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Bane      Bane and Rose have worked together before, even more so since they have ran into each other in El Dorado. They have both only been in the town for around a week but they have been kept pretty busy, life is violent on the frontier and good gunslingers are always needed. So when Bane went around getting the scoop on what is the best place to buy armour and weapons and saw a notice asking for help? Well he roped Rose into his investigation. Never hurts to have an armourer on your side.

     So they rode out of town on the back of Bane's horse since Rose spends too much time caressing her weapons to go out and buy her own. Even his mighty horse struggles under the weight of the two gunslingers their armour, weapons and Bane's 'in case of emergency button' hanging by it's side. It takes them awhile but finally Rose spots it. Vultures circling. They arrive at the point the caravan was attacked in no time at all. They poke through the wreckage and corpses, finally finding the tracks of the wagon and the riders leaving with it in the opposite direction of its intended destination.

     The tracks aren't easy to read, but eventually between the two of them and years of experience out in the wastes they manage to put it together. At least six horses and the caravan made it out of here. The carvan was damaged during the chase and firefight. It'll be moving slow. Time to go back to town and pick up some reinforcements. Then they can hunt these bastards down.
Rose      Next time, Rose would have to borrow a horse from someone or indeed actually take time to purchase one of her own. For now however she'd swallow her pride and ride on the back of another's steed. With her weapons reloaded and her armor worn once more, the Ranger's eyes are fixed in the direction of their target's last known whereabouts on the return trip. A frown is afixed to her features as they ride, thoughts dwelling for a moment on those cut down and the violence that was almost certain to follow. "Lets try to get shot a little less than usual this time..." she comments under her breath as she slides her rifle into her hands. "It'll make a nice change."
Guardian Caldwell Caldwell had agreed to join Bane and Rose on their EXPEDITION to the caravan that was robbed and had come equipped with his T-45D power armor, armed with a singular laser pistol. He made sure it was loaded before heading off with them and joining them on their long journey by foot. "Jesus this is a long walk.." he mutters and sighs
Katherine Caine When Bane put out the call for help, Katherine was there to lend a hand. Not just because she wanted to kill someone after dealing with John Winchester earlier, but because she genuinely loved her city and wanted to do anything she could to help the people who lived here.

Geared up in her duster and cowboy gear she was astride Apocalypse riding with Rose and Bane, asking, "How many do you think we'll be dealing with?"

If Tinman was up for it, she'd let him ride with her and leave his power armor behind.
Bane      It is a long ride and a much longer walk, Bane alternates with Rose on his horse as they follow the tracks. Better for them both to remain relativly fresh. Good thing the wagon had a damaged axle or the bandits would be well and truly gone by now. Back to wherever it is they came from. There is no way he is sharing with Caldwell, he likes the man. Which is more than he can say for the majority of the Brotherhood he has ran into. But not enough to risk breaking his horses back for him. The tracks are clear but muddled, no clear numbers on the bandits. They are definitly getting closer though, the edges of the tracks slowly becoming more defined.

     "There has got to be at least a half dozen of them. That attack on the caravan was clean, I didn't see any bodies besides those of the guards and the caravan driver." Bane thinks for a moment as he looks over the mess of the ground infront of him. "I think maybe a few more. Not too many though. Probably returning to rendezvous with a larger crew. Didn't want to draw attention with the larger group before they pulled off the job." He shrugs his broad leather clad shoulders, he grunts lowly as the movement pulls on his muscles. "Probably best we try and come upon them at night. Hopefully they think they got away clean."
Rose      "An eye with a long-rifle watching and some clever positioning could help us get the drop on them," Rose comments quietly as they follow the trail, glancing at their backup in the form of the Tinman and Ms. Kitty. "These guys are cold-blooded murderers, I very much doubt they're going to give up clean and merely let us take what they stole back. If we brought them in for the murders in most towns, they'd probably hang for it anyway and odds are they know it."

     Unslinging her rifle, the Ranger moves to slide off the horse. "We'll need to leave the horses further back if we want to stay quiet. They're easy to hear if you know what to listen for."
Guardian Caldwell Caldwell hangs on to Miss Kitty's back as they GALLOP INTO THE SUNSET- ride towards the stolen caravan, keeping his laser pistol at the ready just in case they need to do some combat. He says nothing during the ride there, simply prefering to remain quiet as they move in.
Katherine Caine "Sounds good, you make me wish I didn't just give my ranger helmet to my son." Katherine replied with a sigh, the night optics would have come in handy if they were going to be ambushing them at night.

She swats Caldwell's hand away the moment he becomes too clingy and says, "Be a man and use your legs to hold on a little and stop clingin' to me." Following Rose's lead she slides off the horse and takes a look around.
Bane      Bane shades his eyes even though he is already wearing his cowboy hat as he looks at the dying sun in the sky. "Yeah we go on foot from here, find a good place to stash the horses. If we are lucky we come across them as they are laying in for the night." He pats the rifle on the side of his horse concealed in its soft case, judging by the apparent size and weight of the weapon concealed it must be something pretty damn impressive. "Not taking the new toy for something like this. Not unless we stumble across something that makes me need to go back for it." He shakes his head "Should have all the range I need with my rifle. But it is a good plan. A couple of us in overwatch, a couple more getting in a little closer. If they are sleeping we may be able to do this quick and easy before they even know we are here.'
Guardian Caldwell Caldwell blinks and stares at Katherine. "Wasn't clinging, just didn't want to fall off your horse." it was the truth! He dismounts off the horse once it stops and proceeds to walk towards Bane, unholstering his Laser pistol and getting ready to merk some raiders. "Soo uhh..where are they? Do they have a camp or something?" he asks, not really seeing a damn thing due to the fact he wasn't wearing power armor. He might as well just let the rangers do all the work with their fancy helmets.
Rose      "All going well, we won't need your new card in our hand," Rose nods at Bane before she looks between the others and considers. She could see, that ment she could shoot, but it also ment that she had a better chance of sneaking in there without tripping over something. It was too bad she simply didn't possess any silent options. "Well, who's volunteering for what? If I'm the one going in, I hope you guys are ready to back me up. Don't quite fancy myself against a dozen pissed-off raiders if I get stuck in the middle with them alone."
Katherine Caine "Sounds good. I'll keep watch on the horses while you take stock of the situation." Katherine replied as she removed a canteen from the saddlebags, "See if anyone else from town is headed this way to, might be a few stragglers without horses." To kill some time, she removed her revolvers and made sure they were fully loaded.