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Kurokumo Mibojin      It's been one of those days, where Kurokumo doesn't want to be a Doctor, doesn't want to patch up idiots prone to charging into needlessly dangerous situations. She strides inside the Saloon, as she hasn't found anything particularly appetizing back home to eat and she just wants some time to herself. Wooden legs of the chair dragging along the floor, she claims a seat at one of the tables to take a load off. It's nice when someone else cooks for you.
Konno     Konno's just off from finishing up something upstairs, quietly skipping his way down and surveying the bar. It's shortly after that he strides himself towards the bar and leans against the end to his usual perch to better watch the room.
Kurokumo Mibojin      Wooden stairs are great at doing one thing: creak! Kurokumo looks up from her place at one of the tables, brown eyes following the curious gentleman that she recognizes from a fight in Jack's Town. He was on fire that night, dancing and teasing her Ashur before making his spectacular getaway. The serving bot hasn't arrived yet, and so she removes herself so as to resettle at the bar herself. "Hey, you were performing in Jack's Town at the fights, right?" Apparently, a fan has found the elusive Konno.
Konno     Konno blinks a couple times at the inquiry, eyes turning to Kuro with a warm smile. "Oh, yes. It was a fun venue, even if it took a couple days to get back to standing up properly again." he admits. "Found my way here after I made that escape and've got a position." maintaining his warm expression. "Something I could do for you?"
Kurokumo Mibojin      Kurokumo's expression brightens upon being responded to, the server bot behind the bar quietly glaring at her to make up her mind. "-Would you like some food or a refreshment?-" It asks, mechanical voice giving the barest hint of polite inquiry while it waits for the human to respond. "Food, please. And just water to drink." It moves off, before the Doctor turns back to Konno. "You fought my husband in the ring, and did pretty well considering his history. That was a spectacular escape. What did you use to pull it off?"
Konno     Konno smiles, "Ah, I see. A bit closer to the fight than most. He hits hard and was fun to play with. As for what I used to escape, a little toy I picked up in my travels." he notes, "Like a gun that fires a big hook, attached to a chain. Uses some mechanism to pull the chain when you hit a button, if the thing hit is heavier than the person using it, person flies towards whatever was attached to. Don't think your husband's light enough for it to work for him, though." Konno admits.
Kurokumo Mibojin      Kurokumo snerks, the woman obviously not offended in the slightest as Konno makes that very astute observation about the former Legionaire. "Aren't you ever worried that you might skewer a person where it lands? It can't be all that accurate in a crowd." she had wondered about that, the logistics a nightmare to consider in such cramped quarters.
Konno     Konno smiles. "Aim high, always aim high. Can fire it again once it retracts, or use it to help yourself rappel down." he offers with a wink. "Problem then is freeing it, often tricky while extended." he notes. "Better to aim high enough you can take the drop or climb up onto floor or ground." an affirming nod. "I imagine you take care of him? He seemed to be recovering from some injuries. Judging by your kit, I assume you're a medicinally inclined individual like myself."
Kurokumo Mibojin      There's an increduous blink, the woman tilting her head as she considers Konnon in a new light. "You're a Doctor?" What a life that must be, to be able to move with such grace and pursue such daring feats that takes one out of their comfort zone. "Yes, Ashur keeps finding new and unusual ways to prove himself as being the most fearsome man in these parts, and then bring injuries home to tend to. Ahh, well." She shrugs, shifting slightly on the bar stool as the hand furthest from Konno rubs along her stomach absently.
Konno     Konno nods. "I've learned enough in my travels to have an understanding of how to fix people- physically and mentally. It also applies well to my longer-protession that's more befitting of private company." he explains, hopefully telling of what else he does and why he's at the Saloon rather than the clinic.
Kurokumo Mibojin      "Longer profession..." It takes a moment, the thoughts forming within her skull, before it dawns on her. Kurokumo's brow rises in genuine surprise, but she doesn't make mention of it. That would be rude. "How are you enjoying El Dorado?" Polite conversation is the balm that soothes overactive imaginations and wagging tongues, one would think. Food is being delivered to her, the server-bot still giving that slightly omnious presence. "-Enjoy your meal.-"
Konno     Konno chuckles quietly, and answers the inquiry. "Interesting people in town, the Caine girls are all especially strong and capable. I can understand how they own and run most of the town without question. Heard there was a guy in the family but I haven't seen'm yet." Konno notes
Kurokumo Mibojin      The woman cringes playfully, grinning as she picks up the fork. "I feel sorry for him! I came from a small family myself." What would it have been like, to have such a large family? Or still have family at all? Kurokumo grimaces at her food, the thought nagging at old pains. "Do you have any family?"
Konno     Konno hesitates to answer the question, then shakes his head. "I was born and raised in a raider gang- was only a little'n when they were wiped out. I was sleeping in vents in the building they holed up in, spent days alone after that event- got picked up by a merchant caravan." he answers, "Don't remember much of my kin, was so long ago."
Kurokumo Mibojin      Kurokumo's expression falls, being replaced with one of sorrow and sympathy. You can't choose your family, and you can't control what happens to them. "My Mother and I were taken from our settlement in Truth or Consequences, New Mexico. That was five years ago. She...didn't make it. Got away from them 2 years ago. Was on the road for a while, but now I'm here."
Konno     Konno nods. "Spent about two decades since then. Almost a month or two in I was introduced to my trade. Ditched that caravan once I learned that with the caps I made, instead of linin' his pockets and living on scrap, I could support myself." he explains
Kurokumo Mibojin      "Hey, that's great." There's no judgement here, Kurokumo knowing that it's more important to make the best of your circumstances. She smiles, the conversation more interesting than the food that's growing cold. Until her stomach growls in protest. "It was nice meeting you, Konno."
Konno     Konno nods, "Likewise, don't too often meet interesting doctor-types. Most medics I run across are rather stuffy or stuck in books." he explains