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Kurokumo Mibojin      It's reasonably early in the morning, the sun beginning to peek across the horizon. Rays of light begin to cut through the haze of twilight, as a woman is busy sifting through a pile of something. There's the smell of morning dew mixed with meaty parts, as Kurokumo works on her newest project.
Jacqueline Given her itchy feet, Jacqueline has been doing a fair amount of traveling lately. Today's wandering has brought her to Bitter Lake. She's not alone; a feathered pest isn't far behind.
As she discovers once she gets close, she won't be alone at the lake, either. It sounds like someone's here. Sniffing, Jackie pauses to look around in the dim light of the coming dawn. "Hello?"
Kurokumo Mibojin      Turning from her hunched position on the ground, Kumo recognizes the voice of her friend. "Hey Jackie! What brings you out here?" Upon further inspection, the Asian woman is busy shucking the collection of her latest catch. What is that, you might say? It's....giant Dragonflies. Who knew they could grow this big?
Jacqueline "I was heading this way. I thought I'd stop and see how the lake looked today," Jackie replies, giving her friend a smile. "I'd give you a hug, but..." She glances pointedly down at Kumo's hands.
She moves a little closer, trying not to breathe too deeply. "I know you don't believe in killing for sport, but what do you get out of these giant bugs? Some new kind of medicine?"
Not far away, a small, dark shape alights on a bit of sagebrush, looking over the scene. "Call the Orkin army: We're number one... against PESTS!~" Whassup sagely observes.
Kurokumo Mibojin      "This? Actually, I have some skill at cooking, from my Mother, and I wanted to make something nice for a big meal. There's Dragonflies everywhere around the Lake, so..." Kurokumo shrugs, knowing that she's not all that appealing covered in bug guts. Cracking the carapace apart, the meat is scraped out and placed aside in a seperate sack. "Did Wassup want a free piece?"
Jacqueline Whassup would never turn down free food. Catching the tone, the mynah bird flits over to join Kurokumo by the pile of Ex-Dragonflies Of Unusual Size. "Big Mac... do you want fries with that?"
Jackie stifles a smile. "With this many bugs, that's gotta be some meal you're working on. Are you inviting friends, or stocking up before winter?" she teases lightly. "And do you need help? I know it's grody, but we can always wash off in the lake after."
Kurokumo Mibojin      Picking up a particularly gooey piece that might not be suitable for the stew pot, Kurokumo holds out the piece to the hungry bird. "Yeah! Friends are invited. I just...never had a place to call my own, you know? New friends and family, and all that."
Jacqueline "Coolness! I'll try and drop by, then," Jackie says, moving to assist Kurokumo with her bug butchering. "I wouldn't want to miss this. Is it a house-raising?"
Whassup eagerly snaps up the gooey bit of bug, swallowing it neatly. Click-click-clicking thoughtfully, he looks up at the healer. "I will gladly pay you Tuesday, for a haaamburger today!"
Kurokumo Mibojin      That causes Kurokumo to go quiet, her head tilting as she thinks for a bit. There's a metal spoon she hands over to Jacqueline to help scoop everything out. "No house-raising, but I probably should think about doing that. Can't sleep in my office at the Shantytown clinic forever!"
Jacqueline "There's space in Shantytown. But there's space in El Dorado, too, and a lot of new towns have been discovered not far from Roswell," Jackie observes, taking the spoon and going to work with care. She knows something of food preparation from her mother, one of El Dorado's best cooks. "Some of them are just waiting for people to move into them. Are you planning on staying with the clinic?" Finishing the last of that bug, she passes the meat over to Kurokumo, setting the carcass aside.
Kurokumo Mibojin      "Maybe. I haven't really decided yet." With everything that has been happening in Roswell, and Ashur's odd injuries in Dunwhich, Kurokumo has simply been too busy. "I think this is good enough for the gumbo." She's taking everything that's been salvaged and begins to tie up the bag.
Jacqueline "I've been out that way a lot lately. If I see someplace promising, I'll let you know," Jackie promises, collecting the spoons and moving to the lakeside to rinse them off. She glances back at Kurokumo. "What's gumbo? I've always heard it was some kind of mud..."
Whassup, watching Kumo work with the bag, pipes up again. "Don't get mad... get Glad!"
Kurokumo Mibojin      Kurokumo laughs, striding over to get some of that lake water action. "Gumbo is like a soup or stew, only it's cooked a little differently. Hell, I might not even have the right term for it! It's going to be good, I can tell you that."
Jacqueline "If it's named after mud, it has to be twice as good to make up for it," Jackie replies, giggling and grinning at Kumo. She rinses off her hands in the water, playfully splashing a little at her friend. With the smell of those bug innards, every little bit helps! "I definitely want to try this!"