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Skittles A few light rainclouds are dotted about the sky, though no rain falls from them. A light south-easterly wind stirs them occasionally across the pale-blue blanket of sky. It is currently Sunset, and the Moon is in its Waning Gibbous. The nearby lamps providing some illumination within the noodle shack. Skittles was happy for Hanzhou, since he now got to play for his customers and feed their bellies. The people here must've appreciated his sword play to have set him up here in Acme like this."Hey, so when can a girl get a bowl of noodles around here?", she laughs as she approaches the owner of the establishment. She looks about, saying "Hullos." to anybody else she recognizes.
Ruane Somehow Acme is graced with a thin man hanging out in a noodle stand, the vault-suited individual quitley sitting at a table with his pistol disassembled into constituent parts. Each one is carefully inspected in turn and then replaced into a small grouping on the table. The good news is that for the most part this means Roman isn't causing many problems. the bad news is there is no room on his table for noodles! Or bowls! Or bowls full of noodles.

"Check the barrel. Grip. Firing Mechanism, then reassemble."

A little spat a few hours ago had the man retreating away from town for fear that the place might turn into a shoot out, how he got the horse was another story not to be covered in this scene. "Ten Rounds. Adequate?"

Mutter Mutter Mutter.
Hanzhou Hanzhou is busy, so busy in fact he wishes he had hired help first before he fully opened and now he's moving as fast as he can behind the counter, getting the noodles ready, putting them into a bowl, then putting the toppinngs on (veggies and some meat - don't ask cause it might be radroach) and then adding the soup base. "Here you go, one more order of classic Ramen noodle coming up. Sorry, Skittles I'm working as fast as I can." He sets the bowl down on the counter in front of Skittles, he's too busy to say much more than that and he had no idea his noodle house would be this popular on opening day. "Next order coming right up." He nods politely to any newcomers and puts up a finger indicating he will get to them as soon as he can.

The Wasteland Samurai, part time musician and now full time Noodle House owner might have bitten off more than he can sword slice this time around, but even though he's running around like a Brahmin with both it's heads cut off he probably has never been this happy in a long time. It's almost as if he's worked in a restaurant his whole life, well most of his life anyways but he doesn't really like talking about that. He just wants to make noodles, which taste good which makes people happy. So there he goes again, getting more noodles out, folding it by hand into the bowl, putting the garnishes on top and then pouring in the soup base. The soup is what makes this dish special, he started making it like 14 hours ago and it sure is tasty!
Alice Alice was hanging out in the noodle house having heard that Hanzhou had opened the place up almost overnight. O.V.E.R. 9000 was standing outside intimidatingly while Vaultmeat was sleeping at the foot of Hanzhou having eaten a ton of noodles!

Lying on a table with a power fist and katana near-by, Alice points at the ceiling and asks Hanzhou, "Does that set of mold stains look like a unicorn to you?"
Saeko      Acme was a ways from El Dorado, but it was still on the path and even the most determined feet need to rest and no stomach can go empty forever. A cloaked figure had made her way into the small town, her modest collection of gear on her back, the quiver of her bow a little more lacking than she'd like. The scent of food had drawn her near, but it was the familier variety that had caught the eye of the girl who clearly carried some asian decent in her features.

     Drawing nearer, Saeko's head is tugged down to uncover her features and let her hair spill free over her shoulders while she steps up to the stand and the motley crew of customers. "How much for the food?" she speaks softly, reaching to her hip for her canteen as she takes a small sip of water. Being in close proximity to the recently served soup brought a small muffled growl from the newcomer's stomach. Okay, so she was pretty hungry.
Skittles Skittles glances over the line of people and back to the closed pot. Thinking fast she darts behind the counter and begins snatching up a few bowls. She begins transfering the noodles into each bowl, and says, "Pour the soup, I'll serve when you're done, then we'll swap, you put the noodles in and I'll pour.". She's put down 6 bowls total and has filled 2 by the time she's finished speaking. "I have a bit of news, some big stuff actually, but I need help. After this, think you can take a break to help me out?", she asks after a moment or two.
Ruane Roman's head turns slightly to listen to Skittle from his spot at the table. The man doesn't move nor does he seem to be particuarly interested in continuing to work on the subject, but instead he is slowly starting to reassemble his 10mm Pistol, bit by bit, sliding things into place, looking the weapon over, checking the magazine release a few times and then.. finally exhaling as he finishes. "Looks Busy. Unusual." Again, more muttering on Roman's part as he looks down then aside again.

After Roman finishes with his work then he'll move to stand and approach the counter then, glancing aside at Saeko and Alice perhaps just for a second before looking to Skittles again. "Big stuff? Involving scrapping? Or repairs? Not getting eaten right?"
Hanzhou Hanzhou blinks, when Skittles comes around the counter to help him and even though she is being kind, she has not been taught how to properly do it. There is a proper order and his noodles just aren't fast food style, they are made in a particular way and almost like an art form. "I appreciate your help and please do not take offence but there is a certain way to do it. It isn't just about serving quickly..." He gives Skittles a small but polite smile and motions for her to take a seat. "I will of course help you if I can, but only after I've finished serving everyone and closed down the shop." He looks towards his noodle supply which is quickly dwindling and he didn't make enough this morning, not thinking it would be this popular.

He doesn't let Skittles work go to waste though, refolding the noodles properly, then adds the garnish and then pours in the soup. It did help him serve these next six bowls much quicker though and he often gives Skittle a smile everytime he turns to face her, even though he is too busy to speak as he takes the final few orders before his supply runs out.

Turning to Alice, he chuckles when she looks up at the ceiling to point out the mold stains. "Yes, it does look like a unicorn and I know, I will have to clean it up after I've closed today." He gives the vaulter a small smile and glances down to Vaultmeat. "So glad you found him and uh, he really loves my noodles too." One of the bowls that Skittles helps him make is put in front of Alice. "On the house for you, since you will be helping me close today." His new pupil will be put to work alright and payment in noodles is fair he thinks.

To the newcomer, Saeko he finally has time to address her and inclines his head politely towards the now uncloaked figure. "Greetings and welcome to my noodle house. I just opened today so the only item I have on the menu is classic Ramen noodles." His voice is soft and when he see's that she's also part Asian, a shy smile is also given.

The Wasteland Samurai noodle chef then glances to Roman as he speaks to both Alice and Saeko, "Ahh, I remember you I think from the battle and welcome to my shop. Would you like to try? I have enough for a few bowls and then I must close." He says to him in a polite tone.
Saeko      Classic ramen noodles? That's enough to have Saeko willing to fork over her caps. "Sounds perfect," she nods, sitting herself down at the counter. "I'll take a bowl." She's a little late to the exchange and clearly the diners all know each other, but the asian woman merely leans forward to wait for her food and casts her ears to listen in. It sounds like the group were planning a supply run or some sort of scavenging trip. Even one such as she knows the value of a little salvage here and there.
Alice Alice looked very surprised by Hanzhou's words and the noodles set down near her, "Help you close? What? Can't we just make out instead and then you can teach me to use the awesome Katana I got? I don't like, want to be a Samurai..." More work? What the hell!!!! Picking up one of the noodles with her fingers she threw it at Hanzhou when he turned to look at someone else and begin giggling madly.
Ruane "I'll pass on the bowl. Don't want to Vomit. Get queezy in a fight." Roman observes rather dryly s he stands near the counter itself, unmoving for a second, though, instead watching Skittles with these big wide eyes that are betray his inherent curiosity and naivitey in this regard. "Sounds like adventure, right?" Roman will offer aloud and aside to anyone nearby before he'll turn to look at Alice, giving the woman a look over before he frowns slightly and looks back to the Hanzhou then. "My offer is still available. Should you wish to sell. I also sell other odds and ends. Looking to expand." He'll trail off then before coughing and trying to smile.

"So, Sword work though? Going to start a school? Teach everyone in Acme or El Dorado?"
Skittles Skittles darkens even more, though it's hard to tell by her skin tone. She murmurs a quick apology before dancing out of his way, and returns to focus on Roman. Shaking her head in response to his question, she suddenly looks uncertain, "Well, truthfully I have no idea.", she admits after a time. "There's the normal randomness of the wastelands, and there might be a little more attached to this one though. It's just a recovery job.", she narrows her eyes, "I can pay you enough to buy a full clip for that gun of yours. Any funny business though and you'll get a full clip of my guns rounds in the stomach.", she concludes as she touches a finger to the small butt of her MP7 PDW. At Alice's words she waves over to her and says, "You're welcome to come too if you'd like. If you were going to head out to scavenge or something.".
Hanzhou He makes a bowl for Saeko, going through the same ritual he did for the other's and puts the bowl in front of the newcomer. "Enjoy." Hanzhou says to her and then turns to Alice, blinking when she talks about making out but then chuckles after he turns his back to her and she throws a noodle at him, which he manages to side step at the last second. He must eyes in the back of his head or something. "I most humbly ask for your assistance then, Alice and the sooner I can close the sooner we can go help out with the scavenging. Then maybe tomorrow I can start showing you how to use that Katana you found." He then listens to Roman speaking and nods.

"Fighting on too full of a stomach isn't wise but neither is on an empty one, but suit yourself and I may have something to sell, especially later if I do find something interesting that I have no use for." But when Roman starts talking about him opening a shcool he shakes his head. "I do not know about opening a school. I do not consider myself a master. I am merely proficient but perhaps one day, when I attain such a rank I would consider it. For now, I merely offered to teach a few people some of the basics and help them get comfortable with close quarters fighting."

Looking at Skittles, he glances at her bowl and then asks. "Are the noodles okay?"
Alice Alice rolled her eyes at Hanzhou, one of the first friends she had made when she started venturing out of Vault Town and reached over to grab the ornate Katana that she had been lucky enough to get as a reward for helping stop the horse thieves, "Fine, I'll help you close since you asked so eloquently."

Looking over to Skittles and not watching what she was doing with the sword she cut part of the leather chair on the dingy old booth and replied, "I guess! Not much else to do until work tomorrow."

Very precisely and with intense levels of concentration based on her furrowed brow she tried to maneuver the large swords tip into the bowl of noodles and lift a noodle out...
Saeko      A step back at the katana being suddenly drawn by Alice, Saeko's own hand twitches to her cloak for a moment as she's instantly out of her seat, only to pause and frown deeply. All the talk of swords and the like had peeked her curiousity, but the other woman's antics? Not exactly what she had expected. "That blade is not a toy," she speaks up as she returns to her seat and her meal. "And you should not treat it as such, or it will get you killed one day."

     That frown remains as she takes her first bite, but it cannot linger much more as she tastes the meal and begins to attack it properly.
Ruane Roman just lifts his shoulders then in response to Hanzhou then as he looks the man over. "One could assume mastery based on confidence. Charging someone with a sword drawn is confident. Perhaps Bravado? We cannot be certain." Roman continues along this line of thought as he soon is muttering about wondering the extent of Hanzhou's skills though clearly such would become obvious in due time. He'll turn then to look at Alice. "Do you agree to anything if asked in such a way? If so, I need someone to carry some crates. Please? I would be most thankful." Roman prods then as he tilts his head to the side and smiles then.

Saeko on the othe hand just gets a look like she has just grown another head. "Do swords normally attack people?"
Skittles Skittles glances at the bowl and blinks not having realized she was holding it. Tipping the bowl a little she tries the soup first before slurping in a modest mouthful of noodle. She mmms in response, and gives an approving nod to Hanzhou. Taking a seat near the entrance, she gestures to the cloaked woman with quick reflexes, "Are you looking for something to do as well? I can probably pay you if you're price isn't too high.". She waits for a response, and for the shop to finish closing up, while finishing off her meal.
Hanzhou "Alice! Stop, you are going to hurt yourself or someone else. Please put the Katana away, it is very sharp and I will also teach you how to use chop sticks but for now you can just use a fork." Hanzhou says to his friend in a rather stern voice, when he spots her trying to eat noodles with a sword?! But his voice is calm and low after the initial shock, as he walks over to give her a fork and if he lets her, he will guide her hand to help her place it gently on the counter. "I will have to get you a scabbard for this."

"She is right, the sword is not a toy and it is to be treated with much respect. In my case, I do not draw my Katana unless I am going to use it either for combat or to sharpen or repair. I follow the code of Bushido and that is why when we first met, I could not let you see my sword. It was not meant as an offence to you." He explains to her.

Looking to Saeko, noticing her reaction when Alice first drew her Katana and quirking an eyebrow slightly. "Sorry for my rudeness, I did not introduce myself. My name is Hanzhou and I am the owner of the new owner of this establishment." He offers the newcomer a slight bow with his hands at his sides, "I see you are familiar with the blade yourself?" He asks in a polite and respectful tone.

The Samurai then hears what Roman said and replies in a soft voice, "Mastery has nothing to do with me charging at those Raiders and it was not bravado, I assure you. Although, I do have a sidearm I am not very good with it and the best chance I had at defeating my opponents was with my blade. It was a choice and gave me the best chance at victory considering the circumstances." He says in a rather humble fashion and then offers a smile to Skittles when she reacts in the positive to his noodles.
Alice Alice looks over to Saeko, her very distracted brain finally registering the comment, "Over9000 and Vaultmeat will probably save me if anything happens, besides. I'm Alice by the way. I see you've got a sword to, did you get as a reward?" She was still fiddling with the bowl as she rolled her eyes at Roman, "No! I'm not interested in working for you. You're weird." Alice sighed after being asked to lift CRATES!!!!

Unfortunately for her fun times with the sword, Hanzhou steps in and takes the sword from her and all but makes her set it down on the counter, "Chop sticks? Why would I want to chop sticks. Come on, can you please just teach me how to do cool moves with the sword? Here, I'll help you close."

Scrambling off of the table she was lying on she stood on the counter and cupped her hands together, "LISTEN UP! EVERYONE LEAVE WE'RE CLOSING TO GO ON AN ADVENTURE. IF YOU DON'T MY ROBOT WILL BE VERY ANGRY!" She yelled out the whole thing. People began to leave in a hurry as soon as O.V.E.R. 9000 looked in and went, "*BZT*"
Saeko      A glance at Skittles, the asian woman nods her head lightly. "I am open to the prospect of work, certainly..." she speaks before Roman's look and question has her raising an eyebrow. "Swords themselves? No. But foolishness and inexperience can easily lead to injury and death." It might be odd for the stranger to be chiding another she'd not met before, but Saeko is an odd girl. That, and a sword being drawn near her probably steps on a nerve after all.

     Hanzhou's words and introduction earn a pause from Saeko before she nods her head and reaches for further noodles. "My name is Saeko," she offers, "and I have some ability with a blade, yes."

     Then there's shouting and threats of angry robots, leaving the 'ninja' blinking and still holding her food bowl as the place swiftly empties.
Ruane "That is cool. Thought I'd ask. I will keep this in mind. Do not entice future employees with hard labor. This is good information." Roman looks quite intruiged at this new information even as he looks up to Hanzhou then and dips his chin ever so slightly to the man before returning to his thoughts. Unlike the more sensible people in the room he doesn't clear out and remains standing nearby, lost in his won thoughts, muttering to himself before he snaps his fingers and nods. "Got it."

Roman will then point to Skittles then after his thoughts. "Well. You are leading. Our success rests on you." And with that Roman now is roped in and totally not going to get murdered on this trip by his companions who he barley knows.
Hanzhou "My customers....wait, wait...oh Alice." Hanzhou sighs as everyone clears out at the threat of OVER 9000! coming in and he actually does poke an eye or optical sensor in saying *BZT*. The Asian, then stats collecting the bowls left on the counter, dumping out the remaining soup or leftovers into a garbage can and places them into the sink to start washing. He looks towards Skittles and the rest of his friends as well as the newcomer, Saeko. "You go on ahead and help her with her scavenging. Looks like you have plenty of people already. Stay safe out there and good fortune." He looks around at the restaurant, seeing there is a lot of clean up left to be done and even cuts Alice some slack. "You don't have to help me tonight. Just go on and have fun, keep everyone safe. Just please promise me, that you won't use your Katana unless you absolutely have too. I want to make sure to teach you the basics first, okay?" He then gives the group of you a small bow with his hands together, "Thanks for being some of my first customers today. I appreciate you all coming and glad you enjoyed it. I will hopefully expand my menu, once I can find more ingredients or get some trade going with other merchants." He is going to need a lot of help running this business but he doesn't want to ask for help just yet.

He leaves the dishes in the sink for now, getting a clean rag and starts wiping down the counter as well the tables. Then grabs a bucket of water with some soap to start mopping the floors. A Wasteland Samuria's work is never done...
Skittles Skittles glances around and laughs as everybody gets up to leave. She glances to the robot and, though she isn't certain, she doubts its true level of dangerousness. She places the bowl on the counter and gestures for the group to gather around before spilling the details.
With a quick nod to Hanzhou, Skittles returns the slight bow, not sure about the custom; it seems to be the right thing to do, "Thank you Hanzhou, it was most excellent. We'll need to get you some real workers though.", she winks before turning back to the group to continue. "So word is these bandits killed some idiot who was wearing some power armor. Supposedly None of them knew how to use it, and it was too heavy, so they just left it out there.".

    "She points off to the southwest and nods in the same direction, continuing, "The bandits got drunk one night and were mouthing off about it. I guess the story they tell is it failed or something, and the guy was left defenseless.". "From what I gathered, it wasn't too far out though.".

Skittles leads the group out of the shop, and the group heads out to the wastelands, the sunset making a colorful background before zooming out into the distance. Time passes, and it's now night time, the large, yet not completely full moon's shine muted by the clouds. Suddenly, the camera zooms back into focus. This time the group is surrounded by a field of rocks and rubble, maybe some small theater or stadium was demolished. There's recent signs of activity though, and as the group approaches, a small campsite can be made out sprawling out across the ground under the low light directly in the middle of the thick circle of rubble.
Ruane Roman is at the very least easy enough to travel with. The man is quiet and not annoying. Most of the time anyway, walking along with a cheerful smile and always taking the time to look at some interesting rock or perhaps listen to the odd story or two with rapt interest. "SO. Powerarmor. Working or not?" Roman will inquire eventually of Skittles as they walk along. "Will it need to be repaired? How will we move it from the current location?" More and more questions are levied at Skittles the closer they get towards the site in question.

Once the Campsite is actually in vision however the man will grow silent and move to clutch at his 10mm pistol and look aside to his companions before nodding.
Alice Alice shrugged and walked off when Skittles lead the way whistling for Vaultmeat and O.V.E.R. 9000 to follow as she whistled an old pre-war tune she heard in Vault Town all the time. She doesn't even seem to be paying attention to what is being discussed as she carries the Katana in her hand, using it as a walking stick sometimes and at other times using it to tap O.V.E.R. 9000 to bug the large robot, "I guess O.V.E.R. 9000 can carry it for you if you want."
Saeko      One might swear Alice's mistreatment of the Katana in her posession was purely to infuriate those who had some training in the weapon, but fortunately Saeko's face, annoyied or not, was well-hidden by her the hood of her cloak. As the group walked, the asian woman's bow rests in her hand, an arrow resting on the shelf ready to be draw back and fired. It was no robot cannon, but it was a weapon she could use without putting herself in the firing line.

     So far? She'd been silent for the walking. Power armor wasn't something she'd learned to wear nor had intention to. For all its uses? It could swiftly be turned to an upright metal coffin if it failed.
Skittles Skittles shrugs a shoulder in the darkness, "I've no idea Roman, the story said it failed, so it's hard to say. Either way it's worth a bit.". She smiles over at Alice when she points out that the robot would be able to carry it for them. "Thanks, should be very helpful.". The capsite up ahead is still, and without a sound, save for the wind blowing across the ground. Suddenly, some skittering of rocks can be heard, as forms begin to shift over the rubble.
Ruane "Story? Don't trust stories. Always a bit of truth, but also lies." Roman notes rather wryly with a small smile before he glances aside to Alice and makes sure to try and square his shoulders, breath deep and look intimidating. His rail thin form and unimposing general demeanor however really negates that effect however before he just exhales slowly, and nods. "Ready."
Alice Alice turned to look at Saeko as she sliced the branch off of a dead tree and asked, "So, why did you come here? You don't really look like a local." The robot and dog seemed to be trundling along in what was for once, mostly composed behavior. Maybe they were all worn out from a long day.
Saeko      "What does a local look like?" Saeko questions lightly, giving an inquisitive cocking of her head before she pauses in her stride, silencing any further words as she gestures towards the shapes. Rats like that were almost certainly a threat. Drawing back her bowstring, she closes one eye and takes aim. A bow was silent, but the pain it might bring is real enough. Perhaps they could remain unseen and frighten the beasts off. "It seems there are other scavengers out today."
Skittles As Saeko speaks, the first swarm of rats comes into view, a break in the clouds allowing for a beam to shine through on the rats, as that's what they're clearly shown as. A moment passes, and the shadows from the clouds cover their approach mostly.
Ruane "Really? Those look like.." Roman Raune lifts his hand slightly, moving to shield his eyes from the glare of the sun as he looks onto the horizon.. or more accuratley where the movement is coming from before he almsot jumps out of his skin. "Rats! Not Scavengers! Precision in Language problem! Precision in LANGUAGE!" Roman shouts as he starts to fumble with his weapon and draw it up, hand shaking for a second before he inhales slowly, calms his nerves and pulls the trigger.

Once. Twice.
Saeko      "They are not hard to see," Saeko says calmly as she releases her bowstring, sending an arrow flying towards one of the giant rats. "But I will keep that in mind." With that, she's already switching her stance, ready to move as the creatures get close and get out of the way if need be. Another arrow is knocked, intended to be loosed before the critters can get any closer.
Skittles Skittles glances back over the field as Saeko and Roman fire their weapons. She gets the general direction and picks out the last laon charging rat of his group. With a flash of blue, the rat is nothing but a puff of smoke, raising into the night air.
Alice Alice looks up from playing with her pip-boy responding to Saeko with a grin, "Cowboys and Tribals is more the local style." By the time she looks up the fight is over with, she doesn't seem too fussed though. Rats were icky.
Ruane "Calling wild animals, hostile animals non-dangerous things is bad. Could get us all ambushed. That would be bad." Roman mutters as he steps over towards the clearing then with his pistol in hand, looking things over and about before he glances back at Skittles. "Let's get this thing you are looking for tied up. Transport it back."

Roman will be all sorts of helpful.. and totally not about going to sleep in an alternate reality and disappearing.
Skittles As the second group approaches, the swift extermination of their comrades gives them pause. Two of them stop dead in their tracks, and the center one skitters forward. Then abruptly they all three turn tail and split, disappearing into the shadows of the rubble. The pathway up to the campsite is clear as the group approaches, and all that can be seen is the decomposing body of a large man, his power armor still attached. He's laying face down directly outside a shredded tent, various gear and the like scattered about.
Saeko      "I see..." Saeko says lightly as Roman gives his little rant before she slings her bow over her shoulder. She was fairly confident that none would mistake giant rats for non-hostiles one they were seen. Approaching the dead rat she attempts to recover her arrow from the creature's hide while glancing back towards Skittles. "That laser weapon is impressive, but perhaps we should make haste in looking for your armor. Bigger things may come down upon us if we linger."
Alice Alice began to scrounge around seeing what she could find, mostly finding junk, "Well, looks like that's it." Nodding to Saeko she said with a smile, "Nice work with that bow and arrow. You seem to be good at lots of stuff, glad we met!" An alarm starts to go off on her Pip-Boy and she announces, "I have to go, it's almost time for me to go take my shower and go to bed and it'll take me an hour to walk back to El Dorado. "
Skittles Skittles walks up to the body and glances about, her laser pistol pointed out towards the darkness. Kneeling down, she begins to undo the armor's locking mechanisms, and soon has it completely off of the man, or at least, the man out of the suit. Eventually, the suit is all loaded up and ready for transport. She reaches out and hands both Alice and Saeko a stack of caps as everything is readied for transport, "Did you guys find anything good in the area?", she asks as she stows her own things. She nods to Alice and gives her a small wave. She stop sher a moment later and says, "Oh, sory. Here.", she hands over a stack of caps, and another one to Saeko. "I'll walk back with you. Still gotta unload it at El Dorado.".
Skittles As the group begins to head back towards town, Skittles suddenly trips over a giant boulder, which somehow turns over with the impact. Once rolled over, the boulder reveals a large trunk, half buried in the ground. Skittles fires a round of her pistol sideways along the lock, melting it, and lifts the lid. Inside are a treasure trove of goodies. The goods are spit up among them, and the group returns back to the city safe and sound with another knotch in their wasteland adventures.