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Kasumi     Well, its been a day or two since the incident in the bar. Kasumi is up in her room practicing her movements. Her new wakizashi seems to dance in her hands as she goes through a kata (Practice form) with it. She doesn't have on her tank top or fatigues, rather just a light shirt and loose pants that seems about right to practice in.

    Saeko, if she asks the girls downstairs, would mention that Kasumi stays on the second floor, and that several of the girls on the second floor would guide her to Kasumi's room. There's a few cat calls, and one of the girl's knocks on the door to Kasumi's room. "Kasumi, you have a guest, or a customer! Can't tell which.", a singsong voice says. Kasumi just mutters, as she keeps up her movements.
Saeko      It was probably better that Saeko announce herself via proxy rather than sneak in. Although the latter was more her style, it was not something that would probably go over well. Instead she lets the girl warn Kasumi of her arrival, but it seems that the other woman has no interest in answering the door. No matter. Saeko's figure is still cloaked by her...well, her cloak. Her form-fitting attire and her weapons both concealed by the overgarmet along with the hood that hides most of her face. Kasumi would be left to complete her kata, but perhaps if her back were turned to the door she might not notice the shadow that simply let herself in.
Kasumi     Kasumi doesn't notice anything. She's deep in her trance as she moves through the steps. The woman stops, and then resets. This time, the kata is fast, and very aggersive. A quick flick with the wakizashi, spinn around stab to the gut, then the woman ducks low, spinning around into a uppercut like slash. Her movement continues back, sheathing the blade, and her P90 comes up. A quick shot. Followed by a double tap, then a normal shot, and with a flick of her thumb, she changes to auto, and holds the trigger down. There's no ammo.

    Its rather clear that Kasumi is more then a little skilled and trained. All the moves were part of a movement that only took a couple of seconds to do...
Saeko      "You use your firearm in conjunction with your blade. Most prefer to use their guns and not worry about their foes getting close." A voice speaks up, Saeko revealing her presence even if at first, it seems that the source of the words might be untrackable. She keeps her hands gently raised, partly to show a lack of hostility and mostly to intercept any reflexive attack that might come from a possibly startled Kasumi. "Where did you learn that?"

Even with her hood up, it was clear that despite having lived in the wasteland Saeko's voice still carried a noticable lilt of a Japanese accent.
Kasumi     Kasumi's voice carries a heavy Japanese accent. She does not react by attacking though. Its as if she's used to surprise guests. "It was the training I recieved since childhood. In combat, you should not rely only on just one tool to fight with.", she says. The woman stretches out a bit, her shirt a bit loose. Kasumi mutters. "I shall need to go cloths shopping sometime for myself.", she says.

    "Are you an Iga, or a Koga style?", the woman asks as she looks at Saeko. "Or are you one who knows not of the ancient clans?", she asks.
Saeko      Iga and Koga are both long dead words and longer-dead clans, but that doesn't mean that their legends and history had been forgotten by Saeko's family, whom had devoted themselves to the history and code as a means of coping when the bombs fell. It was what seperated them from being simply seen as mere thugs and killers after all, much like those old clans themselves. "Someone who listens to both teachers learns more than someone who does not..." she says simply before tugging her hood down, revealing the face and long black hair (albeit currently tied) of the girl from downstairs. "You know a lot, more than most."
Kasumi     Kasumi nods her head before she moves over to her bed. "That is cause I was taught a lot. My style is of the Uesugi style and modern...well, old style of modern combat.", she tells. Kasumi is still getting used to accepting that her world disappeared a long time ago. "Though most who have been trained did not wear that style of clothing.", she says.
Saeko      "My family, my people, we took much from history. More from ourselves as the world went by, but the words you speak? Few outside the historically devoted and my own people have even heard them." A tilt of her head, she moves now, her cloak still in place but the motion perhaps betraying some hints of the weapons worn beneath. "My cloak hides my equipment from those who would recognize me for who I am...or it did, but it has become less of a concern of late. But it also serves to protect from the weather in the world. It is a long walk to many places."
Kasumi     Kasumi smiles a little bit. "A man makes haste in a rain storm. Rushing from the eves of houses to keep from getting wet. Only to end up soaked upon his arrival. A samurai continues wallking, unworried of the rain, for he knows that he will be soaked when he arrives to his destination.", Kasumi says. Wait, what? Did...she just quote the Bushido? Well, back in her day, such books were required reading. "You have probably never had to read the Haragakure, have you?", she asks.
Saeko      "My home was named for it," Saeko speaks lightly, shifting lightly as she continues circling the other woman until her light steps bring her back to her starting position and she extends her hand towards the other woman. "There are others who know such things, but they are few and far between. It is good to meet you." A handshake? Not exactly the usual gesture one would offer, but lately Saeko had been trying to adjust to fitting in with the El Dorado populace where she could. Even so, there is no missing the slight bow of her head born of habbit unable to be killed. "My name is Minami Saeko."
Kasumi     Kasumi takes a moment to grasp the woman's hand, and then encloses it with her other hand. "It is an honor, Minami Saeko. I am Uesugi Kasumi.", she says, going into a bow. It isn't very deep, and Saeko would likely notice that Kasumi keeps her elbows a bit tight to her body. A sign that she's ready to defend if its necessary from a surprise attack.
Saeko      A pause, a shift in tongue and Saeko speaks again in what she hopes would be a shared tongue. It had been a long time since she'd heard another speak in Japanese, the very same day that her family had been taken from her, but perhaps it was worth the attempt for the small touch of home as she releases the handshake. "<So you are a bouncer?>" she questions, gesturing with her head towards the door in an indication of the saloon while she makes her little verbal test. "<Your skills remind me of those held by the military-trained.>"
Kasumi     It takes a second or two for Kasumi to listen to Saeko. She breathes in and out for a moment, carefully speaking. "<I am currently nothing more then a hired woman. I have not picked up a perminent job yet. As for my skills, my father was a diplomat. I was trained in the arts of politics, as well as other arenas regarding politics.>", she says. Kasumi watches Saeko a little bit, before sitting on her bed. She crosses her legs, and relaxes a little. "<Please, sit.>"
Saeko Even for the 'Kunoichi' there was no hiding that slight twinge of happiness at hearing the familier sounds of the language again before she shifts lightly and moves towards the bed, pausing only to gently remove her cloak and set it aside, revealing the oddity that was her attire. Figure hugging in places while still offering a glimpse of her navel, complete with her blackend metal belt that looked like something taken from a superhero movie, it almost certainly came closer to what popular culture might have imagined the shadowy assassins of the night would have worn rather than the true 'plain' clothing of someone trying to blend in among peasentry. The sword she carries is tied at her waist, sitting -just- right as to not limit movement while still allowing for a quick draw. Across her back, having sat at an angle so as not to be immediately visible, a small bow rests along with the matching quiver that rests snug to her left hip, marking the archer's preference as much as the weapon itself. Amidst all this 'traditional' weaponry, when she steps towards the bed Kasumi might glimpse the small holstered handgun at the small of her back, resting between the sword and the base of her spine.
Kasumi     Kasumi doesn't laugh, enough inwardly, she does giggle a little in her head. She watches the woman a moment before settling down. "<Interesting arsenal there.>", the woman says. Kasumi pulls out her wakizashi, and her P90c pdw. "<I perfer weapons that are smaller, easier to hide, and easy to use with one hand.>", she tells. Kasumi takes a moment to study the woman. "<So, why did you choose to visit me?>", Kasumi asks.
Saeko "<I carried a blade very similar to your own>," Saeko says lightly as adjusts her bow, removing it to sit alongside her and let her sit comfortably on the bed nest to the other woman. "But there was much that did not survive my travelling." A pause, her gaze slips towards the P90 before she gives a slight pursing of her lips. "My family always focused on silent, unseen methods of...completing our tasks. I was unschooled in firearms. I carry one only because there are those who will always find a firearm more convincing than an arrow and recent things have forced me to adapt."

The question of why she'd came to visit her? That actually seems to cause a pausing thought. "<I...felt that we shared things I hadn't encountered for a time, beyond simple skincolor and choice of weapon. That there were things alien to both of us. Or perhaps I was simply curious or lonely and thanks to their antics below, company was lacking.>
Kasumi     Kasumi nods her head a little bit. "<This is true. This world is not the one I grew up in, and I am having trouble adjusting.>", the woman admits. She pats Saeko on the leg as she gets up. "<I could offer to teach you the use of firearms. I was trained with both guns and blades.>", she offers.
Saeko Saeko doesn't know Kasumi is a woman out of time, but in their own indirect ways of a broader sense, they might both just fit that title. Looking down at the pat on her leg she nods her head lightly before tilting her head to one side, causing the slightest fall of her bangs. "I am grateful, but I would ask why you would be so willing, or what you would ask of me in return."
Kasumi     "<See, you're already learning. You question my motives to teach you.>", Kasumi says with a smile. She stretches out a little bit as she gets into a stance. "<Its cause it looks like you may need such training, of which I could offer. My price for such training is whatever you wish to offer.>", Kasumi says. The woman sighs a bit. "<I was a vault dweller, so I know little of this world. You could teach me of it.>", she says.
Saeko "A Vault dweller?" Saeko repeats, sounding somewhat suprised for it, but quick enough to put the pieces together again. "But not of the Vault in town, another then?" A pause, she steps upwards now, drawing her katana in a single smooth motion and holding it down by her side. Both the blade and scabbard lack any real marks of engraving or otherwise ornamentation, plain in design but immaculate in crafting. The weapon itself is held horizontal, her other hand gently balancing it at the tip of the blade while she speaks. "You seem very confident with your weapon, but I may be able to show you things when it comes to blades large or small. If you would accept such a trade. Beyond that?" she sheathes the weapon again, a single blink-and-you'll-miss motion before raising her hands palm up. "I can offer my support. I am lacking in 'caps' for the moment, and have myself been forced to take mercenary jobs where I can."
Kasumi     Kasumi nods her head a bit as she stretches out. "<I think that is a fair trade.>", the woman comments. She pops her neck a little bit, as she adjusts the sheathe on the small of her back. "<I have recently taken a contract with Lone Star to assist them for a month. Shall I talk with the Boss, and see if he can hire you on as well as a temp?>", she offers.
Saeko      Saeko actually frowns a little at the offer, an odd reaction perhaps, but there was much beyond that porcelin-skinned surface. "I would be grateful for such an opportunity. I feel it would be good that we are close, able to protect the other so we do not lose the source of our teaching." She had goals, tasks she had sworn to complete that now, thanks to others, would require her to leave for elsewhere eventually, at least for a time, but she was not ready yet. She had much she had to prepare now.
Kasumi     "<Look on the bright side of it. We can observe each other's styles, without having to fight each other, or do image training. Not to mention that we can also see how each handles missions as well. While I am good at combat, it is not my only skill.>", she says. The woman takes a bottle cap, and then makes a motion with her other hand, snapping her fingers. Does Saeko fall for it?
Saeko A blink, Saeko does indeed miss the sleight of hand, but she chuckles lightly none the less. From such different backgrounds, the pair of them appear to share more than a few talents. "I will come find you here again," she says lightly, making to stand and reach for her bow. "But I will not invade your room or your time for much longer. With your injury and your efforts earlier I imagine you are tired, and my presence here may well lead to some assumptions."
Kasumi     "<Such assumptions are natural. And serve a purpose at times. They do not bother me. Sometimes I encourage it.>", she says. Kasumi stretches out a little bit. "<But you are right, I am tired from my exercises. And I do not wish to give many here more ammunition then they already have. We shall meet again, young Saeko.>", Kasumi says. She leads the young woman out, before returning to go to bed.