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Milton There's one blackjack table that has been taken up by a gentleman that seems to be garnering a lot of attention. One Milton T Knox, with his styled hair and pampered mustaches speaking to a small gaggle of women who are obviously.. workers here in the Saloon.

"It's true I thought I was a goner for sure. Standing there, reaching for the sky. This was before I had my pistol.." He pats his hip and asides to a particularly lovely redhead who he slips a few caps to, "Be a darling and go fetch me a Soda and Gin and whatever these other three lovelies and yourself might desire."

He's playing at a table with two other men who are looking, to say the least, perturbed because Milton obviously has money. And Milton is obviously taking there. But he sits there wearing a fatman pistol on his hip and currently talking about his many wasteland adventures which he seems to have survived.

The dealer is eating it up.

"So there I was and I thought for sure the big mug was going to dispatch, then and there. Fortunately for me, my pocket was me ch happened to catch the light in what a passing NCR Patrol thought was an S.O.S. and I was inclined to deter them from their belief as they dispatched the Raiders and were kind enough to drop me at home. I tell you it was just like being back in California." His accent An odd Boston Brahim, perhaps learned second hand. As if he'd learned the language from someone who speaks the strange upper crust accent.
Stockton Stockton had heard there was something of a ruckus, or at least a loud mouth at the Saloon. So he'd given Iris a ride back into town and escorted her to the Saloon. Apparently she'd never seen a working girl or boy in person before, so he's rectifying that as well. He's got his Stetson on as he walks in through the door, adjusting his hat once in side. A smoldering cigarillo is chewed on between his teeth in the corner of his mouth. Those intense eyes wash over the laughter and noise slowly. Trying to make sure everyone's behaving. Of course, having the Sheriff in the place might encourage such things. "So yer tellin' me, you never seen a prostitute do 'er thing?" he asks the healer a bit curiously. Attention focusing on Milton as he tells his tales. The big guy squints some and starts after that particular table. Blackjack? The Sheriff can play some. "What's the buy in, fellers?" He's not sitting just yet, lingering close to Iris so she doesn't get frozen in place with her eyes wide and her jaw agape.
Iris Lark "I'm fairly sure they don't have sex in public." Iris deadpans, coming to a brief stop as they walk into the Casino. She's silghtly charmed by all of the lights and the decorations and gazes around until she sees Milton and hears his words. When Stockton settles down for some poker she moves to find a place to sit where she can still listen to Milton.
Fiona Fiona walks through the saloon, slipping off her hat and passing her service rifle off to the barkeep. She gets a tall flat beer skunked beer.

Then the militia soldier just continues dusty from the trail back to the casino. Her hand reaches in the militia uniform duster and draws out mangled short cigar that has seen more of chewing than of smoking. "Howdy." She announces to the room as if a whole group cares. As she moves closer to Milton's table, she greets, "Sheriff." Nodding to a few others including Milton and Iris.
Milton The presence of the Sherriff is quick enough to set the two men who were eyeing Milton on edge and they stand, take their leavings and flee the table leaving plenty of room. Milton tips his hat to Stockton and greets jovially, "Well a good evening to you, Lawman. You're looking particularly rugged today. And Doctor Lark! A pleasant surprise, my Darling, would you like an Old Fashioned. I'm having one." He's ordered a Gin an Soda but he lifts his still half full glass. He is a man who can afford another drink before he's finished his first.

On the subject of ladies of the evening Milton shakes his head. "No, no, Miss Iris. Not at all. They're not common harlots, are you?" He asks the redhead who comes back with his drink and he smiles at her charmingly if maybe just a teeny bit arrogantly. "I was just telling that gentleman and the lovely ladies of my adventures and the stories I've heard passing about the wasteland. Anything, in particular, happen to tickle your fancy, Sherrif? Doctor?" Ever polite, blithely smiling at the group as if he hadn't a care in the world. Nevermind the fact he just laid down a Straight. Fiona's arrival gains a tip of Milton's derby hat, "Miss." He greets cordially, "Would you like to join us for a round?" He drawls amiably.
Stockton Stockton chuckles and shakes his head at Iris, "Ya never know, this is the lawless wastes," he teases and ends up sending the other scattering, it suits him just fine. If his presence is enough to discourage anyone that woulda done something stupid, well he's happy for it. "You were tellin' 'em of yer travels, and oh what travels ya've had. But tell me somethin', Milton. What've you learned from it all?" he asks rather pointedly, he'd rather not hear the whole shebang, just the interesting parts. Chewing on that cigar to the other side, he offers Fiona a tip of his hat, "Ma'am," because even if he doesn't know her name, he's obliged to interact.
Iris Lark Iris smirks at Stockton and shakes her head, a wry grin on her lips. "If this is the lawless waste, what in the world are you, *Sheriff*?" She jokes, primly crossing her legs as she shifts to get comfortable in her seat. She takes her drink and sips slowly at it, waiting to hear what other stories that Milton might have to offer the group that remains. When Fiona moves into the Casino and Iris smiles up at her when she arrives at the table, raising a glass briefly as a greeting.
Fiona Fiona settles in, hat in her lap. Then she lifts her beer, briefly wondering if she could have mooched better she hadn't got the beer. Her eyes dance over the table. There is a smirk as the sheriff asks for the after action summary. "Well, there is a little law, too much order makes it stuffy."
Milton Milton chuckles and checks his watch and nods to one of the ladies to take the orders of those at the table with him. He continues to smile as if the world were all sunshine and rainbows, apparently is for Milton. "Well. Buy in I believe is fifty caps, Sheriff if you'd like to talk over a game of cards. I'm game. In fact, I'll even pay all of your first in, it means the pot goes to the victor." He nods, "And at least two hundred caps, but you'll have to raise with your own fortunes I'm afraid. Come, let's play a game. And you can all tell me what subjects interest you and I can tell you what I've heard." One of the hookers reaches under Milton's coat but while he's cheerful he's not always a rube. He takes her hand, which was inching towards his cigarette case and kisses her knuckles. "You need only to ask my dear, I'm no as stingy as other men in the wasteland." He takes the case out and gives her an expensive-looking brown cigarette that smells fragrant. "Nonsense, nonsense my dear don't you know this strong fellow. Why in his youth he used to be the Terror of the Border lands. Nary a dry ear or unwedged ..what was the term?" He asks Stockton then continues leaning back, But I digress. I believe this lawman will be a little more fun that our dearly departed Sherriff Wayne, don't you?" He asks Iris.
Stockton Stockton laughs and slaps the table, "That's a damn good question, Iris!" he laughs aloud, a big belly laugh while he shakes his head, "I'm just a feller what wanted to see his city do well," he offers without much in the way of pomp or circumstance. He chuckles and pulls out a few caps stacking them neatly as he settles up to the table to get dealt in. "Subjects? Anything that might concern me or my town. We're a wary natient thing right now, beset on all sides by varying forces. All, I think, because there's a Vault nearby with secrets galore. Nevermind the Horde of FEV mutants headed this way that have a taste fer flesh. Hell, you heard anythin' about Solomon, I'm all ears." He smiles and buys a beer for himself and one for Iris as well, not quite thrusting her into drunk like last time!
Iris Lark Iris smiles at Milton and opens her mouth to comment as two women approach her and sit close to talk. Some of whatever conversation going on has the Healer blushing heavily but she nods and speaks quietly back to the women before she digs something from her rucksack and hands it off to the woman on her right. Her attention is caught again by something Milton mentions and she gives Stockton an amused look. "Terror of the Border Lands, hmm?" She says, grinning towards the large man. When the Sheriff starts to speak to Milton again and Iris thinks his attention is elsewhere, she quietly passes the beer to one of the hookers sitting nearby.
Fiona First hand is on the story teller? Fiona will certainly be more attentive to the tails then. Pick a topic, "That's mighty neighborly of you. Oh, Fiona Caine. Just a cousin." She pulls out a match, drawing it on the hard leather of the duster to light it. "Yea, the hoard, that's a good topic."
Milton Milton hmms and reaches into his waistcoat and pulls out a little notebook, the thing is battered to hell and numbers are written all over it. Money numbers. He opens it up and flips through what looks like scribbles upon scribbles to a set of neat pages tucked in the back. He tosses it in front of Stockton and gestures, "Take your pick won't you then, Sherriff? I only write down the things that are notable to me. But I'm just a banker so it might not be of any interest to you. Most of my stories have to do with Jared Solomon but it would seem he's not so much a concern to this town anymore. But I could tell you the tale of the cursing child. It is an interesting one, Doc Iris.." Who's had to take off for a moment, "Helped fix my face." He gestures to his rather fine jawline. "So I owe her a nice free round of drinks and gambling." He gets his king and nods, "I'll Hit, Dealer. If you don't mind." A glance to Fiona and smile,s "A Cousin!" He beams and puts his hand to his chest, "It just so happens that my own mother's Maiden name was Kaine. In fact, I think I'm distantly related to the Mayor. It's a pleasure."
Stockton Stockton takes the journal and starts flipping through pages, trying to figure out what might be of use and what wouldn't. Of course he's half paying attention to the game and so he notices that he's got three cards, and he scowls at the total. "ANother," he demands with a motion of his hand as he runs his finger over Milton's writing, reading it to himself one word at a time. It's slow going, but Stockton is a learned man surprisingly enough. "Another Caine?" he chuckles and shakes his head, then stares at Milton, "No shit...well then," he just tallies that in the mental note booka nd hits again. Another 2, "Damn ya gonna feed me every one'a dose in the ddeck?" Apparently, as he turns a fifth card to hit 20. "Stay."
Fiona Fiona watch her first card fall, a nine, there is worse. Then a six. A sip of her beer, she waits for the second to fall. The blonde soldier does a brief estimate of the numbers as she watches the man draw to twenty. "Heard about Marshal Romero? He took a shot to the head, in his office of all places. Some gang or the Omertas, rich enough to have a get-a-way car.. Hit... Dang it.. Hit. Crud." The cards are nit treating her right tonight.
Milton Milton waves a manicured hand off, "Knox, the last name is Knox my good man. While I have no issue with being called a Caine I must say I'm nothin really in comparison to some of Overseer Caine's decendants. "MM, no I hadn't heard too much about that to be honest. I tend to specialize in things I learn while adventuring in the wastes or things that come through the bank." The dealer calls, spotting Stock and Milton and putting them against the house hand. Both win so to the two victors are split two hundred Resources that had been put on the table. Milton looks back towards Fiona. "It's a shame, I had heard good things about Manuelito. Did he survive?"
Stockton Stockton smirks and just shrugs a little, "Ain't the story I heard. Some poor patsy forced to doin' the deed acause of some gangster folk. I figure Solomon's involved, but I can't prove it. Manny's alright," he confirms to Milton with a nod as he ties up and scoops his resources before tossing in the next round. "So what'cha learned at the bank?" He's an inquisitive one and frankly Milton is a tap of knowledge. He's flipping through that journal still, reading about the child and dark gods. A scarred eyebrow lifts and he looks to Milton, "How's that curse comin?"
Milton "Oh just splendid really. It hasn't much bothered me since I got my cheek fixed by the lovely doctor Iris." He looks up at one of the women who is snuggled up to him, she whispers something in his ear and reaches to pat one of the ladies lightly on the knee and kisses her cheek. "Oh don't worry Darling, I'm still paying you and I assure you you'll have more than enough time together then. You and your friend." He smiles at the redhead before he looks to Stockton, "Right now I'd be worried about the loss of investors. Solomon pulling out means all those accounts that were bringing money into El Dorado are not anymore. It's not lucrative to stay and with the impending danger, I'd wager there are bound to be a lot of Merchants who don't feel continued business within the city and the surrounding townships would be of much good to them. Which also will attract a lot of fo bands, Caravans moving always does."

THe dealer nods and takes the buy ins and settles the cards for those playing.
Fiona "He is living. Hasn't woke up, so.. A recruit, chumps grabbed his family. Then shot him up as a thank you. I just didn't want to mention the kid. I mananged to put a shot in the get-away-car." Fiona clarifies with the sheriffs addition. Then she finishes off the beer, snuffs the cigar that had already burned out. "I thank you, Cousin Knox. Sheriff. We, Cousin Gale and me, got bushwacked by four Eagle gangers. Long day." Scooping her hat from her lap. "Evening."
Stockton Stockton chuckles a bit and glances after Iris, "She is a miracle, ain't she?" he asks of Milton. Of course the fop would have a fine eye. The guy's got two hookers hanging on him as it is. "So we need more investors, we need more business. Sparrow's workin' on buildin up the surroundin' towns. The more she does, the more she fixes up, the more people will have a reason fer bein' there and connectin through to El Dorado. There might be a way to avoid catastrophy," he mutters. When Fiona stands up he looks to her and tips his hat, "Have a good evenin', Fiona. A narrowing of his eyes, "Eagle rangers...did yah at least kill 'em fer their troubles?" He catches himself and shakes his head, "N'er mind, yous was headin' home fer the night." He lets her rather than trapping her. His attention slips back to Milton.
Fiona Fiona starts toward the door, turning back with a wicked grin, "Of course, killed one sent three limping running for the hills. There was only four of them.. We were two Caine women." Then she heads on out.