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Owner Pose
Iris Lark Iris just finished scrubbing up the floors but there are footprints near the exit due to a visit from Decius earlier. She doesn't seem to mind though and she's now leaning against one of the two beds, carrying on quiet conversation with Achilles. A faint barking sounds in the distance and she glances towards the door, curious about the noise.
Alice A large puppy the size of a dog comes rushing into the medical clinic, barking loudly with his tail wagging so hard it starts knocking crap over as he runs through. It was Vaultmeat! Remembering the super cool Iris from the day before he ran up and leapt at her knocking her down to start licking her face as he barked excitedly!
Achilles "Hello smol dog." Achilles greets Vaultmeat, his conversation with Iris cutting short. Leaving her to fend off the licking attack he gets up to pick up the things the animal knocked over while it's distracted. "Is your owner nearby?" he asks, almost like he's expecting an answer. It must be upsetting for a Beastlord to not be able to communicate with animals, but the big man is still holding out hope.
Iris Lark Iris hugs the large dog around his neck, laughing as he licks at her face. "Hello puppy! Where is Alice and Deathbot?" She asks, much in the same way as Achilles, almost expecting the dog to answer. When Vaultmeat finally calms down and allows Iris to get to her feet she moves to the door to peek out. "Alice!!" She yells, squinting off towards the city proper.
Alice Vaultmeat barks excitedly as he gets off of Iris and follows her to the door. As Alice's name is being called out, the young vault dweller can be seen but there is no sign of O.V.E.R. 900, "Hey Iris! What are you up to?" Vaultmeat ran out but before he could knock her over, Alice cried out, "Sit Vaultmeat, Sit!" The puppy obeyed!
Iris Lark Iris claps when she spots Alice and she considers for a moment before she answers. "I just got done clea.." She glances over her shoulder briefly at the clinic and chuckles. "I just was sitting here talking to Achilles! How are you doing?"
Achilles WIth everything put back on the shelves, a large head pokes out above Iris to greet Alice. Achilles offers the young woman a wave. "Hello. How is the fist treating you?" Clearly he was eyeing the gift Vaultmeat brought her from Roswell. "I was thinking of heading back out there soon to clear out some of the feral ghouls."
Alice Vaultmeat runs back over to Achilles tugging on the big mans boots for no reason as Alice raises the unwieldy looking power fist she is most definitely wearing on her arm, "I haven't got to use it yet! I'm hoping I can smash some baddies with it though out in the Wasteland. You guys want to come to the scrapyard with me? Over9000 is already on his way." Smiling to Iris now that she got her excitement out of the way, "Oh, I'm pretty good. Just glad to have Vaultmeat back, he's grown quite a bit to, he was a lot smaller..."
Iris Lark "Achilles, are we going with Alice?" Iris asks, but as she says it, she's already gathering supplies. "Please can we go? Please?" She asks, bouncing on the ball of her feet. She turns back to Alice and a grin is on her face. "I had a lot of fun when we went last time, the ghosts almost got us though, so I hope that they're gone!"
Achilles "Of course!" Achilles responds with a chuckle. "There are still more ghouls to clear out. I hope to put a dent in their numbers before Bane leads an expedition that way." The giant scratches Vaultmeat behind his ears before moving to grab his Stetson and axe. "It's good practice for the Sand Snake. It'll be time for me to face him soon."
Alice "Awesome, this is going to be epic." Alice said as she adjusted her glasses and whistled for Vaultmeat, "I hope we don't run into any ghosts or ghouls though, I just want to find some more cool stuff." She grinned as she looked at the power fist and took Iris' hand with her other non-power fisted hand, "Come on! Let's goooooo" She pulled the other girl along as Vaultmeat ran in circles around Achilles excitedly barking!
Iris Lark When they make it to Roswell, Iris takes the time to gaze around, looking for anything dangerous. "I wonder if people used to live here before it became all scrappy." She muses, kicking at something on the ground. "Alice, do you know what this thingie on my arm does?"
Alice "Yeah, it's a Pip-boy!" Alice replied to Iris as she leaned in close to examine it as they walked through the scrapyard, "It's a personal computerized assistant basically, it can do tons. If you don't like it, they're worth lots to probably. They're built to last! That's for sure."

O.V.E.R. 9000 could be seen rolling through the scrapyard, a group of feral ghoul corpses making a trail behind the large robot who swiveled around and went, "*BZT*" towards his friends.

Vaultmeat barked and ran off to run beside O.V.E.R. 9000 his tail wagging and slapping against the side of the big metal robot loudly.
Iris Lark Iris stares at the Deathbot and the puppy a grin on her face as she kicks around the scrapyard. "It's really nifty, I'm going to try to learn how to use it. If I can't, I can pretend it's a fist. "Oooh." She bends over and picks up a box from the dirt, dusting it off. "Huh, I wonder what's in here?" She shakes it a few times, and shakes her head. "Can't hazard a guess, I'll just see if Achilles can pry it open."
Achilles "Yeah, whatcha need opened?" Achilles asks, attention pried away from the ghoul corpses as Iris says his name. He walks over to where she's at, long strides shortening the trip. He reaches over to take the box, looking it over. "Yeah, let's see."
Alice "Awwww, you're so lucky." Alice said as she stared at the box not even watching her surroundings as she tripped and fell in some dirty looking water! Splashing around as she tried to get up, she cried out, "Owww! My skin! Oh my god it burns!!!!!"
Iris Lark "Gah, gotta be careful!" Iris says, trotting over towards the other girl. "Here, lemme see your hand." She says, handing over the box to Achilles. "Hold this for a second!" She turns and prods gently at Alice's hand. "Oh..a little RadAway should fix that up. I wonder if we can find some in town?"
Achilles All of Alice's splashing causes a sizeable amount of water to hit Achilles in his face. His nostril curls slightly and his left eye tears up a bit, what are you supposed to do when your eyeball itches? His grip on the box tightens slightly and his jaw clenches. After a moment or two he's able to breathe and calms back down.
Alice Alice accepts the hand and is pulled to her feet but she looks quite distraught, "Well that sucks. My vaultsuit needs to be cleaned now and it's my only pair of clothes except my work clothes. Ugh." She shook herself off like a wet dog, more radioactive water hitting Achilles! "Thanks Iris, I think I have some rad-away back home, it's ok.."
Iris Lark "Okay." Iris says, turning to check on Achilles. She scales the big man using his armor and settles on his shoulder. "Are we hunting ghouls or are we gonna go on an adventure?" She asks, glancing between the pair of them.
Achilles "Up to you two. You can hang out someplace safe and watch me hit them with my axe." Achilles suggests, patting Iris' leg. He looks over at Alice, catching another mouthful of water. He exhales slowly before asking, "What do you want to do Alice?"
Alice "I don't know now. I think I feel kind of cold." Alice replied with a clearly exaggerated shiver as the hypochondriac nature of being a Vault Dweller began to set in, "Am.. am I going to turn into a ghoul now?"
Iris Lark "Probably not." Iris says, grinning down at Alice. "If you get all that stuff in your system, you won't even get a cold too often." She says, glancing around briefly. "I've not been sick in forever! You've seen where I live." She adds impishly, nudging at Achilles.
Achilles "If you wish to go back, you may." Achilles allows of Alice. "I planned on thinning them out some, so I'll likely stay and do that. Could save a life, some of those people seemed inexperienced." It's different from the tune he was singing before he met Iris. It could be possible the little doctor was rubbing off on him.
Alice "I'll just stick with you guys." Alice replied sullenly, not entirely convinced by the words of Iris and positively depressed by how dirty she was. She wasn't supposed to get dirty when she wasn't working. O.V.E.R. 9000 and Vaultmeat had wandered far out of sight, no doubt on some adventure of their own, "What do you think is in the box?" She asked, resisting the urge to make grabby hands at it.
Iris Lark "I think it's a present." Iris says, taking the box from Achilles and shaking it again. "It's thumping a little bit. Hopefully it's not a bomb." She says, dropping it from where she's sitting. It thuds on the ground and doesn't move, nor does it open.
Achilles Achilles stoops to pick it up, trying his damnedest to open it as they continue forward. "I'm not sure what it is, but I'd like to find out."
Alice "Well, let's head back to town then! Maybe you can get it opened and I'll go back to Vault Town and get cleaned up. Tomorrow we can all come back out together again, it's safer this way.. stupid evil puddles." Alice groaned as she looked to the puddle and shook her hair out again.
Iris Lark "Okay Achilles, lets go home, I'll take a look at your eye." Iris says, her eyes on the box in his hands still. "Alice, be careful going back to Vault Town there are a lot of strangners around here lately. We met some Legion guy this morning, though..he was pretty nice."
Achilles Achilles sighs a defeated sigh. "Alright, I'll return later." He turns around and heads back towards the exit. What a sad day for the berserker. "I would like to see what's in the box though."