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Willow Caine Willow sits at a table with Kasumi, Konno and a few other girls from the bar. Food sits in heaps on the table and drinks have been flowing freely. There is a lot of joking and laughter. Seems the town lights up at night.
Konno     Konno has been doing his best to play eye-candy. He's got plenty of stories, and trying to get more people interested in his services- medical and otherwise, means keeping the town morale high and people alive. He stays away from any hard drinks, however, preferring to keep sober(save caffeine and sugar apparently).
Kasumi     Kasumi was dragged along. Mostly cause well, she was caught coming down the steps from her room as he was heading out to explore. The woman blinks at everyone there, feeling slightly awkward, and blushing horribly at times with some of the jokes.
Willow Caine Willow laughs with a few of the other barmaids, some of them dressed in - what might be considered - questionable clothing. A lot of the women are quickly eating with their fingers, whispering and laughing quietly. WIllow gestures to two of the girls, snaps her fingers and they pick up forks, muttering quietly.
Konno     Konno is amicable, even if a bit wary. Eyes always peering around, though he seems right at home with the crowd. The finger-eating scold has him giggling. He's actually a slow eater.
Kasumi     Kasumi blinks at the food, and then at the scolding. She looks at the food a little bit, and pokes at it. "May I ask how to eat this, without using your fingers, and without chopsticks?", she asks.
Willow Caine Willow leans in and shows Kasumi how to use the knife and fork, cutting her meat into small pieces. When she sits back down she crosses her legs and takes a bite of her food.
Konno     Konno is curious now.. Kasumi doesn't know how to utencils? Granted uncivilized types might pretend not to know, though Kasumi doesn't seem like a savage or an isolated tribal. Even most tribals he's run into know how to utencils. He doesn't bring this up, though and instead maintains slow pace. Hmn.
Kasumi     Kasumi steals a quick kiss, and then holds up the knife and fork. She tries to stab the food with the fork, sometimes a little bit too much, but she starts to get the hang of it. The woman carefully eats until a few comments make her pause, and blush even deeper!
Willow Caine Willow grins and her eyes roam the diner, taking in the other patrons and keeping an eye on the girls and her friends. She picks up her cup and bangs it on the table twice. "To friends and family. What doesn't kill us makes us stronger!"
Konno     Konno giggles especially at the stolen kiss, agreeing to the cheer and adds in, "To keeping those close happy and healthy." with a lyrical chime.
Kasumi     Kasumi nods her head, and raises her glass up with two hands. She bows her head a little it. She offers a small smile as she tries to relax, and goes back to her food.
Konno     Konno peeks up at Kasumi for a moment and hums. "I haven't seen you around the saloon." he chimes to her, "What do you do around the town, or in general? I only see you coming and going to your room, never seen you for an extended time until now." he murrs
Kasumi     "I have been learning the town, and moving around to get my legs back.", Kasumi says. "I do not have a job yet, nor the ability to pay for a healer for now.", she says.
Konno     Konno gives a slow nod and shrugs. "I suppose to each their own." he murmurs, "Just be careful, before inability to pay for a healer turns to inability to be healed." with a small, but warm smile offered as he returns to tiny pecking at food.
Willow Caine "There are some healers who won't charge you if you don't have funds. Maybe yo can find one of those?" Willow says, a toothpick in her mouth as she gazes around the diner. "So every night, after hours, we should come dinner."
Konno     Konno shrugs. "Medical supplies are getting a bit more expensive to scrounge up. I'm not sure how long no-cost healing will last." he winks, "If it's just something simple though I usually don't fuss about charging, it does come out of pocket at that point." he notes. Generous~
Kasumi     Kasumi nods her head a little. "I shall keep that in mind. But for now, I've been running nonstop, getting a feel for things. Soon, I think I shall be fully prepped to fully work again.
Willow Caine "Too bad we can't help you." Willow says, staring at the door. "So Kasumi, you mentioned you might want to work at the Saloon, are you sure?" She glances around at the rowdy crowd and grins impishly. "This is a lot of what you'll be dealing with."
Konno     Konno hrms. "Try to make sure you have enough rest. Not just physically, but mentally. Stress is especially dangerous, perhaps in more abstract and insidious ways than fatigue." he offers to Kasumi, then oohs, "She'll be at the saloon? I wonder what her specialties are, then." considering this while giving an appraising glance over Kasumi before him.
Kasumi     Kasumi takes a moment to look around. "That shall not be a problem. I image you wish for a strongarm, that is not quite as intimidating as some?", she asks.
Willow Caine "I can lend you the caps to go get treated." Willow murmurs, her eyes on Kasumi. "Because if I do hire you, I want you to be whole." She folds her arms over her chest and her bosom is on display now. "Yeah, I think that might be best."
Konno     Konno smirks, "Should I offer security services too, boss?" he asks Willow with a wink. "If you'd like treatment I can give you a checkup and see if you'd be better off going to the clinic, or if I'd be able to take care of you."
Kasumi     Kasumi nods her head in thanks a little bit, and leans over to give Willow a small kiss. She gives this little look. "Is there anything that I may do to earn said caps?", she asks. The woman grabs Willow's arm. She looks at Konno. "Well....", she says. The woman undoes her pants a little bit, and shows her thigh a little bit. There's a rather bad cut there.....
Willow Caine "Honey, I won't make you do anything you don't want to do, at the same time... I won't tell you no if you want to do something." Willow says, leaning forward to smile at Kasumi. "Even if you didn't come to bed with me, I'd pay for your treatment."
Konno     Konno smiles and nods to Willow, "If you front the cost for her, I can set up a proper session in the room." eyes flicking down to the cut. "A bit of healing powder and rest should have that fixed in no time."
Kasumi     Kasumi wiggles, getting the pants back on. "And who said I wouldn't do it for free?", she asks Willow. The woman smirks a little bit. "Anyways, with everything going on, the Saloon is the safest place for me, and given how rowdy it gets, having somebody whom everyone 'thinks' is just another girl until they get busted up...", she points out.
Willow Caine Willow gazes between the two of them and winks at another one of the girls who nudges her in the ribs. "I'll front the costs, I want her to be healthy, if nothing else she's my friend." She reaches out and takes her hand. "You should feel safe here, and ..we can help with that."
Konno     Konno nods, "The saloon's safer than previous venues I've worked at, the Caine ladies are a tough bunch nobody wants to mess with." he chimes, "So far not a one's been anything but great to meet. I guess when dinner's done we'll have you looked at." nodding to Kasumi that last statement
Kasumi     "Or you could look at it now?", Kasumi says. "It seems that we are in company where that sort of behavior is encouraged?", she asks. The woman looks at Konno a bit, and then at Willow. "Though it is awkward.", she says.
Willow Caine Willow gets to her feet and drops some caps on the table. "I think the owner of this place might get a bit upset if ..suffice it to say we'd be better off in the Saloon. We can have a nightcap in my room?" She asks, a hand on her hip.
Konno     Konno smiles and stands slowly. "I could do a little something for the pain, little healing powder to help you out while we head over." he offers in a polite muse for Kasumi, shuffling a little back from the table.
Kasumi     Kasumi gets up. "I have been dealing with it. The pain is not so bad as long as I don't think about it.", she tells. Now that its known, there's a bit of an awkward step that'll be noticed.
Willow Caine Willow's skirt swishes as she walks arorund the table, speaking quietly with some of the women. The girls get up and go off, heading back to the Saloon and she smiles at Konno. "Set her up with something for the pain and we'll head over now, no reason to wait." She shrugs and grins.
Konno     Konno nods and looks over to Kasumi, reaching into his vest to pull a small pouch free of an inside pocket. "Mind showing me the cut again?" he asks, "This'll help numb the pain, it'll sting a bit at first though." he explains, loosening the string holding the pouch closed.
Kasumi     Kasumi shows him the cut again. She sighs a little bit. "I'm not exactl to happy about being given a numbing agent.", she tells. Kasumi takes a moment adjust herself.
Willow Caine "Well if it will help out the healing, is it so bad?" Willow murmurs, walking over to squeeze Kasumi into a gentle hug. "Besides, soon you'll be asleep and dreaming peacefully, while being cuddled."
Konno     Konno leans closer, pinching a small amount of the dark powder onto the pad of his thumb and going over to gently smudge it over the cut. It does sting a bit, somewhat gritty. But the sting fades rather quickly and the powder's rubbed in. From there Konno closes the pouch and returns it to his vest, licking his thumb clean with a bit of a pucker and wince. "Hear some creative types make it into a drink, rather bitter though. Hear more creative types turn it into something injectable. Not that I'm sure how to pull that off, just rumours I've heard."
Kasumi     "Well, that is true.", Kasumi states. The woman sighs a bit, letting things go. She eyes Konno a little bit. "You couldn't just wipe your hands off. You had to lick it clean huh?", she taunts.
Willow Caine "He's..special." WIllow says, a slight grin on her face as she walks over to Konno and leans in to kiss him on the ear. "You don't mind spending time with both of us, do you Kasumi?"
Konno     Konno purrls to the kiss and attention, then smiles. "The colour is unflattering and I'd rather not have it dirtying my clothes more than trail dust." he admits, "Boss probably just wants to keep an eye on me."
Kasumi     "I do not mind. It is not a first time.", she says. The woman does blush a little bit. "Either way, I am ready to go when you are.", she says. Kasumi stretches out a little bit before walking normally.