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Vault Girl It was early morning. A day since poor little cute Eden had headed into Dunwich on her own, quite bravely in fact. It had been a fortnight since she had been attacked by a vehicle, a demonic car that had headlights of crimson and heavy metal music playing from the speakers; the heavy bass booming.

Eden was lying unconscious still, her body flung unceremoniously passed the sign warning people not to head into Dunwich as she had nightmares of a killer car trying to well, kill her!
Lucky To Funwich and beyond!

Those were not the thoughts running through Lucky's head. No, he heard of the rumors and stories of Dunwich and has stayed clear of the town as much as he could. It wasn't that the kid believed in the supernatural, or ghosts, but something about the town gave him bad vibes. Bad vibes for Lucky meant stay away.. Far, far away.

However, today was different. Today required his attention as a fellow Vaulter teammate hasn't reported or been seen for almost two days. Lucky, being out near the Drake family farm was asked to head out and find the unlucky vaulter named Eden.

So, the desert Ranger of the Mojave headed out to Dunwich quietly. As he approaches the town, he begins to cautiously walk; eyes taking in everything around him with alertness.
Eden Eden moans in her unconcious state. nightmares are so real she is starting to twich and cry out. Visions of her attacker finding her everywhere- no escape. Everywhere she turns, it is watching
Lucky The moans from Eden catches the attention of the kid. He pauses, eyes glancing around slowly before falling upon her. "Shit." He mumbles and takes off in a run, sliding to a halt next to her.

He raises his hand to be placed near her mouth and sighs in relief as he feels breath. "Thank the gods." He murmurs, before pulling out water "Sorry about that's.." He murmurs, pouring water over her face slightly
Eden Eden coughs and sputters. Shaking, she jumps and flails, her nightmares and attacks still too vivid in her mind to process that she is out of danger. After a moment she calms. Closing her eyes and opening them again with a deep breath, she looks around and is thrilled to see a familiar face. "where, what.... how did you find me?"
Lucky "By, well, dumb luck I suppose." Lucky responds, still kneeling next to her as he helps her sit up. "Got told by the vault team you were out this way; I was closest so I went." He notes with a small smile, handing the water to her. "What happened?"
Eden Eden points "that place- has got some problems. I heard there was a lot of stuff, so i came looking. there's this awesome mechanic shop. you should see all the stuff! but, I tried to touch it and a car started chasing me. Then I was here"
Lucky Looking to the town in the distance, Lucky blinks and glances back to Eden. "Car? Chase you?" He scoffs, head shaking "Eden, I think you've been in the sun too long." He hands her the water again. "Drink." He notes with a small smile. "There is no way a car would start up on it's own and begin to chase you. You probably just bonked your head on something the mechanic shop and wandered out of town and collapsed here." He notes. It was the most rational explanation after all. I mean, phantom cars that chase people? Yeah.. right.
Eden Eden admits "well something hit me, but that shit was real. I swear it" She looks wistfully at the town. "I want to go back, but I don't wanna die there. You should see the mechanic place though- it was amazing. I soo need to know how it worked. Was it part robot? Or was it really haunted?" She tries to stand up, falters, and falls back down on her tookas with a thump. "I don't feel so good"
Lucky Lucky bends down and hmm slightly "Not a doctor, but I suspect you have a concussion." He notes calmly thinking. "Afraid strength isn't one of my strong suits, but I can help you walk until we at least reach Roswell. From there, we can rest." A pause "I know a doctor in Avalon.. at least I think she is still in Avalon." He adds thinking "If not it will be a long haul to El Dorado, but we won't need to walk.. the caravans can take us there."
Eden Eden looks at him embarrassed but grateful. "I guess it was pretty stupid to go alone. I just thought looking would be no big deal." Laughing a bit at herself, she stands up again, stumbles, but steadies herself and wraps an arm around Lucky's shoulder. "Well, I promise to do something nice in return. Thanks Lucky"
Lucky "Na, not dumb or stupid Eden." Lucky quickly replies with a kind-hearted smile. "we all travel alone a lot on these roads." he notes, looking to the town as he steadies her. "Just Dunwich is known for some off the wall stuff. Probably nothing more than advance technology being utilized by some technologist geek-head who gets a hard on scaring the living shit out of people." He says with a simple shrug "Some people just don't have a lot of time on there hands, or as I said gets off on this sort of shit."

Giving her a comforting smile, Lucky adds "You ready?"
Eden Eden leans on lucky. She doesn't really have a choice. "Yeah, I'm ready. Caravan home sounds like a good plan."
Lucky Lucky smiles again, nodding his head and begins to lead Eden back toward Roswell. It would be a slow, yet long walk to the township; but Lucky's determination, plentiful water and spirited attitude would keep the two going.