needle breaches her skin. "Holywhatthefuck!!!" Her feet press outward, further away from her body, and she clenches her hand around the neck of the bottle of alcohol that is placed beside her. "I make a lot of shit." That seems to be all the answer that anyone is getting, however, as she picks up the bottle and shoves the opening into her mouth. One could assume from the movement in her slender neck that she very well may be chugging it.
Smash Smash holds both hands up, palms towards each other, like he is holding a ball, and shakes it. He looks down at the ball and speaks as if reading. "Try again later." He gives Darling a creepy wink and then looks over at Splutch. "Did I mention that Darlin' here likes to brew up some chems, too? Pretty handy to have around. If she survives initiation, I think she'd be a hellova Marauder. But. Y'know." He grins broadly and slowly looks from Splutch back to Darling. "If." Maybe he is just teying to scare her to test her resolve. Maybe.
Darling "I've got a lot of Jet, and some Mentats still laying around." Darling says as she keeps working on stitching up the wound. She shakes her head ever so slightly at Smash's comment before she turns her attention back to Splutch, "If you got any special requests, let me know. I'll even give a discount if get let into your posse."
Splutch Splutch isn't looking at anyone right now. She's still pulling on that bottle like it might never have an end. But sadly, it does. And she's found it, apparently, as she frowns, wipes her mouth with the back of her free hand, and discards the bottle by tossing it in Smash's general direction. "I don't know much about chems. I know a lot about alcohol, though, and a good amount about clothes. And food. And some other stuff." She looks over at her arm where it is being stitched up and frowns a bit. "You almost done there, doc? Not to insult, but this really sucks."
Smash The bottle flies right at Smash's big head, but he catches it with a casual snap of his hand without so much as blinking. They must throw things at each other fairly often.
Darling "We just need to patch up the other side then you'll be fine. I'll give you something for the pain, but you'll want to take it easy for a little bit at least." Darling says to Splutch, shifting her a little to start to stitch up the exit wound, "It might scar a bit." She adds.
Splutch It's with a slightly defeated sigh that Splutch picks her arm up and holds it in a position where it can be easily stitched. She thinks, anyways. "I'm not horribly worried about a scar. I'm so pale that it probably won't last long in the long run." It's true. Her skin is very, very pale. She looks like she must spend very little time outside. "I need about three more bottles of that stuff. You know, I heard someplace that it's bad to drink when you're bleeding. Why's it so popular if that's true?" There's a little snicker that leaves her mouth, followed closely by a sigh. Most likely regretful that there isn't more booze.
Darling Darling finishes the stitching then collects a bandage, wrapping it around the other woman's arm a few times, securing the two ends with a knot. "Well, there isn't a lot of proper anesthetic in the wasteland anymore." She says, "So people use it as a means to dull the pain. That's why it's so popular, I suspect."
Splutch Once the bandage is set in place, Splutch sits up, swinging her legs to the side of the table. "You know, I might even be able to make that look normal," she says as she looks down at the handiwork on her arm. She looks over at Darling. "Not bad work there, Doc." She scoots off of the table, crossing her arms in front of her and stands in the middle of the room, and then surveys it, eyes sliding to every nook and cranny that it has to offer. "Well, is this your office, then? Or what? Just for now?"
Darling "No problem." Darling says as she goes to wipe the blood from her hands, "It wasn't too bad, luckily, should be fine if you just take it easy for a couple days." She starts to pack up her things as Splutch surveys the room, shaking her head slightly, "It's the big guys spot, he let me crash here until he decides whether to initiate me or not into your little posse."
Splutch Splutch laughs. "Well, I guess I should have recognized it. I think I was too hyped up on adrenaline to realize that this was our place. Ah well." Her arms uncross and her hands slide down to her hips, coming to rest there. "Well, yeah, I suppose that we will have to discuss and decide about whether or not we'll get you initiated or not. But..." Splutch looks back at her arm and then back over at Darling. "I think you did a good job just now, at least." A slightly more stern look crosses over her face, suddenly making her seem a bit more serious. "So tell me. Why would you want to join our group? What do you think you have to offer that is so special? What is your motivation and what are your goals?" She pauses for a moment after speaking before adding, "that was a little heavy, huh?" A small snicker escapes her, but she continues to regard Darling expectantly.
Darling "I can make chems and patch people up." Darling says, "That's what I can offer, at the very least." she says as she moves to find a spot to sit once again, "And I'm looking for protection, I aim to stay alive, whatever it takes, and I want to align myself with people that are strong and can handle themselves."
Smash "Jesus fuckin' Christ," Smash mutters from the couch as he comes out of dozing to hear the rush of heavy questions. "Buy her a drink before ya fuck 'er, at least." He gives Splutch a comical look and then kicks off his boot, rolls up his pant leg and reveals the lower half of a leg that probably weighs almost as much as Splutch would after a feast. There is a flesh wound on the side of his calve, but it is only slowly bleeding. Still, the location of it would be problematic if he wanted to move quickly, and it probably needs treatment to avoid infection. "One advantage you got goin' for ya, Doc, is that we ain't gonna let our fuckin' medic die. Got plans, and yer more valuable than a lotta the cunts that wanna raid."
Splutch Splutch begins to pace. Her hands slip back up and fold under her arms as she casts a smirk toward the huge man on the couch. Her eyes slide down to the wound on Smash's leg for a moment, and then look back up toward his face. Then she smiles at him, very sweetly. "It's true. Nobody wants a good medic to die," she admits as she looks over toward Darling. The pause that rests in the air between them is almost palpable as she watches her. "Hopefully he won't need to be off his feet for long. What do you think?" She gestures toward Smash with her chin.
Darling Darling glances towards Smash, brow lifting ever so slightly, "Yeah, I'd prefer a drink before I get fucked, yeah." She agrees with a shrug of her shoulders, "Don't always got that luxury out here though." She heads over in Smash's direction, looking down at his leg a little, "Probably not too long." She says, "I can take a look at it for you if you want."
Smash "Do your thing, Doc." Smash, as Darling already knows, is a more stoic patient than Splutch by no small amount. "I ain't stayin' off my feet unless I'm stayin' on my back. We got a lotta shit that needs doin' the next few fuckin' days. Just 'bout everything."
Splutch Splutch walks over and takes a seat next to Smash on the couch, testing it a bit with her hand before actually sitting. A light shrug, and then she looks over at the wound on his leg. She reaches out like she's going to touch it, but then seems to have second thoughts. She looks over at Darling instead. "I'll defer to your professional work, doc. Probably smart."
Darling "Take your pants off then and I'll clean and sew that thing up." Darling says, going to fetch her things up again and haul them over towards the couch that Smash has opted to lounge out on. She goes and fetches a little box to use as a stool, sitting down infront of him.
Smash "Pants off? Gotta buy me a drink first, Doc." He points at the bullet wound on his calve. "Nice try, though."
Darling Darling glances up a bit and smirks a little, "I figured your girl would want something to do while I stitched you up." She says as she starts to work on cleaning up the wound, taking out that same needle and starting to work on stitching him up.
Smash "My /girl?/" Smash says that in the most incredulous manner before throwing back his head and laughing. "You my girl, Splutchypoo? Wanna go steady?" He reaches over ans gropes her inappropriately, then folds his hands behind his head. "'preciate the work, doc, but don't you worry yer pretty lil head 'bout keepin' us entertained."