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Iris Lark Iris has been up for a few hours now, and one of the first things on her morning agenda was to mop the blood on her floor and make sure Milton wasn't dead. Not in that order of course. When she pushes out from the back room, the first thing on her agenda is still clearly alive. On to the next task, and for that she searches for her mop.
Qwillis     Qwillis came in from the streets outside. Holster empty, but he seemed happy enough. He'd pause at the mess, then look to Iris curiously as he'd help look for that mop. "Ah.. what happen?"
Milton Milton wasn't dead but he was awake. Smiling and dipping his head dawling in his uppercrust Bramin accent, "Doctor." Before settling in and humming to himself to pass the time. Whilst he hums and passes his time? He writes numbers in his book in the form of math games. "I'm afraid I was a bit of a mess last night." He says chiiperly despite the fact he's mottled in a rainbow of colors from head to toe. "Isn't she a peach, cleaning up after me. I'd offer if I could, Doctor." He says apologetically of his battered condition.
Iris Lark Iris spares a glance for Milton as she manages to grab up a mop. "It's fine, I'm pretty certain that you didn't mean to bleed on my floor. You didn't exactly beat yourself up, now did you?" She sees Qwillis and beams him a smile as he walks in. "Oh, just the usual, blood and ..blackjack and hookers?" She shrugs and begins to quickly mop up the new splotches of blood on her otherwise clean floor.
Qwillis     Qwillis looks confused, then shakes his head. "Sounds like a vicious game of blackjack. Next time I recommend using cards instead of actual blackjacks?" He'd chuckle slightly and do what he can to help Iris clean up. "I managed to find some gunsmithing tools.. So I contacted a gunsmith to get my Needler customized. I'm looking forward to when that's done. He even gave me a discount, since I know a bit about gunsmithing too.."
Jacqueline The outside door opens again, admitting a waifish figure in gecko-leather. Jackie Wayne is careful to shut the door behind her, wincing faintly in pain... which is definitely at odds with her usual called greeting. She's favoring her left arm, too, and the sleeve of her jacket bears a long slash. The rest of her outfit looks battered and torn in spots, but nowhere near as bad as the arm. "Hi, Doc... oh! Hey, Mister Qwillis, Mister," she adds, seeing the mad scientist and the wounded man in bed.
Milton Milton lifts a finger and points at Iris, "If you ask Mister Volkner, I may as well have." He chuckles and winces coughing a few time. "Pardon." He clears his throat. "Blackjack and Hookers are a costly vice but I find myself inexpeicbly drawn. Like a moth to a flame. I just can't help myself an hat's a good game without a little danger? Hmm?" A glance to Jaqueline and Milton lifts his fingers in a subtle greeting. "Good morning to you, Miss. Milton Theodore Knox. You may call me Teddy, all my friends do."
Iris Lark Iris blinks at Jackie stumbles into the Clinic and she starts to move towards her as soon as she sees the woman favoring her left arm. "Oh Jackie, sweetie, what happened?" She asks quietly, leading the woman to another examination table. "Here ..sit now, let me look at what happened here." She frowns and tries to assist the woman with taking off her jacket. She glances back at Milton and grins slightly. "I'm sure you could find better vices, Milton. Ones that don't let you end up in a place like mine."
Qwillis     Qwillis chuckles softly, a grin flashed at Milton. "I'm Qwillis.. tinkerer and re-inventer.. I guess you could say." He'd muse as Iris went to help Jackie and he'd go to join them, seeking to help out as he can. Sure, he may not be a healer, persay, but he did at least understand science! and that meant biology too..
Jacqueline "Jacqueline Wayne... but just call me Jackie," Jackie replies, managing a slightly pained smile for Milton Theodore Knox... or Teddy, as she'll probably call him once she feels like chit-chat.
The presence of Iris, and her offered aid, are nudging her in that direction. "Mutants aren't the only things coming up from Mexico way. I ran into some refugees... but the way they acted, I could've sworn they were raiders. If they'd only tried to talk, I would've helped them, but they attacked me and were trying to steal my stuff! I chased 'em off with my shotgun, but not before they did /that/," she says, gesturing vaguely at her arm as she lets Iris help her get the jacket off. She grits her teeth as the leather slides over her arm, sighing in relief as the garment is drawn off and set aside.
Beneath, her upper arm has been hastily wrapped in bloodstained bandages that look to be what's left of a shirt. The rest of her looks bruised and scraped, despite the protection of her sturdy leathers.
Milton Milton chuckles, winces and coughs again, "I've found my vices less dangerous than the average day attempting to live like a Wastelander, Doc. Well, except for last night but I'm convinced that was a fluke. Besides I do so enjoy our visits. Seeing your lovely face brightens anyones day." He's not flirting just being slightly loopy and offering whatever old thing is on his mind at the moment. Which, with Milton, tends to only make things worse. "Qwillis? I coul say but what do you say you are? I should say it's best you introuce yourself on your own terms and not mine."

Milton then glances back to Jackie. "Miss Jackie. Terribly unfourtunate. My sympathies." He settles back in to the hospital bed and lifts his math puzzles again.
Iris Lark Iris looks positively incensed when she hears Jackie explain what happened to her. "This isn't the first instance I've heard of people being attacked. How close to town were you?" She asks quietly, moving to gather some salve and bandages and possibly a needle to darn the wound. When she walks past Milton on her way back to Jackie she sets a glass of water near him. "Why Milton, flattery will get you water..and that trip to the bathroom, at some point." She walks on to Jackie and begins to explore the wound with her fingers, trying to gauge the severity, before she brings up a cloth to clean it.
Qwillis     Qwillis nods to Jackie with a small frown, then glances at the door. "I'm going to stay in town then.. until my needler is done at least." Sighing, he'd look over to Milton and flashes a smile. "Tinkerer. Re-inventer. I'm a scientist, Mister Knox." He'd lift that right hand, the two metal digits and the one thumb flexing in that display. "Re-inventing things of the past, to help the people of now." Looking back to Iris and Jackie, Qwillis would help as he could, to keep the spot clean while Iris works.
Milton Milton says, "Oh?" The ether addled Milton wonders, "Interesting, I am a scribe they tell me..and a banker.. and a lover. Yes. a great lover.." Milton's been in and out all night. He's going back out, eyes closing and the poor battered fops out again."
Jacqueline "Don't worry, it only hurts when I arm-wrestle," Jackie replies wryly, wincing as Iris unwraps her injury and begins looking it over. "I think it was a machete. That hurt plenty, but the rest of the fight didn't help it any. There were four of them, and they knocked me down. Half were hitting me, and the other half were trying to pull off my pack and my boots and my pants, and at least two of them had knives..." She winces. "They only stopped pulling and bashing and stabbing when I rolled over and shot one of them. The rest ran off after that." She gives Iris and Qwillis a pained smile. "Go me, huh?"
That cloth seriously stings. She grits her teeth and holds as still as she can.
Iris Lark Iris frowns and she chews on her bottom lip before she gazes at Jackie. "You're going to have a hell of a scar, I'm going to have to sew this." She says, her tone apologetic. She threads the curved needle and after a moment she offers a slight smile. "You want something for pain, Jackie or shall I get on with it?"
Qwillis     Qwillis frowns slightly, watching Jackie. He'd shake his head and just keep silent. Looking to Iris, Qwillis would carefully set that metal hand to hold Jackie's arm still, the metal grip cool, but not quite cold as he'd smile slightly her way. "You should be ok once it's done. This isn't too big of a gash.."
Jacqueline "Pity... I guess I can't wear anything sleeveless now," Jackie says softly, but nodding soberly at the question. "Do what you have to, Doc. I'll hold still for it, promise. Somebody else might need those meds worse," she says, her smile to doctor and scientist nervous but resolute.
She's a Wayne, after all. A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do.
She glances over at Qwillis. "I think you've got the right idea. Going outside of town these days isn't much fun."
Iris Lark Iris leans in and begins to sew, she's slow - not to drag out the pain but because she likes small neat stitches. They heal better, after all. She keeps gazing from the gash on Jackie's arm up to her eyes, making sure each stitch she drops isn't causing the woman too much pain. After a few moments though, the glances cease and Iris simply works. What might seem like hours to Jackie, was a blink of an eye to someone who sometimes get lost in her work. She takes a step back after she severs the catgut and ties it off. "That'll do, try to keep it as clean as possible." The Healer says, her slender hands spreading salve across the wound so she can dress it with new bandages. "You want some tea when I'm done, Jackie?"
Qwillis     Qwillis would watch and wait patiently, a thoughtful nod given. "I have to keep going out.. to gather resources. But.. I think I will keep closer to town as I can. Better to go with at least two people, for situations like that." He'd shake his head with a soft sigh and once Iris was done, he'd withdraw his own hands to let her finish up. "Interesting.. Once I get my lab built, Doctor Iris, I'd like to learn how to help with that too."
Jacqueline True to her promise, Jackie holds /very/ still. She isn't totally silent, hissing once or twice when she feels a stitch drop in a very sore spot, but she doesn't pull away... though she probably has Qwillis and his steely grip to thank for that at least once. There are signs of pain in her eyes, but the injury itself is painful; those could just be from that. She does catch Iris's gaze with her own once, giving her what she hopes is a reassuring smile. "Actually, tea would be nice. Do you need to check the rest of me? I'm not exactly unscathed, but that was the worst thing."
She looks again to Qwillis. "Maybe we could team up? I've always heard that two people can do a lot more together then two people working by themselves. And maybe someone else might want to come, too."
Iris Lark Iris smiles over at Qwillis and nods. "I'm happy to teach you anything I can, I wasn't trained in the..usual way." She mentions, a smile on her face. "I'll make us some tea, and some lunch, if you both are amicable with it." She leaves them to talk for a moment as she puts water on to boil. "I can and will check the rest of you, and I'll send you home with some salve for the worst of the bruises, I've finally made a mixture that seems to make them fade just a bit faster."
Qwillis     Qwillis smiles to Jackie with a small nod. "I'd actually really like that.. Having someone I trust at my back to be able to focus more on salvaging is never a bad thing.. We could maybe even make a reclaimation group I suppose." He'd muse as he'd look over to Iris and smiles. "Thank you. I would be happy for lunch and tea. I'd be grateful to learn. While I know I'll never be a healer. Applying my knowledge to help someone live until they get to you is definitely useful.
Kellyn One arm guard off, duster thrown over his shoulder, Kellyn enters the medical clinic. His left forearm is bandaged up, but blood is showing through the poor first-aid job. The tall mercenary and militiaman tosses his duster onto a waiting chair and takes a seat a little more slowly than normal, green eyes taking in the unfolding scene of Jackie getting stitched by Iris, and Qwillis nearby in conversation. "Howdy," he speaks up after a moment. "Looks like a right kind of party in here today."
Jacqueline "Coolness, Doc. Fast-fading bruises would be great!" Jackie says enthusiastically, moving her arm experimentally. The stitches appear to be holding just fine. "Lunch sounds good. I don't know why I wasn't before, but right now I'm starving! Just... do you have to cook anything? You-Know-Who might be around."
She turns back to Qwillis as Iris leaves the room, nodding agreeably. "Sounds like a start to me. I should give this arm a couple days to get less stiff, but I'll be glad to help out after that."
She glances up as the tall man enters, armor and all, blushing a little: With her shirt having been torn up for bandages, all she'd been wearing under her jacket was a pale blue athletic bra, and the jacket is lying nearby now. "Hi!" she says anyway, managing a slightly pained but friendly smile.
Iris Lark Iris turns to walk towards the small kitchen when Kellyn walks in. She spots his injury and she offers him a smile. "It's often busy here. Welcome to the Clinic, I'm Iris Lark." She gestures to his arm and folds her hands in front of her. "What happened there?" She asks, moving closer with slow steps. She reaches out for the wound to check it, the compulsion to aid him driving her to reach out. "Oop, may I?" She asks, before she lays hands on Kellyn. "Once I see to this, you are also welcome to join us for lunch. It won't be much, but you won't leave hungry." She glances back at Jackie and grins. "I actually have some stew brewing in the back. Biscuits to go with it and some scavenged fruit and the like." A beat. "If you want to dish some out, you can, but take it easy."
Qwillis     Qwillis hesitates a second, shrugs, then would slip his own coat off to wrap about Jackie. he'd smile at her lightly with a small shrug. "Until you get your jacket mended. Then I'll need it back." Looking over to Kellyn, then Iris, he'd chuckle softly. "I'll start dishing up the food, Doctor, as it seems you are occupied." Qwillis winks to Jackie. "I'd like that. We'll sort out details while you heal up and see if we can't make this something that helps plenty of people." With that said, he'd head for the kitchen himself.
Kellyn A quick grin is flashed over at Jacqueline when she blushes a little, and the former Ranger winks at her before reaching up to unbuckle the shoulder of his armor that's covering the arm that's wrapped (poorly) in bandages. Kellyn turns his attention to Iris, offering her a lifted hand in greeting. "Kellyn Darkwater, much pleasure to make your acquaintance. I was just finishing up an escort job when I went hunting geckos. One didn't like it, seemed to take mighty offence." He pauses, and then adds, "Treated it with whiskey, so it's more or less clean."
Iris Lark Iris eyes Kellyn for a moment or two before she turns to drag her tool table towards the man. She nods briefly to his mention of treatment before she kneels down to get a closer look at the wound. "It doesn't need stitches but it's a near thing. I'm going to put a poultice on it though, just to keep infection from setting in. Sad to say that those geckos aren't the cleanest creatures in the Wasteland." She picks up a mortar and dribbles a bit of clean water in before she starts adding herbs. She kneels there on the floor and grinds at the herbs with her pestle while activity flurries around her. "New to town?" She asks, deciding to make conversation with Kellyn while she dresses his wounds.
Jacqueline "I'd better wait. I think I could hold a tray with bowls, but I'm not sure how good I'd be at ladling stuff with this arm," Jackie admits, grimacing faintly. Being hurt /really/ sucks.
She blinks in surprise when Qwillis drapes his coat around her. "Oh... thanks," she says hesitantly, looking down at the garment, then back up at him. But he's turning away already, with stew-serving in mind. For science, no doubt.
She winces in sympathy as Kellyn Darkwater speaks of his recent experience. "They're so cute, you wouldn't think they had such a nasty bite," she agrees quietly. "But you find out when they start lunging."
And from outside, as if summoned by the smell of the stew, comes a strange voice: "I will gladly pay you Tuesday, for a hamburger today!"
Qwillis     Qwillis flashes a brief grin at Jackie before he vanishes into the kitchen. What's he do in there? Well, from the clattering about, it'd be hard to tell for sure.. But there's a good suspicion.. he's not a cook. That said, he does manage to come out with a tray in claw and hand, to bring to the table. On it are indeed 4 meals, and the biscuits. A few look set aside with a light P marked on one and a light W on the other.
    "When you're ready to eat, it's over here. Would you like my assistance on that, Doctor?"
Kellyn "A fiend tried to gnaw my leg off, once, so by comparison it dinnae feel like that bad of a burden," Kellyn gives a quick flash of teeth at Iris before offering his arm to her completely, and nodding once. "New enough. Just signed up with the militia, figured a change of pace would do me well. This your clinic?" he hazards a guess, before nodding at Jackie. "Probably not the best pets in the wastelands. You alright over there, yourself?" And lastly, attention goes to Qwillin, and food. Since the tinker has the food, it only seems polite for Darkwater to introduce himself again. "Kellyn Darkwater. Food's looking mighty good, there."
Manuelito The door opens quietly to the clinic, entering the facility was none other than the Marshal of the Militia. Closing the door behind him, Manuelito looks around the clinic quietly with his one eye while a patch covers the left eye.

It was the first time in over a week that the Navajo was seen outside of the Headquarters and would seem that his sudden appearance in the clinic wasn't for normal visiting.

"Iris?" He calls out quietly as he steps further inside. "Hoping to see if you were open." He inquires, sniffing the air. "Though, it would seem I may have interrupted lunch." He adds with a chuckle.
Iris Lark "Oh no, you settle down to eat while it's warm." Iris says, glancing over her shoulder at Jackie and Qwillis. She turns back to Kellyn and nods briefly, before she starts to spread the poultice on the bandage, preparing to apply it. "Yes, this is my place - but plenty of others contribute to it." She murmurs, pushing a lock of hair out of her face before she starts to wrap his wound. "I know the militia has its own Medic, but if you ever find you need assistance, my door is always op.." Manny walks in then and Iris gazes at him, a look of surprise on her face. "Manny! Don't move, I've got to get up and give you a hug. I heard you were shot!"
Jacqueline "Well, somebody got my arm with a machete, and I got bashed and stabbed a bit," Jackie admits, wincing at the memory. "But Doc Iris fixed up my arm real good. I'll be back out again soon. It's nothing like having a Fiend gnawing on you, but it hurt plenty as far as I'm concerned."
She grins, seeing Qwillis coming in with the food. "Oh, thank you. That smells heavenly," she says, accepting a bowl and a spoon.
She looks up and blinks in surprise at the sight of the marshall. "Oh, hey! I think you've got the most popular spot in town today, Doc Iris. Everybody's coming here!"
And the voice from the window has its own take on things: "~When the waiting room is empty... And the doc says, 'Come right in!' When Christmas comes before New Year, I'll be comin' home again!~" A moment later, a rather chubby grown bird with a bright orange beak and black and white wings and tail hops onto the windowsill, click-click-clicking thoughtfully as it looks around the room.
Qwillis     Qwillis smiles at Iris and delivers the bowl. With Mister Knox knocked out, he'd simply offer the next bowl to Kellyn. "Name is Qwillis. I'm a tinkerer and re-inventer.." Chuckling, he'd flash that grin, then nod to Manuelito and offer the 3rd bowl of food to the man. That 4th of course was set aside for Iris. Glancing over to the bird, he'd nod slightly and grab the 'j' biscuit to offer it to Jackie. "For Wassup. I guess I need to go get another bowl of food."
Iris Lark "You eat my bowl Qwillis, I'll grab a fresh one once I see what is hiding under these bandages on Manny." Iris says, getting to her feet and hugging the Marshal gently. "I'm glad to see you moving about, I heard what happened from Jude and Stockton and I was floored. You sit down and eat, and I'll take a look at whatever is under those bandages." She tilts her head at Kellyn and huffs out a breath. "You keep that bandage on for at least three days, if it starts to ache or you get puss...come back here. I'd rather you didn't lose the arm." She moves to put away and clean up the tools and supplies she was using, keeping an eye on Manny to see if she'll need something more than bandages.
Kellyn Kellyn leans back with the poultice on his arm as Iris spots Manny, and takes a bowl of the offered soup with a nod toward Qwillis. His attention is taken and bemusement strikes his features as a chubby bird enters.
Manuelito Manuelito smiles at Iris, his head nodding "Not going anywhere just yet, promise." The Marshal replies, arms folding against his chest. Albeit, briefly of course as a bowl of food is handed to him. "Er, I shouldn't" He states quickly, but his stomach rumbles in defiance and he smirks. "Okay, stomach wins." He mutters, taking the bowl.

Moving the arm with the bowl into the air, the Navajo wraps his other around Iris in a hug, smiling. "The private had an old gun, the pistol and bullet was underpowered. All it took was my eye sadly." He notes as she lets go and he resumes eating. "Fair warning though, there is a hole there now." He notes.
Qwillis     Qwillis nods to Iris, then smiles to Kellyn as the food is accepted. He'd move to sit down on a chair for the moment, enjoying his own bowl of stew. "It's Doc Iris' cooking. So don't worry. I didn't do anything to it." he'd shake his head slightly with a chuckle. "But it is very delicious."
Jacqueline "Thanks, Qwillis," Jackie says again, accepting the biscuit and giving the scientist a smile in return. "Want this after you're done, Doc? Seems like you like feeding Whassup the most," she offers, holding up the biscuit in question.
Though the mention of another event brings her attention back to the ongoing treatments. "So someone shot your eye out? Ow..." she murmurs, giving Manuelito a sympathetic look.
On the windowsill, Whassup looks at Kellyn with one beady copper eye, made larger by the orange crescent that half surrounds it. "Whassup! Whas-sup?"
Iris Lark Iris takes the biscuit from Jackie and breaks it up a bit before heading over to the window. She spreads the pieces out before the pretty bird and gently reaches up to pet him. "Hello again Whassup." She coos, a happy smile on her face. That done, she walks over to Manny and gently steers him to and pushes him into a chair. "Now what is this bandage for?" She asks, indicating some wrappings on his torso. "Anything I can help with?" She says with a gentle smile.
Manuelito The doctor could be very persuasive; what with being guided and pushed into a chair. It would seem as if she wanted him to sit there for some reason. Manuelito does as he is requested by the guidance and sits down. When she examines the wrappings peeking out from under his shirt, he hmms.

"Gut shot.. from.." He pauses and shrugs. "Forgot. Bullet should be out though." He adds, taking a sip of the stew. Setting the stew on the floor, the Navajo removes his shirt to allow better access to the wound. "Militia doctors are good.. but I still consider you the best."
Iris Lark "You know I'll treat anyone who needs it." Iris says, taking a look at the half healed wound. Her fingers press into his skin, feeling around the wound briefly. "It's healing well, just keep it clean for a while. I don't think it needs rebandaged, but I'll spread some salve on it just in case and dress it." She gets to her feet and gets what she needs, moving to get the required supplies. "Other than being shot and working, how are things Manny? I haven't seen you in quite some time."
Qwillis     Qwillis would finish up his own food quick enough. Restless, perhaps. Either way, he'd eat it and a biscuit, before he'd be moving again. Those who finish their meal have the stuff taken into the kitchen. He'd then be offering biscuits to those around to enjoy of course as he'd watch Iris with the commander curiously. He'd basically stay out of it though.
    With Jackie having his coat, that metal chestpiece is obvious now. He may not have any other armor, but hey.. at least it'll take a serious shot to hurt his chest, right?
Jacqueline Whassup knows when he's being treated like a king. He nibbles a little at one of Iris's fingers, very bently, and rubs the crown of his head against her palm as she pets him. "~Hello, my baby! Hello, my honey! Hello, my ragtime gaaaal..."
Jackie chuckles, shaking her head. "You're creating a monster, Doc, just so you know." She spoons up a mouthful of stew and tries it. "But then again, I guess he knows a good cook when he smells one."
Out of the corner of her eye, she watches Iris work on the commander. The woman obviously has a lot of talents! Not that she misses Qwillis's unusual plate, but she can wait to ask. She sneaks an extra look at it, though. Interesting!
Manuelito Nodding slightly, Manuelito gives a smile as he picks up his stew again. "Well, busy mostly. Checked the various camps we have going now and looking at moving some of the camps to forts. Last week or so, I have been laid up in the hospital after doctors removed my left eye." He frowns at the thought before looking to Iris "How are you?"
Kellyn Kellyn has been quietly finishing off his food for the past few, and when he's finished he puts the bowl to the side and gingerly starts strapping his arm guard back on, though e leaves his duster off for the moment. Green eyes flick over to Manuelito, and his attention is taken by the militia commander a moment -- then Whassup is singing and he looks over to Jacqueline. "So. There a story about that?" He gestures to the bird.
Iris Lark "Achilles is gone." Iris replies, in lieu of explaining how she is. Manny will get it, he's spent enough time with her. She gets to her feet and primes her stimpak, nodding towards the Marshal's leg. "I can stimulate the healing a bit if you don't mind a brief sting." She gives Jackie a brief look and winks. "I love having you here, and Whassup, so it's a monster I'll enjoy." She turns back to Manny and offers him a brief smile.
Manuelito Looking to Iris, the Navajo simply nods his head in understanding. Looking to Kellyn, he sighs. "No story. Simple. Private Malone was coerced into killing me; his sister and mother were taken hostage. He was promptly executed by the same men ordering the kill. His mother and sister lived." He looks to the bowl quietly, frowning. "Not hungry now, but thank-you so much for the food." He did eat about half the serving. "I'll take the rest home for dinner." Eyeing the stimpack, his head nods "Go for it." He replies, prepping for the stinging results.
Jacqueline "It's your place, Doc. But what goes in must come out," Jackie reminds Iris teasingly.
She smiles at Kellyn. "What, Whassup? He's... sort of a guest who flew in and stayed. He's got a nose for good cooking. I guess that's why he started hanging around my Mom's place. He's been there ever since. He likes to watch the viewer I've got in the shop, the one that shows old media programs. I think that's where he's gotten the stuff he says now."
Whassup one-eyes Kellyn, bobbing his head a couple times. "Eh... What's up, Doc?"
Mel Blanc would be proud.
Iris Lark Iris moves quickly once assent is given, these things don't tickle, not even a little. Once the dose is administered, the Healer takes several steps back so Manny can get to his feet when he's ready. She gazes around for a moment before she turns and walks in the back to get a serving of lunch. A few minutes pass before she reappears and she makes her way to the table and folds herself into a chair, resting her stew bowl on her knees. "Trust me Jackie.." Iris begins, giggling as she speaks. "I've seen worse on my floor and windowsill. I love Shantytown, but it's not the cleanest place to live."
Qwillis     Qwillis for his part is sort of in the background, cleaning up as he can, and getting food for people as they want more. He'd flash a grin at Iris, although that stimpak gets a long study. Not that's an interesting bit of technology he'll want to try and figure out how to fix.. and replicate. "Doc Iris? Do you know how to refill that? It'd be good to be able to make another one I suspect.."
Iris Lark Iris gazes down at the contraption on her wrist and nods to Qwillis. "Yeah, but the stuff it uses is pretty expensive." She shakes her arm briefly and unstraps the machine, setting it next to her. "I really didn't know much about them, or how to use them, until I got my Pip-Boy." She takes a few bites of her stew and makes a soft happy noise as she tucks in. She takes a break from shoveling food into her face to add. "I heard the Lonestar Caravan was selling them, actually."
Manuelito Manuelito winces at the injections before sighing. His eyes watch the people quietly as he takes the moment to enjoy those here and around him.
Jacqueline Jackie finishes the last of her stew, sighing contentedly. Her arm might be sore, but a full stomach makes up for a host of ills. "I'd better get back to the shop. It was good to meet you, Mister Darkwater. Nice to see you again, Mister Qwillis, Mister Manny. And thanks so much for your help, Doc Iris." She drapes the borrowed coat around Qwillis's shoulders, reclaiming her own and slipping into it. She'll have some mending to do shortly. "See you all soon!" She turns for the door.
Whassup, of course, stays right where he is, close to Iris and within spotting distance of Kellyn. He knows who fixes the food here, after all. "~Heeeey, good lookin'! Whaaaaatcha got cookin'?"
Qwillis     Qwillis chuckles quietly as his coat is returned and he'd slip it on casually. A nod is given to Iris thoughtfully. "I'm working on repairing a pip boy, actually, Doc Iris. In my room.. it's a rare type.. Pip Boy 5000. Once I have it done, I'll see what I can do about replication of that stim pak. If it helps people? Then I'm all for it.." He'd absently reach up with his left hand to touch his right arm. "I'd rather avoid having to make people go to this extreme.."
Iris Lark Iris watches Qwillis and then having decided something she speaks up. "Any help that you need, you let me know." She quietly replies, smiling at the scientist. "There are some people who take those extremes just to be different, you should embrace what makes you who you are now." Her eyes go wide for a second and she gazes back down at her stew. "I mean, I think you're okay as you are..but" She mentally facepalms and goes back to putting the stew in her mouth, that way maybe her foot will stay out of it.
Manuelito Manny glance over to Qwillis as he listens to the two talk. His eyes shift to the right arm, brow raising slightly as his face grimace. "Mother Goddess has shined well on you. The loss of limbs never favors well in the wastelands. I am glad to see you've done well out there." He tells Qwillis kindly before looking to Iris with a slight grin before looking back to Qwillis "She means that people are always willing to do extreme things to be different instead of embracing who they really are." He notes lightly.
Qwillis     Qwillis glances over to Manuelito with a small smile. "I had to build them myself. The doctors at the place I was at said I'd always be crippled. I just refused to give up." He'd look to Iris then and smile with a shake of his head. "I don't deny it. I haven't stopped the experiments just because of a lost limb or two. I am simply.. more careful."
Iris Lark Iris glances between the people sitting at the table still and she slowly takes a breath. "Well no matter what got you here, I'm glad some of you come around so often. It's pretty lonely here now." She eyes Qwillis and adds. "Though some people have graciously offered to stay and help." She smiles at Kellyn and takes another bite before she continues. "I do hope things go well for you in the Militia, it seems like you gentlemen are going to have a lot going on. Things..are very dangerous right now. I mean, Jackie was assaulted right outside of town, beat up by refugees or ..raider or .." She looks disgruntled and sighs. "I might need to stay armed when I'm out and about now."
Manuelito Looking to Qwillis, Manuelito asks briefly "So your .. a scientist of sorts?" He inquires before looking back to Iris.

His facial features shift to a frown, eyes narrow as he sighs. "That should not have happened. I will have a talk with the guard detail." He replies calmly, yet coldly. He pauses, his attitude lighting up a bit as a smile takes hold. "If you wish company, I can come by a few times a week, check in and play a game of checkers or chess. It'd be a great excuse to get out of paperwork." He notes with a chuckle.
Qwillis     Qwillis smiles to Manuel with a nod. "A scientist. Tinkerer, re-inventer. I do study machines.. I'm quite capable of fixing just about anything you'd put in front of me. with my own personal project being that rare pip boy 5000 I found." Qwillis smiles warmly to Iris and shakes his head. "I'm more than happy to help.. and I'm grateful for the place to stay. I'll learn. So I can be of help when dealing with difficult things.. and I'll be more prepared if I do have to work on another like this.." He'd tap that right claw hand lightly.
Iris Lark Iris nods as her spoon scrapes at the bottom of her bowl. She blinks down at it, looking slightly shocked that she's consumed it all. She gets to her feet and checks on Whassup, finding him asleep on the windowsill, a piece of biscuit nearby. She gathers the dishes and moves to take them to the back to be washed. "I'll be right back, gentlemen." She says, smiling before she ducks behind the curtain.
Manuelito "I see." The Navajo replies before he stands and walks over to the coat rack. Fishing out a holodisk, he turns and walks back to Qwillis. "A trade, perhaps?" He inquires, extending out his hand to him. "Maybe you could build me an eye and in turn, you can have this science holodisk. I am certain it will come in handy once that Pip-boy is repaired."

Looking to Iris, Manny nods slightly before glancing back to Qwillis.
Qwillis     Qwillis purses his lips, then nods slightly. "I.. can try. Tendons of an arm and leg are easy to trace, Sir. So easy to replicate via machines.." Qwillis would pull that sleeve back some, showing Manuel up close the wires that run under metal plates which do indeed act like tendons on someone's hand, allowing each of the two fingers to shift forward and back, as well as that thumb. "An eye.. I'll.. have to study it. It may not be directly. But if you're willing to give me time? I'll research it and see what I can do to make you a replica.. It probably won't exactly be pretty. But it should work."
Manuelito "Just as long as I can see clearly with two eyes.. would be nice. Anything else you add.. Well, it'd just be a bonus." Manuelito replies, smiling. "And if not, see three hundred for the holodisk?" He adds, hand with the disk still out to him.
Iris Lark Iris steps back out from the backroom and makes her way to sit at the table again. She glances between Manuelito and Qwillis and smiles. "You gentlemen are welcome to stay here as long as you need, but I've got to go do my rounds. Will you both be okay?"
Qwillis     Qwillis looks at it longingly, but slowly shakes his head. "It's.. 2500 for me to fix the Pip Boy. I only got 700.. and 350 is promised to the gunsmith that's customizing my needler." He'd chuckle quietly then. "Hold onto the disk. I'll research and when I can do it for you? Then we'll trade. I wouldn't want it to seem I'm taking advantage or anything." He'd look towards the kitchen where Iris comes from. He'd smile to her with a nod. "Of course.. Doc Iris, he's asked me to make an eye for him.. I need something to study.. an actual eye. If you have one. Otherwise, when I'm ready, I'll probably need your help to install it.."
Manuelito Lowering his hand, the Navajo nods his head. "I would have taken a note to for payment later." The Marshal replies with a bit of a grin. Turning, he heads to his duster to slide the disk back inside. "But that sounds fair enough." He adds turning to look at the pair as he slides the duster on; clunking being heard as he adjusts the jacket; two weapon handles are seen he does this.

"I should get back to the headquarters. Pretty sure they are looking for me." He notes. "Hope to see you both again soon."
Iris Lark Iris gets to her feet and climbs up on one of the wall shelves, rummaging around some jars and containers. When she climbs back down she holds out a jar to Qwillis. "It isn't preserved as someone else might be able to do it,'s an eyeball." She sets a large medical journal next to it. "Harlan gave this to me a while ago and it should have some information about eyes in it as well." She rests a hand on Manuelito's shoulder and leans in to give him a kiss on the cheek. "Stop being a stranger, okay?"
Qwillis     Qwillis looks to Iris curiously, then smiles as she of course, delivers. He'd nod gratefully, taking both. "This will help, immensely, Thank you Doc." He'd grin at the kiss Iris gives Manuel, then nods to the man. "I'm from Shanty town.. I know how IOU's can go, so I rather keep to my word with you. I will buy it, when I can trade appropriately." He'd nod his head towards the back. "As for being around.. Doc Iris has been nice enough to let me stay here. So I'll be here, at some point or another undoubtly." He'd chuckle softly then look to Iris. "let me put this in my room and I'll go on the rounds with you? I'd rather make sure you're safe.. even if I don't have my gun, i do have this club I found."
Iris Lark "You're welcome to come with me, and I've got a gun..should someone give us grief. I'll use it to." Iris says, a very no nonsense look on her face. She gathers up some supplies while Qwillis goes to put away his things.
Manuelito Giving Iris a gentle, hug, Manuelito nods his head. "If my near-death experience has taught me anything, it is that I need to be around friends and family more often." He tells Iris kindly. "I will come by more often, promise." He adds, giving her one last hug before stepping back and grabs the bowl of stew he didn't finish.

"Ah. Yes, Shanty-town rules .. are extreme at times." He replies in understanding. "Well then, I suppose I shall see you more often, mister?" He pauses "I don't think I did get your name."

"And from my experience, Iris is good with a laser gun." He peers at Iris "Though, a rumor at the headquarters is you found a Laser Gatling gun." Looking back to Qwillis, he smiles "Which is all the more reason not to make her mad." he teases.
Qwillis     Qwillis smiles to Iris with a nod, then chuckles with a grin to Manuel. "Qwillis. I know it was part of the flurry of people coming in and out.. and yes.. Shanty-town has it's own.. well, everything. Either way, I will certainly be here. Helping Doc Iris, or working on my own projects." He'd head back for the room he had mentioned, stashing the eyeball and book back there, before coming back out with a golf club settled on his back. "It's a legendary club.. Owned by the Woods the Tiger."
Kellyn Quietly listening for some time now, Kellyn finally reaches up to tip his hat in farewell to Manuelito, then slide up to his feet as well. "Well, shit, I should be asking y'all to run escort with me if you've got something like that stashed aaway somewhere." He's definitely talking about the gatling gun, eyebrows half-raising.
Iris Lark Iris blushes and glances around, briefly trying to decide if she's being teased or not. "I am a fair shot with my rifle, and..the gun only comes out in dire circumstances. Anything silly enough to give me trouble will be easily dispatched by my Gauss." She shuffles and gazes down at her feet. "Though, I'm not military trained or anything...I learned to use these because it was that or..die."
Qwillis     Qwillis grins at Kellyn with a small shrug. "I'm not a fighter. I'm a scientist. Just everyone has to know how to fight these days." He'd look to Iris and nods solemnly. "exactly.. So don't feel bad. We'll be fine.. as I'm sure the two of us won't be bothered anyways."
Manuelito Patting Iris on the shoulder briefly, he squeezes "Iris, in my eyes your a damn good shooter and I'd love to have you watching my back." Manny nods, smiling before releasing his grip and turns for the door. Looking back to the trio, he says "See you all soon."
Kellyn "Fare yourself well, then," Kellyn says, before nodding at Qwillis. "More or less. I wouldnae wanna be walking around outside town without a gun handy." He pauses. "Or inside town, really. Or gambling. Pretty much anywhere."