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Owner Pose
Konno     Summer, evening, nightfall wouldn't be too long. Konno half-skips his way down the stairs of the saloon and makes his way to the ground floor. A brief moment given to survey all the customers and wave politely to a few as he embarks towards the bar. Rather than seat at it he takes his regular spot of leaning at the end to watch the people present.
Fiona Fiona walks in wide-brimmed hat in hand, dusty dark militia duster on open over her black body armor. Odd thing about that is she came from the casino. A look around, and she approaches Konno, "Evening, Doc. If you are free? Well.. Not free, but not busy, I sure could go for a hot bath and rub down."
Konno     Konno smiles at the arrival of Fiona's calling for him. "Didn't think my status as a doctor'd spread so much." he considers, "I'm not working with anyone now, could give you a look over and see to getting you back to top form." he offers with a small wink. "Shall we head upstairs?"
Fiona Fiona nods and moves to a side to walk up with Konno, "Well, Kaydin mentioned something about it." She commentz az she follows his lead. "Been a bit sore with aches and such. Hard walking so much some times."
Konno     Konno nods and offers his hand to Fiona- taken or not he'll go to bring her upstairs with him. A slow pace keeping in mind aforementioned soreness to not stress Fiona out further with the trip up two flights of stairs. At the end of the trip he'll unlock and open the door to his room and step in, waiting for her once inside.
Fiona Fiona takes the hand readily and follows along. She waites to the side until motioned to step in. "Snazzy, real nice." She shucks off the duster and wraps it over an arm. Then unbuckles the gun belt. A smile back, looking about for a place to put her gear.
Konno     Konno shifts some and slides his vest off. He pulls a chair out somewhat and sets his vest on it, motioning to another chair. "Can rest your kit here." he muses. "Any problems aside from general fatigue?"
Fiona Fiona settles the coat under the pistol and ammo, following with the torso armor. "Thanks." She says and glances about, then settles on the man. "Mostly, just aches. Gale and I got bushwacked by some raiders on patrol, always a little more sore after that. Then we had to haul a woman back."
Konno     He nods and turns around to face Fiona properly for a moment, then slips to the side. "I'll draw up that bath." he offers while doing just that.
Fiona Fiona slips the boots off next and starts on the uniform. "So, how did you get in this business, Doc?" A glance over towards the bath.
Konno     Konno's brow perks. "The doctorin' part's recent. Been a callboy for almost two decades now, though. Since I was a little'n." he answers, "Kinda got stuck on me. Was orphaned, caravan took me in.. put me to work quick, too."
Fiona Fiona finishes the uniform with the trousers, all folded before stacked. The she just casually steps over to check on the water with a slight lean. "Ah.. Sorry, didn't mean to catch on a bad memory." She crosses her arms as shs waits. "The sawbones stuff a better memory?"
Konno     Konno has the water up suitably high, steamy. "A little bit. Found a few medical journals I read over from a client. He'd apparently been rather wound up that month with a lot of local to-dos, I was part of that and did my best to pay with more'n caps. Read over his material, helped out a little at his clinic. Applied it to what I already knew." he answers.
Fiona Fiona slips in with a faint hiss, sinking down in to the warm water with a rising smile. The cozy feel taking more of her attention breifly than the story. She wets her toned arms and rinses them The tired soldier leaning back and raising her arms to rest on the side as her legs extend the length. "Oh.. Do you prefer gentlemen?" She questions at the reoccuring pronoun.
Konno     Konno shrugs. "Can't say if I really have a preference, just that when I was younger, lots of male attention was brought my way." he says. "People's people." maintaining a warm tone
Fiona Fiona nods, glancing from the water. "Well, then we got something in common, Doc." Her toes lifting out of the water against the far side. "So.."