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Qwillis     Word came on the latest caravan to reach El Dorado. There is reports of a supposedly untouched spot of resources! It looks like it use to be a grocery store, or something like that in a past life. Now? it's a hunkered down hulk of a building that's 9/10ths the way in tact. Word got around about how to get it and it seems there's someone in El Dorado paying for people to go scope it out on how viable it actually is. This of course, leaves those who are showing up to meet up where the sponsor said and head for that spot before anyone else does..
Doomguy doomguy shows up were the sponser said to show wearing is new power armor and bfg in tow looking round he waits for the others as he takes a drag from a stale ciggerret
Abigail Caine     "Well, it beats digging in the dust," Gale observes, squinting as she surveys the people arranged at the meeting spot. It's hard to tell her expression, given that her black hat, dark glasses, and bandanna survey to hide her entire face. Between that, the combat armor, heavy boots, and gloves Gale does not show even a speck of skin. She doesn''t even have a maask on but she manages. Across the woman's back is a carbine and a 10mm pistol is holstered on her belt. She's been wandering around, scouting their meeting area, never quite remaining still. Just in case.
Scarlet It was hard to mask your approach or be stealthy when you had a broken leg from being attacked by strange mutants from Mexico along with their pet dogs and so there was no attempt by Scarlet to hide her approach towards the old grocery store the group was gathering near.

Holding her SMG in one hand non-threateningly but totally ready to rock, she waved to the group from El Dorado and asked with a grin, "Sup?" If they were hostile, she would find out soon enough.
Fiona Fiona trudges, it is a long walk. Wearing a miltia uniform and carrying a shouldered weapon, she would fight in a marching unit, just they are not here. Army of One, Yo. She draws out a half smoked and much chewed cigar to light as she approaches the meeting point. "Damn, I need a horse." She mutters around the abused stoggie as she light it in heavy draws.
Qwillis     The group meets up with each other at that meeting point. Just within visual range of the lump of dirt that was said to be this shop! It seems that Scarlet also happens across the group, but she's from a slightly different direction.
Abigail Caine     "Hello," Gale calls to Scarlet as the woman is approaching them. She squints slightly and adjusts the carbine on her back. What she does not do, however, is ready her weapon. "You look like you're in rough shape. Looking at the store over there?" Gale tilts her head in the direction of the building and then lightly shrugs her shoulders before walking forward. "We're scouting it out. Open call, welcome to join in if you want to be paid." She picks her way easily across the dirt toward the store... Dirt lump... Whatever.
Fiona Fiona slips her rifle off her shoulder, keeping the barrel down as she twists to a counter clockwise angle and charges it. She rolls her neck to crack a few tired joints. Her steady stride halts with her dropping to one knee. The rifle barrel lifted up in a direction at a distance. "Come on down, folks sneak-up me make me nervous." Fiona draws the weapon in tight to her shoulder. "Hey Cuz, there is another skulking about." Thumb rested on the fire selector. "Lady, you got a friend?" she asks of Scarlet.
Scarlet "Mostly just looking for a place to die in a corner quietly, but yeah, I suppose I could swap that out for making a few caps, let me just check my schedule." Scarlet replied to Abigail before looking at an imaginary schedule book, "Looks like I'm all free." When Fiona asks about a friend, she looks confused and shakes her head, "Nah, all my friends are gone away or dead or both."
Qwillis     There's a few beats of silence from Fiona calling out, before a set of heads, along with a set of guns, pop up behind a dune. They're all aimed at the group while 1 person stands up rather boldly at the top of the dune. "Hey!! This is Eagle Gang territory and we're claimin what's in that shop for ours! If ya know what's good for you?? GET LOST!!" The men would all fire a salvo at the rest of you, although it's either just really crapping aiming, or warning fire as they all hit the dirt well before the group.
Scarlet Scarlet was likely delirious in pain and shock from the injuries she had suffered, she seemed oblivious to the Eagle Gang and pointed up ahead asking groggily, "Do you all see those clowns with machetes to?" ZONK! She fell to the ground unconscious!
Abigail Caine     Gale curses quietly when Scarlet drops toward the ground and then she shifts her weight forward, frowning. "Aw... Damn it. Guess she wasn't kidding about finding a place to die. Well, we can worry about that after these shit heads." She adjusts her rifle and sights it on the 'leader' of the group. The man shouting. Shots have been fired, so Gale isn't going to hesitate. Maybe she misunderstood the warning fire. Because if someone doesn't stop her she's shooting back right now.
Fiona Fiona continues to scan the area she saw some motion as she siddle scoots towards Gale and the stranger woman. "Well, this is just great. I walked too far for chumps." If Fiona is supposed to be the voice of reason, well like the song, 'Let's Get it On.' Fiona aims at the talker careful, "El Dorado Militia.. Ah Damn." Select single fire. Squeeze.
Qwillis     The leader yelps, then curses roundly as the two women open up on him. He'd fall down after the last shot, making it hard to tell if he's alive or dead for those at the bottom of the dune. The others would duck down some, with Abigail catching one of them partly on that edge of the dune. From there, they'd open up on Fiona and Gale both. The one shooting at Fiona causing her danger sense to ping, letting her get out of the way. The other two were both shooting at Gale.
Fiona Fiona pops at the leader till the two Caines take him down, the she shifts focus to the second. She slips out of the way of a bullet. First shot eats dune, second finds the mark. "Better run for you die!" She calls out and readies another round of shots.
Qwillis     The next flunky, while those initial shots would hit the dirt, the follow up shots manage to tag him, one rebounding off his helmet, the other clipping him in the shoulder as he'd drop under the edge of that dune, cussing. Loudly. The others there would grit their teeth and take more shots at Fiona and Gale both. How dare they fight against the Eagle Gang!!
Abigail Caine Gale fires a few quick shots, squinting as she watches everything going down in slow motion. She's already moving- but Fiona knows how her right leg can get sometimes. It isn't too fast, really. Somehow she avoids getting shot by ducking, shifting her weight, or zigging where others would zag, for lack of a rock to crouch behind. "Get to cover, already!" Gale calls to the woman standing beside her. But as for the older scout? Her first few rounds find their marks and then she fires off a series of heavy bursts. "Too much cover on that dune. Going to see if I can get around to flank them. I'll take the one on the left. Cover me?"
Abigail Caine     Gale's rifle fires dry and she pauses, shaking her head. "Like I said..." Then she is moving across the sand. The small woman is nimble as she keeps to cover, moving from rock to rock and then ends up with her back against the dune the gangers have holed up behindd amid oncoming enemy fire. Then she reaches up a hand and literally climbs over the top and drops on top of the second gunner. She rams a fist into his abdomen, then knees him in the groin kicks him for good measure once he's hit the ground. A deep breath follows as the tiny scout rounds on the rest of them. "Sugar gang, was it? Needs a more intimidating name..."
Qwillis     With Gale managing to make it up and over that dune, it causes the gangers to break. The leader tries a reactionary shot, but she avoids it, then manages to collapse the chest in of the ganger she pummelled. The rest of them run, screaming down the hill. "YOU HAVEN'T SEEN THE LAST OF THE EAGLE GANG!!!" Would be the only one not hurt yelling back at them as they'd flee!