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Iris Lark Iris is enjoying the quiet in the Clinic today. The only patient she has is Vuk and he's escaped..again. She sits at the corner table, feet on her chair, legs against her chest as she drinks from a steaming cup of tea.
Harlan      Harlan arrives in the clinic just a touch.. well bloody. He has several crimson lines across his rough spun clothes all apparently evened distributed across back, arms, chest, and legs where his armor may have not offered sufficient protection or was mysteriously bypassed. He doesn't seem in particular pain though.. indeed the hard blacksmith strides as if nothing is wrong.

"Evening Doc.. " He gestures to himself. "Dunwich.. That place just isn't right."
Iris Lark Iris raises both eyebrows as she gazes wordlessly at Harlan over her cup of tea. She places the cup on the table and walks towards the taller man, her eyes on his scratches. She takes him by the arm and guides him to an examination table. Finally, after a few moments of silence she tilts her head up and regards Harlan.

"That place is dangerous.."

She gestures towards an examination table and stands back, her hands laced in front of her.
Harlan      Harlan walks over to the examination table and takes a few moments to shrug off his chain mail, and unstrap his arm and leg guards. Making a neat pile of his battle wear, he also grabs the hem of his shirt and tugs it over his head. Revealed is a landscape of muscle, old scars, new scars, and the newly created lacerations. He sits on the edge of the table. "Very dangerous. I was trying to save some refugees I ran into.. but something dragged them off into the dark... And then, the cutting started." He winces.
Iris Lark Iris trails her fingertips across a few of the lacerations, her eyes narrowed slightly. "I've heard a lot of stories about that place, and honestly? I'll probably never set foot in there." She gathers some supplies and moves to clean each wound with warm water. "Other than that though, how are you Harlan?"
Harlan      Harlan smiles, "Beyond that, I'm doing good I think. I've got a place to work.. making friends with some fantastic people such as yourself.. It's definitely been an up-turn in the grand scale of things." He tilts his head to the side, "A bit worried about that horde though.. but there's always something to worry about."
Iris Lark Iris nods to Harlan, smiling at him as she blushes. "Yeah, I think life is really good right now, I'm glad you're happy..and..yeah..the Horde." She wrinkles her nose slightly.
Harlan      Harlan chuckles, "You darlin' when you blush, doc." He tilts his head curiously. "How are you doing? You getting along okay.. or are we all working you to death?"
Iris Lark "I'm doingx okay, I like to keep busy so..when things are busy I'm at my best." Iris says, her hands tending, salving and dressing Harlan's wounds. "I'm not darling though." She squints at Harlan, clearly trying not to grin.
Harlan      Harlan raises an eyebrow at her and folds his arms over his chest. "Un huh.. Going to have to disagree with you there, Iris. Then again, I have a bias toward skilled women.. and those hands are about as skilled as they come when its about patching people back together." He chuffs a laugh and grins, "Not that you need my validation about your craft."
Iris Lark Iris goes red in the face and she leans in, impulsively giving Harlan a hug. "You're such a nice man, Harlan, I'm glad you joined the team." She finishes patching him up and takes a step back. "How do you feel?"
Harlan      Harlan seems amused. "Well thanks.. I think I'm more decent then nice though." He brings her in for a deeper hug and offers a happy little hum. He then releases her and rolls his shoulders and looks at his scratches. "I feel cleaned up. These should heal up nicely after your attention.. don't exactly need more scars."
Iris Lark "Scars are okay, sometimes." Iris says, hopping up on the exam table to sit next to Harlan. "So why do you go to Dunwich? Do you like danger or are you just interested in its past?"
Harlan      Harlan cracks another chuckle, "If you like scars, Iris. I've got plenty to share." He tilts his head and follows her with his gaze as she sits on the table beside him. "Neither really. There's a mechanic's workshop there. I'm trying to collect good scrap.. and well, I handle a beating better then most. So, sometimes it's good for me to go where the danger is.. and help me out."
Iris Lark Iris gives Harlan a brief glance, as a grin spreads across her face. "You've plenty to spare, so I don't have to get any? Sadly, I've already got quite a few, inside and out." She folds her hands in her lap and nods along as he explains why he faces danger. "Well if I find any of that scrap safely, I'll save it for you. So maybe you won't have to go there so much."
Harlan      Harlan drapes an arm over her shoulder and tugs her against his side. "Well.. We've all got scars, don't we? And if you got some on the inside you ever need to share.. well, I'm here and willing to listen." He muses, "I can't claim to be the most intelligent man, but I'm perceptive.. which accounts for something... So if you ever need to get something off your chest, don't hesitate, alright?"
Iris Lark Iris smiles up at Harlan and hugs him as he squeezes her. "I don't think I've told anyone half of the shit that happened before I came here, and I probably won't. Sometimes bringing up the path is cathartic, but most of the time it's just like ripping open a scab. Feels good for a few minutes and then bleeds again." Her voice quiets a bit and she sighs. "But I appreciate the offer, more than you probably realize. You're such a ..nice steady presence, it's calming being around you."
Harlan      "Well, Iris.. I feel pretty calmed around you too. You've got a good.. Oh I don't know.. energy about you? Maybe it's your bedside manner, but it's just soothing." He nods with a small smile, "And that offer stands if you ever need to use it." He beams a grin, "Might be a little dangerous of me to enjoy being around a healer so much.. gives me a reason to go get beat around a bit.. so I have an excuse to get your nimble fingers working on me."
Iris Lark Iris gazes at Harlan for a few minutes and then she pats him gently on the back. "Please be careful, I don't want to find you on the side of the road like Eden..bleeding and half unsconcious." She refolds her hands in her lap and gazes at them. "I'll keep your offer in mind, but honestly Harlan. It's not anywhere near a pretty story and I really don't want anyone to look at me with pity, especially you."
Harlan      Harlan meets her gaze then nods. "I'm always careful.. and well, if something has -me- bleeding and half unconscious on the side of the road.. Best just get to running." He smirks a little, though it fades as she glances down at her hands. "I don't really believe in pity.. at least not for past experiences. I've seen my share of things, but I won't compare emotional scars with you. I do know things have a way of making us a bit numb.. and sometimes that's a benefit for awhile. Good to work that numbness out though eventually, even if its a decade or so later."
Iris Lark Iris shifts on the examination table and sighs softly. "Well, I'm not sure if I'll ever open up about some of the things that have happened to me, but if I do, I'll remember you Harlan. Mostly because you have experience and you're a nice steadying influence." She slips down from the examination table and walks back towards the table. "Can I get you some tea? I've been kind of rude."
Harlan      Harlan nods, "No pressure either way, Iris. Though I'm honored you'll think of me for it." He laughs, "Steady is about what I'm good for. I'm stubborn in a lot of ways when I put my mind to things." He blinks at her. "Eh.. say.. A beautiful woman cleans up my scratches and gashes.. and doesn't charge a lick for it.. Last thing I'm going is to call her rude, Iris.. But yes, I'd love a cup of tea."
Iris Lark Iris grins at the mention of payment and shrugs a shoulder. "I don't do this for the resources, I don't do it for any kind of infamy. I just want to help..and I can afford the supplies for my teammates." She pulls some petals and leaves from a basket and puts them in a mesh bag. She tosses it in some steaming water and watches it steep for a moment. She quirks a brow and glances back at Harlan. "Beautiful huh?"
Harlan Harlan nods. "Well, I still owe you some caps for this flamethrower. I've got some leather armor to sell.. then I should have a reasonable payment for it." He watches her prepare the tea and leans back a bit as she comments on his choice of words. He rubs the back of his neck and nods. "Well.. uh.. yea. I mean.. you have to know it. Just.. uh." He side glances away for a moment.. he's not exactly suave. "Well look at you.. Inside and Out."
Iris Lark Iris laughs and shakes her head. "I only saw myself in a mirror for the first time last week, after a glorious thing named a *shower*." She stares off for a moment and then lets out a soft breath. "If we're being honest.." She begins, motioning Harlan over to the table where she's sitting. "I used to make myself as ugly as possible, for a very long time, so I'm not all that used to.." She motions to her face and wrinkles her nose. "..all of this."
Harlan Harlan slips off the table and grabs his shirt. He takes a moment ti tug it over his broad torso and pop his head through the collar before he closes the gap to the table and takes a seat. He raises an eyebrow at her. "Continuing to be honest, I think we could rub you down with dirt and put you in a burlap sack... and I'd still call you beautiful, Iris." He reaches forward and pokes her lightly on the sternum with his index finger. "Not amount of dirt is going to take away your kindness and generosity." He leans back. "I can imagine the need to try and hide the fact on the outside though.. drawing attention can be dangerous."
Iris Lark "Lets not rub me down with dirt, unless I can get Jude to let me have another shower. Those could quickly get addicting." Iris says, grinning over at Harlan. "I just treat everyone how I would want to be treated. If I were lost, I'd want someone to find me. If I had nothing, I'd be happy if someone offered me anything. Sometimes a little kindness in the world is all someone needs to overcome something horrible." She pushes the cup of tea towards the larger man along with some sugar. "Try it, made it myself."
Harlan      Harlan rubs his chin considering the shower. He adds it mentally to a list of things to build. "Well, you and me have a similar philosophy. It's sometimes the small acts of kindness that really make a difference." He accepts the cup and glances at the sugar. That's a gift in itself, so he spoons a little in before taking a cup. His brow knits then releases with a little sigh. "Alright, now I feel spoiled."
Iris Lark "People in town are pretty generous. I try not to take advantage of the things they bring in lieu of caps." Iris says, lifting her own cup to take a sip. "Well Harlan.." She says, giggling softly. "There aren't a lot of people who have that mindset. If you hadn't noticed a lot of this world is kill, maim and destroy." She sighs and sets her cup back on the table. "I imagine that someone like me, and maybe you..we're not going to last long here."
Harlan      Harlan's eyes smolder for a moment. "Well, I learned to fight to protect people with our mind-set. Same reason I make weapons and armor. And if any of these violent lunkheads lays an unwanted finger on you or points a weapon in your direction." He sips slowly from his tea. "Well, -they- won't last long." He harrumphs. "That's said.. if my life is shorter for being a decent person, guess its worth it."
Iris Lark Iris spends a few moments contemplating things as she eyes Harlan. "You're a treasure yourself, you know that Harlan?" She takes a sip of her tea and sets it aside. "So, if someone makes an unwelcome advance, I'll make sure to let you know so I can watch you rough them up a bit."
Harlan Harlan ducks his head a bit and takes a moment to sip from his tea. "Thanks, Iris. That's quite.. a compliment coming from you." Another sip. "Probably be a better deterrent if I was good at looking scary.. but sometimes lessons have to be made first hand. Like to think my bite is worse then my bark." He nods firmly. "Anyway, point is.. I have your back, Iris. Just ask. Whatever you need or want."
Iris Lark Iris blinks a few times and then she gazes at her cup as she snags it and cradles it in her hands. "You're gonna make me blush or cry Harlan. That's a big thing you're offering over there. A girl with no scruples could pick up that promise and completely run away with it." She takes a sip of her cup and then holds it close, inhaling the steam. "Luckily for you, I'm not an opportunist."
Harlan Harlan cradles his cup and nudges her cradled cup with his hands lightly. "Blushing I can handle.. might tear up a little myself if you start crying though." He pauses for a moment and sips from his tea. "I know you've got scruples, Iris.. and I was pretty sure you weren't an opportunist." He glances down at his cup and murmurs, "Pretty glad you aren't too.. for the fact.. Otherwise I'd probably be in big trouble." He laughs gently.
Iris Lark "You might be in trouble anyways. I never claimed to be any sort of angel." Iris says, and then she does blush and averts her eyes. "Can't believe I just said that.." She mutters, probably more to herself than to be heard. She gazes at Harlan and after a moment or two of trying to speak, she finally manages. "I'm sorry, a part of me has been getting more bold lately. I'm usually not quite so forward." She briefly scratches at her head and then grins. "Sorry, again."
Harlan Harlan 's eyes widen a touch. He coughs and then sucks down his tea. "Wow.. Well, Iris.. Your.. ugh.. kind of trouble.. would be welcome." He scratches the side of his head and glances toward her grinning. "I'm old enough to know that self-deprecation.. ain't exactly a way to impress a woman." He chuckles, "But I'm foolish enough to do it anyway.. You are intelligent, young, and ahem.. gorgeous." He gestures her direction with a calloused hand then points at himself. "I, on the other hand, am kind of.. uh.. just a big lug who is even getting a little long in the tooth." He sighs gently. "In other words, you are so out of my league, doc." He squints at her and that grin. "Whew." He loses his words.
Iris Lark "I don't have a league Harlan, and even if I did - I don't think like that." Iris says, gazing at her cup instead of at the man sitting near her. "I just..well.. " She pauses to consider her words before she peeks at Harlan. "I enjoy your company, and that is something I consider more than most other things." She grins and takes a sip of her cup. "If nothing else, I think we'll end up being closee..friends..or more. I can't say what the future might bring."
Harlan Harlan looks into his empty cup and nods. "Well noted. Far from me to tell you how to think." He grins though doesn't make eye contact quite yet. "Ah well, we already covered that I enjoy your company." He glances up at her and her grin again shaking his head with a light grunt to clear his thoughts. "I'm kind of happy to think that close friends would be the least of it." He runs his hand over his face as he does his best not to blush himself. He ahems, "Changing the subject, if you ever need a hot shower.. I can rig a bucket with drain holes, heat a kettle on the forge out back and arrange some curtains.. Might not be as fancy as what Jude has at his disposal.. but I can make it happen."
Iris Lark When Harlan offers to build Iris a shower she makes a squeaking noise and bounces in her seat a bit. "You really shouldn't have said that Harlan, I want a shower more than I want supplies for my Clinic!" She says in hushed tones, her bottom lip caught between her teeth. "That feels horrible to say...but it is the truth."
Harlan Harlan rears his head back and bellows a laugh. "Okay okay.. Well, if that's the case, your wish is my command on that front." He gives her a playful little salute. "Not that hard to figure out a hot bath either you know.. If it's a warm squeaky clean experience you are lookin' for.. Just takes a little doing is all." He smirks in amusement.
Iris Lark "Well, I've taken baths all my life, but by the time I was able to get all the water in, it was pretty lukewarm." Iris says, shrugging a shoulder. "I don't think there are many people in the Wasteland who is ..clean clean now." She grins at Harlan. "I'm used to a bit of grime."
Harlan Harlan shakes his head. "Trick is having your heat source close to your shower or bath. At least, if you don't have a proper water heater. That said.. you can do pretty well with a rain barrel, some sheet metal, and a sunny day for hot water." He nods, "Yea, a little grime is just natural.. but we can treat ourselves every now and then. Ya?"
Iris Lark "Yes, but trying to build me a shower? I'm sure people need things more. The thought alone is.." Iris sighs heavily and hugs her arms. "..more decadent than I honestly need." She tilts her head slightly and grins at Harlan. "Maybe you can build one at the store and we can charge people to use it? Oh that would be cruel.."
Harlan Harlan scratches the side of his nose. "Well, maybe for a small fee. It wouldn't be so bad." He narrows his gaze at her. "My mind is made up. I'm going to get you some decadence.. I can't promise it'll be fancy and readily available.. but it'll be warm.. even if I have to heat and hold the bucket myself.. And that's that."
Iris Lark "Well then I won't argue, and I'll say thank you." Iris says, getting to her feet and leaning towards Harlan. She gives him a gentle kiss on the cheek before she retakes her seat, shifting to get comfortable again. "Thank you for everything, in fact. Offering to be a sounding board, a shield..and most of all, a friend." She sets her mug aside, as it is empty now. "We were very fortunate that you've joined VT6."
Harlan Harlan grins big at the kiss. "Well, you are welcome... And thank you for being a friend.. and for patching me back together." He shakes his head. "No, I think I'm the fortunate one. I didn't have a clue what I was going to do coming back to El Dorado.. or what I'd find. And then I saw VT6 in the thick of it. I'm happy you all welcomed me on board." He reaches forward and touches her hand. "Gave me a home again. That's.. a precious thing."
Iris Lark "I feel much the same way, about this town and the team." Iris says, leaning in to rest her chin on her knees. "This town seems kind of rough when you first encounter it, but there are a lot of people who care." She giggles softly. "Our very own shower? Oh..I'm not going to be able to sleep tonight just thinking about it."
Harlan Harlan stands up. "Well then, I better get busy and start figuring it out, ya? Wouldn't be gentlemanly to get your hopes up and have you waiting forever." He walks over to his gear and starts strapping it on. "I'll head over to Acme and get to work."
Iris Lark Iris gets to her feet too and she gives Harlan another hug, this one lingering a bit. "Thank you Harlan!" She chirps and then turns to clean up the cups and bags from the tea. "I'll get things clean here so that I can slip out later without anyone noticing!" She bounces on the balls of her feet, turning a pirouette as she moves to wash the cups.
Harlan Harlan leans into the hug. He seems pleased to see her so excited. The chain-mail is pulled over his head, leg guards strapped on, and leather arm guards last. He chuckles lowly seeing her so happy. "Sounds good.. See you later, Iris. Be safe." He waves and then makes his way toward the exit.