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Vault Girl 17 workers have gone missing from the cap mines in recent days, 17 locals who had just been trying to make a living. Working in the mines wasn't an easy job but it paid well, well enough that folks kept coming back day after day.

It paid well enough that even in light of the 17 workers who disappeared, several of whom had turned up dead; there was a crowd outside the mines still waiting to go to work, a very impatient and angry crowd.

The trouble had all begun days earlier when Shaft 17C was setup to head deeper into the mines and try to extract more cappy-goodness.

Mayor Caine had closed the mines down temporarily and asked a local group of Samaritans to head down there on behalf of the city and see what the problem was.

Those of you who had answered that call had been instructed to be ready for anything.

Foreman Dave was presently waiting for you all outside the mine smoking a massive blunt of Wasteland Weed that he was steadily coughing on as he exclaimed, "Man, this is some gooood shit."
Vuk Vuk is there, his power armor and it's sand scoured lack of pain always standing out..but look! No Minigun, no, there is a wicked looking combat shotgun gripped in his hands, and a heavy pistol on a magnetic holster and he points one hand at Dave, the finger extended. "Open this mine, we will purify it of Satansoft's Spawn! We will recover the holy vestments of Saint Di Ode!" He says, voice amplified by the external speakers. Vuk has been cooped up far to long!
Kaelyn She heard it paid good, so Kae, and her personal A.I. CORA (not that CORA has a choice) has shown up at the entrance to the mine. Kae's wearing her lightweight leather vest, and carrying her rifle, hoping to maybe be quiet enough to not attract too much of the attention... Kae then sees the folks wearing power armor, and tilts her head "I'm underdressed..." To which CORA replies "Or Over-dressed." With a snicker, to which Kae grumbles....

Kae glances to Vuk then and blinks quietly "I don't think umm, vestments, or Satansoft or anything like that has anything to do with what's going on in there?" She says softly, the girl's ears twitching a bit before she looks back to the mine's entrance curiously.
Winston Winston moseys up to the gathering prepared to do his part. He hasn't donned his helmet just yet, preferring to carry it under his arm for the time being. His rifle is slung over his shoulder ready and waiting should it be needed. A Friendly nod is given to those who appear to be ready to delve into the depths of the mine. "Howdy, yall. Who alls in charge here?"
Abe     Something big, mean, and scarry down in a tiny, dirty hole? Sure, sounds like a good time... and if Miss Kitty was the one doing the asking, why not?

Luckily, Abrehamd had himself just the right outfit to wear to this party... or so he hoped. Of course, he isn't the only one... this is slightl comforting.

The Scribe in a can has his helmet cradled in one arm, the other is holding onto his trusty, not-rusty flask. If he was about to face something that could do... that to those bodies, he needed some courage. Bottoms up and he was ready. Or was he? His attention weighed on the foreman. Power Armor wasn't good for subtle movements but with the helmet off "Got any extra there, buddy o'mine?" the scribe wondered, hitching his jaw upwards to indicate the irradiated devil's lettuce.
Sammy     Sammy is mounted, as cavalry might be, on a grey apaloosa, long rifle-holsters on left and right of the saddlehorn as he moves along to catch up, keep up, and maybe bring along someone who may have needed a ride. It's not the most comfortable, riding behind a Ranger on horseback, but there are advantages to it, like seeing a bit of distance above most. It's with a still-not-quite-used-to-riding-horses again dismount that he slips one of his rifles from the saddle, and gives Buckshot the encouragement to go find some shelter before the air turns to tigers and angry bees fly.
    The downside to riding with Sammy would probably be dagger-eyes from his girlfriend later, and that riding on the saddle pack would be a bit less comfy than could be imagined.
Ashur The towering Ashur comes; the ground beneath him shakes with his tread, nearly four hundred pounds of steel and muscle hidden behind white-gold plates over an inch thick. His breath comes in metallic growls through the rebreather built into the t-45d helmet he bears, face obscured from sight-- the only reason anyone would ever know it's him is due to how distinctive the salvaged power armor is, a resplendent thing with a feathered crest, the crimson skirt, and the bull's own size.

His blood burns with a pain-numbing alcoholic flush and his own clearheaded conviction to address the problem of the mines. Between his poor sleep and healing body, a bit of bolstering to deal with whatever problems come his way is not a bad idea.

He grinds his way toward the Foreman with thundering steps. "Put aside your distractions, worker, and show due diligence; what are we to deal with here?"
Eden A gulp and a breath. Eden is itching to use the new gun in her hands. Excited at what they might find inside, and to just go into the mine itself. She intends to keep her mouth mostly shut and her ears open. Anything else would be madness. Sticking close to Ashur and following orders. Eden hopes she will be useful here.
Vault Girl Dave the Foreman laughed at Ashur before looking at the other members of the group, asking aloud, "This guy for fucking real? Seriously? Who does he think he is? New rule." Dave pointed the blunt at Ashur, "You don't talk to people, ever."

Looking at everyone else including the lovely young Eden he smiled and said, "Yall want a hit of this before we head down inside? Makes the claustrophobia a bit easier to deal with my peeps."

Not waiting for any responses he gestured for them to follow and headed into the entrance of the mines, "So, ignore all this 17 shit, it's just coincidence. We've opened shafts 17A and 17B up without issues. C is our deepest shaft yet, just opened her up 2 days ago and fuck, if I know what's going on down there. Solomon may have been a god damn crook but at least he didn't stop business over a few safety issues, sheesh, leave it to women to overreact."

Dave then asked, "So you guys are experienced, right? The Mayor said she'd send some real 'good samaritans' down to help out. I assume that means you guys can wrestle Deathclaws and shit, ya?"
Vuk Vuk's urge to ventilate the man is rising, and he'll step forward before Ashur possibly puts his head into a wall. "Deathclaws are not a concern. Nor are Supermutants. I have now overcome and survived both." Well, actually, he survived a mutant Deathclaw with a laser arm, he managed to overcome the whole Super Mutant..thing. Tentacle beast off to pillage wimmin folk or what not.

"Ashur and I shall lead." He says to him self, to him, it makes sense..and then his helmet lamp will flick on and he'll raise the HK to his shoulder, hunting time.
Sammy     "Someone called for some troubleshooting." the Ranger checks the action on his rifle, unlimbers it from his shoulder, and steps forth, adjusting his mask, to make sure that the hallucinations he sees are indeed not caused by the wasteland weed. Becaue that would be just a shame.
    The 'Red Eyes' of the Ranger helmet whine just slightly as they warm up and it gives the overall impression that of an angry skull, freshly re-daubbed in ashen white over the black of the helmet, the chest armor too, has been patched (again) and has a fresh dose of white ribs painted.
    "Is this gonna be a straight up fight or a bug hunt?" he even got the voice right from the old holo-vid.
Winston Winston passes on the toke, but there was some consideration just before donning his helm. All buttoned up, falling in line, he follows the group in, not arguing with the mention of who leads. He unshoulder's his rifle, cradling it under his arm in front of him, muzzle down, ready for anything.
Abe     Abe took his his, he took it deep. The doob was difficult to manage with the 45's unrefined manipulators but he managed, breathing deep and holding it... He screwed his helmet on and breathed, his breif coughing fit radioed out through the helmet as the fumes hit the filtration system. "Yeah, oh yea..." his voice was strained for a moment before he could collect himself. A few more couchs and he was settled, "No... but I know a few guys. For a solid K I can get them down here... Until then, we're the best around!"
Kaelyn Kae looks at all the highly outfitted folks, then shrugs slowly, before pulling a magazine from a hip pocket, and setting it into her rifle. She then pulls the charging handle and flips the safety on for now, before resting the carbine in the crook of her arm while she waits to head in... "Ok So two power armored folks up front..." She mutters... CORA (the computer on her wrist chimes in) "Makes good sense! Good luck sneek..." Kae covers the speaker and sighs... "Be nice CORA.."

Kae passes on the weed, the girl moving away from it and making sure she is not down-wind for now as she takes a deep breath and continues to patiently wait while keeping her now loaded weapon pointed in a safe direction. She then glances at Abe curiously "OOkay, smoking weed and breathing it into your helmet for a secondary high... " Kae mutters then smirks a bit as she asks the armored fellow "How ya feeling Abe?"
Ashur Dave's thrusted blunt incenses Ashur, but the man keeps his head cool; it would not due to strike dead one of the very men he is supposed to be here assisting. Instead he snorts beneath his helmet, exhaling in that metal-filter growl, and looks past the foreman toward the mine. He gives a brief look and a nod to Eden, seeing the weapon held in her hands. "Are you trained in its use, Eden? The basics are straightforward enough; mind only that you do not shoot any of us." He gives her head a pat with his free hand, the one not encased in the bulky metal of a power fist, and then strides forward at the group's head deeper into the mines.

"Whatever foul threat lingers in the depths, we will strip the flesh from its bones," he declares. "This mine shall be cleansed." A pause. "And I have wrestled a deathclaw. Its skin was molten, and expelled jets of flame."
Eden "I have been practicing" Eden answers as he walks away. Stays back. closes her mouth. Just listen. She tells herself this over and again.
Sammy     "Bring me a bottle or two, me lad, bring me a bottle or four...
    ...for the company fine 'o women and wine is what I'm looking for." Sammy sings bawdily as he forms up, figuring his long rifle in mine shafts, not ideal, but hey, workable. And he has his knife and pistol as backup. Really he needs to remember where he stashed that box of grenades one day, or requisition another one. Requisition will probably come faster than memory.
    He's taking time to jot down mental notes. "Bring me my big ole' knife me lad, bring me my rusty ole' gun. For the wine and women ain't comin' for free - and there's plenty o ' work to be done."
Abe     Abe set forth with that PA-stride, heavy and lumbering. The 45's actuators were always troublesome and awkward... but it was the best he had. He followed along, activating his head-lamp as the pulled beyond the reaches of daylight, the bulb coming to life with a halogen hum. He gave Kaelyn a face full of it when she spoke his name, "Hm?" he wondered, brain catching up a moment later, "Ah sorry!" he apologized for the glare, turning his head forward, his voice had a mellow, even tone to it. Beneath the helmet, his eyes glazed... He aughta buy a bag off the foreman. Might help him sleep. Hup, no, there came that under-tone of paranoia, never mind! "Fine, perfectly fine. Walking in to find a monster that can rip people limb from limb.. but I've got this." he rapped the knuckles of the 45 against the chest plate. "And it's a good crew. We should be fine... just keep those ears sharp." Hah, get it?

"Hah, get it?" he gave a quiet bray of laughter, nudging her with his elbow, "Because... your.. uh ears? Yeah. You get it."
Vuk Vuk is pretty sure Kae will in time, end up hating these jokes, he certainly would. "If we are lucky, it's just like..a nest of molerats. Angered by the mining, perhaps a bit mutated by radiation." He begins, mostly running ideas by him self. "It's not like the Enclave snuck cybnernetic deathclaws into the mine.."
Kaelyn Kae glances to Eden and grins "Just keep yer eyes open, and make sure you have a clear line of fire before cutting loose with that thing.." She glances to Abe curiously for a moment, then smirks, ears twitching before flicks a finger at CORA for laughing... "Actually that one was pretty good." She states and moves into line with the others, trying to move as quietly as she possibly can so as to draw as little notice as she can. "I'll do the best I can to do my part... whatever that may be what with all y'all heavy weapons guys..."
Vault Girl Foreman Dave did his best to follow the conversation as he passed the blunt back and forth with Abe, "So, uh, you guys are a chatty bunch. That's cool, but if anyone asks? Dave's not here man. I'm supposed to be off today, wife made me promise to take a day off but I love my job. Seems like you all do as well."

Stopping at a mining elevator that descended downwards he explained, "I'll be up top controlling the elevator. When you guys are ready to come back up, just ring the bell and I'll start cranking it."

Dave was no weakling, the man walked over to the HAND-CRANK for the elevator that assisted the limited power it had and took a deep breath, "Well, all aboard and remember, if the canaries die, just run."
Vuk Vuk isn't -entirely- sure this is a good idea and he groans. "We're in pretty heavy armor, do you think that hand operating the elevator is a good idea?" He reminds Dave.
Sammy     Sammy sees the HAND-CRANK and gives it a run over visually, following the gear reduction to the powered engine, then to the cable, and pulley,s, then over to the elevator, then he considers and gives it a poke with the butt of his rifle, "It should get us down. Presuming ... foreman Dave ain't checking a nod, it might get us up and out too. Eventually."
Winston Winston boards the elevator, being sure to keep his toes out from under any power armor feet in the process of them loading. It looks safe enough for him. "I dunno whacha all worried bout. I ain't heard no tales of miners kickin it frum no elyvator crashes." chuckling a bit.
Abe     I get that,
    I get that reference.

"I'n fuyll of them." Abe retorts to Kaelyn as they arrive at the elevator... and the very used crank assistance. He did the math... Of Ashur and two power armors.

It added up to Nope!

The armor opens up and Abe joins the crew for some impromptu work. Ashur shares his idea. Five cells each. "Thanks... aughta do." he reasoned as he stooped at the power source and wired them in as best he was able. That done, he'd be canning himself up again if all went well!
Kaelyn Kae ummms... "I fear they don't want us being hand-cranked up by that thing slowly up if there's a hoard of rad-mutated monsters on our backsides as we try to get away." Kae says and smiles slightly as she looks to Winston. "Might just need a little more expediency if we're in trouble." The white-haired lass adds before she waits to get onto the elevator with the folks al wearing heavy power armor and all... "I can honestly say, I've never seen this much active power armor in one place.."

CORA pipes in "Sweety, there's a ton you havn't seen yet." Kae rolls those crimson eyes of hers and makes sure her rifle is held with the muzzle in a safe direction as she waits to be lowered into the mine.
Ashur Ashur is all too willing to donate a handful of his spare energy cells; he does not trust a stoned man with a poor work ethic to properly raise or lower him alone, let alone the entire group. He leaves them in the Scribe's possession as the man works and then turns back to the elevator, flexing the power glove; open wide, close it, repeat the motion, loosening the fingers.

"I will take point," he declares, and marches into the elevator without further complaint. If there's anything there at the bottom, well, leave it to him to punch it in the face. He stands there, impassive as a statue, his white cloak swishing about his heels.
Vuk Vuk watches Ashur's back, stepping in behind him and disengaging the safety on his CAWs. "My armor is complete, I should take point in case we encounter radiation, my suit will alert me, and maintain it's protection against the threat." He comments to Ashur. Not that arguing with a man who might be a Super Mutant will do much.
Eden Eden is quick to help with the elevator changes. her nimble hands know this work well. Encouraged, she stands up and goes into the elevator when they have finished.
Vault Girl When the repairs to the elevator are completed it hums to life and even the little maintenance lights on it light up so you wouldn't have to travel down the shaft in complete darkness!

Dave looks surprised and exclaims, "WOW! You guys are awesome, didn't even know we could fix these." Clearly nobody in the mines had ever bothered to be very safety oriented!

"By the way, try not to breathe in too much of the air, shit down there is toxic. Guess I should have mentioned that earlier..." You were all on the elevator though and it was going down!!!

A few minutes later you reach shaft 17C and the elevator grinds to a slow halt, a powered halt instead of a cranked one.

There were mining lights setup in the long narrow corridor ahead of you, and a sickly sweet smell in the air that reminded you of rotten eggs.

There were also streaks of blood caked in the ground and walls of the rough earthen corridor.

Lucky for the group of you, there was only one way to go, ahead.
Abe     Abe was happier trusting their combined weight to the strength of pre-war industry than the industrious arms of Dave who totally wasn't here, Man.

They made their landing and Abe was happy to let Ashur go first as well, he pulled his pistol from where it was stored and flipped the switch, bringing it to life...

Something pinged up on the helmet's hud, an advisory, Gas. "Shit." he cursed, attention drifting to those that were not wearing enviornmentally sealed suits. If he had brought that helmet... Too late. "Watch your fire." he advised the crew, "If we catch a heavy pocket of gass, it could go off..." Also, hey, how's the breathing, not so good, I don't think. Next time you wear gas masks.

"If it gets to be too much, come back here and head up." They were adults... Did Kaelyn count as...? Sure, let's say yes because it is xreepy otherwise.
Kaelyn After they are down, Kae looks around, the girl kneeling near some blood as she breaths shallowly at first, then deeper. She frowns now.. "Blood's a day old... and I sense.... Fear... Deep seated, a great amount of fear...." She glances to the others and frowns "If there's something down here it aint natural, keep yer eyes open." She says andthe girl stands upright now to look around again, her rifle held muzzle down, but shouldered for now.. Kae glances to Abe and nods... "I'll get to a safer area if the breathing gets too bad..."
Winston Winston gets his bearings, rifle at the ready. Taking in the initial scene, its gruesome. Stepping off to one side of the elevator he takes a knee an runs his fingers through the blood stained earth. Rubbing his fingers together as he inspects the residue. Rising back to his feet he scans over to blood stains. "Buggers were drug off. I'd call this a huntin trip, ifn ya ask me."
Vuk Vuk will wait for the ancient doors to grind open..or shove them open, might need to do that. "Then we will follow the tracks, perhaps we can lure what ever is down here, into one of the gas pockets. Ignite it..make our job much easier." He'll even try to shoulder pass Ashur..or they might get -stuck- in the door.
Ashur With a mechanical hiss, Ashur drinks deep of the stale-sweet air; the undesired particles in the air catch on the mask's filter, while the rebreather recycles the air he already breathes to minimize exposure to the environmental dangers. He walks down the corridor, boots stomping their print into the day-old streaks of blood that pool on the ground. He doesn't try to race Vuk-- if the other man wants to take the lead and walk faster, by all means. The former Legionnaire just keeps at his own inexorable pace. "Whether it is natural or abomination, it will die all the same."
Eden Eden pauses and squints but cannot see anything yet. Wondering if whatever chemical is in the air rises or sinks, she points her gun to the floor, but keeps it ready as she steps forward with the group, pulling her shirt up over her nose as she walks
Sammy     Sammy's humming the tune, in his head, and he reaches to flick on the NVG-friendly search light on his helmet, those other helmets can probably pick up on this fun little thing, without ruining the night sight of them wot's got to use regular peepers. "So make sure your ole' knife is sharp. me lad and make sure your powder is dry..." he ducks down, crouching already, "For the world is awash with folls blood and gold, and all men are just waitin' to die." he glares angrily into the scene the little light reveals. Red eyes? Check. Rifle Check.
Vault Girl The corridors lead deeper and deeper into the earth as you follow the bloodstains, eventually the lights in this part of the shaft ceasing to function. Lucky for the group they had multiple suits of power armor with lamps or even pip-boys, there was no shortage of illumination in the darkness.

The smell of the rotten eggs grew stronger still and you could hear the dripping of water.

The path ahead had not been excavated yet and was still collapsed, likely for some time. There was however a broken down and narrow tunnel that seemed somehow unnatural, like something had burrowed through it.

It was big enough for at least two people to walk abreast through and seemed to lead towards more dripping water.
Winston Winston pipes up, "Hey folks, any yall know anythin bout splosives? Miners left us some." he shows by pointing over towards them. "Might come in handy"
Vuk Vuk will begin cycling through the vision modes on his armor and look back at the group when some one mentions explosives. "Oh the gods smile upon us. They leave us that which to help strike down the demons of Satansoft. His Capacitance must smile upon you." He intones to Winston, coming to examine -what- type of explosives.
Sammy     "I only did E.O.D. by shooting mines and the like from a distance." Sammy's all but business, his humor starting to fall off now that he's in more professional mode, he gestures, and points, "Blood leads down that tunnel." it's muffled through the rebreather, and doesn't carry that far, but Sammy distances himself then from the main mob of people and squints into ... ... the Darkness(tm)
Abe     "Good Idea." abe reports to Vuk.

"So long as we don't bring the entire heap down on our heads too..."

That said, he continues on. Careful, alert... but also cross-faded and achingly tired. The helmet hid the grocery bags that lingered beneath his eyes...

"Well... this doesn't look or sound terrifying at all." Abe mused beneath his breath once they found the murder hole, the hole they would all be murdered in.

Or do murdering... HE felt slightly optimistic... Until people found some dynamite.

He bet it was dynamite.
Ashur Ashur is quiet as the group progresses; he has little to contribute to the potential ramifications of sulfur, and the group is well aware that there is danger afoot. But when he sees the tunnel he hmphs, and moves toward it once more. "Come."
Eden Eden checks over the expolsives to make sure they aren't dangerous to take away. Sees that they aren't, and picks them up to bring along.
Kaelyn Kae stares at the explosives now, she was thinking about just grabbing the things as she tilts her head curiously. She then notes Eden taking the boom-booms as it were and shrugs before moving in line behind the others, her steps fairly quiet as she keeps her rifle held at the ready just in case. Gone is her normal chattyness, and instead she's trying her level best not to make noise. She then pauses in her steps, to get her sleevless T loose, now just wearing her leathers over her skin-suit. She wraps the thing around her nose and mouth, in hopes maybe to make sure she can get a little more time with the possible poisonous gass that's down here, before she raises her gun to a safe-but ready position and gets back to moving with the others.
Vault Girl Eden is able to secure the two sticks of dynamite which would serve well to collapse a tunnel or corridor if need be as the group enters the burrowed out tunnel. After about twenty feet they enter a large chamber that water drips down onto, the walls seem to be covered in a mucous-like slime and the stench of rotten eggs is truly terrible here.

(-1 dice to all actions if you have no environmental protection)

There are what appear to be eggs scattered around the large chamber and a much larger corridor that leads into pure darkness.

The bodies of the miners are also scattered around the room, their bodies mostly eaten with skeletal remains and pieces of clothing left behind.
Vault Girl In the darkness the agile shape that detached from the ceiling and dropped down beside Ashur was hard to make out until Vuk's power armor lamp shone on it. It was as tall as a man standing atop legs ending in claws with glistening black and red skin.

Its body was a single massive mawed ovoid with no visible eyes with a pair of tentacle-like appendages that serves as arms reaching out as long as its entire body.

It was a mutant terror unlike any of you had ever seen. There was no name for it. It was simply an unknown.

The ???? slashed at Ashur with its tentacle buffeting his Power armor before using the other tentacle to knock Vuk's shotgun to the ground.

As if it sensed the easiest target in the group it then quickly grabbed Eden and pulled her close to it. She could smell the stinking maw of its breath, feel the heat on her neck as it cradled her close.
Winston Winston reacts quickly when the creatures drop in. Raising his weapon he takes aim to shoot the one up by the Tanks. One round zips off hitting its target. Bolt slides back, then another zips off. This one off target. He starts backing up, back the way they came to give himself some more range.
Kaelyn As the creature comes down, Kae isn't even thinking. She raises her gun at the thing, then Eden is grabbed, but Kae is so focussed on making the shot, the grappeled woman doesn't even come into focus.. Kae exhails, then cuts loose with a chain of ammunition, emptying half her magazine as she tries to hit the creature. However rounds spark and bounce around the ceiling and floor and wall as she somehow both misses the creature and the woman. CORA then calls to Kae "Kae, pay attention, the.. whatever had a girl1 Hold fire!" Kae blinks and frowns, sighing before she backs away and looks for a way to circle for a better shot.
Vuk Vuk quickly draws his sidearm when his shotgun is sent flying and bring it to bear on the large..thing they are fighting unexpected. "Displace! Do not let others so easily find us all together." He barks out, then the hand cannon roars and he seems quite content when it does, round slamming out. "Saint Sony guide my vengence! Let me best this demon of Satansoft!" He shouts out, great, him and Ashur, both full of crazy litanties, all the while? He's backing towards his shotgun. It might be needed, given it is a fully automatic weapon.
Ashur A strange monster descends like a bat from the chamber's roof; as Vuk's lamp shines on it, Ashur affixes it with a steel-eyed glare, seeing its queer appendages lash and strike at him as it pounces-- he manages to shove aside and avoid its falling atop him, and the lash of its tentacle barely even bruises him beneath the armor. Then it snares Eden and draws her in, and the panicked group-- and, oh, does the Legionnaire recognize panic-- opens fire.

"Degenerates," he snarls as they endanger their own ally, shoving forward and barreling toward the creature. "Suffer me now, beast!" His voice is a thunderous bellow that echoes through the chamber as he taunts whatever might linger, slamming into it so that it releases Eden. The man grunts as his shoulder smacks it and she's released, and before he surrenders to his rage, growls at Eden, "To the back, girl! The eggs-- your dynamite!"

It's not the most eloquent of observations, but he's a bit preoccupied; still, they're in a nest. They have explosives. They do not want more of these things living.
Sammy     "It's a Bug hunt man! Bug hunt!" Sammy yells, just like the training holovids told him to, and dang, he didn't have one of those cool hip-pintle-mount-rigs. And his rifle is -accurate- not -smart-. . . But the manages to avoid shooting the person that bastard thingg grabbed. Which is a plus. And he's sometimes okay with the results as long as there's no actual friendly fire incidents. Because that paperwork is a pain...
Eden From out of nowhere Eden feels a whoosh of movement. She tries to jump back, but *something* has already wrapped around her. squeezed so tightly she hears a crack from inside her. Flashing pain, then flashes of fire whizzing by her head. Eden tries to duck down, wriggle into the thing holding her. It is just barely enough, no bullets hit her. Then the huge hands of Ashur are unwrapping her. As it she wasn't already smitten, now he is her saviour too. Anger and pain flare through her and she turn and shoots at the horrid thing, screaming out in rage. The shot hits. She has wounded it back, and is proud. She whispers to Ashur "Thank you"
Abe     Eggs... No, they're not what is causing the smell... but they could cause something much worse. The beam of his helmet's light sweeps over one after another... and the ravenously cleaned remains.

"This... is not good." he reports the obvious, trying to get a good count of just how many there are right now.

How many deaths had there been, how many missing, was this the work of a single predator or a colony... It would be a colony soon, one way or another!

"We need-" Abe gets bossy when he gets worried or stressed, it's a bad habit. One that get interrupted when a massive mouth with tendrils and legs drops from up above.


The beast makes a mess of things, a royal, goddamned mess. Ashur manages to untangle things a little. For lack of wanting to shoot the man, Abe wades in two and takes himself a swing. The bastard is slippery however. Abe jabs, the piston fires, nothing there. He curses and tries to check for a gender on it, a swift boot towards the groin joint. Nothing there either... in that he didn't hit anything. "Mother-" he snarled, biting off a curse.
Winston Winston shouts out, "Folks need to take this dance outta here an seal this here tunnel. Theys gonna be a whole lotta critters showing up. Just got that feeling."
Ashur "If there are eggs, they breed," Ashur calls out, not sparing Eden a look as she thanks him and dashes off. The now-literal white knight stands tall, wondering just how many of these things there might be. "And they dig; kill what we see, and find whatever fetid hole they fuck in. Crush them all then."
Sammy     Well obviously that's not going to be a good plan to continue to wield the long rifle in this environ, but there is a wicked glimmer of hope in Sammy's eye, as he unslings his rifle and crouches, readying for the next iteration of this nightmare, because reasons.
Kaelyn Kae glances to Winston curiously "I don't have a problem with that, that will at least deal with the problem in the short run..." Kae says and frowns, still looking for more potential shots as CORA still quietly admonishes the girl. "CORA, seriously, I was too focussed on the target not what was around it, I got it. Let me concentrate on fighting."
Vault Girl The Bastard Thingy quickly disengaged from combat, the darkened interior of the cavern working to the creatures advantage as it disappeared into the shadows once more; sight unseen by anyone here.

In the distance you could hear what sounded like ticking? Or was it the sound of claws against rock....

Maybe Winston was right. Getting out of here was the best option.
Vault Girl Then out of the shadows the wounded Bastard Thingy leaps at Ashur, trying to keep the group engaged in combat!
Eden Eden sees the eggs. There are more of thes bastard thingys. She pulls the dynamite from her pockets and sets it up, spins the timer to the center and screams "Back out!!!"
Vuk Vuk knows all to well what even -crude- explosives can do..and as Iris is not here? Sammy has his gun? He legs it. "Let us hope the elevator mechanism shall still function!" He barks out, letting his armor begin pounding away towards safety!
Kaelyn Kae doesn't require any more encouragement. The white-haired woman starts backing away as fast as she possibly can, watching the ceiling and whatever crevis while she tries to get out of the area and completely clear of the blast "Gonna wanna keep on going quite a bit not just out of this cave or we could be caught in the blast!"
Winston Winston falls back, he knows they are coming, and still, this thing lives. Keeping cover on those still fighting in hopes they fall back as well. "Time to Git folks. Gotta fill the hole. Come back another day."
Vault Girl At least five of the bastard thingys appear from the large mouth of the cavern and rush towards those few members of the group trailing behind. It was going to be a close call for some, a very close call..
Vault Girl The Bastard Thingy rushed forward towards Ashur attempting to knock the man over to get to the tasty insides. It just sort of bounces off his power armor though, slightly stunned.
Ashur "Why set the charge so quickly?!" Ashur grumbles and growls-- they didn't even know if this would do anything at all; they should have explored! And now the wounded Eden is lagging as more of the beasts-- he knew it, they bred, the eggs don't lie-- charge from deeper in the cavern. They should have gone THERE and detonated it, the beast of a man thinks..

He's still thinking that as one of them smashes into him and simply bounces off, stumbling in its excitement, and another seems to be gaining on Eden.. she was already too injured, if she got grabbed again, she was dead. "Go, girl!" He growls, and barrels in front of it, slowing his own escape down. The bastard thingy slashes him with its creepy little squiggly tentacle arms, and Ashur begins to back out, seeing the woman sprint fast to safety. Ah, but he's not going so fast..
Sammy     Sammy likes the H&K, he can see why something had to pry it out of Vuk's hands, not dead hands mind you, Vuk was still awake and moving, But in the darkness of the tunnel, he saw the online of his rifle, as if it were illuminated by it's own beam of moonlight.
    Voices well up in his ears and he knows those voices, rolling he makes a grab to get the gun, and sling it over his shoulder,. He owes those ghosts more service from the gun, but the weight of both bite into his shoulders as he lunges forward. But the straps of the rifles bite into his shoulders and his knees grieve at the weight.
    The elevator. . . is over there.
    Left, right, left, right, left, right. Breathe.
    Remember camp Rilea? Burning in the sun and knee deep in the sand with a 200lb ruck. You survived that. C'mon Sammy. LEGS ....
Vault Girl Tick. Tick. Tick.

Sammy tries his hardest to escape as he's weighed down by all of the juicy weapons. The bastard thingys are hot on his heels though and they manage to grab his legs, trying to drag him back towards their nest.

His saving grave came in the form of EXPLOSIONS!!!!!

The narrow tunnel leading out of the next and back into the mineshaft was filled with searing heat as it became an inferno.

Sammy was tossed forward by the shockwave even as the Bastard Thingies were incinerated and the cavern collapsed.

Like an action hero from a movie, but unconscious, the burned and armored form (which protected his good looks from serious harm) of Sammy landed at the feet of those who had escaped.

The threat to shaft 17C and the mines had been sealed. No doubt, the Mayor was going to want to hear about this and Sammy would need medical attention.

The elevator thankfully is a quick trip up and you're able to make your way out of the mines and into fresh air!
Vuk Vuk doesn't remotely -feel- bad when Sammy ends up unconscious..honestly? It might be for the best. "Iris will not be happy." He says and goes to drag his hopefully not broken shotgun from the man!
Abe     Abe, who had stood well away from the tunnel's mouth to avoid flying debris, and or people, looks on. He was safe and sound. Safe and soundest... but Sammy was all kinds of fucked.

"Maybe my luck's improving..."
Ashur As the heat and the fire shakes the earth and sends gusts of warm air billowing up the elevator shaft, Ashur glances toward all gathered who survived. His attention drifts toward Eden, and beneath his helm, his lips curl in a small frown. "Cutting it close, girl," he tells her, voice a disapprovingly strict rumble. "I wanted to venture deeper; there may be other tunnels they've dug. Still.. you were valorous enough. Congratulations."
Eden Eden stumbles to Ashur to check his wounds- just glad he made it. "Thank you for saving me."
Kaelyn The heat washes over everyone in the bottom of the temple, and Kae is quick to move up to Sammy's side and look him over.. "I think he's still breathing, we need to get him to a medic fast." She states, probably stating the obvious at that.. Still she is at least -trying- to help the group, being kind of raw and all, it can be tough.
Ashur Ashur stomps over to Sammy, crouches over, and aims to throw him over his shoulder like a sack of feed. "All for a gun," the former Legionnaire says, before reaching over and mussing Eden's hair with the free hand. "Come. We'll deliver him to the clinic. Grab his gun; the last thing we need is him running back here after."
Abe     Abe took a moment, checking over the collapsed tunnel... If they were lucky, that was it, they were dead, eggs and all! If not...

"Going to stay behind, talk to the foreman." he announced, "A lot of things here that could be improved... Wouldn't stop this from happening again but it could make it a little safer."
Sammy     Cool Guys Don't Look At Explosions.
    That's what they told him. Maybe it was because he was a recruit and didn't have eye protection. Maybe the backblast silhouetted his duster perfectly. The black armor, a bit more blackened, the ash-white paint brushed off. The bleeding from his legs tho, that's pretty damn severe. He is definitely smoking all over. And he's for sure going to need medical attentions.
    Buckshot the apaloosa is waiting around up top, ears swivel forward, those big green eyes blink with concern, and a snort.
Kaelyn After getting Sammy out and whatnot, and while Abe is talking to the foreman, Kae wanders up behind him, then smiles and taps Abe on the shoulder. Kae then holds out the laser pistol she found with a cheerful smile... "Y'wants?" She asks curiously, then adds "Think this'll pay back that Carbine and then some maybe?" she asks, looking the pistol over. "Looks like a pretty nice laser pistol..." Meanwhile CORA all but splutters "Pretty nice?!? Pretty Nice? It's a great laser pistol!" Kae then taptaps the screen on her CORA and shrugs "I Owe him for the rifle..." She says matter of factly and holds the pistol back out to Abe.
Abe     Dave's not here man, but he is filling Abe in on how much energy their equipment consumes. He's doing a bit of math in his head when Kaelyn taps him on the shoulder, her finger sounding off of the heavy, metal pauldron of the T-45c's shoulder plates.

With his helmet off and tucked under his arm, Abe can just make it out. "Hm?" he wonders, craning his neck around. She's offering something... Turning around is a affair. the T-45s are not agile by any means. His eyes go ago when she holds up the laser pistol they spotted in the caverns, "That's..." he manages, CORA voicing her concerns. He has to agree. "That's a really nice pistol." he echos... His features shift, lips twisting with thought and consideration, "I'll give you 300 for it on top of the rifle and we'd call it a deal, how's that?" he wonders, eyes lifting to hers at last.
Kaelyn Kae tilts her head curiously and smiles some "Works for me, I havn't the foggiest clue how to best employ an energy weapon yet... Maybe I'll find others." She says and turns the pistol stock first toward Abe as she offers it. "Done deal to me..." CORA chimes in "You know what you're doing right?" Kae sighs "CORA? He helped us out, gave the assault rifle to us... I can't use the pistol, and I have a debt to pay..."
Abe     "Done deal." he agrees, taking the pistol off of her hands and sealing it with a handshake... Gingerly. "Let me park this thing and we can grab some food while I count it out." he explains before he turns to part ways properly with Dave. A very fruitful trip!
Kaelyn Kae grins slightly "Will meet ya for food after I get Sammy to the medics.. MEdic aint far away.." She says "Oh could ya help me get em on his horse?" she asks curiously, the girl moving over to Sammy and now trying to lift him up. And while not weak, Kae's not particularly massively strong, just seemingly average on the human level and all... "It would be most appreciated, and I hope that pistol does you well... I now gotta find me the regular kind of pistol... and if I can maybe a silencer or two for my firearms..."
Abe     "Hm?" Abe was surprised to see Sammy still laying around. "Huh... yeah, sure. Tin can's gotta make itself useful a bit more before it's worth having trotted her out!" With the actuator-enhanced muscles of the T-45, hefting Sammy across Buckshot's back wouldn't prove too difficult. He's settling the man over the saddle when he manages a reply, "Need a sidearm too, huh? We'll see what we can do there... Might make a project of this little beauty myself." he's mumbling, already considering a option or two... he'd have to take some time, he does have a few spare tools... "Anyway, yeah, see you back at Miss Kittys!"
Sammy     Buckshot's a well trained horse, and snorts appreciatively as Sammy is helped up and over, balanced in the saddle, his legs are going to need a lot of work though, so the horse raises his head and nudges Kaelyn, and brushes the reigns into her hand to be led off. Maybe the doctor will have carrots again.
    Sammy's got routine drilled into his incoherent form, he manages to drape with not so much grace as wearyness, mumbling something about staying awake till the Medic relieves him of duty, and feet being cold. Granted, they're cold 'cause that's a lot of blood...
Kaelyn Kae nods to Abe, and smiles, before leading Sammy to the nearest Medical Clinic, which just so happense to be on the way to Miss Kitty's... "C'mon Buckshot, I'll see if I can get ya a sugar cube when we get yer master to where we're going..." She says with a smile.. she means it too!