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Milton Milton is st a table. He's got a massive bag with him that's set beside him. He occasionally travels with his stuff, moving from place to place now that the Banker's joined the Brotherhood. There's a large spear leaned against his chair and he's smoking a thin fancy cigarette and currently checking the way his glasses are sitting in the reflection in the Glass of his Old Fashioned.
Darling Into the saloon steps Darling, she isn't hauling a heavy bag of supplies, or anything, her attention is drawn towards the display of wares that are settled around Milton's table, a curious little look given as she takes in the gentleman.
Milton Milton was talking with a man in odd gear, a tribal perhaps, who's recently headed of. Milton is technically packing up and humming happily to herself as he does. Singing something about a woman named Minnie. He glances up feeling eyes on him and tips his fancy derby had, "Madame." He greets amiably in an odd Bostonian Bramin.
Darling "I'm certainly not the Madame here." Darling says to the man with the fancy hat, "Though I dunno who exactly that would be." She admits with a shrug of her shoulders offered towards Milton. "That's quite the haul you have, poker winnings?"
Milton Milton hmms, "Oh no Ma'am not at all, these are all the splendid treasures of my wasteland adventures. Quite the haul indeed, in fact, too much for such a person as myself to lug around as the case might be. You wouldn't happen to be in the need of something to keep yourself on top ina tussel would you?"
Darling "Oh, I dunno if anything like that would keep me on the top." Darling says as she moves to sit down at the table, shrugging her shoulders slightly with a quick little smile offered, "But maybe, I have been looking for a couple things. What's your asking price?"
Milton Milton looks down, "For what, hmm? I happen to have quite a bit here." He gestures to the bag. "Some is for sale some isn't. Tell me what you'd like and we'll see if we can't work out a price that works for you. Hmm?" He continues on chipper, the man is far too soft for the Wasteland.
Darling "Well, Wasteland leather, but I don't see any of that that you aren't wearing." Darling says with a quick grin flashed at Milton, "But uh, maybe the rifle, though I'd have to take a look at it, and your spear is a little intriguing as well."
Milton Milton nods, "I've got some leather there, Ma'am it's at the bottom of the bag but these weapons." He points at the sphere and takes out the unloaded AER9 Laser Rifle and puts it on the table for Darling to have a look at. "I'm told my my compatriots in the New Mexico Brotherhood are top notice. You'll need to make sure you're brushed up on your Energy Weapons, Miss, because it doesn't shoot like a real gun. Anyone going against it would need some nice shiny armor." Like the stuff he's wearing. "Very reliable I'm told. Favorite because it's less likely to jam than some of it's counter parts. Now the spear, it's an interesting apperatus. Stuns anyone who you poke it with, I watched one of my companions poke another in the haunch with it and I tell you he was down for a good three minnutes.
Darling "The Brotherhood of Steel? That's the cult that goes around razing places to take lasers and fusion engines and the like, right?" Darling asks, leaning in to take a look at the rifle, sliding it over her way as she starts examining the energy weapon. "That so? Sounds like a neat trick that spear does!"
Stockton Stockton shoulders his way into the Saloon like he usually does, wearin' that duster with a Sheriff's badge on the breast. Spurs jingle as he thuds his way inside kicking off the mud and dirt a few stomps. Finding robots and a few patrons, he lets his eyes roam over the denizens of the darkness a moment before settling on Milton and his companion. After a few 'howdy's' from the people of this town, the man makes his way to snagging a beer and then stopping at aforementioned table, "Evenin, Milton, Ma'am," he tips his cowboy hat to them both before indicating a third seat, "Room fer one more?"
Milton Milton looks up, "Sherriff, splendid. Welcome yes have a seat why don't you. I'd welcome the company. I was just showing this lovely lady my treasures from my many adventures. The ones you read about last night. You're welcome to look over yourself. It seem my buyer was prepared for far more shoddy worksmanship. I gave him a couple of caps for his trouble but I'm still overloaded."
Darling "Yeah, 'course Sheriff." Darling says to Stockton as he strolls on in and over to ther table, gesturing a little bit, "My friend here was just telling me about how handy his spear was at pocking folk. Leaves 'em twitching for minutes, I gather!"
Stockton Stockton offers the other man a brief nod and drops down into the seat. At the mention of extra toys, the Sheriff seems interested and then rememebers the list and nods, "Some damn good finds, I've just got a bunch of junk hiding out in the storage lockers at the station. You wouldn't believe the sheer amount of plain guns I've found," he chuckles and shrugs, "Appreciate the invite. You overloaded though? You tried Lonestar?"
Milton Milton nods, "It does it does, a fantastical thing. I imagine you could hurt someone with it pretty badly too but.." He lifts hin chin in a sort of amused aloofness, "it's not my cup of tea. I am a lover after all, not a fighter." He takes a long drink of his old fashioned. "Pick her up, see if you like the weight." He invites Darling before turning to Stockton. "Oh, I adore Lonestar, and the feeling is mutual. I work with them on their fanances and such. But I am afraid that when it comes to guns they prefer far less fancy far more universal weapons. Things the merchants can pick up to use should their bodyguards become unable to weild their sidearm. Anything you'd like to hold, Sheriff. You seem like a hands on kind of fellow."
Darling Darling reaches over to take hold of the spear, hefting it a little, examining the shaft a little, and the electrical system that's been rigged onto it with a little hmmn, "It's a very nice little spear, isn't it." She says finally, nodding her head towards Milton. "You found anything terribly interesting, then, Sheriff? Or just boring old stuff?"
Stockton Stockton snorts a bit and shakes his head, "Yeah she's off galavantin' in the Wastes playin savior." The toothsome smile is telling that he means to put his hands on whomever "she" is. "I'm good though, managed to find my first handcannon a little brother, not as much bite, but kicks hard 'nuff," he shrugs and takes a long drink of his beer. "Might see if Lonestar wants some'a my plain gear then," he mentions. Glancing back at Darling he offers a smile, "Could use a person wit a spear like that as a deputy I imagine, you ever wanna catch a man alive that'd be the easiest way."
Milton Milton hmms, "Well then, Miss, what would you like. Hmm? Barter or Trade, I will take either Madame, while your beauty is inspiring I just cannot let her go for less than two hundred fifty caps or the equivalent. What do you think?" He offers amiably before turning to look towards Stockton and his response and chuckles airily. "Ah, women, hmm?" He says with an amused smile, "Who would reasonably want to live without them." Milton continues to smile blithley like his world is just sunshine and lollipops. He reaches into his pocket and takes out the P90 an sets it on the table in front of the sherriff. "You do get in some close quarter fights don't you, Mister Volkner?"
Darling "I dunno if Sheriffing's in my blood." Darling says to Stockton, shaking her head just a little, "Plus, I don't exactly have a spear like that yet." she adds before looking back towards Milton, "I don't exactly have a lot to trade." She says with a slight shrug of her shoulders, "But maybe we could figure something out to cut down on the cost of that fine weapon of yours?"
Stockton Stockton just smiles at the bartering as it happens, he has no business in it, so long as no one's drawing guns over a bad deal. Sheriff just leans in his chair some, sucking on his stog and looking between them. Then the P90 comes out on the table and the former Merc is all paws and looking it over. "Not I," he comments to Milton, "Though they're as much pain in the ass as they are miracles among us." He knows just how it works and he kinda purrs a little as he tests the action, drops the magazine and locks it up, clicking at an empty wall so that he doesn't scare no one. "Damn thing's a lie." he coos some before putting it back on the table. "Gotta watch the caps though, dunno the next time I'll be helpin' fund a town's restoration." MumblegrumblerazzafrazzaSMILE.
Milton Milton gestures, "Of course, Miss, what do you suggest then. Throw something m way and perhaps I might be interested in a nice Trade. To Stockton's comment on women he chuckles, "Only if you fall in love, Good Fellow." He turns his spectacled greyish gaze back towards Darling. "Well, truth be told should the city needs some assitance I will be more than happy to make a donation. Most of my expensis consist of beer, company.." He gestures to one of the Courtesans. "And of course an occasional visit to the good Doctor." He hmms and looks between the two.
Darling Darling watches Stockton work the submachinegun a bit before she glances over towards Milton at his comments, laughing softly, "Well, I've been know to do a bit of doctoring from time to time. I don't have much in the way of beer though, if you ever find yourself in need of a visit I could extend a bit of credit, perhaps." She says with a slight shrug of her shoulders, "Though I don't know that's the sort of thing you want to take on faith either, though."
Stockton Stockton can't help but snort at the very idea that he'd be in love with the woman. And yet..."Well, I'll be sure ta let you know if'n the Department ends up needin' funds, or fancy firearms," he winks and hands the gun back finally, trying not to keep it, because if he keeps holding onto it he'll want it. Flashing a toothsome grin he nudges the gun a last time towards Milton, "Appreciate you lettin' me lookat it though, sir." Negotiations come along further and he nods once, "On call doc ain't ever a bad thing," especially for them Waste wandering types.
Milton Milton inclines his head, "No. It would seem not." He agrees with the same smile on his face, thoughtful though. He glances towards the Sheriff and lifts a brow. "I'll tell you what, Miss.. ah I don't blieve I caught your name. I am Milton Theodore Knox, but my friends call me Teddy. I'll give you the wasteland leather for twenty caps and a promise I'll see your lovely face again coming around for the spear when you've got more to spare. I shall hold onto it before then? Hmm? I promise whne you come back seeking it I will happily give it to you, I'll even lower the price if you've something reasonable to trade. I'd hate to think you were out amongst the wastes without any personal protection other than your pistol there." He takes out a fancy silver case and another brown delicious smelling cigarette is brought from it and he lights it with a genuine lighter. "I wont sell it to a sole for six months. You have my word as a Knox." He places his hand to his chest. "I'll even let you pay in instalments. The sherriff is here to hear that I'm as good as my word." He lifts his hand and faux asides to Darling, "I imagine a man this large could string me by my bootstraps quite readily too." He leans back with a wink and a smile and looks to Stockton. He lifts a brow, "Oh only if you're certain." No, Milton isn't taking it back. "They are indeed, but I have to admit I've become rather fond of the men and women here. They take wonderful care of me."
Darling "Well, I have the caps for it." Darling explains, "But I was also hoping to get a few other things, some medical supplies, some wasteland leather, maybe a bit of fancier armor if I can find some that I can afford." she says with a nod of her head at Milton, "Perhaps I can meet you later and we can discuss the finer points of purchasing the spear from you, if you'd be interested?"
Stockton Stockton sighs a little bit and eyes that P90 while it remains on the table, right there in front of him. Dammit. He does want it, but the caps are precious so he looks at the other man. "What're you lookin' fer? I got a shit ton of weapons you might be able to offload fer cheaper prices. If yer game I'll go grab 'em." He gives Darling the moment though. "Armor's gonna be tough, there's the leather merchant, or the blacksmith but that stuff's heavy."
Milton Milton tips his bowler, "Always, My Dear, I'm usually in the bank or the Casino. Provided I'm not needed for my scribing duties. I'm at your service." He assures. To Stockton he assides and nods, "Of course! Of course any time, Sheriff Volkner. I am at your service as well. Would you like me to wait here or shall we adjourn these proceedings and you can bring me your arsenal to peruse on the morrow?"
Stockton Stockton nods and taps the table lightly, "I'll be right back," he goes out to the horse that's been saddled with most of the armory and comes back a few minutes later with a veritable sack. When it unloads onto the table it totals six guns. Two pistols and a hefty amount of rifles.