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Vault Girl Not far from the West Gate, just outside the city there is a blackened crater on the road leading into El Dorado and the remains of a caravan wagon, a pair of brahmin and at least a dozen people strewn throughout the area in bits and pieces.

The area reeked of dynamite, steak and charred human flesh; which to some people tasted and smelled just like pre-war bacon... How did they know that though? These are questions better not asked in the Wasteland.

Of the group of you who arrive on scene, it is Carter who looks the most likely to be an authority figure, and so it is a young man wearing a deputies vest runs towards Carter with obviously wet trousers and begins explaining, "Awww hell. Awww Hell. I dunno what da hell happen. Sheriff done said, -Willy, you stay here and keep an eye- all serious like. Then him and Perkins, well, they wenta check it out and they got in an argument with the caravan driver, and well I dunno Sir but then it was like all of gods thunderin' fury crashed down upon them and they were gone."

The teenage deputy seems almost ready to cry as he points at the remains, "Someones got to tell the Mayor, aww hell, this aint good. I'm gonna get a whoopin for being too scared to do mah job. Aww hell."

The young deputy just.. wandered off all shell-shocked by the event.
Ironface Jones The sound of an explosion might be something others run away from but when the El Dorado tribe is threatened Ironface Jones is ready to respond. With his wicked looking electric spear in his hand he comes tearing around a corner to see the results of an explosion but no living enemies about. Seemingly alert, he visually scours the area to look for any signs of danger, ready to jump in if he sees it.
Decius A different sight is the fully armed Legionarrie just straight up running into the area only to come to a halt at the sight of the crater and remains scattered through the area. He doesn't stop for particularly long though as he heads over to the remains of the wagon and digs through those.
Darlene     Darlene... is not normaly a brave girl on her own. But this is one of those things where someone has to be the better girl and well. Carter's here to help if someone starts shooting, right? Yeah. That's right.
    Though as she rounds into the open and hears... that...
    "...FUCK, is the Sheriff in that mess?" She staggers forward, racing towards the wreck of a caravan. The Sheriff had always been a top notch fellow (and a good customer) so his loss would be... staggering.
Carter Griffin Been back in town for less than a half an hour and already there's been an explosion. Carter should have expected this kind of thing. As he arrives on the scene, the young deputy immediately runs up to him, rambling on and on about what happened. He quickly takes some mental notes, "The sheriff was out there? Damn." He looks out at the wreckage, frowning under the helmet. As the deputy starts to wander off, he points at one of the nearby looky loos with two fingers on his right hand, "Go with him. Get him to the doc, and then to the mayor."

With that out of the way, he starts to make his way out of town, towards the crater, reaching up to turn on his helmet's optics, so he can get a better view of what he has left to work with. Damn thing looks like a bunch of Powder Gangers got loose and went to town on the caravan, "Keep your distance, there may be secondary explosions."
Achilles From further off outside the gate a lone figure appears in the distance, drawn in by the explosion. With the oppressive sun beating down on them, it's hard to tell if they are a human or a Super Mutant. As they draw nearer it becomes obvious that it's indeed a human, a massive muscled man clad in wasteland rags topped with pieces of armor and wielding an equally massive axe.

Some would recognize him as Achilles, the giant who watches over the clinic, but some would recognize him from the few (bloody) times he's had to assist the militia. Not fearing any secondary explosions he strolls straight towards the crater, intent on looking it over.
Ironface Jones The other people approaching the explosion are all given a solemn look from Ironface, this being a very serious thing that has just happened. Still unsure of what he's looking at beyond the wreckage of an explosion he asks in his deep voice, "Do we know what has happened here?" Each piece of human remains is given a glance. Every bit of pack animal a look. Ironface is neither afraid nor disgusted by what he sees, simply curious.
Darlene     "Ahhhhhhh dammit." Darlene starts poking her foot trhough the mess of an explosion, getting down on her knees to start lifting and gingerly moving suff to see if there's other explosives in there. The vault suit would offer... a /little/ protection against shrapnel, but not much, honestly. "Carteerrrrrr are you seeing anything with your dumb hat?"
    Oh hey, the Big Guys are here. Darlene waves to Achilles and to Ironface who she's not recognizing right off the bat.
Decius After having poked through the remains of the wagon for a bit Decius quickly inches away from the debris again and instead looks at the others. "Well, a wagon filled to the brim with dynamite blew up. Was likely for the Cap Mine. Question is just why it blew up and if it was simply a particularly stupid accident."
Carter Griffin "It doesn't look like I'm picking up anything dangerous at the moment, but I'm not seeing what would have set off all the dynamite either." Carter responds, as he moves in a bit closer to the crater, being careful to avoid stepping on any of the remains, "If it was dynamite, it may have just been an errant spark that set it off."
Ironface Jones "Lady," Ironface says to Darlene before inclining his head at her as his way of greeting. "I am Ironface Jones of the El Dorado tribe. Son of Snake Puncher Jones and Spears Badly Smith of the Sand Lizard clan." At least he's very polite. Decius' description of the incident gets a gruff 'hmph' noise out of Ironface. His boot reaches out to prod a piece of meat as he asks the Legionnaire, "Did you kill many Caesar men to get your armor? I did not choose to wear the armor of my enemies when I slew them, but it is tough and hard to pierce."
Vault Girl There are numerous on-lookers gathered but they all have jobs to do and lives to get to, so most of them slowly start to filter out as a group of Lone Star Caravan Company guards move in and try to keep the peace, since the West Gate was their responsibility.

A trio of horses can be heard approaching, the overweight balding Mayor Solomon with his almost villainous slender curly mustache at the head of the trio on a horse that probably was wishing it was dead.

"Well, what are yall gawking at! Get to work now!" He yelled at the people who were still lingering before slowly and ponderously getting down from his horse with the help of his aide, a slender little man who looked like a snake oil salesman.

Huffing and puffing as he made his way over to the group of people investigating, he asked, "Now, what's all this ruckus about? Willie came in, screaming about some g'dang explosions while I'm having my afternoon siesta. This better be...Oh..." He stopped as he finally noticed the wreckage over his own outrage at having to do work.
Darlene     Darlene straightens up and huffs, crossing her arms. This wasn't getting her anywhere. She fiddles around with the Pip Boy on her arm, firing up it's limited little scanner, and starts sweeping it around, trying to sniff for life signs in this mess.

    Which there aren't. She huffs, sweeping up to point at a nearby rock, where she gets a sign of... a Mole Rat, that VATS helpfully points out to her. "Oh bother, you're not wanted here, go away!" She picks up a rock and heaves it in the rat's direction.
Achilles "Well boss," Achilles says once he's within earshot of the mayor, "They're deader 'n fuck. Think that's what they're gawking at." The large man takes a knee when he's finally up to the wreckage, looking it over. He's not looking for anything in particular, rather he's just checking everything out.

"I wouldn't do that." He speaks up again when Darlene makes to throw the rock, his tone stern.
Vault Girl The rock doesn't hit the molerat but it does cause the creature to go scurrying off into the Wasteland and away from the town! No roadkill for that little sucker tonight, but it would remember Darlene. Yes it would. She was precious food. It would return home to its nest. That ones scent was delicious.
Decius Decius meanwhile just stands there a bit away from the rest, leaning on his spear although he does bother to react to Ironface. "Kind off. If you interpret what happened very creatively." His attention quickly switches back to the mayor and the others present though. "Whole wagon filled with to the brim with dynamite blew up. Likely was for the Cap Mine. No idea if it was an accident though or not, so..." He just shrugs.
Carter Griffin "Your sheriff was standing next to it when it went up." Carter says to the Mayor. He doesn't like the mayor. Reminds him too much of the NCR's politicians. People who get by on the backs of the working man. But that doesn't matter now, "Some sort of argument went down, and then the cart went up."

Rocks are thrown at mole rats, and he half considers putting the thing down, but firing guns would only serve to increase tensions when he should be trying to decrease them. He turns away from the mayor and moves back to the edge of the crater, taking a knee and rubbing his finger through the dirt, looking for any traces of anything other than the dynamite. A plasma or laser hit, perhaps.
Ironface Jones "There was an explosion and now you are stepping in a dead person, Chief Mayor Solomon," Ironface has not been told that mayor is a title and not a name, apparently. Or maybe he hasn't bothered to process that information. Regardless, he shows deference to the man that is his chief. The noise of someone yelling for something to go away alerts him and Ironface moves to interpose himself between the others and the vicious predator, readying his spear for combat. When it just runs off he seems disappointed, but stands guard nonetheless, knowing mole rats to be pack animals.

Once safety is assured he responds to Decius, keeping his eyes peeled for threats but clearly capable of holding a conversation at the same time, "I shall do that. You are brave to have fought the Caesar men and a talented warrior to survive it. They are well trained, well armed and vicious."
Vault Girl "Awww Hell." Mayor Solomon said before wiping some sweat from his forehead and rubbing his mustache after, "Welp Boy. Looks like this needs to be cleaned up and no use letting good food go to waste." He said to Achilles, "Ima pay you some here caps and ya gunan get this place cleaned up cause we got caravans gotta move through here. Now, you uh, you drag that dead brahmin. Yeah, that big one, the half a steer, back to mah place when you're done."

He gestured for his aide who handed Ares a sum of 30 caps to get the job done before looking over the others in the area with a scowl as he looked down at his shoe and tried to shake the gooey bits off Ironface had pointed out, "Well, gonna be needing workers for that cap mine. Best apply now before them damn shantyfolk do."

Walking back to his horse he began muttering under his breath about all the work this was going to cause. The Sheriff may have been dead, but life would go on.
Achilles Achille turns to look at Mayor Solomon. He figured it'd take two good whacks from his axe to bring the man down, but in the end saner voices win out and he nods. "Sure thing." The large axe in his hand gets attached to his back sling and he starts moving bodies, ignoring the shantyfolk comment for now.
Carter Griffin The Ranger brushes some dirt off of something, and picks up between his finger and thumb the bottom half of a cigar, "I think I found the culprit." He says, rolling the cigar between his fingers for a moment, before he rises back up to his feet, "One of the caravaners was smoking, Looks like he dropped this into the cart during the argument with the sheriff." He flicks the cigar butt away, "Shame, really. Man like that going out because of someone's stupidity."
Darlene     Darlene huffs and puffs after the Mole Rat, shaking her fist as she watches it run off. "YEAH THAT'S RIGHT! YOU SKEDADDLE, NO ONE WANTS YOU!" She turns in place and then... Starts poking through the wreck for any salvageable tech. Or, you know, things that will identify these poor folk for their families.
    Or the tech, she's not picky.

    Though, she looks up when Carter find the cigar. "Wait, seriously? A fuckin'... I thought these people were told NO SMOKING AROUND THE BOOM? Isn't that like LESSON ONE of this job?"
Decius Hearing the bit about the cigar Decius simply groans audibly. "You have got to be kidding me. I've rarely seen anyone doing something as stupid as that. Well, if I had I'd probably be scattered all over the lands east of the Colorado." Having said that he spares a glance to Darlene. "Apparently not. Or someone decided that common sense was too exhausting to use."
Ironface Jones "I have been told that smoking kills but this is the first time I have witnessed it first hand," Ironface says very seriously to Carter as he turns to look back at the cigar butt. His head shakes very slowly from side to side with solemnity. Now that things have calmed down and he knows there won't be further threats the big man starts to head back towards town. "Thank you all for coming here to protect the town when you heard the explosion. It is important to work together to keep our tribe safe." There's a little pause in his speech but not in his step, "Even if it was thanks to smoking and not enemies."
Achilles "It's what keeps the wasteland strong." Achilles says, returning to grab hold of more pieces before carting them off as well. "These things usually happen for a reason." Leave it to the wandering barbarian to be so brutally nonchalant about the whole ordeal.
Carter Griffin The ranger shakes his head, "Common sense is an uncommon virtue." He mutters, turning his head to look at the rapidly retreating mayor, "Pompous asshole." He shifts his weight to walk away from the scene, letting the cleanup crew handle things on their end. It's out of his hands now.
Decius "Ain't that the truth." Decius simply takes a moment to strap his shield and spear back over his back as he too marches off back into town and lets the cleanup crew do their job.