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Iris Lark The smell of sausage and some other things waft around the Clinic. Iris is in the small kitchen that was set up, cooking away as she sings quietly to herself. There isn't many patients here, and if one was listening they might hear Vuk in another room talking to himself. Bacon, the pet piglet is trotting around in circles, unaware that the sausage in question might have come from one of his possible siblings or cousins.
Qwillis     It's the rumble of his stomach that draws Qwillis into the clinic. That and the savory smell of sausage. "That smells good.." He'd mostly say to himself as he'd peek in, then walk in, looking around. "Hello? Dr. Iris? I think the doctor ordered breakfast.." He'd chuckle slightly as he'd go seeking out the source of that delicious smell.
Jacqueline While Jackie Wayne would come inside anyway, the smell of cooking sausage doesn't make the decision to enter the clinic any harder. "Hi!" she calls, stepping in the door and waving to Iris and her unrecognized guest. Sure, she's carrying a shotgun, but that's just a precaution these days: She's in no danger of turning into the Breakfast Bandida.
The smell seems to have drawn someone else as well. From outside a window comes a slightly cracky voice: "Booo-oooob Evaaaans, down on the farm...~" Of course, the only thing anyone will see if they look out there is a rather chubby bird with black, white marked wings and tail and a bright orange beak.
Iris Lark Iris turns, smiling at Qwillis and Jackie. "Hey, come in!" She chirps, bouncing on the balls of her feet. "I'm almost done cooking and I have more than enough if you two would like to join me?" Bacon makes his way up to the guests, squealing out a greeting. The Healer gives the tiny pig a gentle admonishment and shoos him towards her office. "I hope neither of you are injured and this is a social call, nothing makes breakfast go down a little less easy than an injury being treated while you eat it."
Qwillis     Qwillis turns slightly on the other person coming in behind him. The shotgun is eyed a moment, but he'd not comment on it. For his part, that click of the metal foot was a counterpoint to that normal boot step as he'd lift metal clawed hand in a wave to Iris as she'd say to come in. "No wounds. I was just out looking for who to get breakfast from and smelled this from in here. So.. yes. I shamelessly came to try and mooch some from you." He'd chuckle with a shake of his head. Looking to Jackie then, he'd nod her way with a smile. "Qwillis. Nice to meet you. I guess you're a friend of the Doc too?"
Jacqueline "It's social enough. No serious injuries here," Jackie replies cheerfully, kneeling to pet Bacon and tickle under his chin, then giggling as the piglet gets shooed away into the office. "Unless I pulled something petting Bacon, anyway, and I don't think I did. I'd be glad to join you, Doc."
She offers a hand to Qwillis. "Jacqueline Wayne, but just call me Jackie. Cool to meet you, Qwillis, and yes. I've been a friend and a patient both."
Outside the window, that voice comes again. "I will gladly pay you Tuesday, for a hamburger today!"
Iris Lark Iris moves foward to give Jackie a quick hug, then the voice outside comes again and she goes to peek out to see who it is. "Very strange.." She murmurs, turning back to check on the food cooking. "Find a seat at the table in the corner." She calls out, pointing to where four clearly mismatched chairs sit around a wooden table with three legs and books making up the fourth. The sound of clattering can be heard as Iris moves the food from pots and pans to serving plates and when she finally comes over to the table she sets down some eggs, sausage and some toasted biscuits. "So..." She says, taking a seat and scooping some food onto a plate. "How have you two been doing?"
Qwillis     Qwillis smiles to Iris with a nod, he'd shake Jackie's hand with that flesh one. "Nice to meet you then, Jackie." By habit, he'd sort of hide that right hand behind his back from Jackie. Glancing to the window as Iris would check outside, he'd shrug and go to take a seat as directed! "I've been able to do a few trades. I'm collecting quality scrap and working on the pipboy I got. It's a rare model.." Shaking his head, Qwillis chuckles. "Otherwise, I'm hoping to get a meeting with the Mayor about setting up a shop."
Jacqueline Jackie's eyebrows rise at that inverted left-handed handshake. She catches a glimpse of that hidden right hand, but she can't make out why he's not using it to shake hands. "Are you injured after all?" she asks, concerned, trying to lean sideways and look. Iris's invitation is welcome, but she doesn't sit just yet, her attention on Qwillis.
Until Iris mentions that voice, and she'd seen Qwillis looking out the window. "Oh, don't mind him. He probably smelled breakfast cooking. He knows what cooking food smells like, thanks to my Mom, and he's a hopeless beggar," she says, in a tone of faintly fond resignation.
Iris Lark Iris pauses from taking a bite and gazes at Qwillis to make sure he is indeed not hurt. She gets to her feet and places a pot of hot water on the stove for tea. Tea in this case being desert flowers and other succulents. She dithers on her feet, shifting to and fro until she's sure that everyone is okay enough to eat breakfast.
Qwillis     Qwillis smiles sheepishly and would draw out that claw hand. It's 2 metal digits with 1 thumb. The surfaces are mostly metal plates with wires that look like they mirror what tendons would do on regular hands. "I.. well.. I know some people have.. issues.. with stuff like this. I'm fine. Doc, you know I'm ok, you've seen this before.. It's just a habit to hide it from people.. It and the leg."
Jacqueline Jackie, for her part, gives the hand a curious look and smiles. "Oh, that's no trouble. Actually, it's kinda amazing. I'd heard the ancients could fix damaged limbs like that, but I've never seen that kind of tech myself, not 'til now. And you have a leg the same way?" She pauses, blinking. "Oh... wait. Not a good subject. Sorry if I embarrassed you. Can you forgive me?"
She takes her seat, offering Iris a smile. "It smells really great, Iris, and it looks as good as it smells. Thanks for inviting us."
Someone else apparently shares Jackie's opinion. The odd-looking bird flits to the windowsill, looking inside. And then the source of the disembodied-seeming voice becomes apparent as it opens its mouth and singsongs, "Two all-beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese...~"
Iris Lark Iris gazes at the bird and starts to giggle as she makes her way back to the table, taking a seat. "What does the bird eat? I might have something he can nibble on." She squints at the table for a moment and holds up a biscuit. She smiles as people take seats and start to serve themselves, and shifts on her seat, crossing her legs. "It's been a while Jackie, what have you been up to? Did you get your money back from those wicked tax people yet?"
Qwillis     Qwillis relaxes as Jackie doesn't seem to mind. He'd shake his head slightly. "It's fine. I.. well.. built both of them myself. My right arm and left leg. I.. there was an accident with an experiment that I was working on, which destroyed most of my stuff and my limbs. The doctors there said I'd be crippled for life. I refused to believe that." He'd nod to Jackie with a small grin. "It was vault dwellers sharing manuals with me that let me figure it out.. Old tech. That I sort of just worked out until it worked.. but I'm hardly like a Reaver or anything." He'd flex that metal hand, then would get himself some food to start eating. Staying polite of course, but definitely hungry by how fast it was vanishing.
Jacqueline "Whassup! Whas-sup?" the bird replies to Iris, looking at her with one coppery eye, highlighted by the orange crescent around it. But he nibbles a bit at that offered biscuit, having a little trouble because it's bigger than his beak.
"That's what he says most often, so that's what we call him," Jackie says. "And he'll eat pretty much anything, but he likes tato fries best. He'll grab them right out of your hand if you're not careful."
She smiles at Qwillis. "That's one courageous view to hold! I hope I can do that if I ever have that kind of trouble." She forks up a mouthful of eggs and sausage, trying it for taste. Another smile lights her face, and she nods approvingly at Iris. A meal fit for a Wayne!
Iris Lark Iris goes still at the mention of a reaver and shoots a quick glance towards her office. She sighs and continues to eat her food, not speaking up right away but just enjoying the company and the people. When the bird has issues she breaks apart the biscuit and offers it again. She gazes at Qwillis for a moment and then leans forward. "I was know, we occasionally have people who come in here who might need.." She gazes at his hand and then back up at him with a gentle smile on her face. "You wouldn' interesting in working on cybernetics here on a ..if I need you..maybe you'll come here basis?"
Qwillis     Qwillis grins at the bird, then chuckles with a shake of his head. Smiling to Jackie, he'd shrug. "I feel the only time someone should give up is when they're dead.. It took me two years to build them.. It was hard going to start with, with only my off hand.." He'd pause in his eating as Iris asks him. Musing, he'd nod slowly. "I.. well.. I'm no doctor, Doc. But.. I'd be happy to help as I can. I'm still working to get my own shop of course. But if you get someone I need to help with limbs like this? I'll do what I can. It'll take resources though. Scrap too no doubt. So it's something to be aware of."
Jacqueline Whassup seems flattered that Iris is breaking bread with him, and gobbles up the offered bit. He also nibbles one of her fingers a little, ever so gently. "Hey, good lookin'! Whatcha got cookin'?~"
Jackie follows Iris's gaze to the office, frowning thoughtfully. Reaver? Hmm...
But Qwillis proves distracting, possibly a good thing for Iris's peace of mind. "Two years is a long time to work on something. I'm glad it worked out for the best. I've still got projects I'm working on, because I can't find parts." She nods to the idea of cybernetic work. "I could try and contribute, too. I do find a fair amount of scrap out there."
Iris Lark "I mean..we don't have those kinds of cases often, and..I want to help everyone the best I can." Iris murmurs, smiling over at Qwillis. She laughs softly when he mentions not being a doctor, her eyes lighting up a bit. "I'm not a doctor either Qwillis, yet here I am." She gazes around the open area with a proud smile on her face. "I do help people, and I know my way around the human body - but..I'm just a healer, someone who loves her job and the people she gets to help." She gently runs her fingertips along Whassup's head, grinning at the bird. "He is adorable, Jackie."
Qwillis     Qwillis smiled to Jackie. "I didn't have much choice. That's also why my house was taken over.. they thought it abandon. Now won't give it back." He'd shake his head with a sigh. "But.. anyways. I do have some study of biology, Iris.. I'm just.. not a healer. I just know how it goes together." He'd look at his right hand a moment. "It's.. not gentle. If we get a case like that, I'll figure out how much I need.. We'll sort out payment and all that if it happens."
Jacqueline Whassup ducks his head, letting Iris stroke him. Aw, yeah...
Jackie chuckles. "By the looks of him right now, you've just made a friend, Doc. Just be warned, he'll drop by when he smells you cooking, and he's an awful beggar. And noisy."
She blinks in surprise at Qwillis. "Your house was taken over? Who did that? Maybe we could move the new residents out, if it's yours."
Iris Lark "I don't mind the company, now that Achilles is gone..well..I spend a lot of time with Bacon." Iris murmurs softly, her head tilted towards the bird as he preens. She gazes at Jackie when she mentions moving out the new residents. "Might have some trouble with that Jackie. Shantytown law..according to Stewpot Sally leave it, it's not yours anymore." She shrugs, and frowns moving again to eat her food. "I've only been here for a few months, and people here are..nice - for the most part - but real territorial. They'll do what they can to help, and..when something comes free..I'm sure they'll help Qwillis too." She shoots him an apologetic look, and gazes at her food, rather than at the man sitting nearby.
Qwillis     Qwillis waves that mechanical hand lightly. "I'm not going to kick out a family of four, just for me.. I pick up enough odds and ends to keep caps coming in? I'll just keep going as I am. As Iris said.. I left. It was suppose to be only a month. I didn't come back for 2 years." Glancing sidelong to Iris, he'd smile slightly. "I.. might even ask to be able to stay here. At least until I get my own shop going. Then you wouldn't have to go looking for me if something comes up.."
Jacqueline "Hmm... that would be a problem." Jackie looks between Iris and Qwillis. "Do you think that'd work, Doc? Putting Mister Qwillis up here for a little while? If not, I can help look for someplace that's not occupied. Shantytown does have some empty structures. They might need a little work, but one could be fixed up with very little trouble."
She looks to Iris, concerned. "Achilles is gone?"
Iris Lark "Of course you can stay here, we've got plenty of beds..of exam rooms. Some aren't used often..or at all." Iris says, her eyes finally moving up to gaze at Qwillis again. She reaches out and pats his hand gently. "I offered before, and I'll keep offering until you take me up on it. There..there is even space in the back room if you want to set up shop until you find something." She glances at Jackie then, and she sighs softly and instead of speaking, simply nods.
Qwillis     Qwillis hesitates, then smiles slightly. "I'm.. I'm not a healer, Iris.. I wouldn't feel right taking up space as a tinkerer.. I mean.. like I said, I understand some about the body. But.. well.. this space is for healers to help people, right?" He'd shrug slightly, glancing between Jackie and Iris. He didn't know who this is, obviously, so simply finished his plate of food. "I was hoping to get a shop in town itself. Then I'd be using a back room for a bedroom. I don't need much space for such anyways. I grew up in Shanty town afterall."
Jacqueline "I'm so sorry, Iris," Jackie whispers, leaning close to hug Iris. "Is there anything I can do, to help?"
As if reading the mood, Whassup looks at Iris with one golden eye, nodding his little black head. "Take heart, little lady."
Iris Lark "How about we play it by ear, Qwillis. For now though, you may stay in any of the empty rooms and if you need anything. I hope you'll let me know." Iris says, offering the man a smile. She turns slowly then, almost reluctantly towards Jackie and her smile wavers, but not by much. "There isn't anything to be done, and..I will be okay." Her chin comes up slightly as she takes a breath. "I've never stood on my own before, and I need to learn how."
Qwillis     Qwillis studies Iris, then smiles slightly with a small nod. Looking between her and Jackie, he'd carefully set his utensils down. "Alright.. I.. I appreciate it Iris. I really do. And if you need anything around here fixed up? Just let me know. I am good with my hands." he'd hold up both metal and flesh with a small chuckle. "So we'll get this place looking nice and neat, hmm?"
Jacqueline "Maybe not now. But if you do need something, please find me. I'll help, promise," Jackie replies soberly. "We all need it from time to time. That doesn't mean you're not standing on your own."
Her attention returns to Qwillis. "Spring cleaning for the clinic, in summer? Better late than never, I guess," she teases gently.
Iris Lark "I would appreciate any help, from any source." Iris says, gazing at her hands for a moment. She smiles then, at Qwillis and nods. "I'm glad we could come to an accord, it's nice to have people here. I mean..Vuk has stayed, but he's's not as if he can go off like he normally does." She gestures towards her office. "I'm hoping that soon he'll be able to see shapes and the like, him being blind is...well I feel for him."
Qwillis     Qwillis chuckles and shakes his head. "I can't do eyes.. So I'm no help there.." Smiling at Iris, he'd shrug a little. "Standing on your own simply means that sometimes you do understand when to get help.." He'd glance to Jackie and chuckles with a shrug. "I.. prefer to keep busy. I have a place to stay? Then the place should be up to spec.. if I'm going to work here, it's going to look good. How else can I say I can fix anything, if I don't fix where I work?"
Jacqueline "I don't think I've met Vuk. But what happened to his eyes?" Jackie has to ask, pausing to run a finger over the top of Whassup's head. "Are they healing? I know some eye damage does."
She nods to Qwillis. "I think I have a working broom I can loan to you. It's one of those wide-headed ones that you can walk behind. It might be a little big for the space, but if you move the furniture first, it'd work."
Whassup, for his part, just one-eyes the little gathering and click-click-clicks aloud. "Rent the Rug Doctor!"
Iris Lark "Well Qwillis, besides the odd time here or there, I've never been alone or on my own for very long for twenty four odd years." Iris says, and then Jackie asks about Vuk. "Uhm, he's a friend, and..we went towards Mexico to help, apparently super mutants were attacking a village. They ..they sent an abomination and he didn't flee like the rest of us did, he..detonated the core of his power armor to help stop it." She sighs and nods slowly. "It seems to be healing, every day now I'm waiting for a..breakthrough." When Whassup speaks up, the tension in the slender Healer breaks and she laughs and nods. "Certainly Whassup!"
Qwillis     Qwillis eyes the room contemplatively, then looks ot Jackie at her offer with a smile. "It's a start. I'd appreciate it." He'd muse, nodding to Iris lightly. "Well then.. I'll be around. Unless I'm out hunting parts of course." He'd muse quietly as he'd listen about the mutants, then chuckles softly at the bird and Iris' response.
Jacqueline "I heard about that. What he did was seriously brave," Jackie says softly. "I'm sorry it didn't work out better for him, personally. I hope he continues to get better, even if it takes a long time." Even a slow recovery beats none at all.
She finishes breakfast and stands, nodding and smiling to Qwillis. "I'll bring it by tomorrow. I can help move the furniture too, if you want. But for now, I should go. I've got a full day of work ahead of me, fixing stuff. Thanks so much for breakfast, Doc Iris. I'll be by again soon, breakfast or no breakfast." She pauses to give the red-haired doctor a hug, and turns for the door.
Whassup, of course, nuzzled Iris's fingers, then one-eyes Qwillis, and flits for the window. "Good-BYYYYYYYYYEE doesn't mean it has to beee the eeend...~"
Iris Lark Iris returns Jackie's hug and her eyes linger as Jackie heads for the door. A quiet settles over the Clinic now that Whassup is gone and when Iris turns to smile at Qwillis she's smiling a bit. "We get folks who drop by here a lot." She mentions, getting to her feet to gather the dishes. "I like that."
Qwillis     Qwillis watches Iris and Jackie as they'd interact and she goes. He grins at Iris with a small nod, then stands to his feet, helping to clean up dishes. He really was quite effective, even with that hand being metal and only 3 digits. "I can't exactly clean with water, Iris.. But.. well.. I appreciate the offer and will make sure you don't regret it."
Iris Lark Iris grins at Qwillis and shakes her head. "I enjoy doing the dishes.." She glances around and lowers her voice, leaning towards Qwillis. "There are a lot of things I've never got to do before in my life, so..when something like that comes along - I throw myself at it with relish. Life is too short." She splashes at the water and a few tiny bubbles come out, making her laugh. "I won't regret giving you the offer, one should never regret helping someone, even if it doesn't turn out the way you might want it to."
Qwillis     Qwillis chuckles softly. "You've been beyond nice to me, Iris.. I don't think I'll ever be able to repay you. The Needler.. the room." He'd shake his head with a soft sigh. "I.. there was more than once I almost gave up. The.. pain.. of the connection.." He'd reach up to absently rub at his upper arm of that mechanical arm. "It's people like you that help me keep going. People that can see the good.. and that's why I fight. That's why I scavenge. So I can make life better for people."
Iris Lark "Well, you don't have to repay me." Iris replies, drying her hands on the apron swathed over her clothes. "I don't do anything looking for repayment, I do it because ..when I was at my most helpless and hopeless, I would have wanted someone like I am now...there to offer aid." She gazes down at her feet and adds. "This is a harsh world, and it will remain that way until we are all a little less harsh ourselves."
Qwillis     Qwillis chuckles with a grin at Iris. "Hm. So then the way to repay you is by helping people. I can accept that. I try to do it anyways, Iris. So why not?" He'd shrug, then shake his head. "I'll.. be asking people for caps when I do work for them. But that's because it takes resources to mod things.. and to fix them. So I have to cover that. I got my own projects to work on too."
Iris Lark Iris nods, setting down a bowl of scraps for Bacon. The pig hears the telltale scrape of his bowl on the floor and comes trotting out from the office, curled tail wiggling madly. "I wouldn't ask you to give your services for free. Anyone who works here is welcome to charge whatever rate they find fair. I..seldom charge, especially if a person can't afford it. I do not want someone to remain injured due to lack of resources." She hops on one of the exam tables and folds her hands in her lap. "So ..keep that in mind, please. You've got to make a profit to keep going, and I understand that."
Qwillis     Qwillis watches Bacon, then nods to Iris with a small smile. "Alright. That's fair then. Depending on what I need to fix, will be the cost.." he'd motion around. "of course, I'm not going to charge you with repairing anything here. Afterall.. you are putting me up." He'd muse as he'd look off to the other rooms, then back to Iris. "I'll need to go get my stuff from where I stashed it so I can store it here. Uhm.. So is it Vuk? And you? that stay here?"
Iris Lark "Vuk runs off more often than not. The only person who lives here..on a steady me." Iris says, her eyes on her office for a few moments. She smiles at Qwillis. "You go ahead and let me know which room you'll want to use and I'll see that a bed is moved in there, and we can secure it so that your things will be safe." Bacon is done eating and he moves to his mistress, trotting around her feet. She slips off of the table and picks up the small piglet and cuddles him close. "Just let me know if you need anything, all right?"
Qwillis     Qwillis nods solemnly to Iris, then smiles slightly. "I guess.. me now too. Uhm.. Iris? Thanks.. and I'm serious. If I can ever help with anything.. let me know. ok? I understand wanting to see if you can stand on your own. But I've always found that true strength comes from friends and knowing when to ask for help."
Iris Lark "I promise that I will ask for help if I need it." Iris responds, taking a deep breath and exhaling slowly. "Thank you, for everything Qwillis."
Qwillis     Qwillis laughs at that, shaking his head. "Arming me. Giving me a roof to sleep under. And you're thanking me." He'd flash a grin at Iris. "I'm glad for the promise, Iris. I'm glad I managed to come back here and my place got taken over. I think my life would be a little less if I hadn't gone through what I did and missed meeting you."
Iris Lark Iris blushes pink and she gives Qwillis another brilliant smile before she gazes back down at her feet. "I'm glad you're getting back on your feet, and I'm glad that I'm able to help." She chuckles softly and gazes back up at him, albiet shyly. "Now go get your stuff, so we can get you all moved in?"
Qwillis     Qwillis smiles warmly at Iris and nods lightly. "Certainly. It'll be about an hour... I sort of stashed it all over, so if one was found, it wouldn't affect me much." He'd look over at the other rooms with a thoughtful look. "Any particular one you recommend? I don't want to get in the way of use by the clinic, but if people are bringing things here for me to work on, I should probably be closer to the door."
Iris Lark Iris considers and nods, gazing at the other rooms as she taps a finger on her chin. "I have an idea, by the time you get back it should be taken care of." She says, smiling at Qwillis.
Qwillis     Qwillis flashes a grin at Iris and nods, before heading out. That odd step and click of metal the show of him taking off rather quickly. Yep.. seems he was quite eager to get moved in.