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Owner Pose
Darling It's Jack's Town, a place where some of the more unsavory sort gather. Entering into the Cantina is one Darling, a tired look on her face as she heads over to find one of the unoccupied tables, ordering a drink when whatever waitress may be on duty comes by.
Alpha     Alpha wanders in a bit after Darling. Obviously not together as he'd take in those in the room. Eyes narrowed in speculation, they do linger on Darling a moment. She.. seems to both belong.. and not.. all at the same time. Shrugging, he'd grab a beer from the bar, then walk over to her table, nodding to one of the empty chairs. "I'm sure ya get people comin to hit on ya all the time. Yer pretty, but I won't insult ya or waste yer time with that, eh? I do want some info. If yer willin to talk, I'd like to do just that?"
Darling A look is cast at the tall man that approaches her table, brow lifting ever so slightly at the line offered but she shrugs her shoulders a little, "Might as well, sure." She says, offering a gesture towards one of the empty seats at the table, "Make yourself comfy."
Alpha     Alpha nods to Darling and settles on the chair, chuckling softly. "And that in and of itself could even be a pickup line, eh? Ah well. Lookit.. I'm new to town.. and knowin this place, I ain't wantin to be bottom of the totem pole fer long, yah? So.. I was hoping you might know who's who.. and ifn there's a gang that might be lookin for another.."
Darling "Why should I pass on your name to anyone I might know, seeing as I don't exactly know yo?" Darling asks as she settles back a bit, considering the man a little more and she shrugs her shoulders, "I might know someone though, but it'll be on you to convince 'em to take you on if I do introduce you."
Alpha     Alpha nods slightly in response to Darling. "Well. Good questions, both of em." he'd pick up and drink some of his beer, pocketing that cap. "I'm the type that can help organize groups.. Make it so they're better when workin together, than a random horde, eh? That's what I'm offering.. plans to. As long as people follow me." He'd chuckle with a light nod. "I'm quite sure I can show a reason to listen to me, if you introduce me."
Darling "A'right." Darling says with a slight nod of her head given to Alpha as she watches, and listens to the gentleman, "So you want to be some sorta top dog boss type, looking for some followers then? Or something along those lines anyway, or am I just not understanding your pitch well?" she asks, "I'll introduce you anyway, whatever, ain't no sweat off my back."
Alpha     Alpha laughs, shaking his head. "Top dog boss? Eh. Between you and me? That's a lotta work, paranoia watching your back, all that crap. Not exactly worth it sometimes. Nah. I'm the guy that helps get things done. If someone else gives the orders? Fine. But when out doin the thing ordered to do? I help that go smooth."
Darling "That's probably good, I dunno if you want to just go in and announce that people need to listen to follow you or whatever outright, anyway." Darling says with a bit of a laugh. She nods faintly and shrugs, "When the guy I know's free, I'll point you his way, at least. That'll get things started anyway. I know he's lookin' for folk."
Alpha     Alpha flashes a grin at Darling. "Bingo. I'd rather be the top dog when people wanna have me be top 'cause I help em get the goods and all that, yah? 'fore then? I'm happy ta let those that be, be. I'll just offer what I can do, to them."
Darling Darling reaches for her own drink, taking a sip from it as she gives Alpha a nod, "So, that's the whole what you can do I guess. Why you wanna do it? Why you wanna join a posse or whatever?"
Alpha     Alpha grins at Darling. "Eh.. why not? Easier ta get loot with a group then solo, that's fer sure. Ya gotta good name attached to ya? Don't even have to fight. People give up and just give ya stuff." He'd tap the gun he had on his back. "I'm not the type to normally get up close to the fighting anyways."
Darling "Makes sense, safer in a group afterall yeah?" Darling says with a soft little hmmn, "Well, I'll pass the word on anyway, see what goes from there." She says with a light shrug.
Alpha     Alpha nods and drains his beer. "Works fer me. Oh.. uh.. I dunno if I even caught yer name to start with, eh? I'm goin by Alpha.. It'll be somethin known 'round here soon enough I'm thinkin."
Darling "People call me Darling." Darling says at that, "You gonna be round here in Jack's Town for a bit?" she asks, "If so, I'll probably find you about when I get some news from my guy."
Alpha     Alpha nods to Darling with a grin. "Yah. I'll hang 'round here. Gotta get a feel fer the place, yanno? I'm from east a bit. So.. new city. new rules. I wanna make sure I ain't steppin on toes or nothin. I'll look for ya when you start asking 'round for me, Darling." He'd chuckle and stand to his feet then. "I ain't gonna keep ya longer. Thank ya fer yer time."