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Sammy     It's a late Sunday night, and sammy's divest of his armor, just his fatigues, as he slips from his room upstairs, and comes down, he's got a thick baking tray in one hand, balanced deftly in one hand, an an empty bucket in the other. He manages to descend the stairs without ceremony, and sets the tray on the edge of the bar, before dipping in the back to leave the bucket in the kitchen. "More bighorn grease next time, less brahmin lard." he asks the staff before heading back out and staring at the tray, it's an inch or two of something that looks waxy, off-white, and flecked with swirls of something.
Willow Caine Willow is leaning against the bar, a slight smile on her face as she quietly speaks with one of the patrons. She's obviously flirting with her 'charms' on display as she reaches out and drags a finger along the man's hand. After a few more moments of quiet conversation she pours him a drink and one for herself before sheh moves down the bar and takes a seat. She clears her throat and crosses her legs primly, gazing around at the activity in the Saloon.
Konno     Konno's off to one end of the Saloon, talking to a pair of patrons about his recommendations to them on some medical topic over drinks and food. He's bright and lively as usual, even while being clinical!
Rose Down the stair from above Rose decends, no angel certianly, but the Ranger did -try- to do good for the people where she could. Currently her hair was down, free of both helmet and ties bondage while she stepped towards the bar. As usual her gunslinger belt rested around her hips, duster worn open enough for it to be seen yet again. Her eyes move, slipping over towards Sammy whom she simply nods in greeting to with a hint of a friendly smile before slipping over towards the counter proper with a signal for her usual soda. Konno? While certainly a character, she'd not seen him before, although she'd had enough encounters with medics to get a vague gist of the topic before her attention and ammusement both settle on the charming that Willow is undertaking on some poor patron.
Sammy     Sammy considers Willow and Konno, who are in their own right, practical strangers thgouh they have been around, and been seen, at least enough to recognize, he's sure that Willow was taking over for Kitty, but not sure to call her 'Ms. Caine' or 'Madame Caine'... A nod of greeting is given to each in turn and he deftly slips a pen knife from one of his miriad of pockets, measuring the baking tray, carefully, he begins slicing into the tay, evenly partitioning up the tray, and coming up with one row of smaller items. He pops one up, and it's evident it's a layered thing, a few pale bands of something mnixed in.
    Since Rose is closest at this point, the aroma'd probably hit her first, it is that legendary yardstick of civilization, soap. "Evenin Rose. What do you think..." he picks up one of the smaller mini-bars and tosses it to Rose, "A little more salt in this batch to get it to set up more firmly, did I go too heavy on the sandalwood or lilac?"
    With one piece out of the tray, the others can be loostened with a little wiggle of the small knife blade, like loosing a pocket puzzle, slide one over, slide the row up, repeat.
Willow Caine Willow isn't shy, that's for certain and when she sees Sammy fussing with a baking tray she's on her feet. She makes her way down to where he's seated and leans in, absently tugging at the top of her bodice to prevent an accidental peep show. "What've you got here?" She asks quietly, sniffing at the air. "Smells good, whatever it is." When she gazes up at Sammy she grins crookedly and makes a face for a moment. "Don't mind me, sugar, I'm just nosing in your personal business." She holds out a gloved hand and winks. "Willow Caine, and you are?"
Konno     Konno's medicinal talk slowly segues into talking business. Private service, massage, the many, many uses for scented oils. The pair he's on with seem amicable enough and not afraid to toss out unusual lines of inquiry which the lad is glad to oblige with answers.
Rose      "Is it meat, is it going to kill you or make you wish you were dead if you eat it?" Rose answers Sammy with a light grin on her lips. "Beyond that, you're likely stretching the limits of my culinary knowledge." Gunslinger she may be, but her cookie had come from survival out in the wastes rather than any formal training. Gaze again come to Willow as she draws closer, she'd met the woman but found herself in similar shoes to Sammy, unsure of how to interact with the bodice-wearing Caine after so long dealing with primarily Katherine Caine.
Sammy     Sammy grins a bit wider, at the offered hand, he takes it and leaning down in a gesture of respect he's seen done in old holovids by really wealthy people and such, kisses the back of the gloved hand, his untied hair spilling just a little, he smiles stands back up, "Pleasure to finally meet you, who would be essentially, my new Landlady, and Auntie to my girlfriend." he picks up another of the smaller, sized bars from the end of the tray, the size you'd see left in hotel rooms or snuck away into travel bags. He places it in Willow's hand with a bemused smile, "I'm Sammy, sometimes I get to say the full thing, 'Specialist Sammy Jenkins, Ranger, NCR' and sometimes they call me other things." he smirks mischeviously, "But tonight ... tonight I finished a little project. I made soap. And it's time to get feedback on the recipe."
    He quirks an eyebrow at Rose, "I think you'd probably do best not eating it, farting bubbles would be the least of your worries. I used a week worth of ashes for the lye in it." he smirks. "Should cut through grease pretty darn good with hot water."
Willow Caine Willow brings the bar up to sniff at it and makes a happy noise before she sniffs it again. "Nice.." She murmurs, tucking the bar between her assets to keep it safe. Her hand is kissed and it makes a smile light up her face, as much as the mention of her neice. "Ah, my Lilly?" She chuckles softly and stands up straight pouring Sammy a shot. "Be careful with her, the last thing you want is me and my twin coming down on you like a natural disaster. We keep watch on the babes like wolves." Her gaze moves to take in Rose and she offers the woman a smile and a slight curtsy. "Nice to see you again, darlin'."
Kellyn The doors to the Gold Digger Saloon swing open, and in steps a taller man with a cowboy hat and duster. He strides straight forward to the bar without pausing, slamming elbows down as he leans up against it. "Whiskey. Rotgut. Something," he clarifies his order, putting down a few caps. When his booze is poured, he takes the shot, and puts down a few more caps. "Don't let me dry out, y'hear? You'd be trying to drown yourself in spirits if you'd just have had the same run-in I just had." He takes his second shot, and then Kellyn is turning to look at the other patrons in the bar.
Konno     Konno's eyes shift up at the mention of soap. The greatest of luxuries in the wastes. His attention moves gradually from the conversation he's having towards the bar, attempting to eavesdrop the best he can for the sweet, sweet secrets.
Sammy     Sammy grins mischeviously at the thought, playing through his head, "Mmmm, well, I would say she's 'My Lilly' too, but in a different fashion, to you, she's family. To me, she's a reason to keep coming back." he gestures to the exit out the bar, "Whenever I go to play outside the wire, as it were." he continues working the little knife over the tray, popping each of the larger bars on their sides, and sorts them by the banding on their layers, it's not perfect, definitely has that handmade look to each cut. But that's kinda important in it's own right.
    With the tip of that pen knife he starts to carve 'S O A P' into the biggest face of ach, so as to make sure that someone who knows what soap is, recognizes it on sight.
    When Willow slides him a shot of whiskey, he smiles, and curls the shot up, throwing it back and then holding the pen knife in his teeth, takes an opportunity to fasten his bandanna back and tie his hair out of his face.
    The newcomer's body language is read eyebrow is raised, and he ponders aloud mostly to Rose, "Wonder what that's about."
    However the attention shift from Konno in the corner, gives him a bit of a smirk, and he looks to the tray, finding another 'sample size' small bar and gives it an underhanded, behind-the-back fling to the man, and he leans back from thne bar, calling to Konno, "Tell me, good sir, do you think I managed a good blend on the fragrance?"
Willow Caine Willow eyes Kellyn and steps over to him, leaning in to look into his face. "You okay there, sugar?" She asks, her voice quiet and guarded. "I'll keep pourin' if you keep payin', but eventually with all good things, it's gonna come to an end. I don't want you sloppy in my Saloon." She leans forward and waits to see if he's got anything to say, her ears still keeping track of the side conversations going on in the background.
Rose      "You and Lilly huh?" Rose speaks up. Seems that the Rangers didn't gossip with each other nearly as much as one might thing to expect. Then again, only Rose was in most of her gear that might identify her as such, and with her hair down and the helmet in her room, odds were she was taking a simple day to herself. Even she needed a break. "That's sweet." Two words, about all the opinion she shares on it, but at least she doesn't look to be anything but happy for Sammy. Konno gets another glance, but it's the arrival of the new man and his self-stated bad day that raises her eyebrow as she sips her own drink.

Nuka cola probably looks a little tame by comparison.
Kellyn Kellyn reaches over to adjust the duster he has on, covering up the old NCR Ranger armor underneath as he gives Willow a slow nod. "Just tired of the same old cycles," he finally explains, leaning back against the bar. He glances at Sammy, then Rose, then back to Willow before speaking back up. "Sure as hell had a better day than the folks I just finished givin' escort to. You ever hear of a city by the name o' Azteca?"
Konno     Konno's hand rises up to catch the bar tossed by him and give a curious sniff. And a nod. "Seems fine to me, better than the incense I use regularly." he chimes, then there's talk of a place he don't know. So Konno stays quiet about the bad day.
Sammy     Sammy raises an eyebrow to Rose, "She's my Strawberry." he murmurs, is that a blush, or the first hit of firewater coloring his cheeks as he goes back to carving the bars with 'S O A P' with deft touches of the pen-knife. "A city down South, was doing well for itself, took a while to prepare for the approach of this Horde, but now some survivors made it this way?" he asks curiously, pondering, looking directly to Kellyn, "And not much else about it... Maybe it was down in Old Mexico somewhere." he gives another shrug. "Somewhere farther down than Hope's ruins." he draws in a measured breath, lets it out in a sigh, "At least we got a fistfull of survivors out of Hope."
Willow Caine Willow sets up two shots for Kellyn and moves down the bar to attend to another patron. Words are exchanged, and some quiet laughter, before the gentleman is escorted upstairs by a very toothsome and buxom redhead. That done, Willow moves back to her usual seat and settles in, gazing between Sammy and the newcomer.
Kellyn "A group of 'em, heading on towards California," Kellyn nods over at Sammy, before his brows furrow slightly. "South, and further south, down the way you're thinking. Was a city of thousands, and now it's a city of muties. Was told that only a handful escaped, and they were running just ahead of the hordes." He lifts his liquor, then takes the shot, putting the glass back down. He doesn't make to ask for a refill just yet, despite his entrance. "You see a lot of people running up from down south, here?"
Rose Strawberry? That earns a raise of an eyebrow and a smirk from the female Ranger. Sammy always did try to lean quite hard on the 'tough' side and he'd overbalanced a little with that petname. "Strawberry huh? Sweet indeed." A grin, but her smile fades as the others speak of the Horde. She'd yet to be involved in a skirmish, having been delayed by other tasks and then her failed tracking of a missing friend who'd rode out of town, but she wasn't exactly blind to what was going on. Tilting her head, she listens quietly.

She'd saved a few refugees from the horde under attack by bandits a few weeks back, but new news is better.
Sammy     "There's not much that can be done, except build up the defenses and train up the people, and that's one of the things Rangers are sent out to do. Recon and Report, work with the locals. Though I wonder how long till we're locals ourselves, already paid my taxes for the year Heh." he thumbs to himself and to Rose, "But refugees running on foot, to the West will hit Dunwich and thereabouts. And that place is..." he trails off, and folds his pen knife up carefully, disappearing it back into a pocket, sweeeping all the soap flakes into a corner of the pan with one hand, and mashing them together. "... well it's going to take a lot of hard work to clear it out as well as we've done with Roswell, if you could call Roswell tamed by any stretch of the term." he grumbles a little, "The NCR would obviously welcome refugees from such things, but that's a long way to get them there." he shakes his head. "I think we'd better start preparing the locals for what happens in siege warfare."
Willow Caine Willow gets to her feet and shakes out her dress. She walks towards the stairs, calling out to Konno. "Keep an eye on things down here, I've a few things to tend to." She offers the patrons at the bar a wave. "The bots will see to your comfort, let someone know if you need something beyond one of their skills."
Konno     Konno salutes Willow as she makes her way up, and he stands from the table he was at with a thousand pardons to find his usual perch at the bar and lean onto it with a contented chime.. Lots of un-nice news and going on nowadays, but, wasn't it always that way?
Sammy     Sammy shakes off the bad news, or rather, perhaps he files it away in his book of secrets. The list of things not to be surprised about when shit hits the fan. He picks up the bars neatly and produces a small spool of twine from a pocket, wound around a stick, and begins tying the bars into packs of three neatly, the soap is not so hard, not so soft, and it's got a boutique bundle to it, he quickly has the tray done up easily into groups, and with the effortlessness of a waiter, balances the tray on one hand as he stands and gets ready to depart. He walks past Konno, and drops him a bundle, three bars of the good stuff, and comments, "Be careful, it's a strong lye, made from hardwood ashes." he comments, "It'll cut through grease but careful it doesn't dry your skin out if you soak too long." he wanders back along the bar and drops a gift bundle with Rose, smiling quilety, "No, gonna go write this up and sling it back to Command, this is the second time in a day I've heard the name Azteca, and I've walked too many roads to believe in much coincidence..."
    He ambles up the stairs with the tray and disappears into his room on the 2nd floor.