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Iris Lark "You know, Qwillis, I think your job is just as important as mine. Besides that, we both enjoy our work which is almost like a little bonus." Iris remarks, kneeling down to look at a piece of machinery near the door. "I kinda hold on to that thought when some things seem a bit more hopeless."
Charles Charles arrives in the laboratory and immediately fits in! He is well-groomed, brown hair swept to the side. His lab coat is mostly clean with only a few stains from his recent travels. Most impressive is the device encasing his left forearm, a personal information processor, otherwise known as a Pip-Boy. This particular device is a 3000a. Charles pauses for a moment to glance down at the terminal screen, his deep blue eyes monitoring a few pieces of data before he glances around at his surroundings.

"Fascinating, I did not expect an unaffiliated laboratory of this caliber. The Brotherhood of Steel must operate rather.. differently in this particular common-wealth."
Qwillis     Qwillis smiles slightly to Iris with a shrug. "My job helps. I think it does matter we both like our work. I also don't ever think it's hopeless.. As technology can help where we fail.." He'd tap his arm with a wry smile to Iris. As Charles would come in, he'd look the man over curiously, stopping at the pip-boy. "Ah.. is that a 3000a? I heard those were a rare upgrade to the 3000. Quite impressive."
Iris Lark Iris blinks and glances over at Charles when he walks in, and as he seems rather bemused and absorbed by the lab itself she inches around until she's standing a little closer to Qwillis. "H-Hello?" She calls out, after the newcomer has been greeted. Her eyes giving him a once over before she allows herself to relax a bit.
Charles Charles stops abruptly and glances the direction of Qwillis. He seems both startled and a touch.. suspicious. "Ah.. Yes. It's been in the family for quite some time." He rests his hand over the pip-boy protectively. He gives Qwillis a quick once over. "You appear.. to be some sort of engineer?" he glances to Iris. "And you.. a doctor.. or a medic?" He eyes her Pip-Boy and nods his approval. "Yes, it would appear so...."
Qwillis     Qwillis, glances to Iris and with that flesh hand would grip the club's handle.. just in case. But as Charles looked him over and called him an engineer, he'd smile slightly. "Of sorts. A forced to learn cyberneticist that's brancing into robotics once I have my own lab in place. Otherwise, I moonlight as a mechanic.. I'm sorry. just surprised to see such a Pipboy. it's very impressive. I'm Qwillis.. who are you?"
Iris Lark Iris stands up a little straighter when Charles calls her a medic and she smiles then, nodding at the man. "I am a medic, healer..whatever you call them." She says, moving forward with a hand out to shake. "Iris Lark, it's a pleasure to meet you." She says, her eyes still slightly wary.
Charles Charles seems fascinated at Qwillis's line of study though his brow furrows in confusion. "Forced to?" When his calculating eyes notice the grip on the club's handle, he takes a step backwards his hand slipping into his lab coat. Then Iris steps forward with her hand extended, he pauses then removes the hand from his lab coat and shakes her hand. "I'm Dr. Charles Johnson.. and before it's asked, no.. not medical doctor, though I have had some study of the practice."
Qwillis     Qwillis loosens that grip on the club with a slight nod. "I think it's safe to say all here are not hostile then.. hmm?" He'd chuckle softly and hold up that right hand for Charles to see, flexing the two fingers and thumb. "I had to build this myself.. With only one hand, to replace the one I lost in an experiment. So.. yes. Forced to. The doctors gave up on me." He'd nod to Iris. "Not her, others.. It took me two years to recover both limbs, then come back home."
Iris Lark Iris lets the two scientists speak as she continues to look around the building, kneeling occasionally to gaze at machines that make noise or blink with lights. She occasionally looks back as they speak to each other, so clearly she's keeping an ear on the conversation.
Charles Charles tilts his head to the side as the Qwillis's hand is raised. "Yes, I have no hostile intent. Quite the opposite." He hums curiously. "Self-installation?" His eyes widen, "The pain alone.. You must possess a remarkable will.. or significant nerve damage, though if the device is functional, that would likely rule out the latter.. Yes, most impressive."
Qwillis     Qwillis shifts uneasily. "I.. blacked out a few times. The leg was easier. less tendons to install." He'd shake his head slightly, lowering the hand. "Once I got the interface established, then it was a matter of building the mechanism. Unfortunately, I couldn't get a clean enough signal to handle more than the three digits. I'm sure if I had a better grasp of cybernetics, I could upgrade my hand and leg both. But.." He'd shrug, then nod to the lab. "I get an idea this will be a place I can learn from. once I finish repairing my pip-boy 5000."
Iris Lark Iris walks back towards them, satisfied with her exploration. "Did you get get into Acme, Charles?" She thumbs towards the outside of the lab. "We're neighbors of a sort, I'm one of the people who is running the general store across the way. So if you've a need of anything we have, stop by. Maybe we can work something out."
Charles Charles nods thoughtfully. "Well, perhaps next time, assuming you live in the area.. and I am still around, I can assist you with your installation. I'm very well versed in augmentation techniques. I understand if you wish to pursue such a thing alone.. but some supervision might be beneficial." He glances toward Iris. "I'm.. just visiting actually. I wished to see what devices were available for purchase."
Qwillis     Qwillis smiles to Charles with a small shrug. "I'm in Shanty-town of El Dorado. So.. close enough to walk." He'd smile with a nod to Iris. "I was escorting Doctor Iris here.. although, to be honest, if it came to conflict she'd probably be protecting me.." Shaking his head then, Qwillis grins to Charles. "For the upgrades, I'd be glad for the assistance. I still remember the pain.. and not having to restart due to that would be nice."
Iris Lark Iris leans a little closer to Qwillis. "He's going to help you do things with your hand and leg?" She asks quietly. She blushes at the mention of her being a bodyguard and she pushes her Gauss a bit further back on her shoulder, hoping her body hides it from Charles. "Acme is a nice place, if you need help finding anything or ..a place, let me know."
Charles Charles nods. "Well, it would be a benefit to me as well.. Willing participants in cybernetic surgery are.. well.. rare. I have personally conducted my share of procedures but the opportunity to keep my skills sharp is.. not one to pass by." he glances toward Iris and nods, "Anyone with an M72 certainly qualifies as a sufficient defender.. Though considering the difficulty of wielding such a weapon close range, I hope you detect your threats early and at distance." He smiles toward Iris. "Ah.. thank you for the offer. I'm hoping some... associates of mine arrive in short order.. We were intending of making some kind of arrangement for our lodgings."
Qwillis     Qwillis nods thoughtly, glancing to Iris with a small smile. "He's.. what I'm trying to learn how to be. I suspect." Glancing between Iris and Charles, he'd nod slightly. "That would be why I have the legendary club." He'd shrug slightly. "My gun is being worked on.. As for the arrangement.. I do ask that you keep in touch, hmm? If I can be of assistance I'd be happy to do so. While my place is in Shanty-town, I have no qualms in traveling to help further science."
Iris Lark "What he said." Iris murmurs, gesturing towards Qwillis. "Will you both excuse me? I'm going to go check on something at the store." She says, taking one step back and then another. "It was nice to meet you Charles. I hope to see you again soon!"
Charles Charles smiles with a nod. "Excellent.. and if you require assistance expanding upon your research, I may be able to provide some objective aid. I myself had a mentor.. and the propagation of knowledge is essential to the building of the future, but I understand this knowledge has to also be earned. So I would not overshadow you and such." He glances around then reaches his hand into his lab coat once more. "I.. should be going though.. I have much to do to establish myself in the area.. Hopefully we meet again, Qwillis." He then backs up to the exit and steps out of the lab.