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Katherine Caine Katherine was presently sitting behind the desk in her office, the door wide open to signify that anyone who had business with her could just come on in. She happened to also have Radio Roswell playing some rock music on an old radio in the corner of the room while she poured over a series of both pre-war and post-war maps of the region provided by Lone Star Caravans.
Winston Winston pokes his head around the corner to look through the door. Helmet slung from his gun belt, rifle over his shoulder. Brushing the white hair from his eyes he smiles at the woman behind the desk pausing outside the door, "It is you. A bit older, but ain't we all."
Katherine Caine "Ranger Hill or is it just Mister Hill now?" Katherine said with a smile as she looked up at the older man who had saved her and her brother all those years ago, "I thought I saw you in that crowd the other night, but I wasn't sure. What brings you all the way out to El Dorado?" She stood from her desk to offer a handshake or a hug, whichever would be more appropriate!
Winston Winston chuckles, pleased with the recognition, stepping into her office for the shake, a bit stand offish considerin how long its been, "Eh, still go by Ranger Hill. Kind of an old habit. I actually came lookin fer some o that paradise I kept hearing from all those caravaner fellers. Retired now. Though it ain't soundin like its gonna be a quiet retirement by that thar Town Hall ya held yesterday. Sounds like paradise is sumthin yoos is still fightin fer."
Katherine Caine "Anything good is worth fighting for, I'd rather die here in El Dorado fighting for my home, then run. I think most people feel the same, I hope you might come to feel that way to, because we could use someone like you when the shit hits the fan. You've got experience, lots of the local good Samaritans, lack."
Winston Winston gives a sharp nod, "Well you knows you can count on me. Already went down the Sheriff station ta volunteer. Met a nice young Deputy down thar," scratches his head to remember, "Can't remember her name right now, but she was the kindest little thing. We wuz talkin bout that Kidnappin that was mentioned. I can't just sit idle with somethin like that. It just ain't right."
Katherine Caine "The Sheriff's Department could use some experienced hands on deck, Sheriff Wayne, the man who was Sheriff for nearly seventy years died not too long ago, murdered I should say. As much as I want to focus all efforts on finding Solomon though, it just isn't as important as preparing the town for whatever is coming. Solomon will get his reckoning, once we've dealt with the mutants." Katherine replied before stepping over to a cabinet and asking, "Would you care for a drink? I've got whiskey, brandy, moonshine, water, or whatever your poison might be."
Winston Winston smiles with an appreciative nod, "Don't mind if I do. Whiskey, please." shifting the shoulder strap of his rifle, "I still have intentions to go see tha Militia folks to see where I kin help out there too. I hear some big guy already is heading that way. Was also headin over to see... Ranger Jenkins, was it?" he doesn't seem very good with names. Prolly the age gettin at the brain.
Katherine Caine Katherine poured a half-glass of whiskey for Winston and some brandy for herself, offering the glass over to the older gent, "Militia is a good group to, I'm sure you'll find plenty to keep yourself busy during retirement and yeah Ranger Jenkins is one of the younger Rangers, lot of them really believe that them being out here will make El Dorado join the Republic. Maybe when they get older they'll learn that being a Ranger is just about helping people, plain and simple."
Winston Winston happily accepts the glass of whiskey, sipping on it before replying, "Yeah, I was all about it when I was younger. Not much for the politics anymore. Still loyal, don't get me wrong. Just not the politics. Theys'll get it too, or become a politician." he chuckles lightly. "By the looks of it, El Dorado is coming along in theys own rights. A little NCR in the making. Well sorta." he jests.
Katherine Caine "Politics are messy." Katherine replied with a shrug of her shoulder before taking a seat behind her desk and setting her glass down as she stared at the map for a moment before looking back up to Winston, "Right now, I just want to make sure the city can survive whatever is coming and then go from there."
Winston Winston still remains standing, seems more comfortable that way, and whiskey always makes everything better, "So whos the best one ta talk to about all this mutant business? Ifn I'm gunna make this here place my home, I best get on the trouble threatenin it."
Milton Milton steps up to the door and raps sharply on the jamb, "Hello! Greetings Cousin!" He says as he steps through the door with upbeat aplomb. "I'd just come to wish you Felicitations on the Happy inauguration!" Pausing Milton adjusts his glasses, pushing them up his straight nose. The dapper man nods to Winston, "Sorry for interrupting my good chap. I'd simply come to see my lovely Cousin, Katherine. Ravishing as always." The man's accent is heavy, Kitty might know adopted from his own Fathers Brahmin diction.
Katherine Caine "Anyone really, most of what we know is just the kind of thing I shared last night. The Militia is probably your best bet if you want to fight the threat head-on though, for the most part, just ask around and see what folks know though. Maybe someone who was at Hope's Crossing could give you a better picture of these mutants like Sparrow or Iris." Katherine suggested before standing to greet her dapper cousin with a hug, "Good to see you Milton. What brings you by this way today? Oh and this is Ranger Hill."
Winston Winston sips his whiskey, nodding along with Katherine as she mentions some names to go see. A friendly smile is offered to Milton and a nod, "Well nice ta meecha. I guess I can cut this short for family an all. There is some folks I's a hopin ta catch anyways." He shoots down the rest of the liquor, placing the glass on the end of the desk, "Its been good ta see ya again Miss Katherine. We'll catch up some more later. Maybe I's'll see ya at that there fancy feast I heard about tomorra. It's been awhile since I's had anythin sounding that good fer supper."
Milton Milton says, "Well other than well wishing my cousin on her new position not much. Oh, though that ruggest fellow, Volkner, suggested I let you have a look at my book notes. I can't imagine why." He looks from Kitty to Winston and tips his hat. "Travel safe then. A pleasure to meet you." The man turns and smooths a finger over his mustaches before pulling out an ancient battered notebook with numbers written all over it. His accounting notes it seems but he flips the pages to the back and offers them to Katherine. "I got into town a month or so ago. Forgive me for not stopping by earlier but I've found myself taken with the New Mexican Brotherhood of Steel.""
Katherine Caine "Well, it's good to see you back." Katherine says with a genuine smile before looking towards the departing Winston and offering a wave, "Sorry I didn't catch you sooner, heard you were working at the Bank but I haven't got around to doing those sort of errands in a while." Gesturing to the cabinet with the booze she offers, "Help yourself to a drink if you want and let me see what you've got to show me."
Milton Milton nods, "Oh yes. When Lone Star brought me back from the California Territories and the Mojave I was concerned that I might come back to no job. I was quite fortunate it seemed positions were opening up. Jared, ah, the Mayor had several 'business associates'." Finger quotes and all, "opening up accounts. I'm not sure who he was moving in but it was interesting."

He sets the notebook on her desk, "Well I'm going to be writing a Memoir, my travels through the wasteland and I've found just scads of adventure all over. But Mister Volkner seemed quite interested in a ..few. Let me see if I can recall."

"It seems the fist illustrious Mayor Caine kept a Lockbox in the Bank. We've no records for it, it's quite the mystery. So far as I've seen there's no sign out for a key. The only notes though are that it belonged to the Mayor and a hastily scribbled note about the Vault. I'm not sure if it's been overlooked but it seemed odd to me Family hadn't.. checked in with it in a few decades. We tend to be on top of that if I recall."

"Oh, New Rome I believe has settled. They are said to extol the virtues that Ceasar demanded and eschew some of the flaws, seeming discontent with genius as the new leader. I'm curious though what they considered flaws. I did dare to ask but people seemed uncertain when checked so it could all be liable."

"Dunwich is said to be cursed, as am I, I suppose. The first night I came back this terrible mannered little lad took my dinner and then cursed me. It was amazing and unique. Terrible nightmares though. The little bugger must've been very convincing. I'd say I've had interesting luck since. Including finding a piece of Mayor Caines map. You know they say that that place was cleared out prematurely thanks to some sort of malfunction with the robotics and experiments there... Who knows."

He takes a silver case out. "Though on a more serious note, Cousin Katherine, you might want to pass some incentive to the Lone Star to continue coming through here. We've had an odd number of withdrawals lately. Complete withdrawals. Don't normally see that.." He idly mentions as he starts to pack his cigarette on the top of the case. "You don't mind?" He lifts the cigarette.
Katherine Caine Katherine sipped her brandy while she listened to Milton and flipped through the notebook, eyebrows raising at several things that were a surprise to her, especially the lockbox that's been mentioned, "Sounds like you've been very busy since you got back, do you mind if I make some copies of these note with my Pip-Boy? I'm going to admit to not being as organized as you are, not even a little. We should also see about figuring out what that lockbox has inside of it, maybe we can get it forced open. I think we can arrange that." She waves a hand towards the smoke, "Go ahead."
Milton Milton smiles, "Always an Adventure to be had, Dear Cousin, if one heeds the call. Please, go ahead." He gestures, "Just no spoilers on plot details. A little publicity is welcome, a full reveal well it would be dissapointing." He winks and leans back using a small flip lighter to light his fancy dandy cigarette. "The Lockbox, I might be able to aquire with help of the Mayor, of course." He tips his head.
Katherine Caine "I'll be sure to avoid any spoilers." Katherine said with a smile before lifting her glass of brandy, "I think I'm Grandpa's oldest descendant anyways, so it's probably something the bank would have to give up either way by rights of succession or whatever nonsense. Let's just hope whatever is in there can do some good for El Dorado or even the family." Raising her glass to Milton she said, "To family. Good to have you back cousin."