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Owner Pose
Iris Lark Iris was walking along the road slowly, not completely sure what she was looking for - maybe she just needed to get away. The night is quiet, and there isn't much noise or anything out here so when someone seems to be stumbling closer, she freezes. Gazing out into the dark to see who it might be.
Eden Eden squints and sees a person - a familiar person. The exact person she desperately needs right now. She thinks. "Is that you Iris?"
Iris Lark Iris hurries forward and catches Eden as she stumbles slightly closer. "Eden, what happened to you?" She whispers, gazing around the at the shadows moving across the Wasteland. "It's dangerous out here."
Eden Eden says "I thought it was just a mechanic shop. Wanted to see what was there. Seriously never guessed a car would try to eat me" She pauses and looks up at Iris to see if the healer believes her. "I'm not crazy I swear. There was a car. It chased me. back There" Eden points toward the west. "Lucky woke me up and helped me this far. He's just resting back there a minute when I saw you coming"
Iris Lark Iris glances west and then back to Eden. "Here.." She says, easing the woman down to the ground. "Sit down here, and let me look at your wounds." She murmurs, a frown on her face. "A car tried to eat you?" She asks, wincing a bit.
Eden Eden grunts as she sits. Everything hurts. Pain in places she didn't know she had. "Everywhere I went it followed me. chasing me. Then I woke up outside the town with lucky splashing water on me. oh god it was scary... and how the hell can you make a car do that?"
Iris Lark "Well I've seen a lot of strange things in my time here..someone had to have done somethting to that car." Iris says, her tone reassuring and quiet. She pulls some supplies from her medikit and she applies some salve to the bruises and cuts and dresses Eden's wounds. "Listen Eden, you still have to get to Roswell and get back to town, you need to lay down and rest a bit."
Eden Eden nods "Yes maam. I feel like I could sleep for a year. sleep sounds sooooo nice." Thank you Iris. My parents always- did the money stuf... I have no idea how much.. " Opens her bag "i am so glad i ran into you though. Thank you"
Iris Lark "It's fifty caps, and..make sure you go straight to Roswell, no detours." Iris says sternly to the bandaged mechanic. "Once you're safe in El Dorado, I'll come take a look at you, okay?"
Eden eden nods at Iris gratefully. "I will go straight home. I promise"
Iris Lark "See that you do, I'll check up on you when I'm back in town." Iris murmurs, leaning in to give the girl a brief gentle hug. "Stay on the road, okay?"