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Jude It takes some doing, but word crosses to both Lucky and Sparrow that Jude got involved in something bad at the Militia Headquarters. Rumor has it that Marshal Romero had been shot. Jude has an idea of how to pass some word to Sparrow, so asks to meet for a little talk at the tavern. Lucky also gets similar word for a meeting, as, once again, the Vaultie is in over his head and might need a hand.

Jude arrives, looking almost as skittish as when he found Solomon's ledger. Combat armor is pretty obviously worn under his militia combat duster. He finds a table big enough for the three of them, well away from any eager eyes or ears that might rat him out and waits for Sparrow and Lucky to make themselves known.
Sparrow Sparrow has been hanging out here. She'd let only a few select folks know where she was after the Assasination attempt. Jude had been among them. So the Tavern was an ideal place to meet, discreet and quiet and the people here have recently come to know Sparrow. Outside, Jude would've undoubtedly been met by the patrols they have out in odd armor. Not long after Jude arrived in the Tavern, Sparrow was stepping through the door chewing on the end of a cigarette and looking over her shoulder to Lucky. She spots the Vaultie and moves over to him taking off her hat. "Hey, Vaultie." She moves over and reaches to drape an arm over Jude almost protectivly. "What's up?"
Lucky Lucky steps in behind Sparrow, following her over to Jude's table. He wears no armor and duster, in fact the only thing on him is his trusty pistol in the holster. The shirt he wore was short sleeve and shows off the nasty scars running along his lower forearm. "Jude, it's been a while." He says pulling a chair out and sits down on it. "Hey, think you could help with something?" He inquires; adding "I got a holodisk needing to be added to my Pipboy."
Jude Jude sighs as he feels Sparrow's arm go around his shoulders and slumps a little. "So much," he answers Sparrow's inquiry. He flashes a crooked, tired smile up at her and gestures to a chair and signals for some drinks to be brought over. "Gotta heck of a thirst about me though. I'll get into it after I wet it." He looks Sparrow and then Lucky over with a worried eye. He asks Sparrow, "Ya bein' safe, Miss Sparrow?"

Lucky gets a smile and a nod. "Yeah. Ain't seen ya around since we went on down into that there hole with the robots, huh?" His eyebrows lift in curiosity as he's asked for assistance. It's not often it happens, so it brings a wider smile to his face. It gets even larger when it actually -is- something that he can help with. "Yeah!" he chirps. "I repair Pips down in Vault Town." He paues a moment and corrects, "That and robots." He shrugs off his duster and pulls out a trusty little toolkit. "Lemme see 'em and I'll do ya right."
Sparrow Sparrow smiles at Jude and drops into a chair next to him and nods looking up t the order of beer and tipping her head. She turns back to Jude with conern in her eyes. "You do that." She agrees with Jude as she sets her hat on the table and rubs her weathere pre-aged face. Her gaze flicks to Lucky then back to Jude without the stoic thoughtfulness budging. She nods, "He put mine in." She tells Lucky tapping her pip boy before looking back towards Jude thoughtfully. "You still need Gunsmithin' Tools? I happened upon some today clearin' out an old ruin."
Lucky Fishing out the holodisk from his pockets, Lucky hands it over to Jude smiling. His left arm, the one with the pipboy, is set down next to Jude. "Really? That's cool. I never really got into the hold robotics.. the Mojave kept me more out scavenging then anything." He shrugs. "So.. what's going on?" He inquires, eyes flicking from Jude to Sparrow then back to Jude.
Jude Jude runs his hand over Lucky's pip-boy, studying it for a moment so he can remember the subtle differences between models. His drink arrives about then and he takes a long swallow. He sighs in refreshment and gets an almost comically small screwdriver from his tool kit. He starts to undo a panel on the underside of the pip-boy and says, "Well, if'n you didn't hear out here, a fella in the Militia shot the Marshal in the head. Some feller with some goons and a car done kidnapped the poor bastards Ma and Sis, tellin' him that they'd live if'n he did the deed. Dude was in a top hat and looked real fancy like."

He stops and takes another pull of his drink. He then leans down and blows into the now open slot in Lucky's pip-boy. He lifts his head again and blows cleans the holodisk idly as he says, "Anyway, they done shot the patsy and left the mother and sister. I have them stayin' with me in Vault Town for the time bein'. Mayor Caine was wonderin' if you might be willin' to take em in at the ranch. Protective custody sorta thing. She has an inclination that it's involved with ole Solomon." He slips the holdisk into the slot, giving it some gentle pressure before he starts to fiddle with the dials and buttons of the Pip, making it beep and whir and vibrate as it processes the massive load of information. He keeps a steady eye on it's readings as he sighs and says, "Gotta track Stockton down and let him know what's goin' on. Investigations and whatnot." He wrinkles his nose and shakes his head. "Damn shame."
Sparrow Sparrow watches Jude with the toolkit and the pip-boy with a bit of amusement. She knows nothing of tech but it seems Jude's enthusiasm about the stuff makes her smile. But then he's talking and her brow spikes up, "Wait, Romero? Manny? They shot Manny?" Sparrow rubs her hand along her face. "Bastards." She takes a breath and shakes her head. "No, I hadn't heard. Thanks for lettin' me know, Vaultie." Sparrows wrinkles are back, the tight expression and a lick of her teeth. "I can write Martha and Grant, have'm take my room." She nods glancing to Lucky then back towards Jude. "Lucky's stayin there too and he can help keep an eye on them, Jackie, Nikki and Aidan too. I'll let'm know.. Lucky you don't mind deliverin' a letter for me?" But when Stockton's brought up Sparrow chuckles, "Cool your heels, he'll be by to chastize me for takin' off here soon enough. It's about that time."
Lucky A flicker of a frown crosses Lucky's face as Jude speaks. His head shakes slightly as he says, "That is a rotten damn shame." He says sympathetically. Glancing over to Sparrow a nod is given "Sure, I can head back to the ranch for a few days." A pause is given follow up with another nod "And yeah, I can also deliver a letter."
Jude Jude lets out a sigh of relief, both because Sparrow is obliging and because Lucky's Pip-Boy goes through the process without any errors. He smiles and Lucky and winks. "All set. Put it through it's paces and if'n it gives you any troubles, I'll fix it for ya. I guarantee my work."

He sobers a little then and sips his drink. "From what I understood afore I left, Manny should pull through. That there's one consolation. But." He pauses and thinks a moment. "But, make sure y'all are payin' extra attention out here. The feller that shot Private Malone said that they were fixin' to leave the Militia leaderless and in chaos. I'd take that to mean there's an army headin' this way. Ain't no reason to incapacitate the militia leadership without a siege blowin' this way. I might be Chicken Little, but..." He sighs and shrugs, lowering his eyes.
Sparrow Sparrow nods and reaches into her satchel to take out some old recycled paper and a charcoal pencil and starts to write carefully. She's quiet about it as she tilts her head at Jude smiling at him, "So, Gun tools? Yeah? No?" She wonders of him still somewhat avoidant as to the subject of her 'out of trouble ness'.

"There's more'n one and the search is on for whatever treasure lays in that vault." She sighs and shakes her head rubbing her cheek for a moment before setting her cigarillo aside and finally taking up her beer. "No such thing in the wastes, Jude. How'd that stuff about the robots come along? Rumors going about that there was some sort of storage facility for dysfunctional A.I. around here. Think that was it?"
Lucky A beaming smile is given to Jude. "Thank-you so much Jude!" Lucky says happily before looking to Sparrow as the note is given to him. He nods "I'll leave now.. It takes some time to get back to the ranch." He leans in to kiss her cheek and give her a quick, tight hug. "See you in a few days." He adds before heading for the door.
Stockton Stockton shoulders into the door with that mean look on his mug, chewing a cigarillo he takes a few spur jingling steps inside. Watching Lucky take his leave, he gives the feller a tip of his hat and gets out of his way while moving to Jude and Sparrow. Without so much as asking, he settles down into the now empty chair and waves down a beer. "Evenin," he says to the two that remain.
Jude Jude is sitting at a table, sort of out of the way with Sparrow and a now departing Lucky. He smiles and glances away with a blush as Lucky hugs and gives her a peck goodbye. He flicks his gaze to his beer and after a moment, gives a slight start and says, "Oh, uhh. Gunsmithin' tools? Nah. I don't reckon so. Vault Team Six already has it a gunsmith, so I reckon I'll stick with carpentry and construction for a spell. It's more what I'm doin' with the militia." He pauses and asks, "Did I tell ya that we opened a store? Over in Acme."

He steals a glance as Lucky leaves and Stockton comes on in, giving the big man a smile. He gestures for him to join as he says to Sparrow, "Could be that, I reckon. We didn't really get far enough in for me to really know. Ain't been back since I don't think. Bein' an old military facility, might have it's own crazy ass AI for all I know."
Sparrow Sparrow smiles after Lucky and nods to him. "Take care. Okay. And don't get hurt.." She sighs as Lucky takes off shaking her head with a small smilt. She turns her gaze to Stockton then and looks towards a window. "Yer early." She greets the Sheriff of El Dorado before catching the blush and giving Jude a nudge and a lifted brow. A silent 'What' clearly. "You did yeah, you and Iris and VT6. Lucky's been agush about it as well." She tips up her beer and glances to the empty chair Lucky just vacated. "Seems to be alot of that around here. Kinda eerie. With the Posiden Energy, and the Rosewell Enclave crap, and the Brotherhood and New Rome all lurkin'. I don't reckon whatever it is will be a small token."
Stockton Stockton settles into the seat, his weight making the chair groan in complaint before settling his hat onto the table for the time being. A look between Sparrow and Jude and he chuffs, "Prolly somethin' about how Lucky's bein' all affectionate on his way out," he says bluntly. When his beer comes he takes a long hard swallow and sets the bottle down with a contented sigh. Looking at the blonde cowgirl he smirks, "So this'd be about the time I say, I done told yah so, yeah?" Just like Ma, the bastard. "So what're we talkin' about? I heard somethin' about AI and bunkers. We talkin' about the Enclave shenanigans?"
Jude Jude blushes a little deeper at Stockton's assertion, but tries to play dim on Sparrow's questioning look. He just rolls with the store subject. "I'm pretty proud of it. I didn't really think I'd be a shop keeper, but I have me a book, so figure may as well learn that there trade some." He lets the conversation drift a little and finally pipes up about what Stockton asks, offering, "Been talkin' about... well... a lot of things. First, I've been asked to fill you in as to what all happened at Militia Headquarters today by the Mayor. Mind if I tackle that first?"
Sparrow Sparrow scoffs quietly, "It was a kiss ont he cheek, Stockton. He's sweet. You could take a lesson or two from him." She smirks at her old friend and then looks back towards Jude. "Out with it, Vaultie. While you are adorable when you blush I can't help but wonder why." She chuckles and then falls in gesturing for them to talk when one of the locals comes to grab Sparrow to help out. The Doc nods and stands leaving her hat knowing she'll be back soon enough.
Stockton Stockton nods at Jude, "The store is a fine shop as well, sir," he comments to it before swigging at his beer again. Taking it all in stride, he makes no comment towards Sparrow's remarks, instead just looking at Jude expectantly. "Well, you can answer me and then answer her," he explains with a toothsome smile, "What the hell happened at the Militia HQ?"
Jude Jude breathes a sigh of relief that someone saves him from having to make up an excuse about the blush, although it seriously doesn't help the blush when Stockton tells him that he can answer her later. He sighs again, this time more in defeat. He doesn't waste time, instead diving into what happened. "A fella in the Militia shot the Marshal in the head. Some feller with some goons and a car done kidnapped the poor bastards Ma and Sis, tellin' him that they'd live if'n he did the deed. Dude was in a top hat and looked real fancy like."

His expression grows darker as he speaks, continuing with, "they done shot the patsy and left the mother and sister. I have them stayin' with me in Vault Town for the time bein'. Mayor Caine was wantin' to see if Sparrow's ranch could keep them in protective custody. She's thinkin' this is connected to Solomon. She wanted me to tell you what happened, since I saw as much of it as anyone. My personal responsibility, says her." He gives a smile and rolls a shoulder in a shrug. "Miss Sparrow sent word to the Ranch and they should be expectin' the Mom and Sis, but, since yer in charge of investigatin' and whatnot, it's all mostly yer call I reckon."
Stockton Stockton rubs his face slowly and pulls the cigarillo from his mouth to stare at Jude. "So yer tellin' me Manny's done gotten assassinated by one of 'is own fellers, cuz some other feller kidnapped the first feller's Ma and sister and held 'em over 'is head unless he did Manny in. And now Manny's dead and we got some scumbag in a top hat wit goons runnin around tryin' to get somethin' done...about what? They got a damn reason? Manny did nothin' but his job."
Jude Jude nods slowly, only interrupting to interject, "I heard he was probably gonna pull through. Us militia folk... you know how it is. Hit us in the head and it just gets us mad." He tries to smile, but the worry in it is too real to cover. "Fella in the top hat said somethin' about wanting the militia leaderless and in chaos. Only one real reason that I can think of that you'd wanna cripple a towns militia. I'd also expect you to be targeted soon enough. Manny doin' his job was exactly what they're hopin' to stop."
Stockton Stockton just smirks and nods at that news, "Good, glad tah 'ear he ain't down in the dirt, would be awful displeased. But more'n that, they're idjits then. Make a martyr outta the Marshall, ya end up a recruiting poster fer the Militia. It wouldn't sow chaos, it'd rally the troops. Clearly these Wasters been in the desert too long." he shakes his head and downs the rest of his beer. "Alright, so Patsy's already dead, ain't charges to be brought up, but the attempted murder plot is. I'll start askin' around, see what I can find." He nods and goes back to chewing on his cigarillo and contemplating. "I knew we were gettin' hit, didn't realize we were gonna get hit by Solomon again," he chuffs and sticks his tongue into his cheek a moment. "So. Why were you blushin anyways?" see how Stockton works? Keep you on one track and then surprise you with reverting back when you least expect it. He is a good Sheriff.
Jude Jude pauses and takes a long pull of his beer. He lets his shoulders sag and tries to relax some, but the effort doesn't seem to help much. He's still half a prairie dog on jet. "Yeah. Patsy is dead. Dude in the fancy hat had two goons and a runnin' car, so obviously they're well funded. Firearms, so probably not Enclave or somethin' all high tech like that. I could probably pull up a picture as to what kinda car it is, given a while." He pauses and says cautiously, "Mayor thinks it might be Solomon related. I ain't seen nothin' that brings me to that conclusion, but I don't know much about any of that."

He's almost deep into ponder when Stockton comes back to the blush. He gasps and gets wide-eyed, having fooled himself into thinking he'd managed to dodge that. He glances towards the door as he thinks of something to say. "Uhh," he says with all the diplomacy of a mole rat. He looks around with almost a touch of panic showing in his eyes, but then he fixes his gaze onto Stockton and really looks at the man. He looks at him for a long moment and finally decides to offer just a little honest to goodness trust. "I... well..." he starts with a blush, but also a resolve in his eyes. "I... sorta think Lucky's easy on the eyes. I guess." His brow creases and a frown crosses his features as he just lifts his drink and finishes it off. "So... uhh... Joe Caine and Fiona was there to see the fellas and the murder and all. If'n you wanna talk at them. Did you want to handle transferin' them folks to the ranch or did you want me to get a couple folks together and tend to it my own self?"
Stockton Stockton chuckles a little when he corners Jude and manages to get a little truth out of him. The big guy just nods and gives him a lopsided grin, "Fair enough," is all he says, not arguing or recoiling or anything. Just another piece of the puzzle for him. "I'll see if I can speak to Joe and Fiona then." At the mention of trasnferring the people he just nods, "I'll be on my way back into town soon 'nuff, I'll make sure we have enough bodies and guns to ensure their safety. We also don' wanna bring too much attention to 'em." he reconsiders and nods, "Why don' you grab a few folk, no one official. Make it casual like, just make sure everyone's armed," he nods and gives Jude that task while ordering up another beer.
Jude There's that moment when a man decides to trust someone and when it works out, it's rather like the world being taken from that fella's shoulders. Jude has that moment when Stockton doesn't question his answer and just rolls with it. The smile he flashes Stockton is as personal as they can get, showing just a glimpse of who the Vault-dweller is. It's there and then it's gone as it turns back to business. He nods at the idea of Jude taking care of it. "I'll get Vault Team Six together. Alice has her a car that's runnin'. It'll make it quick, if not painless given the way she drives the damned thing." He smirks and tosses a couple caps on the table to cover everyone's drinks. "Need me, let me know, Sheriff. I'll be your huckleberry if'n you need me." He glances around and says, "Tell Miss Sparrow I done said goodbye. I have a powerful need to go relieve Harlan. He's shacked up with the Mom and Sis in my apartment. I'll letcha know when I get them delivered." He puts his militia hat on and tugs his combat duster on. "Take care of yourself, Stockton." He pauses and looks the big man in the eye. "And be careful, brother. They done got to Manny and if I was them, you'd be high on the list too." He flashes a smile and takes off for the door, going back to his impression of a baby mole rat on jet, all eyes darting and suspicion once more.
Sparrow Sparrow comes in not long after Jude leaves dusting her hands off on her jeans and loking the direction fo the door when she spots Jude left too. Her expression falls some; Jude's like family to Sparrow now so his absense is a little dissapointing. She moves back over to drop in the chair and leans back in the chair and give Stockton a curious look. "He catch you up?"
Stockton Stockton gives Jude a nod and a wave. That last bit has him making a frowning face and he just nods. Stockton is stewing on the information by the time Sparrow returns and he just nods, "Yeah. I'm caught up," he's chewing thoughtfully on that cigar while a second beer is delivered. "How you doin' Sparrow?" Catching up the moment there aren't others around.
Sparrow Sparrow sighs and eyes the half remaining one in the ashtray and decides to light a new one of her own. She nods to the server and smiles as she's given another beer. "So what do you think?" She wonders quietly as she rubs her forehead looking towards the door and then stands. "We'll bring the bottles back." She promises the wench and takes her hat. "Let's go somewhere quiet."