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Iris Lark Iris is dragging poor Percy around the Wasteland today, and if he minds, he hasn't spoken up yet. She pushes into the Store and glances back towards Percy. "This is the Acme General Store, I helped clean it up and get it started." She pauses and then heads towards the cooler. "I figure this is the best spot to get a cool drink, since it's alway so bloody hot outside.
Harlan      It's the same old story as of late for Harlan. There's the hard ring of metal of metal coming from the back.. a hiss of stream.. and the additional ringing of metal. This has become regular ambiance for the store.. and hopefully the Smith hasn't out worn his welcome.

Harlan emerges from the back around the same time the other two arrive wearing his leather apron. He removes said apron and hangs it up in the storage room before grabbing a towel from his backpack and wiping down his face and arms.

"Well hey there, Iris.. and Mister." He offers a friendly nod to the dragged individual.
Percy     If Percy does mind getting dragged all about, he certainly hasn't voiced it yet. In fact he seems most open to the idea, smiling and taking mental notes of various locations as he's given the 'official tour'. With a clean shirt (as clean as shirts get) tucked into some pants, the short-cut hair blue-eyed man glances about the store. "You did?" He queries with mild surprise. "Well, good on you Iris. I'd say you have some good karma coming your way. Regardless, a cool drink sounds fantastic."
    The emergence of Harlan from the back draws his gaze, a hand outstretching as he comes into range. "Good afternoon. Percy Cooke," He introduces himself. "Iris is just showing me around. Is this your store?"
Iris Lark "I'm not looking for Karma, Percy. I'm looking to give it away." Iris says, and when Harlan walks into the store she gives him a brief hug and a smile. "Harlan! How are you doing today?" She hands Percy a bottle of water and then moves towards the counter. "I came by's hot outside a bit."
Harlan      Harlan beams at the hug and gives Iris a light squeeze back in return. He then steps over and takes the outstretched hand in his own strong calloused one. "Harlan Smith." He replies simply enough.

"It's a shared store. All of Vault Team Six has contributed. I just happen to use the small forge out back quite a bit." He turns to Iris to answer her question.

"I'm doing good. Enjoying my work and my health. How about you? People giving you a break from sewing them back up?"
Percy     "How much are you selling it for?" Percy muses. "I plan on exploring the surrounding wastelands soon. I've replaced my gun, but I might need some karma if the tales of raiders nearby are accurate!" Taking the bottle of water with one hand, Percy gives a firm shake to Harlan with introductions made. "Well met, Harlan. A pleasure." A brief nod is given to the man in understanding, before he starts to open the water bottle and chug down some its contents.
    "Vault Team Six?" Percy asks, sounding curious. "Forgive me, but I'm not familiar with that term. Is that... a team from an actual vault? Or does it represent something else?" He leans to the side then, cool eyes trying to spot the forge that Harlan speaks of. Obviously he cannot see it! "You make weapons and armour? I imagine you're quite the asset around these parts if so."
Iris Lark Iris giggles at Percy and shrugs. "Karma is expensive, super expensive." She leans against the counter and smiles over at Harlan and Percy. "Vault Team Six is a little group of people who like to help out around the Wasteland." She pushes away and walks back towards both men. "He's the best, so very nice and good at crafting." She pats Harlan on the arm and adds. "He even protects me occasionally when I get into trouble."
Harlan      Harlan puffs up a little bit at the compliments for Iris and beams a grin. "Well shucks." He then nods to Percy. "Weapons and Armor including Gunsmithing. I'm a man who believes in good tools in good hands." He glances back to Iris. "Well, of course I protect you.. you've patched half the local population back together. Saving you is like saving a small town's worth of lives."
Percy     "Oh really?" Percy looks to Iris as she explains what exactly Vault Team Six is and what Harlan does. "I'll have to keep that in mind then, Harlan. Do you take orders? Should I add my requests to a long list of others? I'd love to know what sort of stuff you have when it comes to armour and protection. Maybe something light, but... well, strong enough to protect me if I get knifed in the back." There's a nervous chuckle.
    Placing a hand onto his hip, Percy nods in agreement to what the gunsmith has to say. "Well said. On both counts. What sort of activities and adventures do you get up to around the wasteland in your team? I went near the Roswell site a couple of days ago to look for some particular pieces of salvage. Couldn't find any, but the whole area was fascinating." Pause. "Aliens, y'know? They could actually be there."
Iris Lark Iris lets Harlan answer the question about the orders and she drinks her water and peeks out of the back door. "We scav and help people, lots of other things as well, but I haven't ..I mean most of it is us going on adventures trying to find something to do."
Harlan      Harlan crosses his arms and huffs. "Well, long as long of a list as I'd like. Unfortunately, I'm finding good materials hard to come by. Doing a bit better when it comes to what I need for improving firearms then good metal stock for armor and weapons." He uncrosses his arms and eyes Percy up and down, one hand rubbing his chin. "Well.. if it's light you are wanting, you may need to find yourself a leather worker. Otherwise, we are still stocking up. Sold my last piece of light armor I was willing to part with. I am working on a new set of metal leg guards.. not sure how they are going to turn out.. Last pair were pretty nice." He grins, "Otherwise, other members of the team might have things to sell you."
Percy     "You get bored?" Percy clarifies to Iris, sounding mildly surprised. "Well, whatever you need to do to keep active I suppose." Fishing around in his right pocket, Percy pulls out a scrunched piece of paper. Unfolding it, he takes a quick glance at it, before shoving it back down into the pockets of his pants. "Good pieces of scrap are hard to find, it's true." Admitted with a soft tone and a shrug. "But just gotta keep looking, right?"
    Rubbing his nose, the blue-eyed man takes a moment to survey the store once more, drinking from his water bottle to quench his thirst. "That sounds like a good plan. Looking into leather, I mean. Perhaps if I can find the necessary materials it would hold me in good stead. Who are the other members?" He asks, looking to both Iris and Harlan. "Are they... all able to craft good gear? That's quite a crew if so!"
Iris Lark "There is quite a spread." Iris says, her head tilted as she considers briefly. "I don't think we have a leatherworker, but.." She grins at Percy and nods to herself. "Look for Decius - he's the guy who got me my armor and he always seems to have some that he's able to part with." She glances at Harlan and then back to Percy, "We might need another doctor..maybe..and..I could talk to Alice..."
Harlan      "That they are, got to keep a good eye out for it." He nods in the affirmative and glances toward Iris. "Yea, don't think we have a leather worker." He hums, "Ah, you a doctor then? Yep, more healing hands around is never a bad thing.. I mean, Iris does pretty damn well at keeping us right as rain, but I'm sure she could use less workload form us."

He shakes his head, "I don't have a full roster to memory, to be honest.. I'm a bit new in my own right. Vuk is worth noting.. tough fella. Though keeps poor Iris busy.. Then there's uh.. Lucky.. and of course, Alice." He leans against counter and eyes Iris for a moment. "I know I'm missing names.. Vaultmeat and 9k are sorta like mascots."
Percy     "That I am. Classically trained for over a decade." Percy confirms to Harlan, before holding up a hand, as if to surrender position. "I'm happy to help you and your team members, or anyone really. But my days of joining teams or crews are over. I did enough of that when I was a combat medic in the NCR." He squirms a little at some memories that flash behind his eyes. "To be honest, right now I'm just happy staying mostly in. Working with Iris at her clinic, researching, and as you say Harlan, patching people up. Well. And maybe go to the outskirts every now and then to stretch my legs." A cheeky grin graces his face, before it wavers a bit.
    "...vaultmeat?" Percy rubs his eyes with his index finger and thumb. "...please don't tell me you guys called a pet 'vaulmteat'."
    With a breath he sort of shakes his head. "Vuk." Hmm. "That was the man you said I should speak to about bio-tech work, right Iris? Is he in that field?"
Iris Lark "I didn't name the dog." Iris murmurs, but she digs a sleeping piglet out of her cloak and holds him out towards Perry. "Named my piglet, Bacon." She goes quiet for a moment and her voice lowers. "I want you to speak to Vuk because he has cybernetics in him, not because he ..does the work. I'm more worried about what the things inside of him might do one day."
Harlan      Harlan raises an eyebrow, the whole cybernetics thing is kind of new to him. He reaches over and gives the piglet a pet before fetching himself some water. "Ah, I understand you about teams, but I figured I need some people to care for and care about.. and I ran into this crew while dealing out some justice, so I decided to stick them around." He gestures toward Iris with his mug. "She sealed the deal with her miracle working hands."
Kaydin     Kaydin comes into the store and waves to the people. The man moves to pull off his NCR helmet. "Hey Iris." Kaydin says as he looks to the pig. "It's named bacon?" Kaydin asks as he then looks to harlan. "Where is your shop?" Kaydin asks curiously.
Percy     "Dealing out justice, huh?" Percy muses to Harlan. "You sound like an action hero. And I can take a look at Vuk, absolutely." He replies to Iriss, sounding confident and re-assuring as he reaches out to pat the piglet named Bacon. "Bacon is at least better than Vaultmeat."
    With a slow exhale he finishes off his bottle of water, a satisfied sigh escaping his lips. "Cybernetics can carry a bit of a 'heavy' tone with it. And to be sure, if installed or fit incorrectly it can backfire and damage not only the connective tissue, but the entire body. I once had a patient: an NCR ranger with a cybernetic eye. He had it fit years ago by some Doc in the wastes trying to make a few caps. Thing had been slowly burning the nerves away in his skull. By the time I fixed it, he couldn't feel his face anymore." Percy frowns. "...but that's an extreme case. I'm sure Vuk is fine. But can't hurt to inspect and make sure everything is going as expected."
    Then, a new arrival! Percy turns to glance at Kaydin, his attention going to the NCR helmet instinctively.
Iris Lark "I would like him to be okay, I don't think they're going to short out..or at least I hope not." Iris says, her eyes wide as she gazes at Percy. She lets Bacon down and the piglet trots around the store, sniffing for something. "I'll try to get Vuk somewhere so you can look at him, hopefully soon."
Harlan      Harlan shakes his head. "Not a hero.. maybe just a little vindictive. A posse was formed to deal with the former Major Solomon.. and I knew that bastard from WAY back. He deserved an ass kicking." He nods with a firm grunt then glances Kaydin's direction. "My current forge is out back.. I'm working with the rest of the team to sell goods out of here for now. Lookin' for something?"
Kaydin     "If you have any kind of pistols I would be interested. I got a rifle I need to trade or atleast I am thinking of trading." Kaydin says as he watches the piglet and smiles. He then turns to Percy and offers his free hand. "Name's Kaydin. NCR ranger."
Percy     "Sounds like a plan. You know where I work." Percy jokes to Iris.
    Turning about with a wrinkle of his nose, the blue-eyed Doctor starts to make his leave. As he reaches the front door he turns, bringing focus back to Harlan as he leans against the wall. "I've heard of this Major Solomon person. Just stories, but if he's anything like what they tell me then I'm glad you kicked his ass."
    Extending an arm, almost a bit hesitantly, Percy gives Kaydin's hand a firm squeeze. "Well met, Ranger Kaydin." Said from a man familiar with the titles and ranks that the NCR produces. "I'm Percy Cooke. Forgive me for not staying around to talk more, but I have an appointment back at the clinic." He nods about to those gathered, and offers a brief wave. "It was good to meet you, Harlan. You too, Ranger Kaydin. Iris, I'll see you back at the clinic."
    With that said, he's out the door.
Iris Lark Iris grins at Kaydin and pats Harlan on the back. "I'm going to go head out for a bit of adventure, now that I have my water." She gathers her hair and braids it into a messy bun. She takes off her jacket and sets it aside. "I'll be back for this in a bit, okay?"
Harlan      Harlan waves farewell to Percy, "Nice meetin' ya." He glances toward Iris and offers her a little smile followed by a nod. "Don't get into too much trouble, just yell if you need me out there." He turns toward Kaydin. "No pistols or rifles currently in stock unfortunately. We just got the store cleaned out. One of the other members is bound to have something though.. Only think I can really offer is gun modification at this moment."
Kaydin     "What kind of modification can you do on a revolver?" Kaydin asks as he reaches for the revolver at his hip and unholsters it, and offers it to the gunsmith. "Mind if I watch you work?"
Harlan Harlan raises an eyebrow at Kaydin. "Well, I don't do it for free. It's 500 caps if you have the tools. 750 if you don't. I do trade though." He steps behind the counter. "I can custom fit it to your personal grip (+1 dice).. makes it a bit more accurate. I can modify the trigger to make it a bit more sensitive.. helps with firing off multiple shots. (+1 dice Rapid Shot, only -2 dice for snapshot.) I can also give it a fine-tuning and make it more reliable. (One attack or damage re-roll per scene)." He lays out his tools on the counter.
Kaydin     Kaydin nods and holsters the revolver. "I dont have the caps for it so maybe another time." Kaydin says as he looks around and then back to harlan. "So where did you learn your gunsmithing skills? Self taught?"
Harlan      "Apprenticeship when I was a lad. Picked it up after learning blacksmithing from my father. Seemed like a complimentary skill." He nods, "Well, good luck in finding the caps. Happy to make a special firearm just a little more special." He thumbs toward the back. "I'm going to hammer out some more blanks. Hope to see you back."
Kaydin     Kaydin nods as he watches the man and puts his helmet on his head and begins to head out as well.