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Milton Late: or rather - really effing early - some kind folks have come pounding on the clinic door, one large slightly drunk smelling farmer holding a very limp very pale (what else is new) Milton in his arms all proper like. Milton's glasses are scuffed but not broken but he is; badly. Barely awake really given the severe beatdown he was given. Every time he's moved or someone touches his mid-section /even/ in his fugue he lets out a feeble whimper. Poor Milton..
Iris Lark Iris comes to the door and pulls it open, peeking outside with a frown on her face. The frown fades as she spots the issue and she silently takes a step back so the farmer can carry Milton into the clinic. "Put him there." She says, pointing to an exam table close to the door. "What happened here?" She asks, a slightly wary look on her face. When she catches the scent of alcohol she turns away from the man and automatically starts to gather tools to treat the man now lying sprawled on what was a clean table. She doesn't expect a clear answer, drunk or not, and instead tries to ascertain the extent of Milton's injuries.
Milton The men shrug, "Don't know. Some folks said he got jumped as he was walkin' from the Mayors office. But that was hours ago, I was on my way home from the Saloon when i saw his pocket watch. But he's still alive so just weren't right to take it." He wanders over sluggishly, the poor drunk farmers helping Milton onto the table to which he flails and falls mostly unconscious again. The men look at eachother and back at poor delirious Milton. "Didn't seem right to just leave'm there neither." Milton has been beat into a literal shade of red, purple and black over most of his face and his torso is .. oddly mishappen around his rib cage. One or two appear to be curves a bit more 'out' than normal.
Stockton Stockton had heard of Milton's near demise once again, and he comes out to check on him. Stepping into the Clinic he takes his cowboy hat off and chews on his cigar some, pushing it to the corner of his mouth. Finding the injured Milton and Iris already at work he just takes up a lean out of the way. "Iris, Milton. Now what pray tell are you gettin' yer ass beat over now? You keep stumblin into every goddamn pack'a thugs there is, it seems. You even have a damn gun?" He asks curiously.
Iris Lark "He's out." Iris says, as she tries to feel out the severity of the broken ribs. "It's good that he's out, at least for now. I'm going to have to adjust him so I can set these ribs and ..well it's going to hurt." She opens Milton's shirt and winces, the bruising and abrasions making a mottled mess of his torso. "He's lucky, twice over, because they could have punctured a lung and he'd have died on the street. Could have happened again with them carrying him here. Could happen when I try to set him right." She takes the time to glance back briefly. "This is against the law now, isn't it?"
Milton Out for a moment, sweat oering his bruised and mottled features. Blondish hair plastered to his forehead. Blood sticky in his well groomed lip-strip. "Just the one you sold me." Milton quips breathlessly in something of a squeek. He's talking about his fatman pistol. "Would you do a fellow a favor, I could use a smoke would you mind reaching into my pocket Stockton? I seem to be unable to move my arms." Perhaps surprising them both since it did seem that the fancy fellow had purely fainted. "Doctor, Lovely, would be an honor to die at your hands." Nope, not even life threatening injuries can shut Milton up. "Let me, hmm, let me say what needs to be said before you fix me though. On the off chance.." He pats the table, well, he was attempting to reach towards iris but everything hurts. "Come closer. It hurts to project." He tells the Lawman.
Stockton Stockton watches her and winces a little at seeing the damage, "Damn, Milton." Shaking his head he moves closer to listen to Iris as she works on the man. "I came over to see if there were any witnesses aside the poor assaulted, I wanna get to questionin' and gettin' on the trail'a these hoodlums. I'm tired a violence happenin' in my city." Of course Milton surprises him when he comes up and starts talking. Frownin he stomps over and looms over the dandy for a moment, thick fingers rifling through a pocket quickly to come away with the cigarette case. Getting one out for the man he holds it away for a moment, "I'm only doin' this cuz yah done me favors a knowledge," then he puts it to his cigar and puffs a few times to light it before putting it in Milton's mouth, "There yah go, now tell me who they were, what's goin on now?"
Iris Lark Iris steps back to let Milton speak and busies herself sharpening a rather long and thin knife. Her eyes narrow at the cigarette but she doesn't reach out to take it from him yet, he asked for it after all. "Well I don't think you'll die, but you're going to be laid up for a bit." She doesn't mention that he is probably going to ask to die when she starts to set his bones.
Milton "Of course, of course." Milton coughs daintily but accepts Stockton's getting him his 'final request'. Some peopel just can't take almost dying seriously and Milton 'Teddy' Theodore Knox will not go out without a whimper.

THe drunk Farmers clamour and explain that someone at the bar had said a group of light eight heavies that looked familiar like they may have run with Jared Solomon had taken milton off into an Alley telling him they didn't need no stoolies. Or something.

Milton languishes and looks up at Iris through bruised and bloodshot eyes. "I don't think I shall either, not with your tender care, Doctor." Some people just never turn off. Milton is one of those people. He coughs, "Yess.." He trails off in that odd Brahmin, suffocated from his struggle to breathe. Solomons men. It would appear he's not run out of money yet which is why I needed to talk to you." He looks to Stockton. "It seems Jaren has not left New Mexico at all. He's hiring anyone stupid or desperate enough for caps to fufill his original desire. It seems he's hiring to 'Take over New Vegas' once he 'retains the resources he needs' here in our beloved El Doradan Desert." He pauses and takes a shakey drag reaching finally to touch Iris' hand. He wants her to pay attention too. It's not overt or flirty in fact it's kind of awkward. "Solomon is working for the NCR as an informant." He says finally. "It's why they're in town and came only after he was mayor." He siits up a bit and looks between them. "He served in an NCR prison at some point.." He groans and leans back breathing out. "It all sounds so insane, I almost didnt believe it until.." He ended up looking like catfood in some back alley.
Stockton Stockton wouldn't have given the man a cigarette normally, but hey,he's being over dramatic, it's hard to say no. He gives an almost apologetic look to Iris before looking back at the farmers nearby, "Hold up, slow down," he gets the whole story, or as much of it as is going be parsed before he looks at Milton and his dramtics. For a brief moment, the Sheriff looks impatient and a bit curt but he grits it down and manages a feral looking smile. "And they had the balls ta ask if we'd join the Republic at town meetin. Seriously? I want those NCR fucks outta town, ain't no reason for their fuckin' embassy but to recruit and try to sow seeds a desent from inside. It is confusing, Milton. But this is the fucked off world we're in. I need to put out a call and round up a posse quick as a rabit. That slimy fuck is still in New Mexico, and I want his ass in my jail cell." There's a snort from the man and he looks wild eyed and a biiiit crazed.
Iris Lark Iris steps forward and plucks the cigarette from Milton's mouth. "All right, no sense putting this off because it won't make it hurt any less." She bites down on her lip to keep from commenting on all the information that was released. "Put your left arm up so that your upper arm is against your ear, Milton." She places a leather strap near him before she continues to speak. "You also might want to bite down on that, because this is not going to feel pleasant at all." She glances over at Stockton then and thinks for a moment or two before she speaks. "If any of the people you round up in your jail cell need medical attention, let me know, okay?"
Milton Milton sighs, "Let my Cousin know, will you? I'd hate for Kitty to be worried about me." He looks towards Iris and looks down and back at her and makes a face before carefully lifting his arms. It hurts and there is a /lot/ of whining involved. Milton isn't going to be making any top ten rough and tumble desperado's magazine any time soon. He eyes his cigarette with a sniffle and then nods reaching daintily to put the leather in his mouth.
Stockton Stockton takes the cigarette back and stubbs it out, all the easier to hold Milton down while Iris resets his ribs. The whining, oh the whining, it grates and he snarls, "Can't you chew quieter?" he asks the man while looking at Iris, "Course, I will." Then he gives her the nod to get it over with or else he might just give Milton a knock out drug only he can deliver!
Iris Lark Iris curves her hands over Milton's broken ribs and she pulls at his outstretched arm while she gently pushes the broken ribs back into place. She works slowly, pushing, checking and pushing again, until she's satisfied with how the ribs are set. She rests her head on his chest with each movement, making sure that the man is still breathing with both lungs. When she's satisfied with her work, she wraps a pressure bandnage around his chest to hold her work in place. It's long work, and exhausting and likely extremely painful.
Milton Shrieking. Thankfully it only lasts as long as a cat might caterwhaul before a shoe knocks them off a fence. in this case, the pain knocks Milton unconscious and the ribs are from there on easy enough to set. Poor pale rube.. He's legit unconcious. There's no mre awkard Brahim being edged about the room.
Stockton Stockton flinches at one of those pops, he is possibly remembering what it feels like when a rib has to be put back. Breathing through his nose he keeps staring down at Milton while he goes through the phases right up to just passing out. OH good. He stops leaning on the man and waits for Iris to finish up. He will go and fetch bandages, she'll wanna wrap the dandy up to brace all of her work against furhter injury. "Well. I'm not sure who's more exhausted from that, him er you," he tells Iris while taking the leather from the man's mouth and tossing it to the cigarette on the counter waiting for when the man wakes up again. "He's going to get into trouble in three days time. Mark my words."
Iris Lark Iris walks over to the corner and slumps into a chair. "Hopefully more than three days, I don't want to have to do that again, at least not anytime soon." She frowns at Milton and then sighs. "So what was he on about? Did someone really tell El Dorado to join the Republic?" As tired as she is, she really does want to know the answer to that.
Milton Milton is out, laying on a table snoozin probably happy not to have to be dealing with the pain and the fact his face (His beautiful face?!) is black and purple and red all over. Still, thankfully his glasses remain intact and in his hat along with his posessions. He snoozes away innocently; looking not at all like he's the kind of person who gets intro trouble every -three- days..
Percy     Blowing in through the front door like some old Western is the lean figure of Percy. His usual pristine and professional demeanour is slightly off this eve however; a dishevelled appearance lingering across his expression as he rubs his eyes wearily. "Spare me, if I run into one more idiot who gets caught into a mutant bear trap I will..." The muttering to himself stops almost immediate when he spots Milton on the desk, Iris not far that. Stockton not far from her. "Please tell me he didn't get caught in a bear trap." He reveals honestly. "For the love of all that is holy. I'm not sure I could deal with a /fifth/ person today fooled by a piece of jagged metal."
    Drifting across to the figure of Milton, his cool blue eyes scan over the patient. "...ouch. This poor guy has seen better days."
Iris Lark "Not a bear trap." Iris murmurs, smiling up at Percy as he walks in. "I think he was jumped outside of the Town Hall." She looks slightly uncomfortable for a few moments and then she adds. "He had several broken ribs, we're going to need to keep a bit of an eye on him while he recovers. I might have missed something or set it wrong."
Stockton Stockton nods slowly. "Feller today asked us to pledge to the Republic. Kitty shut 'im down, told 'im they needed us, not the other way 'round. THey could play nice if they wanted a power seat in the south here. Sides, just cuz the guns they sent are bein' helpful doesn't mean Republic is any less a shit stain than the Enclave or the Legion." He shakes his head and looks at Milton another time. Innocent his left foot! Percy comes storming in and he shakes his head, "Got mugged fer knowin' too much, likely to again," he sighs and clucks his tongue as he shoves his hands into his duster pockets. "Hopefully he can come too enough by t'morrow to help with descriptions. Easier trackin' 'em down and all."
Milton Milton has been pulvirised. He'll have a hard time spinning this one as any sort of adventure at the Casino table; he was licked. Plain and simple. He's unconscious now, not really asleep as his breathing is still shallow and ragged thanks to her broken ribs. He's seen better days to be certain. And probably wont be up and about any time soon. Not even for hookers and Blackjack..
Percy     "This looks fine," Percy observes, fingers tracing along the wounds lightly. His eyes narrow just a smidgen for a moment, but he shrugs off whatever thought graces his mind. "Lungs seem intact at least, given his breathing. Would have been a pickle if any of those ribs had done some more internal damage. This guy sure has taken a thrashing."
    Pursing his lips, he looks from Milton to Stockton when he reveals what happened. "I beg your pardon," He queries, no doubt seeking clarification. He was still new to town. "Beaten for knowing too much? And after that grand old speech from the Mayor about outlawing violence and murder. Not even half a day later someone lets loose." The Doctor sucks in a breath, exhaling lowly before looking back to Milton. "And no witnesses? That's a shame."
Iris Lark "I was most worried about his lungs." Iris confesses as she pushes to her feet. "Hopefully he won't pull a Vuk and sneak off as soon as my back is turned. I'd like to speak to him while he's alert for a bit so I can listen to him breathe." She listens as Percy asks a few questions and then moves to clean up the mess she made treating Milton. Things are put back in their place, bandages and rags are set aside for washing. The leather strip is rinsed off and set back with the rest.
Percy     As he observes Milton again, Percy tilts his head. Steely blue eyes narrow and focus once again on the purple and black marks of the patient, his fingers tracing over the wounds just a bit once more.
    "You're looking for big men, I can tell you that much." He starts to Stockton. "The contusions and bruises suggest blunt force trauma, obviously. But the wounds are far too localised to suggest raw fisticuffs. He's been straight up pistol whipped several times. Probably to get him onto the ground. But even for such an attack, the marks are bad. Like I said, you're dealing with a big guy. Strong enough to bring a pistol down with force like that?" Percy pauses in idle thought. "Big through the shoulders, trapezius and rhomboids. You know the type, I'm sure. Wounds like this are done to make statements in my experience. They add insult to injury." Phwoar, brain power!
    "If he can sneak off while in this sort of condition I would be mightily surprised." A snicker is given to Iris. "He surely wouldn't get too far. Moving with broken ribs like this is constant deliberating pain." Moving away from Milton, Percy rolls his shoulders to loosen them up. "Thanks again for the lever-action rifle, Sheriff. I haven't had to use it yet, but I feel much more secure knowing I have it."
Stockton Stockton steps back out of the way when Percy comes in to look at Milton. Taking up residence towards the doorway again so he can remain in earshot. "Great, jus' what I needed. More big fuckers runnin' 'round wit' pistols. That's my job dammit," he tries to make a joke before shaking his head at Percy, "Think nothin of it, I'm glad yah got protection when yah need it. I'll arm any of our new comers fer as cheap as is reasonable. I ain't the Militia, but I'll make a difference either way." He nods once and looks at Milton, "Well, every time we say someone needs ta stay put, they come back injured again. So I'm not holdin' my breath. And by know too much, I mean Milton's got a habit of stumblin' into shit someone who can't shoot straight has no business gettin' into. But he's a plucky sort, so we patch 'im up and send 'im back out to find out what else he can trip on. The Luck o' a Milton."
Milton Indeed: the luck of the Milton. He's slowly coming too and the first thing out of the nerdy little man's mouth is another simpering sound. "Oh..I can breathe." Teddy exhales seemingly relieved and opens up his not swollen shut eye. He says almost to himself. Mind you he's looking rough and he's probably not going to be conscious for too long. But there's a few short moments that he can answer questions from all sides.
Iris Lark "He can't trip like this again, not if he actually means to get up again." Iris argues, looking frustrated at the casual talk of Milton getting more of the same later. "Surely he can hire someone to keep these kind of muggers at bay, right?" She glances at Stockton, an eyebrow raised slightly. She takes a breath and closes her eyes before she moves towards Percy. "Thank you, for coming to check on what was going on. A real doctor's opinion is hugely welcome here, and probably was needed." When Milton speaks up, Iris makes her way to his side and leans in to listen to what it sounds like when he breathes. Nothing alarms her so she moves to give the patient space.
Percy     "Heh. I'm sure you're more than a match for them, Sheriff." The Doctor smiles wryly. "Though you may want company."
    "Wait, you mean to tell me that he /often/ ends up on this bench?" Percy's jaw loosens in surprise, a hand lifting to rub his forehead in frustration not long after. "How bothersome." Sitting down in a chair nearby, the man folds a leg across the other studiously. He remains weary-looking though, his eyes already half lidded. "That's a problem. I mean, we cannot control what he does. One needs to make his own decisions. But what if your concerns were real, Iris?" A glance goes to his boss. The head of the clinic. "Punctured lungs, or other organ damage. One day he may not get so lucky that we can patch him up." Tapping his chin in thought, he hums audibly. A small wave is then given to the Head Doc. A sort of 'don't mention it motion' to her. Though he does smile at the compliment.
    .Then. Milton's awake! "Ho." Yep, Percy's a bit surprised! "That's much quicker than I was anticipating."
Milton Milton lifts a hand, "Doctor you are an Angel who has delivered me from pure torment. There are caps in my satchel there. Please take them at your leisure. What is sure? It wasn't a robbery. Milton's lucky watch, his glasses and about 3k in caps weren't touched. No; this was not a 'robbery gone wrong'. Someone wanted Milton to shut his pretty little rumor gap. He's somewhat delirious though because he peers towards Percy. "This is not my first bout with the old fisticuffs, Good Fellow, tis merely a momentary setback."
Stockton Stockton shakes his head at Percy, "I got a posse fer a reason, rash, not stupid." he nods once and looks at Iris a moment, "He's got the caps I'm sure, but it's convincin' him ta listen and lay low a bit." He shakes his head and startles when Milton pops up again, "Dammit man, can't you just inhale some aether and pass out like normal folk? Yer just odd in all the ways, Mr. Milton." He shrugs a shoulder and looks squarely at Milton, "When yah /can/ walk. When yer /allowed/ ta walk. Yer walkin' yer candy ass to the Saloon and shackin up with yer favorite girls fer a few days. Consider this a mild version of house arrest. I don't wanna hear you been in the Wastes fer at least a day? Yeah? You think we can manage that?"
Iris Lark Iris glances between Milton and Stockton and shakes her head. "I'm pretty sure the girls in the Saloon might reinjure him, but..that's up to him of course. He'll come back if he has a need to." She puts some water on to boil, intending on making some tea. "Anyone thirsty for things that are not alcoholic?"
Percy     Percy's smile widens to a small laugh at Stockton's idea of house arrest, but he largely remains silent. "You're extremely lucky, Milton, was it? If Iris hadn't been here, you would likely be dead." Speaking of Iris, his eyes wander off to her frame as she starts to prep the water. "Tea for me please. I need something to settle me before I retire for the night."
Stockton Stockton blinks slowly and just nods for, "Tea, please," wait. Big burly Sheriff drinks tea? What kinda Wild Wasteland are we livin' in anyways? The big guy shifts some as Milton promises to behave, "Thank yah kindly, sir, I am much obliged by your acqueisence." The thought of settling for the night has the half breed looking at the door and thinking over a thing or three. "Mutfruit? Really, man? Take yer water and be happy it ain't irradiated."
Milton Milton sighs, "All right, all right. I'll behave. No adventures for at least a week." He promises and leans back with grunted sigh. "Oh but Doctor, what a lovely way to go. But if you insist I'll stick with the gentle young men." He puts a hand to his chest, "I promise. I could use a spot of water if you would. You wouldn't happen to have some mutfruit for taste? Hmm? Though I admit I could go for a nice old fashioned right now." He admits with a bit of a sniffle looking ever so longingly at his mostly unsmoked cigarette on the counter. "You know I've been told both that I am lucky and I'm cursed. Utter nonsince," Spelled wrong on purpose, "I assure you. I'm just spectacular at finding adventure." To tockton he wrinkles his nose and grumbles somehting like 'philistine' under his breath.
Iris Lark Iris snickers from the open kitchen and steam rises from the water as she walks a glass of water to Milton. "No mutfruit, just plain water that I brought back from the store." She says, shaking her head. She puts out three mugs and tosses in mesh bags full of petals and herbs. "Be just a few moments, boys."
Percy     Rubbing his weary eyes, Percy huffs a breath before smirking. "The big burly Sheriff likes a nice tea, huh? Well, colour me surprised. I thought a nice hard liquor would be something more your suit." Rubbing his chin, the smile on his face shows that he so rarely gets to poke fun at others!
    The smile is mostly short lived though, as Milton's thirst for questing appears to be as strong as ever. "This is nearly as bad as the bear traps..." He mutters, lifting hands to rub his face.
    Standing up he wanders over to the kettle boiling, eyeing the water with a faint hope that is comes to quicker. Which... it doesn't.
    "So what did you guys think of the Mayor's address at the Town Hall meeting? She speaks quite well, doesn't she?" Nothing like some idle conversation.
Stockton Stockton just gives Milton that look when he's called a Philistine, sure make it like that, Milty. "You are spectacular at finding trouble, and it seems to follow you if you don't go looking for it," he chides the man with a smirk. "Get some rest, I think I'm going to head out for the evenin. Y'all have a good one, call if ya need me," he gives a smile to Iris and Percy, tipping his hat before turning to lumber outside again.
Iris Lark Iris pulls the kettle from the stove and holds it with two toweled hands. She pours hot water into the three cups and watches as it starts to steep. "This'll probably knock you out Percy, it's my version of a chamomile. I should name it." She shrugs and picks the small bag from the cup and after blowing on the cup, takes a sip. "So Percy, you're welcome to find an empty bad and stay if you've a need to." Since she missed the town meeting, she's no response to that. She cradles her cup against her chest and points at Milton. "I expect you to be asleep here when I wake up." She pauses, considering something before she walks towards the backroom. "Good night all."
Milton Milton agrees quietly, tiredly. "Nn, yes my Cousins diction is quite enviable for all her El Doradan accent. She can give a rousing speech and is quite apt at getting men motivated. The family couldn't have been prouder of her." He waves to Stockton and sighs laying back in the bed and groaning pitifully. just -pitifully-, "Iris could I get another pillow before you go." Likely? iris will kick him out before he goes wandering off on his own.."
Iris Lark Iris moves briefly from the backroom, a fluffy pillow large in her arms. "Sure, and no more water until I'm awake. When you go to take a piss, I'm going with you to make sure there isn't any blood in it. I hope you're not one of those shy stuttering types." With that she turns and walks back through the curtain that leads towards her living quarters.
Milton Milton mutters something about the pride of the Caine Man but is pretty quick to drift off after.