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Kurokumo Mibojin      It's about lunch time, the lovely folks of El Dorado having paraded their way through the Shantytown Clinic. There have been a few refugies as well, one having given Kurokumo some troubling news. She's munching on a slice of apple, pondering a visit to Town Hall to deliver the worrisome information.
Sammy     Around town, horses are rare enough that when they're rode, they do make distinct noises, and the clop-clop-clop of a swift trot is brought to a halt in front of the clinic, before a slightly squeaky dismount before Sammy enters, looking rather alarmed himself, not too evident at first, but he's been prepping for a visit to the clinic already, straps undone on his armor, his helmet hanging open in the daylight, even thoguh he was riding, his leg-ties for his duster aren't tied either. "Hello?" he calls as if uncertain of himself, or his voice. There are twin trails of blood running down his neck from his ears.
Kurokumo Mibojin      Horses are rare enough that Kurokumo swallows the rest of the apple before jumping out of her chair. She pokes her head out of her office, spotting Sammy in his disheveled state. "Damn it, Sammy..." The woman mutters, her new favorite greeting as she's rushing over to slide her arm under and around his back. "Come on over..." If he lets her, his left arm is propped over her shoulders as she leads the way into one of the Exam Rooms. His blood is staining her shirt, no doubt, but you don't get into Doctoring if you're squeamish.
Sammy     Well it was a bit of a long ride, so more like flaking off and going everywhere like a dark red rust, only up near his ears was it wet. He registers the move to the exam room and Kumo and hops along, a bit saddle-sore but other than the blood, not much on him at all which is the curios part in and of itself. "Buckshot's a good horse, he gets me back every time. More carrots for him." he murmurs, a little less than full coherence. He sits down, eyes focusing on the here and now a bit as the room seems to focus for the first time and he comes out of his haze. "I'm ... okay yeah, white line fever I think they call it." he brings his hand up to lift his helmet off and set it aside as he sits down, letting the doc get a good look at him.
    "Kumo. if I talk normally can you hear me, I think I heard you. But I want to make sure." he points at his ears. He's more coherent by the minute, but he's still 'out there'
Kurokumo Mibojin      "Yeah, I can hear you Sammy. What happened to your ears?" That's a relief, knowing that there isn't a horse Kurokumo has to flag down for her patient. Placing her kit to the side, her hand palms Sammy's forehead, steadying it so she can get a closer look. He might have ruptured ear drums, or maybe it's just on this side of the ear cannal, fingertips grasping and gently pulling his earlobe down.
Sammy     He swallows, "Buzzing, like insects. started quiet, faint. just enough to make thehair on your neck stand up. I checked my radio, it wasn't coming from there. Not a static buzzing." he looks with disbelief at the speakers of his helmet, The ones that give him ear protection from for example, firing the big guns without going deaf.
    I looked around to see if I'd found a hive of something, but nothing, flicked through infra-red and night vision modes to see if maybe it was some weird new mutataion, like Bloatflys or Cazadores that are only visible with the right light or some new flavor of mutation that was mimicking Stealth-Boy tech." he recalls, "But I just decided to back out of Dunwich for the night. I'd hopped off Buckshot at the city limits, he didn't want to go in, and I can't blame him. Headed back following the white line of highway 380... the buzzing went away when I got away, but ... it was ... so LOUD..."
    And ... aside from blood, there doesn't appear to be much damage at all. Eardrums look intact, but there are so many blood vessels near the surface, like the wounds themselves weren't grevious, or perhaps they were too small to see, and the few hours riding back they'd closed back up...
Kurokumo Mibojin      Kurokumo gets a bit of the sterilized cloth, dabbing at the blood that somehow managed to leave Sammy's ear cannals without as much as a scratch. This is the second time someone has mentioned Dunwich, when Ashur had that unnatural burned handprint in his chest. "That place is dangerous. You shouldn't go there." The Asian woman shakes her head, making thorough rounds of cleaning until it's fairly clear.
Sammy     "So was Roswell, but now people are getting stronger and pushing back against it." he seems to be much calmer, he considers, and rummages in his pocket for his Pip-boy, flicks over to the geiger-counter. It doesn't click above the normal for himself, and he aims it at his boots, no more than normal irradiated waste.
    "It's just a level of weird different than we're used to dealing with here. An order higher than Roswell was when we first started pushing into it." he breathes in, out, at a measured pace, visibly calming.
    "At least I got an auto-pilot who winds me back safe." he gestures out the door to the apaloosa he rode in on.
Kurokumo Mibojin      "Yeah, you do." Kurokumo grimaces, the bravery of the men and women that are part of El Dorado something to be marveled at. "I'm worried, though. Someone claiming to be the Mayor of Azteca, some city in Mexico down south, told me that the Horde had leveled everything to the ground. They had had months to prepare, but it was of no use. He said to run to California, but..." She shrugs, as it seems rather hopeless from where she's sitting.
Sammy     "... the way to California is currently 'blocked' by such wonders as Dunwich. Could you imagine routing hundreds of civillians around everything we find nasty on our way back to California." he grumbles a little bit, "That's not really an option." he rolls his neck, and gesutres to his ears, "No insect hives? Nothing you can see?" he pulls a rag from his pocket and wipes at his helmet earpads, looking incredulously at them, nope, fitlers still solid. He sighs a little bit, "I guess we need to work on shoring up our defenses, and training people up. Militia and deputies. And even volunteers who don't fall in those categories." he tugs his gloves off, and looks at his hands, his gloves look intact, but it looks like tiny little papercuts across his fingers. "Yeah, this is levels of weird I wasn't expecting." he frowns a bit. "I want to know why it's breaking all the rules of physics over there." he considers, "Sufficiently advanced technology indistinguishable from magic and all that."
Kurokumo Mibojin      Kurokumo nods slowly, the gravity of the situation really sinking in. If she had just arrived from her travels, instead of becoming part of the community, she would have bolted and continued her merry way. "Such a shame they can't find a few robots to take a look. They're not alive, so..." Like the Doctor knows anything about that. "We should tell the new Mayor about the Horde coming up from the south. Rather, I can go tell her if you want to rest up for a bit."
Sammy     "My head's a lot clearer, but I'm thirsty." he tap-taps the canteen pocket on his fatigues, both empty, "Should get some clean water. Maybe a bath." he shakes his head, "Mayor's working withthe Militia to set up a possee to ride South, already, looking for where the Poseidon facility was ... supposedly the stuff that crawled out of Hope came from there... and I've some Rangers to find bodies of, tag for burial after we have time to re-exhume them later." he sighs. Grim Reaper indeed.
Kurokumo Mibojin      "I'll get you some water." Kurokumo is bad with making plans, bad with groups of people organizing for larger goals. She's always been a bit of a loner in the past, musing on earlier years as she brings back one of her own canteens. Unscrewing the cap, she hands it over. "We should let her know, so nobody is in the dark."
Sammy     "I think we should, yes. But We need to make sure the general population doesn't get too ... restless." he takes a swig, swishes it around in his mouth and swallows, then takes a more smooth drink, passing it back, crooning the line from the song "Cooool water." he grins a little bit, and passes it back, and visibly composes himself, sitting back up tall again, "Have you had a chance to meet Buckshot? He's a good horse." he smiles lopsidedly.
Kurokumo Mibojin      There are good folks in the world, many of which Kurokumo didn't think existed back in captivity. Sammy's one of them, despite his jokes going from maudlin to morose when behind a sniper's sights. He's good people. "Haven't had a chance to, yet. Why don't you introduce us."