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Fiona Fiona sits at one of the empty morning casinos, a deck of cards dancing in her hands. There is a faint self impressed smirk on her face as she practices the elaborate shuffles and displays. A flat mug of beer sits by her, likely it started flat.
Willow Caine Willow makes her way into the Casino from the Saloon, yawning hugely. She carries with her a tumbler of tawny brown liquid, mixed with ice. Spotting Fiona she comes over and takes a seat, shifting until her skirts are smoothed out. "How ya doin, sugar?"
Fiona Fiona is aware of her cousins arrival, of course people could crowd the room to standing and Fiona would likely still be aware. The shuffling, bridging, fanning, and rolling cuts continue as she looks up. One card flips face down out of the deck between them. "Good morning, Willow. Fine now.. You are always, better than a sunrise on Bitter Lake." The cards brought still and stacked, with only the one remaining culled. "Just practicing things I ought not. Going to cookout?"
Willow Caine "Probably, I doubt that we'll have much business here with something like that in the offering." Willow states, crossing her legs as she smiles at Fiona. "Sugar, you ought to practice anything you desire. We are the only ones who can hold each other back, you know?" She takes a sip of her drink and raises her chin slightly. "Been up to anything dangerous lately? I swear, you and Gale are gonna give me gray hairs."
Fiona A brow dances as she taps the lone card with her index finger, "Gamblers should never let folks know about card tricks." She says and draws the hand back to lift her beer for a sip. A smooth grin, "Well, funny you should mention that. Gale and I were out scouting and got bashwacked by nearly a half dozen Eagle Gangers." Nearly six being four, but somewhat accurate enough for stories. "It was fine though, they didn't give us a scratch. Most of them made it to limp off. Guess Gale was feelin generous." Another sip, and she studies Willow a little, eyes tracing the line of her hair-do. "I am going,
Willow Caine "I probably should change into something a little less eye catching." WIllow sighs, giving a brief glance down to her decolletage. "The last thing I want to do is spill on this gown, or attract the wrong sort of attention." A slightly impish grin purses her lips. "I swear you two could walk through a church and attract trouble. To think that at one time I was considered the resident bad girl." She rests her chin on her palm and adds. "Compared to you two, I am a damn saint."
Fiona Fiona looks dow from the hair, sighing a hint dramatically, "Shameful, as it is to have dress otherwise, it would be a long suffered tradegy it something happened to that dress." The she glances back to the card, a flicker of doubt if she pull it off, but then she laughs. "That maybe true, you've certainly always looked like the angel. But, you should never worry about the trouble Gale and me get into together.. Together we'll be just fine." Dubious reassurance for when they aren't together. "I think this is your card."
Willow Caine Willow gazes down at the card and then up at Fiona before she laughs. "You just have no idea how hard it is to get into this dress. Having to get out is ..well it's not easy." She sits back in her seat and wrinkles her nose. "I found something in the wild a few days ago, might make things safer if I can sell it or..give it to Gale to use. She'll fuss with me and say no, but..I'm prepared to be a bit of a bitch if it'll keep my sister safe." She takes a sip of her drink, her eyes gazing out towards the Saloon. "Yeah, we're gonna be dead as shit here tonight."
Fiona A little more look over the dress, and how it rides. "Willow, how ever hard it is, I assure you if the end result would be the same, I'd try it. Truth though is you'd still catch more eyes in the whole militia uniform." A grin, she tried, back around sixteen, for about six months. "Oh? What did you find?" Then she reaches to finish her beer, then returns the card to the deck. "Yepp, just as well though, looks like a nice time for the picnic."
Willow Caine "We both know I couldn't shoot and hit the broad side of anything." Willow mutters, rolling her eyes at her cousin. "If I joined the Militia, my duties would have to be.. stand out there until it draws out the bad guy, and then run if you can manage it." She leans in close and lowers her voice. "Found a decent set of power armor. I'm tryin to sell it, but..not havin much luck as yet."
Fiona A quick nod as she leans closer to, "I don't know if Gale knows how to use that, I don't." The militant dressed woman leans back and comments, "Aww, we'd put you on the recruitment poster and triple enrollment." A glance at a window, "About time to head towards the lake."
Willow Caine Willow gets to her feet and chuckles softly. "I see, get me a tight fitting uniform and watch the men flock in." She props her hands on her hips and gives Fiona an arch look, complete with a slightly wicked smile. "I'd be happy to help my town get the able bodied men in where they're needed." She swishes towards the doorway, calling over her shoulder. "I'm gonna go get dressed sugar, I'll meet you there."
Fiona Fiona nods as she rises, giving a laugh as she pockets the deck. "See you there then." She draws her trail hat up, carrying the hat at her side to the dokr.