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Willow Caine The door swings open and in walks the woman running the Saloon while her big sister does Mayoral things. Willow's dress swishes as she slowly strides towards the head of the table, taking a seat to the right of the leather chair there. She crosses her legs and gets settled, sipping on a drink that she brought with her. Several people are already present and she waves and smiles in a silent greeting.
Percy     Percy's arrival to the Meeting Room in the Town Hall is without much fanfare. As a new arrival to the city itself, he was reasonably happy to lay low and just absorb all of the faces, information and discussions that would be had at an event like this. With his collared shirt buttoned and pressed into his slacks, the man of medicine walks tall. A professional ire graces his face as he makes his way to the closet seat at the joined tables, before sitting gently down. While his right leg folds across his left, his cool blue eyes scan the area to take in those that have gathered. His lips purse in some idle thought, head nodding in greeting to those he has already met.
Winston Winston makes his way in as folks start to gather. Rifle slung over one shoulder, his helmet hanging off his holster that he keeps steady with one hand as he walks. He slips off to the side by the wall running his hand through his hair to get the scragglies out of his eyes. Out of habit, he waits at parade rest, his gaze drifting over the people as they make themselves comfortable.
Alasa Alasa makes her way into the meeting hall, stretching out her shoulders and arms as she does. She glances around a moment, then moves to find an empty seat herself. She puts on her city face, and gets comfy in the chair as she waits for things to happen. At least inside, it should be a quiet evening.
Sammy     Sammy, had found his way in earlier, his shoulders pressed dutifully back against the wall, to the left of the main entrance, his helmet hanging from one elbow, his arms folded across his chest and he's quiet, might even be mistaken for a statue, save the fact he tracks and watches people as they filter in, looking to people gathering seats. The discerning might even see that he's counting peple with the fingers of one hand.
Kaydin     Kaydin made his way into the town meeting hall, looking about to the various people present. A mental checklist goes off as he puts names to faces and to those who he knew. He pulls off his own helmet and nods to Sammy once he see's the man. "So any idea what will be discussed here?" Kaydin asks Sammy as he looks back around to everyone else.
Dusty Rose Oh good, she's not late. Dusty Rose hustles in to find herself a seat. Once she's sat down she digs out a small device of some kind and sets it in her lap to tinker with while listening to the rest of the going-ons. She's not the sort to just sit in one place, she needs to be doing something with her hands to keep herself focused.
Jude Jude slips on in and finds a seat. He's dressed as a private in the El Dorado militia, insignia showing he's an engineer. He looks around at all the faces he's unfamiliar with and hunkers down a little in his seat. He adjusts his uniform some and generally busies himself with this and that while he waits for things to begin.
Kurokumo Mibojin      Sliding into the room unobtrusively, Kurokumo makes her way to one of the back seats. She hasn't been to one of these...ever. It's her new home, permanent even, and she needs to know what happens here, in the now. Of course, she doesn't have a nicer set of clothes for such a special occasion.
Carter Griffin It doesn't take long for Carter to find his way into the rows of seats, and he sits down next to Dusty, "Hey. Hope I didn't miss anything." He says, as he looks around, "Big turn out huh?" He doesn't wanna chat her up too much, it is a meeting after all, but he tries to be friendly when he can.
Katherine Caine The largest portion of Town Hall had been re-arranged into rows of seating that some had already been seated in. The former podium that Mayor Solomon had built had been removed and given to the school, there was no need for anyone to stand above anyone else; which was in many ways a time-honored tactic of politics.

Stepping out from her office and heading towards the microphone that had been setup and tapped it once to make sure it was working, "Thank you for coming everyone. For those who don't know me, my name is Katherine Caine, I'm the new Mayor of El Dorado. To all the familiar faces, I'm glad that you've taken the time to come out here. El Dorado is our city, it's built on the blood and sweat of our ancestors, our family and our friends. This is our home."

"Tonight we'll be covering a few things on the Agenda. I've drafted a few new laws which will be passed in the interest of community safety after some consultation with Sheriff VOlkner and I plan to discuss a number of issues that are very important to El Dorado. At the end, I will also open up the floor to questions and anything that needs to be discussed or shared. Thank you all for your patience." Katherine said as she set her pipboy down with all of her notes on it.
Sammy     Sammy asides to Kaydin as he steps over, "I would presume it's kind of an airing of things, discuss all the bad politics that need to get adressed, circle the wagons as it were, bring everyone up to speed on Mayor Caine's plans." it feels weird to him referring to Kitty as Mayor Caine, when he's heard to reffered to as 'Mom' and 'Kitty' and 'Ms. Caine' so much. 'Mayor Caine' will have to do for a formal for the next cycle, he thinks it fits her just-fine. He taps his lip for a "Shh." and gestures to the Mayor.
Jericho Arriving late, as he has a habit of doing, Jericho slides in as Katherine is talking about the Agenda. A few muttered apologies later, the cyborg takes a seat towards the middle. Folding his hands together he listens to the last of the introduction and looks around, trying to spy any familiar faces. But, this was probably the best way to meet people.
Winston Winston follows the movement of the crowd as it gets to be quite the gathering. His attention on the townsfolk shifts to the Mayor when she introduces herself. He looks her way, eyes studying her as if remembering. Is this her?
Alasa Alasa sits in her chair, letting her gaze drift around the room to take in those present. She then turns her attention back foward for a moment as the mayor speaks.
Percy     As the citizens and visitors begin to drift in and take their seats, Percy shifts in his position to take a good look at everyone. Scratching the top of his forehead in some more idle thought, he settles back down into his chair to look at Katherine Caine give her introductions. His head tilts curiously as the Mayor makes her initial address. A small nod in understanding is made as he folds arms across his chest and leans back in his seat. Keen to listen.
Dusty Rose Dusty Rose hisses softly as her tinkering sparks at her, sticking the finger in her mouth for a moment to cool it off again. Then looks up as Katherine comes in and starts speaking. Looks like they're starting. Hopefully the new laws won't be anything too frustrating.
Emily Emily arrives in the meeting room just after the initial announcement, hurrying over to find a spot amongst one of the row's of seating, attention shifting towards the podium the Mayor stands at.
Willow Caine Willow leans back in her seat and keeps an eye on her sister as her fingers idly tap on the arm of her chair. She gazes around the room, seeing some folks that have stopped into the Saloon a time or two and nods a greeting, or wiggles her fingers to say hello. When Katherine steps up to speak, she gives the Mayor her full attention.
Kaydin     Kaydin nods to Sammy and moves to sit near willow, smiling and waving at her as he holds his helmet. The mayor is then given his complete attention, watching her. He nods a little to what she says but other then that, remains silent.
Kurokumo Mibojin      Settling back into her chair, Kurokumo watches as everyone shuffles around and murmurs their greetings. Her hand soothes over her abdomen as she gets comfortable. It's been over 5 years since she's watched anything in regards to small town civics in action.
Jude Jude fixes his attention onto the Mayor when she speaks. He flicks a few things on his pip-boy, making a note or two. He shrugs his militia duster off and settles in a little better, smoothing his uniform some. Reaching up, he takes his hat off and lays it on his knee.
Sammy     Sammy unfolds his arms and switches the leg he was putting most of his weight on, fussing in his pockets to pull a Pip-Boy 2000 tablet from his duster, and starts doing a particular balance act with it, practically fits right into a pouch-pocket on his left forearm of the duster, and he starts one-handedly typing a few notes into it as the meeting progresses.
Dominic dust kicks up wildly as dominic rides into town on horseback wile baking in the hot sun parking his horse outside by a post he enters into the town hal and quietly takes his seat
Katherine Caine Katherine tapped the Pip-Boy before looking back up and speaking clearly into the microphone, "First thing I want to do is let everyone know that we're amending the laws in regards to violence within the walls of El Dorado. I understand that some disputes are best settled with a duel, it's a fact of life, but it's downright dangerous when it keeps happening around the city."

"So the first new law will involve violence within the city, period. It's got to stop happening and the Sheriff is behind me one-hundred percent, you want to shoot each other, you do it out in the Wasteland. The second new law is long overdue, no murder in El Dorado, of anyone. I'm sure I'm not the only one who wondered what kind of moonshine my Grandfather and the others were on when they drafted that law and maybe it had a purpose seventy years ago but we're bigger now than a tribe and a group of Vault Dwellers. El Dorado is more than a city, it's a beacon of civilization out in an inhospitable world and well, citizens can't just go murdering travelers passing through anymore without recourse."
Kurokumo Mibojin      "Oh thank goodness." Kurokumo mutters, the patients coming in from stray gunfire becoming more than a nuissance. So far, children haven't been brought in, and hopefully it will staty that way.
Percy     Percy raises a brow at the two new laws which Katherine announces, his jaw loosening in mild surprise. "To think those laws were not already established..." He murmurs to himself, before rubbing his lips and jaw in some thought. Taking in a breath he takes a cautious glance around him, just to see how those new laws were being accepted.
Winston Winston keeps his focus on the Mayor with admiration as she speaks, though his gaze does shift now and then when a comment is made to what has been declared.
Jericho Jericho clears his throat when violence is mentioned. He really didn't mean to shoot that merchant. "Leave disputes to the authorities, understood." His attention is drawn behind him a one of the townspeople inform him the light on the back of his head is a distraction, and he scoots down several more seats.
Alasa Alasa says, "Ah, good common sense laws...those I can deal with. I was a bit worried there was going to be something about wearing fancy hats for some reason."
Dusty Rose Dusty Rose bobs her head in an agreeing nod. You would almost think those sort of rules would already be in place, but then again, there was a time when you could only rely on yourself for safety. It was necessary for survival, and that mentality probably bled over even when there was a relatively safe place to keep out of the wilderness. "Or if you have to settle it yourself, take it outside where it won't put others at risk," she muses as she looks back down at her fiddling.
Jude Jude remains fairly neutral on the first bit, but the second gets a thoughtful chewing over as he taps on his pip. His eyes lift and flick as he hears the general commentary, wanting to remember who said what.
Dominic dominic remains silent nodding his head because he agrees with kathren undeaded vilonce could endadger those who had no part in it
Sammy     Sammy tak-taks away; quietly, quirking just slightly a smirk, "More West, less Wild." he always was hoping for more of the saloon duel shenanigans the old holo-vids used to rave about. His notes file grows as he listens, watching and listening quietly.
Carter Griffin "Here here." Carter adds, glad for a law like that to get fixed. They need something like that, in order to make sure things don't get out of hand. Of course out of town, it's still the Wasteland, but at least people in the city can feel safe.
Sparrow Sparrow had a bit of a way to ride before she could get here so she arrives latish. The cowgirl takes off her hat stepping into the meeting hall and looks around discreetly for a place to go plant herself. A nice out of the way spot so she can listen.
Katherine Caine "I'm glad nobody has any strong worded objections to murder in the city being off the table." Katherine laughed a little to break any tension, "Cause that would be worrying." She glanced down at the pip-boy again, trying to maintain a smile as she moved on to the next topic, "Most of you not fully in the loop may have wondered what exactly is happening with Jared Solomon, our former Mayor. As far as we know, he's fled somewhere North, possibly out of New Mexico altogether. He's still El Dorado's most wanted and he will face justice for the conspiracies, murders and crimes he committed both before he was Mayor, while he was Mayor and anything he did after."

It pained her to say this next bit, "Solomon isn't our major concern though. Some of you have encountered the mutants that seem to have been cropping up in the wastes, and you've probably heard the rumors about some kind of mutant horde in Mexico. As far as we can tell, this is the clear and present danger to not only El Dorado, but possibly to life as anyone knows it." Katherine sighed just a little, unable to completely hide her disappointment in the entire situation that had been presented, but the disappointment was a mask for a very real fear of the threat that was coming their way.

"I can't give full details to everyone, here and now, but I have begun putting together an expedition that will cross over into Mexico and investigate the Poseidon Energy Facility that we keep hearing about, and gather information on what we might be facing. I know that's not exactly reassuring, but for now, we need to be prepared. I plan on having a secondary set of walls around Shantytown constructed and expanding the Militia patrols so we can have as much warning as possible."

Lowering her head and her voice greatly, "Before we open the floor, I would like to take a moment of silence for the people of Hope's Crossing. Only six people out of one hundred, made it out alive when the mutants attacked. Hope's Crossing was dependent on El Dorado to exist, without the food we provided and the caravans that we sent through into Mexico? They would have had no reason to exist, the Militia won't let that happen again, we won't let that happen again."
Jude Jude stops poking at his pip-boy as the Mayor begins talking about the latest major news. His frown deepens as she continues on. At the end, he lowers his head for a moment of silence and reflection on most an entire settlement being wiped out completely.
Stockton Stockton makes a quiet entrance, not wanting to distrub whoever might be talking. The soft click of the door reveals the wall of muscle and attitude that is their Sheriff. Spurs jangle though, giving him away as he moves to a wall to take up a gargoyle like lean on it, one broad shoulder. The cigarillo in the corner of his mouth is chewed on slowly as he listens, catching up while he remains quiet. Big arms fold over his chest and he watches the crowd gathered with some interest, giving polite howdy-do nods to anyone who catches his gaze for very long. He's quiet at the reflection of those who passed and then right back to watching the floor like a hawk.
Sammy     Moments of silence. Sammy astands, not leaning from the wall, and rests his helmet over his heart, a silent murmor of "Remember the fallen." he states, but his voice is rumbling and barely carries just a few feet, if that. But then the moment is passed, and he tucks his helmet back over his elbow, and stands instead of his leasurely recline to prop the wall up, at a 'Parade Rest'
Dominic dominic lowers his head giving a small silent prayer for those who have passed on
Dusty Rose Dusty Rose makes a face at the mention of Mutants. She remembers running into a pack of those while out scavenging before. Good thing there was other people around to help fight them off! At the request of a moment of silence she sets her tiddling aside, and as it's the closest she has to headwear tugs her goggles off the top of her head before bowing it for a few moments.
Katherine Caine "Sir Dominic Blackstone of the Village of Avalon." Katherine said when the moment of silence was over, "Please go ahead and let us know what you wanted to bring up."
Sparrow Sparrow's lips tug int a small frown and her brow furrows as she listens to Mayor Caine while she wipes her face of road dust with a bandana. She says not a word though as she listens just dips her chin once and a while. The silence she an do but the cowgirl's bright blue eyes remain serious and the stoic expression never falls.
Percy     Astute as always, Percy watches with a keen look as Katherine rolls through the topics. His chin continues to be tapped throughout the moment of silence, thoughts lingering to the revelation of a small band that is being put together. Taking in a long, drawing breath, he slowly exhales and rotates his neck around. Then, attention is given to Dominic, who now has the attention. He shifts a bit in his chair, giving him full attention.
Winston Winston takes on a more serious expression as the news of mutants and the dangers they pose is told. Still remaining silent along the wall taking in everything.
Dominic Dominic says a prayer for those who have pasted before he looks twords everyone. "You all have the town of avolon's support rather it be men, blades, armor or a place to stay if you need it we will provide you have shown me great hospitality since being here its the least I can do." Dominic switched his gaze to kathren "if ye be in danger our man at arms will assist thee."
Jericho After a time of silence, Jericho pushes up to his feet. "Erm, if you'd allow me to speak." His mechanical hands wring slightly as he looks over the crowd, but he doesn't wait for any actual permission to speak. "I'm a surgeon from the New Vegas clinic, I specialize in cybernetic augmentations as you can tell." There's a gesture, more to show off his own limbs. "If you're going to be running into any danger you have my support. I'm more than happy to work for the cost of supplies." A slight pause before he adds, "Only because I don't have a clinic. Yet."
Fiona Fiona watches from her self assign position near the exit, in full militia gear. It is not the Queen's guard of yester-year though, she leans against the wall, arms crossed. One hand is tucked inside the duster, likely ready to produce a weapon if needed despite her casual stance.
Katherine Caine "Your offer is greatly appreciated Sir Dominic. El Dorado will do what we can to aid your people as well, you have my word." Katherine replied with a smile to Dominic before motioning to Jude, "Corporal Jude Masters, you had something you wanted to bring up?"
Alasa Alasa sits and listens to the other speak, not having much to add to things at the moment.
Winston Winston's gaze shifts to follow those speaking. The Knight takes his interest for a bit as he and the Mayor go back and forth as allies.
Percy     Percy remains seated, legs crossed, choosing to just listen to what people have to say. First Dominic, then Jericho. Then, he looks over to Jude, the next one to speak.
Dusty Rose Dusty Rose glances back for a moment when she hears a familiar voice, and waves a little in Carter's direction. Before turning her attention back to what the other various people are saying.
Jude Jude stands, glancing from the Mayor to the number of faces seated or standing around him. He flashes a smile and says with a voice that carries pretty well, "As the Mayor said, I'm Jude Masters. I'm a member of the El Dorado Militia." He pauses a moment and draws a deep breath. "Recently a member of the militia had his loved ones, his Ma and Sis, kidnapped. This Private, named Malone, was given one of the most horrific choices a fella can make. In order to see his Ma and Sis again, he walked into the El Dorado Militia and shot Marshal Romero."

Jude pauses a long moment, surveying the gathering. His voice lowers a little. "A couple of my superiors and I saw him leaving the area, so gave chase. Unfortunately, by the time we arrived, Private Malone was shot dead by his blackmailer. The fella that did the deed and the blackmailing along with his two goons, left his Ma and Sis with that." He draws a breath and steels himself some before he goes on. "The Sheriff is investigatin' the fancy fella and the Ma and sister are bein' tended. The thing that sticks out to me, though, is the fancy fella that done shot Private Malone said to the private that it was to leave the Militia rudderless. Someone wants to sew chaos in El Dorado."

He pauses and draws another breath before he finishes with, "If you truly care about this city and what we're all helpin' to build, I urge you to step up. Look into the Militia and the Sheriff's posse or the Townhall. See how you can show these evil cusses that the more the push, the firmer we'll stand. And this isn't just to those who can sling some pistolas. Mayor Caine said about a wall that she wants to go up. I'm an engineer in the Militia and I'll be on out there helpin' to put that up. There's a place for anyone, even a vaultie like me, so there's bound to be a place that -needs- you."

He heaves a sigh and then nods to everyone. "Thanks for hearin' me out." He then sits down to let the next person to say their piece.
Jericho Jericho continues to wring his hands for a few moments, before taking his seat again. For what it was worth to the crowd, he bore symbols of the Followers of the Apocalypse. Though news was often slow to spread, and the crosses could have been some sort of personal flair. Lot of religious crazies around. "Thanks for listening." he tacks on, voice a squeak. People were a lot harder to deal with than tech.
Willow Caine Willow keeps quiet during the people speaking up. She trusts that the people in power now will take care of things and clean up or keep out crime in the city. Her fan in hand, she gently creates a personal breeze and gazes at each person as they stand up and speak.
Percy     Jude's story gains Percy's full attention, his nerve unflinching as the gruesome fates are revealed. His blue eyes are unblinking for a long moment, before he closes them in thought once more as Jude finishes. While a nod is given to him in recognition for speaking, he doesn't say anything in response. He certainly doesn't appear to be volunteering!
Sparrow Sparrow glances up at Jude, givin the Vaultie a small smile but it doesn't last long. She listens to what he's saying as well soaking it all in like she has everything else that's been said before looking back to the spot in front of her and leaning back in her seat. A glance to Jericho and she nods to him as well but she's listening to the room as a whole intently.
Alasa Alasa nods to herself as she listen to the others, "Something to think about, fer sure...might check into that."
Katherine Caine "Thank you Doctor." Katherine said to Jericho, "I'll be sure to include you on the expedition." (Sorry somehow missed Jeri earlier).

"I agree with everything Corporal Masters has said and if he'll accept, I'll have him overseeing construction of the wall." No doubt it was something for Jude to think on!

"The last person with business to bring up is Ranger Sammy."
Stockton Stockton remains quiet as those that want to speak do so. S'long as no one gets uppity, it's unlikely that he'll move much either. A nod is given to Dominic for his offer of help. Jude stands and he just smiles a little bit. Remaining on the wall as a flower of sorts.
Kaydin     "I have a question." Kaydin asks curiously as he holds onto his helmet. He regards everyone else with a curious expression and watches Katherine, waiting for his turn to speak.
Sammy     Sammy listens to Jude's story, his ears drawing back to listen around the room. His position has been pretty well outlined in previous conversations, but he steps forward from the wall, hands coming from behind his back, the Pip-Boy held like a notepad with his left, he steps forward catching a glance from the Mayor, and replying with a nod, turns to adress the room, "For those of you who haven't met me, haven't fought with me yet, I'm Sammy Jenkins, Ranger, NCR. My mission is to investigate and scout this region, and support any and all civilians along the way." he glances to the Sherrif and the Mayor in turn, "I'm given great amounts of discretion in how I apply that so long as I keep things in the long term goals of the NCR's campaigns here." he gestures to his Pip-Boy, "I've been made aware of a patrol, that has not reported back, which was sent southwards, looking for the Poseidon facility; in much the same manner as the Militia patrol was also dispatched..." he looks down for a moment, gathers a sigh, "And I do not have any question in my mind given the time delays that there are any survivors. However, I am fairly certain you will find NCR personell willing to aid in the efforts to both shore up the Southern defenses, but also probe the Southern wastes." he glances back to the Pip-boy, "But I've also been hearing that the embers of Caesar's Legion, are starting to rally under the former Legate. But I haven't had as much time to investigate that personally."
     He gives a bit of a bow to Mayor Caine, "If you'd let me join in the possee and patrols to the south, I'd be much obliged, and consider it a bit of bending the rules of the NCR to render all aid to local civilian interests."
Winston Winston turns his attention to Ranger Jenkins when he starts to speak. Eyes narrow as a nerve is struck at the mention of Ceasar's legion.
Carter Griffin People are bringing up some pretty interesting things, Carter would admit. But Sammy's in particular get his attention. More missing NCR, more potential threats. He'll have to get with Sammy later to ensure he can get in on that mission.
Percy     Percy frowns at what Sammy has to say, the arms across his chest tightening. Chewing on the inside of his lip, he considers the words spoken. About the NCR and about former Legate perhaps trying to ignore the flames of the past. Though tempted, he keeps his jaw clenched shut. Almost forcefully, really. "Hm." That's all that comes from him!
Dusty Rose Dusty Rose frowns a little. Sounds like they've got potential threats on all sides to consider.
Fiona Fiona listens to the speakers in turn, but her eyes scan the assembled group attentitively. The military mind quickly assessing the threats and coming up with sold strategic goals.
Former Mayor Solomon: Kill.
Rampaging Hoard: Kill. Goon that shot the marshal: Kill (After beating to a pulp)
Legion: Kill.
NCR: ...
Katherine Caine Katherine was too well composed to hide her annoyance with Kaydin not following things, but she wouldn't show it at all, "Of course, go ahead and speak." There was something to be said for following instructions.

"And of course Sammy, we'll be glad to accept your help." She wasn't sure what the Ranger meant about bending the rules to aid local civilians though, that was kind of what Rangers did everywhere..
Dusty Rose Dusty Rose makes a mental note to herself to keep an eye out for decent construction materials when she's out scavenging. If they're going to build and reinforce more walls they're going to need all the stuff they can find. Maybe even actually put her construction skills to use.
Stockton Stockton clears his throat there and moves off the wall to speak a bit, "Jus' keep yer wits about yah. Remember we have allies in Jack's Town, New Rome, and now Avalon. The more we build out and support, the greater a place we become. But that also comes with attracting more of the bad guys as well as settlers and refugees." Having spoken his piece there he goes back to leaning and watching. Grumpy old man already.
Jude Jude is caught a little by surprised by being asked to build the wall. He sits for a long moment and then offers a tentative smile to the Mayor before saying, "I'll be sure to mention it to my superiors at muster later, Ma'am." He flicks his gaze back towards Fiona and gives the hint of a shrug.
Kaydin     Kaydin watches the goings on and when told to speak up he nods and stands. "Already there are quite a few of us from the NCR, lending aid and doing work with the militia and sheriff department. Will El Dorado be willing to join the republic?" He asks curiously.
Katherine Caine "There are, quite a few of you who wear NCR Uniforms who are helping out around here, yes. There is also a local embassy that most folks are not that pleased about." Katherine said in response to Kaydin, "The thing is. You are not the Republic, neither is Ranger Sammy. You're both men. Men who have chosen to help others. Your actions may reflect on the New California Republic while you wear their uniform, but you are not the New California Republic. This is not a backwater village that's wowed by a couple of rangers."

"The fact is." Katherine stated assuredly, "The Republic needs us and if they play their cards right, they might gain a powerful ally in the south, the shining jewel of New Mexico, El Dorado. We are the lifeblood of this land here, not the New California Republic. Our water, our resources, our people. We define this land and together with Acme, Roswell, New Rome, Gohauq and now Avalon, we'll build something great here without bowing to someone else's flag."

Katherine looked around the room before picking up her pip-boy, "The expedition to Mexico will be leaving within the month, a signup sheet with details will be posted in the Town Hall outside my office. Have a lovely night everyone and be sure to keep the new laws in mind, Sheriff Volkner is just itching to lock someone up." The last bit? It was a very serious joke. She was sure the Sheriff was dying to lock some punks up!
Sparrow Sparrow stands up, flipping her hat onto her head and tucks her fingers into her pockets as she turns to hea out without a word. She's got a long ride back to where she's been staying. She does pause to Stockton on the way out and murmur to him before she passes through the door.
Sammy     Sammy nods at the reply given to the two rangers, "My name will be on the sheets soon as they're up." he smirks quielty, and looks down at his Pip-Boy, slips it back into his pocket, All he'd need to say, got said. And the addendum to the existing law seems pretty good. The old one, sorta fuzzy on the boundaries, certainly might've made sense for a smaller community, but not a sprawling town. He steps back to the wall and does his best jobto hold it up again.
Fiona When you are a guard, you are supposed to be a silent sentinal stoicly surveying, securing, and symbolizing stability. Fiona fails at Kaydin's question. A snicker, then she speaks up, "No, will the NCR join El Dorado?" She moves toward Jude shaking her head and starting to smirk. "My condolances, they are going to have to make you a sargeant."
Jericho There's a curl at the corner of Jericho's mouth as he thinks about all the tech possibilities in Mexico. There may be the issue of mutants, but he was both a scientist and a doctor. "This'll be fun." A metallic thumb squeaks across a pin on his labcoat that reads 'Got a one track mind' and he pushes up onto his feet. "I'll get some supplies up before it's time to go."
Percy     The final address from Katherine earns a smile from Percy, the first from the Doctor since arriving. It seems more a relieved sort of smile, her answer about joining the NCR no doubt pleasing him immensely.
    Once everything is done and the people begin to leave, the lean man stands up and stretches out his legs. With a nod to Katherine in thanks and appreciation, he makes his leave. Despite the fact that she is likely to miss the gesture.
Winston Winston lingers to see who rushes out and who hangs around. There are a couple of folks worth talking to after tonight's gathering.
Katherine Caine Katherine doesn't seem to miss it, nodding back to Percy, a stranger she has never met but seemed friendly enough!