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Ashur Once upon a time, a man named Caesar had an awful lot of children. They were wayward sons of the wilds, adopted in his name and given all a boy could ever ask for: cruelty, abuse, a total lack of affection, and a strict ethical code that demanded they avoid the fun things in life; rather than waste time on drugs and alcohol, focus on hardening yourself into a better weapon. Hey, if you crucify enough degenerates, maybe you'll get a shot at the women!

But Caesar died, and frankly, a lot of his kids hate a love-hate relationship with him. After they all mourned in their own unique ways, they set down on new, individual paths, questioning their harsh upbringings!

Ashur's path has led to him sitting at a table with an awful lot of hooch set before him in quantities that might kill a brahmin with three livers, and weeks of sleepless nights consumed by haunting mares. He sits in a fresh-laundered toga, takes a deep drink, and slams a cup down, refilling it.

As for the rest of the saloon? Well, it's a quiet enough evening; some talk of mayoral nonsense going on, but it's not of interest to everyone. Some old-timey music plays on a jukebox.
Konno     Konno is doing his usual. Perched somewhere along the bar and making a vaguely appetizing pose while eyes look over all of those present. He's only seen one barrelman wearing a toga, so Ashur is quick to be spotted and silently snickered about. The bright expression of the sparkly lad is certainly not one that speaks of disliking his work.
Eden eden looks up from where she was sitting at the bar. She sees *Him* walk in. Should she be brave? Well, why the hell not. Feeling brave just almost got her killed yesterday. Why not one more go. She walks quietly over to Ashur's table and slips into chair beside him. "I think we might have met here before"
Kasumi     Well, Konno might be doing his usual, but the girls are teasing Kasumi as she heads down the steps after changing. The woman still on her fatigue pants, but she is wearing a tank top thats half a size smaller on her then it should be. It leaves her midsection exposed. Its not long before a number of them tease her that instead of strongarming, maybe she should be joining them.

    A few harsh japanese words are said as the woman moves to her post. THe sling on her arm shows that she's been hurt a little bit, but that doesn't keep her from doing what she's paid for. The woman nods her head to Konno a little. Her single seen eye scans the bar. That blue bang of hair keeps her left eye hidden.
Saeko Saeko wasn't here yet...or was she? The asian woman did tend to be a mite sneaky so it was hard to know with certainty. Yet even so she steps through the door to confirm her only just ending absence. She's wrapped in her usual cloak, one that carries a few traces of recent damage and repair after that incident with the shotgun blast that had ruined her old leather armor. Stepping further into the room, her hand slips up to tug her hood down and reveal her face, letting her hair spill down over her shoulders, but the rest of her attire and her gear remains 'cloaked' by the overwear while she looks over the few familier faces gathered around the room, the slightest twitch of her lip betraying suprise at seeing another asian whom she'd not met in town before she turns towards the bar counter in search of a drink. Clean water was always an appreciated luxury.
Ashur Ashur won a drinking contest the first time he drank. The firewater had burned going down and left embers in his chest; and while it had tasted awful, and displeased him in a visceral fashion, the sort of swaggering gay mood that set upon him awhile after he'd exited the saloon that night was a memory he enjoyed with some internal conflict.

That empty-headed sensation is one he pursues with his usual discipline. There is no pleasure in the quaff; he wears a scowl and does his duty. Then a woman eases herself into the chair next to him and speaks. He doesn't hear what she says-- the bull isn't listening.

Instead, he grabs the back of her chair, turns it so she's facing him directly, and with a flick of his finger along her jumpsuit's front zipper begins to tug it down.
Konno     Konno's eyes twinkle towards Kasumi and he offers her a friendly wave. It's hard for him to miss curious goings on with mister togabarrel, a small gleam of consideration. He'll wait to see how it turns out while Saeko arrives. She's given a wave from Konno as well. It seems like a mostly average night thusfar.
Eden Shocked, Eden has absolutely no idea what to do in the face of this attention. Whatever she expected in this public place- being undressed was not it! She can't look away from the humongous man filling her vision. "are you the one drunk this time?"
Kasumi     And here goes Kasumi. The woman moves over to the table. She moves in front of Eden. She loks at Ashur a long moment. "You've had enough. And the rules are clear. Keep it up, and we'll have a chat with the Sheriff, and see what a night will do.", she says. THe woman is showing no fear over the towering Ashur. "Go home, Ashur, and sleep it off.", she states.
Saeko      A blink, a turn. Even Saeko wasn't completely oblivious to the occupations of man of the women here, although in truth she had been before she'd come across certain reading material, but that still seemed rather forward for the public setting. She wasn't close enough to interfere, and others had done so, but the 'Kunoichi' simply takes her water and turns where she rests, sipping her drink lightly and examining the three-way exchange with interest.
Ashur Click, click, click go the teeth of Eden's jumpsuit as the zipper is drawn down by Ashur's demanding fingers. He moves with an almost torturous slowness-- tug fast, and she can wrap her arms 'round herself in a burst of self-conscious shame. Done like this, it's almost sensual, in an imperious fashion-- his golden eyes locked on her face, one elbow propped on the table, gazing at her over the rim of his drink. Daring her to stop him before the zipper reaches her navel and the open suit exposes her cleavage.

It isn't until Kasumi injects herself into the interaction that that teasing touch fades, the zipper left however far down it got. He stares at the ninja bouncer's chest squeezed in a too-small shirt, drifts down to her exposed navel, and then finally lifts it to her face. "Rules?"

His tone is neither particularly agreeable nor particular disagreeable. He's just always growly.
Konno     Konno lets Kasumi handle Ashur, and himself resumes being pretty at the bar. His mirror is tugged free from his vest to quietly appraise himself in the reflection with careful pulling of his hair to quell ahoge before the mirror's closed and slipped away in his vest.
Eden The asian woman stepping in breaks the trance. Eden still can't move, but is breathing again. She considers tapping the woman to say something. Cannot muster the composure or courage to step inbetween them. Eden grabs her drink from the table, downs it, and stands up. She gently touches the massive hand that had been undressing her. "maybe we could ask the nice lady how much for a room?" All of her nerves come back now that she knows other eyes must be turning their way.
Kasumi     Kasumi nods her head. "Yes, there are a few rules. One of them is that that type of business isn't done down here. Either you can rent a room for the night, but the owner isn't here. Or two, if she wishes to go with you, I can't stop her from going. But none of that funny business in the bar area.", she states. There's mroe then a few gasps, and gulps. One of the girls looks to Konno as if to ask if she should consider running to Willow. Kasumi shakes her head, holding a hand up to the girl, to keep her from heading out if Konno tells her to.
Ashur "A girl cannot show her skin in the bar?" Ashur's rumbling inquiry sees his eyes drift between Eden's partially-undone jumpsuit and Kasumi's own tight clothing. "Mm. A queer rule for an establishment such as this; in New Rome, the girls lie on scented soft pillows, barely veiled, throats collared."

The barrel-chested brute shrugs a shoulder and raps his knuckles upon the table's top. "So be it." He returns to his drinking, content, for the moment, with Eden in her current state of partial undress. "Be patient, squirming little thing. I'll take you outside when I'm done drinking."
Konno     Konno doesn't say anything to the girls, Kasumi has it handled and he waves his hand dismissively. "Whole reason we have an upstairs is for breaking codes of modesty, handsome." Konno chimes to Ashur, "Downstairs is just for drinks and eating, a social area that should be appropriate enough even for children were not drink being served." well that and it's not like he's seen kids turned away from being served here as long as they stayed downstairs, refused booze ofcourse. "I wouldn't mind seeing you both to my room, I'd have to ask the usual fee of course."
Eden Eden gets one more drink. She definitely needs one! a vodka with a splash of juice. She goes back to Ashur, and sips at it. Trying very hard not to squirm as her heart threatens to beat out of her chest. She looks up at Konno and starts to giggle. After Ashur's obvious issues with him- still he teases. It's too much. She just cannot help from laughing. She keeps sipping at her drink, much more comfortable for the tension having been broken
Ashur "I'm in a good mood, degenerate," growls the Legionnaire, downing the final drink. That golden skin is flush with intoxication-- his breath carries with it proof enough to make a second-hand drunk of Eden. "If you so crave to see a better man's cock, you can watch from a window."

With that settled, the towering monster of a man rises to his feet, crouches, and wraps an arm around Eden's curvy waist, quite literally lifting her like a sack of feed-- carrying her underarm like she's just a toy to be used. He'll walk her right out like that.
Kasumi     Kasumi sighs, and goes back ot her post. Nothing more that she can do. THe woman looks at Konno, and nods her head a little bit before she settles into her seat. "Got a contract with Lone Star. Going to be temping for them for the next month.", she tells.
Konno     Konno smirks, "Haven't met a better man yet. But I don't watch for free." he chimes in reply to further tease Ashur. Then to Kasumi he oohs, "If you need any work on the side let me know and I'll see if I can include you in my next job out of town."
Eden Eden drops her glass as she is swooped up. Excited and kinda terrified of Ashur's drunkeness, she still can't help but smile. She hopes the bouncer-woman can see that smile, cause the asian woman had seemed worried on her behalf. Even drunk, Eden is sure he won't hurt her. Too much.