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Manuelito It was a warm, pleasant day in the neighborhood of El Dorado. The sun shines brightly upon the city as midday approaches for the town itself. People were out in the town, but more toward the center of the township and less on the outskirts where the Militia headquarters resided.

The headquarters was busy with the normal flow of militiamen coming and going. Officers were giving debriefings with the non-commissioned officers while entire squadrons leave the armory or barracks and begin the perilous journey into the wasteland for patrols.

It was the typical, busy day that normal comes for headquarters.
Joe Caine Joe had been away for a few days on a high-stakes recon mission. He'd been fairly ghost considering his usual presence. He's just recently returned to town, spending most of his time back at the Militia Headquarters, debriefing his men, his superiors, and doing the rest of his sergeant-ly duties.

Joe Caine finds himself seated underneath some shade, both of his Ranger Sequoia's laid out in front of him, disassembed, as he was taking a brush and oil to it's innards. He'd been doing this for hours now, eyes occasionally glancing up and around to take in those who were present.
Jude Private Jude Masters is part of that hustle and bustle. Life is busy in the support division, what with all the inspecting and fabricating and fixing. Jude, though, Jude does it with a smile. He's still tickled to be a part of something that isn't Vault City.

Seeing one of the patrols off, he stands a moment to just relax a moment. He fiddles with his pip-boy, seeing what else he has on the list of 'must do's' for today yet. The life of a private. He notes Joe sitting in the shade and tips his hat to the sergeant while he maps out the rest of his own day.
Fiona Fiona makes her way out of supply in to the bustle of the main area. A glance around the groups, spots Joe and starts off towards him, cutting off a recruit on purpose. The poor boy gets a stare as if it was his fault, and then Corporal Caine continued towards Sargeant Caine. "Long patrol, Cuz?" She asks a bit casually as she starts to find a place to park her butt that doesn't get in his way. A nod to the private nearby, you are allowed to be civil to them.
Manuelito The activity suddenly heightens as men rush toward the officer office building, shouting is heard. Just moments prior to the rush of people to the spot, a private could be seen heading out of the building and toward the main courtyard and street connecting to El Dorado.

At first those moving toward the building were militia-security for the complex, but they are soon followed by medical staff.
Joe Caine Joe finally finishes shutting up his pistols, his hand reaching out to spin the cylinder, before cocking the hammer back, and dry firing it. Jude is offered a nod of his head in greeting, though it's Fiona who catches the brunt of his full attention. "Heya Cuz.. you could say that. Was out passed-.." Just then activity picks up. He had spotted the private moving away from the scene of the commotion, with what possibly could be a gun. Strapping his helmet onto his head, and snagging his rifle, Joe waves his arm towards the fleeing man, "I saw a suspicious figure leaving towards the road, with what looked like a gun... stay or follow, either of you." He says as he actively moves towards the person fleeing.
Jude Jude offers a smile and nod back to Fiona before his attention is caught by the commotion. He also catches the private leaving and looking like he has a gun. He isn't a genius, but that's well enough to catch his attention. He looks grim for a moment and tenses, fully ready to try and body tackle the fellow, but then he hears Joe. He gives a nod of understanding and falls in just slightly behind the Sergeant to give chase. His hand slips to under his duster to loose the holster for his laser pistol, just in case it's needed later.
Fiona Just settled, Fiona nods as she starts to remove her service rifle, likely going to clean it as well. "Passed..?" The otherwise blonde moment at noticing a bug she almost catches for fish bait is interupted though by Joe's pronouncement. She stands up, drawing the service rifle to the low ready position on instinct. Tyen she looks for the dude spoken about, ready to follow. "Yes, ready, Sargeant." Training dismissing familial names as her brain goes army.
Manuelito Outside in the streets they would find the man cowering before a tall, averagely built man with a cane and top out. He wore a pinstripe suit and was surrounded by two goons.

The private was Malone, a newer recruit and eager kid. Strange that he'd be cowering to this man. "Please, I've done what you have asked, now please let my sister and ma go. Please." He begs, of the man.

Snickering with a smug smile, the pinstripe man nods approvingly. "Good. Excellent even. With him out of the way, the Militia will be leaderless for a while." His hand waves dismissively to the pleading man before nodding to one of the burly men. "Butch, please get him his mother and sister."

Butch grunts, walking over to a car and opens the door. Leaning in, he pulls two people out and shoves them over toward Malone.

The mother and sister move toward him quickly, but are stopped by the second man with grins wickedly.

"I'm afraid there is a lesson that needs to be learned here Private." He withdraws his pistol and executes Malone. Putting the gun away, He shrugs "Though, I am not sure what the point was." He says, heading back toward the car.

the two burly men are already at the car door, one opening the door while the other starts it up. Within a minute, the vehicle is heading off, leaving the mother and sister crying over the dead Malone.

Meanwhile, word begins to circulate that Manuelito was shot in the head.
Joe Caine Joe watches the event unfold before his eyes, and there was nothing he could do about it, his rifle being raised too late too fire. Instead, Joe growls, "NO!" Before sprinting towards the felled body, and family. Joe slides to a halt, shaking his head once he realizes the man was totally dead, "Dammit."
    The mother and child are asked to sit down on the sidewalk, "You need to tell me everything that you know. Who were they, what did they want? I need info.." And soon, info reaches Joe about Manuelito in the form of a whisper. The whisper causes Joe's face to drain of all color, his eyebrows furrowing so deep, his angered eyes are nearly invisible. He points a finger towards the town hall, "Go grab moms. Now."
Jude Sometimes, life seems to move in slow motion, like you're stuck in quicksand. Watching Malone die is like that for Jude. He wants to be the hero and save his fellow Private, but they are just too far back. Tears shine in the private's eyes as he sees the grief stricken mother and sister, but he holds it together.

He watches the Sergeant for direction and when it comes, he's quick to act. He streaks away for the Town Hall to fetch the Mayor.
Fiona Fiona is one of those people with great combat awareness, and unfortunately not so great at civilian awareness. Gun already at the low ready, but slightly behind the other two. She the rifle snaps up, to her shoulder and a spent casing hits ths ground. *Pop* The chink of the bullet echos through the street, but the barrel of the rifle drops down. "Damn." Then, after the fine, but wreckless shot, the safety is flipped back on and she returns to now. "All clear?" Oh, there are victims to deal with, fortunately, none of her making. She heads to check on the them and the sargeant-cousin.
Manuelito "We .. We don't know. Two burly men came to our house, kidnapped us. The.. the man in the pinstripe suit said that, if my son did everything that was asked we'd all be reunited." The mother says, crying. "We were blind folded.. we didn't know where we were.."

Information was still hazy at best as to what happened inside the office building. the vehicle with the mysterious bad guys headed out of town quickly. Militia-security comes outside now, along with a Orderlies from the Militia hospital who place a white sheet over Malone.

A Corporal looks to Joe and begins to speak. "Sir. we believe that Private Malone attempted to execute Marshal Romero. He was admitted into his office just minutes prior to the shooting inside his office and was spotted briefly leaving. We will take his mother and sister in for questioning.. see who'd wanted to do this." He tells him; obviously, the Corporal missed out on the Malone's executioner and the executioner's goons.

Turning, the Corporal heads back inside, quickly followed by two Militia-security with the mother and sister, and the orderlies carrying the body.
Joe Caine "Attempted?" Joe repeats, "So he's still alive?" A little bit of color returns to his face, as news of one of the few fatherly figures in his life being shot in the head had actually caused quite a bit of angst within the young Sergeant.

Joe returns to the inside of the Militia grounds, resting his shoulder against a post, the man patiently waits for his mother... who just happened to be the mayor. Odd times they were living in.
Jude A dutiful little soul, Jude does indeed come back with the Mayor from Town Hall. It's a hurried affair, but the breathless young Private is sure to fill in the Mayor on what he knows. He describes the scene of Malone's execution and that the Marshal had been shot in the head. He doesn't know the full story, but does his best.

He leads her to where Joe is, making sure he stays close to do as bidden, but tries to be as inconspicuous as possible. Privates are better seen and not heard when important stuff is happening.
Fiona It was a good shot, more or less. More because Fiona didn't shoot any bystanders, less because all she did was kill a perfectly innocent two hundred year old dash board radio. Fiona frowns, pivoting her foot to rush in towards the officers' area and check on the marshal. This time, she thinks it through though, she'd be in the way.

The service rifle again gripped at the low ready, she eyes the family memebers. A glance to the dead private, watching the body taken by litter away. Hand leaving the trigger well and grip, she brushes at her face. Weapon shouldered. Then she reaches to get out a pencil and pad to take down what she recalls of the vehicle and the two men. Katherine gets a nod, but Fiona otherwise stays on point.
Katherine Caine Katherine had spent most of the journey to the Militia HQ listening to Jude speak with a great deal of concern, the fact that one of the Militia had tried to execute their own Marshal was downright disturbing.

"Thank you Private Masters, you're a real credit to the Militia. El Dorado needs more young men and women like yourself to serve." Katherine said genuine before looking at Joe with an accusatory look that was basically 'why didn't you stop this?' before asking, "How's Marshal Romero?"
Manuelito The Militia base look to be on lock down. Militia-Security stood guard outside the gates while crime scene investigators take notes from those in the crowds who saw the execution of Private Malone.

Beyond the gates, most militiamen were at a standstill as information slowly got around to who was shot - Manuelito Romero, Marshal of the Militia. It wasn't know how dire the headshot was, or what exactly was going on.

The Marshal was rushed out of the office building and hospital where surgery was being performed at this very moment.
Joe Caine Joe Caine looks at his mother with an emotionless counter glare. "Typical." He mutters under his breath, sucking on his teeth as he holds back whatever rude comment he had, "I dunno. He's in surgery, ain't no information being released.." He's pointedly short with her, his arms crossing, "If I didn't know any better, I'd say someone ain't happy about our ex-Omerta Mayor's removal from office.. but I don't know anything." He rolls his eyes at that, and looks towards the others gathered, hoping that perhaps one of them would save him from his mother.
Jude Jude beams at the Mayor's compliment and snaps to attention when dismissed so she can speak to the Sergeant. He watches their interaction, but, as the lowest man on the totem pole, he isn't about to interrupt and save the Joe. Mayors and Sergeants and Bears, Oh my!

Instead, he moves around the area. He asks around, hoping anyone might have seen, heard or knows something about Private Malone and any troubles he might have had that would have put him on his assassin's radar.
Katherine Caine Katherine didn't break composure when her son got nervous but went back to business almost instantly, "I want you to keep watch over Manuelito, assign a group of Militiamen you can trust to make sure nobody comes back to finish the job. This sounds like Solomon is sending a message. Corporal Masters? I need you to find Sheriff Volkner and let him know what happened, take Malone's Mother and Sister with you and get them put into some kind of protective custody, maybe out at the Drake Ranch, talk to Sparrow about that." She looked around for Fiona but her cousin seemed to escape her sight for now.
Fiona Popular officers are rare, so Fiona pushed off a private, and was then pushed off by some sargeant. She comes back after about fifteen minutes, knowing little more than not dead yet. A scan of the area. Everything looks buttoned down, but then again, Fi has aways been offense more than defense. Zeroing in on the mayor-cousin, she starts that way.
Joe Caine Joe Caine nods, "Yes ma'am." He offers an official salute before turning towards one of the few men he had in mind, "Set up a parameter, I don't want anyone in or out without a full spectrum search, all weapons checked at the entrance." When Fiona returns, he offers a nod before returning his attention to Kitty, "I will personally be keeping an eye on him as often as I can as well." For the first time, a saddened look crosses his face. Even Kitty would know that Manny was like a parent to him when.. certain.. people weren't there. Not naming any names or anything.
Jude Jude perks up when he hears his name called and scurries over with a quickness. He stands at attention as he takes the Mayor's orders. After he hears what he's supposed to do, he suggests, "I can take 'em on down to Vault Town. I have enough space to put them up until I get things sorted with the Sheriff and Miss Sparrow. I know Miss Sparrow is doin' a peck of travelin' right now, so it might take a spell for me to find her." He pauses a moment and then asks, "Would you like me to report in with the arrangements, Mayor Caine?"
Katherine Caine "Vault Town works, I'll leave it in your hands. Report back to me as soon as you have them settled in. Consider this your personal responsibility since you volunteered." Katherine told Jude before looking back to Joe proudly, "Good, it looks like you got this Sergeant." Spotting Fiona she smiled, "Hey Cuz, why don't you see what /Sergeant Caine/ needs. Stop by for a drink next time you're off-duty and we can catch up to."
Fiona Fiona listens and gives Jude another look as he is put in charge of the transfer. "Oh, certainly." She replies to Katherine and then gives a nod when it seems like she is back off to mayor stuff. Moving back over to Joe, "Sargeant, what's next?" And unspoken, with Manny gone, whose next? Her lips tighten, and she replays the missed shot out as she waits for instructions.
Joe Caine Joe Caine frowns, "I want gang activity squashed in this town. There is a problem forming here, one that involves organized crime. Gangs are officially a threat to this town, and we need them eliminated." He pauses, "Let's monitor incoming and outgoing vehicles into the city. perhaps work with the sheriff's office to help form a gang squad."
Jude Jude pops a salute and moves off to gather the Mom and Sister. He explains the situation with the folks on security detail, gesturing over at the Mayor once or twice. He doesn't have any rank to pull on... well... anyone, so he has to offer nothing but honey. Eventually he signs for custody and guides the poor souls to somewhere safe. He explains the plan to them after he says a couple nice words about Malone. He didn't know the other Private very well, but it's heartfelt. He is quiet and subdued out of respect for what the three had to see, but tries to be as much of a rock as he can be. The uniform means something.
Fiona Listening, Fiona can do that as her cousin declares war on a large swath of people Fi has no problem shooting. "Sounds good, I put a bullet in the car, so you can add that to the discription of the cowards." See, the blond scout can contribute. Just wait till you see how good she is with face punching, though not as good as Gale. "Are you alright, Joe?" Her tone growing more personal after things spread out.
Joe Caine Joe Caine nods as Fiona adds to the description, "Good." He pauses, looking towards his cousin with a narrowed expression. He's not really the emotional type by any means, so the lack of a joke at this moment might deceive his hard-exterior demeanor, "I'm good, duty first." Softening just a bit, Joe shrugs, "Looks like i have to take a step up though. Which I don't mind doing. It comes with the family name!"
Fiona Fiona pats her younger cousin on the shoulder, "We'll get the bad guys." She holds back from make it right, the kid private was in an aweful position, and Manny's state is beyond her control. "If you need anything, I'll be here to help. Just one step at a time." She then steps back, "I need to get some gear. I'll be here, at the saloon, or at the hospital if you want me."