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Guardian Caldwell The town of El Dorado has requested the New Mexican BoS and anyone interested in helping them to clear out this area of raiders and establish a base presence in this area for the town of El Dorado. You were all here for your respective reasons, whether it be cracking raider skulls or simply following orders from Caldwell. Caldwell is wearing his standard BoS Power armor and motions for everyone to halt "When we go in there it's going to get very dicey very fast, we don't know how many are in there or if they are heavily armed, spread out and flank them when possible, stealth is preferred but not required. Remember, this base is needed for the New Mexican Brotherhood to become an actual presence in the wastes. Good luck, and Ad Victorium!" he gives everyone a brief salute as they get themselves equipped for the battle.
Ironface Jones "Yes, I shall utilize stealth as much as possible, as you say, Tinman," Ironface confirms for his new boss, hitching up his belt to adjust the way it sits on his hips now that he's got a barb wire wrapped baseball bat hanging from it. "I will try to keep the damage done to the base to a minimum, as well." Looking at the building he asks, "Should I approach from the rear to help flank the enemies?"
Decius "Don't expect stealth from me considering that I'm a walking dot of red. If required I'll attack them head on though so you all can flank at your hearts content." Decius taps against his huge shield with his spear, clearly confident that that thing is going to be able to take more than just a few hits if required.
Skittles Skittles slips down off of Dusty's horse, and checks her gear. She slips out the magazine from her smg and reloads the .45 rounds into it. The orders are met with a nod, she was beginning to rather like being given orders, so long as she got to decide how to follow them. She glances up to the sky and yawns, the previous day's work still drawing a bit of a tole on her. She looks over the group, giving Iron Face a big smile when she see's the wasteland slugger at his hip. "I'm glad you got hold of that thing instead of anybody else.", she says flipping a thumbs up to him.
Dusty Rose Dusty Rose mutters a bit. The bouncing on the back of a borrowed horse isn't doing her any favors. She's still got a bit of a throb in her head after the last incident, but duty calls, so here she is. "We should go about this in a way they can't come up behind us." Again. But she doesn't add that part. She slides off once Skittles has dismounted, and ties the horse to a convenient point so it'll be there when they need to leave again.
Johnny Quixotic Johnny Quixotic is not a member of the Brotherhood of Steel. He is a quirky scavenger at best, and an unreliable, opportunistic scoundrel at worst. As far as the world at large is concerned, he is far away from here, digging through pre-War wreckage and hoping to find a bit or bauble to sell for his next meal.

Scribe Lovelace is a member of the Brotherhood of Steel... just not the one someone like Caldwell really wants in the vicinity under ideal circumstances. He's a thinker, not a fighter, and more importantly, he's not from back East. He didn't come from a culture of optimistic heroism centered around the protection of humanity. He came from one of practicality, efficiency, and the pragmatic protection of what's really irreplacable: pre-War technology.

Still, he's got his own power armor, and that counts for a lot right now.

"This is a lot of 'ifs', Caldwell." Lovelace's T-45d looks worn. It was painted in desert camouflage colors once, but now it's sanded scratches around a touched-up Brotherhood emblem in bronze, blue, silver and white. He sounds unamused. "Has there been any reconnaissance, or are you expecting to charge in the front door and hope nobody found a box of tungsten-carbide rounds for their gang?"

He looks around. The helmet makes him look perpetually impatient. It's just the design. "Is anyone light on their feet, here?" The not-Legionnaire isn't privvy to his dirty looks. Helmet again.
Guardian Caldwell Caldwell nods to the group "Head in when ready, I shall go in head first since I seem to be the only one in power armor, I will draw their fire while you take them out from behind." he looks over to Dusty and frowns slightly "We are in an open wasteland, Dusty. Theres no way they can't come from behind us unless you find some cover, which I encourage you do if you can. Cover saves lives. Anyway, we're moving in when you're all ready." and with that he takes up a position at a nearby door, ready to kick it in in a moments notice. he looks over at Lovelace who decided to show up "No recnaisssance, i'm hoping for the best, which seems to work out fairly well these days. And I doubt they've found tungsten-carbide rounds, they're raiders not eggheads."
Ironface Jones Ironface Jones looks over at Skittles and returns her thumbs up awkwardly, "Yes. I am looking forward to using it against these raiders. I feel as though I should be able to slay a great number of them with it." As Caldwell gives some more orders to the group Ironface gives him a nod of his head. Then he's off to try to go around the back of the building, ready to make a mess of some bad guys with his new equipment.
Dusty Rose "Then we should have someone keeping to the back of the group to cover it then," Dusty Rose adds. She has little problem being the one to do so, she's kind of lingering towards the rear of the group as it is. Getting up front and personal in the fighting hasn't gone very well, at least not until she can get some better protection.
Skittles Skittles blinks and glances about for the best pathway up to the building. She spots Iron Face just then and decides to give the big guy some assistance, well, more so he'd attract their attention. Still though, Setting the route in her mind she nods to Caldwell and moves as stealthily as possible towards her target.
Johnny Quixotic "Raiders get lucky just like eggheads do," Lovelace grouses. Please don't let them get lucky, he silently prays.

The other power armor-clad individual follows Caldwell up to the chosen door. Big shield guy seems like a good person to sponge bullets with. He'll be sure to take advantage of that when the shooting starts. None of them are going to be able to stay quiet for long; hopefully, the flank works.

Inwardly, Johnny reminds himself to get a bigger gun for when he's wearing this thing. Or at least to widen the trigger guard.
Decius Decius meanwhile just gets in position at the entrance with his shield raised and spear half locked under his arm to rush in after Caldwell. "Less talking, more attacking."
Guardian Caldwell Caldwell nods to Decius "I agree with the legionaire! MOVE IN!" and with that he boots in the door and raises his laser pistol, moving into the bunker to go ham on some raiders.
Dusty Rose Dusty Rose keeps to the back of the group, slinking in after the bigger and louder people have made their presence known. It gives her a prime oppritunity to catch sight of the first raider to come running to response of the invasion. With pistol in both hands to keep steady she takes aim and fires. The laser must of found the sweet spot this time, because it burns right through and the screaming raider as he collapses in a gibbed mess.
Skittles Skittles is being super ninja, or at least that's how she pictures herself, but really the Raiders just seem to be more distracted by Ironface than anything she's directly doing. She swears under her breath when she notices them notice Ironface, so she sighs, lifts and squeezes out two controlled bursts at the fellow with the shotgun. The first few bullets wiz by him, but the second volly explodes his shoulder wide open, revealing the chipped shoulderblade behind. She calls out a warning to Ironface as she attempts to throw herself to the ground.
Decius The legionnaire just barges right in and goes for the biggest and meanest looking Raider he can find which happens to also be the one who allready made acquaintance with some bullets. The result being that he ends up stabbed and electrocuted to death the moment Decius gets in range, followed by the legionnaire muttering something about degenerates.
Ironface Jones When the batle starts Ironface, who knows that he's been seen thanks to Skittles, charges forward and launches his spear into the face of one of the raiders. The son of a bitch drops dead to the ground with his face impaled. As soon as Big Iron himself is inside, though, he whips out his new bat and gets ready to bash some faces in, though he does grab his spear in his free hand to make sure he doesn't lose it.
Dusty Rose With the first group of Raiders down, Dusty keeps her head low and resumes slinking at the back of the party. It worked well the first time, so why not try it again.
Skittles Skittles hits the ground hard, sending up dirt with her impact... no wait, that's the birdshot that just smacked the ground to her side. Her reflex from fear sends her back up to her knees and she's once again running, she slows down once she sees the remaining raiders have all been ExtErmEnatEd. She stalks in after Iron Face, checking her gun for any jams after her brief encounter with the ground.
Guardian Caldwell Theres the sound of rumbling and the sound of a door being kicked open as a toothless hillbilly of a woman enters the room and raises her machine gun "YA'LL DUN FUCKED WITH THE WRONG GANG, BOYS." she yells out. "TIMMY, BILLY, LET'S WRANGLE US UP SOME DINNER." Timmy and Billy meanwhile enter with shotguns pumped and loaded "Yes mama." is their response, they look similar to their 'mother' in the fact they both look like hicks. "DODGE THIS YA VARMINTS." Joe Mama says as she raises her machine gun and spools it up, getting ready to fire at anyone unlucky enough to stand in it's way
Johnny Quixotic Caldwell and the Legionnaire kick down the door. Lovelace counts to two and rounds the corner, following them in.

His HUD finds him targets. The body heat of the raiders gives them away, even in an unlit interior. His laser pistol swings into line with the first, years of practice levelling it with the man's torso. Rags and rawhide, some part of him notes. Not enough to stop them. Not enough to stop any of them.

There's a harsh snapping sound, and a lance of red light crosses the room. The first shot takes the alert and prepared man in the chest, burning a hole the size of his fist in his chest cavity. He crumples like a puppet with its strings cut, soundlessly, hitting the floor with a thump but not a whisper. It's sudden, violent, and terrible, but Lovelace doesn't dwell on it. He's already put it together, after all: the sudden endothermic reaction cooked all the air in his lungs before he had time to scream. It's an awful way to go, but that dwelling would cost him precious time.

Two heavy steps forward. The laser pistol twitches to the right. A second shot takes another man, but it's not nearly as lethal. He aims a touch too high and the raider twists, uselessly trying to beat light at a game of tag, resulting in the shot searing the skin off his collarbone all the way across. He isn't dead, at least not for a few seconds.

That one probably gets some screaming. Lovely. Lovelace re-orients, looking for another target.
Johnny Quixotic Predictably, the power armored figure with the laser weapon is the target of the biggest god damn gun in the room. Lovelace has just enough time to start to swear.

Rounds rip across the surface of the scratched tin can. The source of the scratches becomes immediately apparent. Paint gets scraped off in a hurry. The carefully-constructed emblem gets defaced. Shots ricochet, blasting holes in the walls and ripping up the floor underneath his feet. Any single person downrange of that volley of fire would be mulched.

Ultimately, though, it's like hail on a tin roof. Nothing gets through.

The T-45d might be the oldest model of power armor around, but it was still made to crush tanks.

"FOCUS FIRE," Lovelace bellows, over the clamor. He keeps trudging forward like a force of nature, raising his gun--!
Skittles Skittles slips in behind Ironface and manages to use his figure to block her movement over behind a counter. She spots tools laying around and her heart skips a beat due to joy, but the rapidfire causes her to nearly expand that skip into a full blown heartattack. She squeezes her eyes shut as she takes inventory of herself. It wasn't her, whew. Making note in her mind where the gunfire seemed to be coming from, reversing it, so that she would know where to point after turning 180 degrees to face them, she finally makes her move, jumping up and over the counter and letting off a volly of rounds at Jo Mama, the rounds shred right into her thigh, side, and back. Gravity pulls Skittles to the ground behind a stack of old rubber tires, though she hadn't really planned that bit out; she'll have to remember it for the next time. What an odd thought to have in such a moment. Although, they are not large enough to completely shield her from view.
Dusty Rose Dusty Rose eeps and presses back out of the way when Momma whips out a machine gun and revs it up. Fortunately being at the back of the group and keeping low does pay off a second time. When all the bullet spewing winds down for a few moments she points her pistol in Momma's direction and tries to aim. Unfortunately that lingering ache in her head decides to act up, and her aim drifts as she pulls the trigger, sending a couple of laser bolts whizzing just past the hillbilly broad's head.

She really needs to go get her head looked at when they're not getting into so much trouble.
Decius Decius instinct in response to the degenerate broad opening fire with a machinegun is not to start backing off to shoot but instead to raise his shield and charge. The fact that with a quick lunge forwards he quickly dodges a shotgun blast from one of the other raiders and the degenerate with the machinegun allready got shot at quickly results in a spear sticking out the other end of her body while being painfully electrocuted to death.
Johnny Quixotic Lovelace immediately gains a newfound respect for people with big shields and even bigger balls.

He spots one of the pair with the shotguns. Mama is handled. He can see that he has that mad gleam of someone who wants to waste ammunition on a suit of powered armor. Inexplicably, this gets his blood up. "Oh no you don't," he snarls. "I /just/ got this thing tuned the way I wanted it."

CRACK, CRACK goes the laser. 'Thump' goes Billy Blueballs.
Ironface Jones Upon seeing his allies getting shot Ironface lets out a mighty roar and spittle flies from his mouth. Seeing that the big one is already head the big tribal instead charges at the second nastiest looking bastard there. There's three swings of the bat, two of which happen to go wild. But that third one? When it connects the air suddenly fills with blood and brain matter spatters across Ironface as he bellows his war cry.
Guardian Caldwell The final raider goes down in a heap as all seems to go quiet, the constant sounds of lasers, smgs firing, and shotgun blasts all seem to slowly fade away, sure some of you were bound to be deaf after that but what really matters was what was here right now. SOME SWEET ASS LOOT (Hopefully if you can find any) and the fact that the New Mexican BoS had cleared out Outpost 01 for the safety of El Dorado. Joe Mama and her gang had been defeated and the wasteland was a safer place now that the New Mexican BoS had a safe spot to retreat too when times get rough or they just need a place to chill. Caldwell walks up to each of you and deposits a sack of caps in your hands. "This is for the job you all just did, you should also feel good that you've succesfully helped us clear out a portion of the wasteland and claim our first territroy. With this success comes an offering, you're free to join the New Mexican Brotherhood Of Steel should you wish to, we welcome all into our ranks and you will surely find allies in us. Whether you wish to join or not, call on us if you need anything. We're here to serve the wasteland and it's people."
Johnny Quixotic Lovelace takes his time sweeping the place for possible holdouts, traps, and anything that might be valuable that isn't already nailed down. He ends up with a steamer trunk full of armor that, like all things out here, has seen better days. He hauls it around with one hand, takes the caps with the other, and adds it to the contents.

"Pass," he says flatly. "For now. I've got a job to do." Lovelace starts back towards the front door, but stops, turning to Caldwell. "We'll talk, though. Maybe when the bodies are cleared out, and with less people around." He makes for the exit. Is he secretly someone's Mysterious Stranger perk?!
Dusty Rose "Is that all of them?" Dusty turns her head a bit to look around. As soon as it's apparent they don't have any more potential attackers her usual mannerisms kick in. "Time to explore!"
Skittles Skittles staggers to her feet, the concrete floor making a bit more of an impact than the dirt outside. Maybe she shouldn't be throwing herself around like this. In the stories she heard, they always told of the heros doing daring stunts. Anyway, she's surprised once the firefight ends, and begins looking around. Looting the bodies for whatever remains, she spots a shine of metal and quickly snatching it up, thinking it to be tech. Her hopes are dashed thoughas her tryumphent smile turns into dismay, the brass knuckles obviously not what she thought she saw. Still though, they made her feel cool, so that was something.
Decius "Like last time, I'll consider it." Decius simply ignores the speech and barely takes much time to have another look at the place, prefering to depart quickly again to get as much space between himself and the delusional Tinman as possible. A bunch of ragtag Wastelander, two tinmen and a rundown ruin do not make a Brotherhood chapter.
Ironface Jones After knocking someone's brains out Ironface has to take a second to try to get them out of the barb wire on his slugger, tapping it against the floor to try to shake the bits loose. It's while he's doing this that loot starts to get divvied up. Without much to do about it he moves forward when it's his turn and picks up the fanciest looking thing that's still left, an assault rifle. Slinging it over his back he then looks over his allies to make sure that they all seem well.
Dusty Rose Dusty Rose abrutly comes running back through the main area, pulling on a leather jacket she found as she does so. "I gotta run back to town and borrow some stuff from the shop!" She found the garage, and now she's heading 'home' to get her tools and such. Wonder what she found in there that's got her so excited.