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Iris Lark Iris found herself working in the back room of the store, moving and storing things that the group was putting up for sale. She sings to herself as she working, carrying boxes from one end of the room to another. When she finally has a space cleared, she takes a seat and starts to write out inventory in a notebook.
Eden Eden hears the singing and walks in from the main store. "Hey there Iris! Looks like we are open for buisness just about! Is there anything that needs doing back here?" She peers into an open box curiously
Jude It's another busy day, but invariably Jude finds his way to the store. He's humming a little tune as he makes his way to the back with a satchel of more stuff he's accumulated. He smiles as he sees both women, offering a tip of his militia hat and a bright smile. "Afternoon, ladies," he says in a chipper voice. The satchel gets set on one of the shelves for the stuff he's brought to the table and starts to unload his haul. Today seems to be armor, some leather items, a couple metal pieces, and even a heavy combat piece. "How are you both doin' today?"
Iris Lark Iris grins up at Eden and nods. "I think we're moving most of the workshop stuff to another small room. You all will have your own space to work on mechanical things and the like." She says, and then Jude walks in and her face lights up. "Hey Jude, how are you doing today?" Her eyes linger on him for a moment or two and then, blushing, she goes back to writing in her notebook.
Eden Eden notices the exchange between them and wonders- but is too shy to ask such questions. To Iris she says "Well ok, I can start setting up a little shop room. Already got the blacksmith stuff out back, This place is going to be so sweet!" She turns to Jude "Doing awesome! OMG I nearly died but Lucky and Iris fixed me. And I saw the most beautiful car... even if it did try to kill me"
Jude Jude lets his gaze fall on Iris and gives a similarly lingering moment before he actually answers with, "I'm doing good. Most of the, umm, drama from the other day seems to have simmered some." He frowns and sighs. "Y'all heard that Manny was shot at the Militia Headquarters?"

His attention is caught by Eden and her story about a car trying to eat her. He blinks a time or two. "A car? Tried to eatcha? That... wait... was it a robot car or somethin'?" He pauses to hear =this= story, some incredibly embellished leather arm guards in his hand, all but forgotten.
Iris Lark "I did hear about that, and I was going to offer my services, but I didn't want to overstep." Iris says, her eyes still on the book that she's scribbling into. She glances to Eden and then to Jude. "I found her bleeding on the side of the road, she was in a state."
Eden Eden is scared "OH no! Is he OK? I had no idea. People keep getting banged up..." Eden blushes "Including me I guess. The whole town where the car was is off somehow. I suppose it must have been a robot funtion in it somehow. Not like it could really have been haunted, right?"
Jude Jude shakes his head and agrees with Iris, "Yeah. The whole base was on lockdown. There's some talk about Solomon was behind it. Fella that I saw wasn't Solomon though I don't think though." He shrugs a little, but when he hears that Eden was found on the side of the road nearly dead, his attention flicks to Eden, giving her the once over. "Holy cats. That's a hell of a thing. Haunted?" He thinks and tugs up his sleeve and starts to tap at the display of his Pip-Boy 5000. It's a sleek little thing, but is one of the few supercomputers running in all of New Mexico right now. It's a gorgeous thing, if you like tech. "Ehh, it... maybe? Hauntings could be a thing?"
Iris Lark "Apparently people have been going to this..little hamlet.." Iris says, glancing up briefly as she frowns. "I wouldn't go there, you couldn't pay me." She gazes at Eden for a moment and she tilts her head. "How are you doing, by the wy, still in any pain?"
Eden Eden says "Still a bit sore. I think I'm ok though. You were right about needing to rest. Slept like a solid rock." To Jude "If they are at all possible, Dunwhich is frickin haunted. Like hands down poltergeisty whatever you want to call it haunted. That car chased me. Actually chased me. OMG it was so beautiful though" She pulls herself away getting too squeely over how cool the car was. With difficulty. "How is haunting possible though? What are you seeing in there?" Eden really hopes that no one will lecture her for going out alone. She has already realized that it may have been... unwise...
Jude Jude flicks his attention between the two women and his pip, looking a bit more dour as he hears and reads more. "Seein' some stuff about how before the war, some folk would try to talk to spirits and whatnot. Says here some were pretty dark and wanted to hurt some folks. Revenge, anger and the like. Says sometimes when real bad stuff happens, it tears open holes between this world and... another. Maybe where folk go when they die or somethin'?" He gives a little shrugs and flips his pip-boy off. "Maybe best if we don't wander up thataway. Actually read them signs that -say- don't go up there. Lincoln needs an awful lotta work. Found me some sugar bombs earlier when I was up that way."
Iris Lark Iris wrinkles her nose and doesn't comment right away. She does shut her book and get to her feet. "I'm not going there, I..don't have a reason to and I'm easily spooked." She folds her arms tightly across her chest and tilts her head. "Lincoln? Is that a place, because if it is, I've not seen it. Are we going to save another town then?"
Eden Eden says "have we finished saving this one yet?" Eden stammers a second "By the way, thanks for not giving me crap about it... I WAS feeling a bit too reckless." Eden turns bright red then turns and busies herself in boxes, pretending to look for tools, but really just trying to hide her red face
Iris Lark Iris gazes over at Eden, a slight smile on her face as she moves over to look in the same box she's digging into. "Hey, you're a grown I'm not going to ever tell you what to do, but I'll certainly help pick you up if you fall, you know? That's what friends are for."
Jude Jude's pip-boy goes off and he jumps. "Oh crap!" He looks around and says, "I have to go to a town hall meetin'. I'm running late!" He gives a smile and waves before scurrying off.
Eden Eden waves goodbye to Jude. Is a little glad to be alone with Iris for a minute though. She can't exactly ask her mother this. "Speaking of grown women. I um... I need to know something, and I don't know who to ask, and I should know things first- but it just kinda happened and.." Eden realizes she is rambling and takes a deep breath
Iris Lark Iris shifts slightly and turns, giving Eden her full attention. "You're welcome to ask me anything, as a healer or as a friend. What do you need to ask?" She queries, leaning forward to put an arm around Eden's shoulders.
Eden Eden blushes and says "It's really personal and I don't know if you mid that or not" Eden looks over hoping this turns out ok. "Is it supposed to hurt, like for days, after the first time you, ya know" blushing bright red "I knew I would bleed a bit, but... I'm not broken am I?"
Iris Lark "I've been a Healer for a long time, so..personal questions are something I'm familiar with." Iris responds, and when Eden starts to speak again she nods slowly along with her words. "It..can hurt for a while after, depending on how..things went." She furrows her brow and purses her lips. "Have you been resting at all, maybe if you've just kept going and doing things after your body ..just might need to adjust, you know?"
Eden Eden says "It was before I went to that town. a few hours before. I really was feeling kinda reckless and sleepless, so- I went exploring. I rested on the the side of the road apparently. But. Well... he's a big... person. and well... asl long as that's normal then I guess it's ok." The young girl feels very mixed up about telling anyone. This was so- surprising to her.