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Kurokumo Mibojin      It's about mid-afternoon, the sprawling space in Shantytown lending itself to a few hidden courtyards that are haphazardly placed. It's open invitation, Kurokumo having told a few of her patients that she's going to be holding a little get-together for a meal behind the Shantytown Clinic. She can't be too far away from where she works should some food related mishap occurs.

     There are several very large pots that she's gotten a hold of, and tables and benches lent to the fortuitous occasion. She's dishing out something she calls 'Dragonfly Gumbo', a mix of onions, beans, herbs and spices, and mashed bits of the gigantic Dragonflies that call Bitter Lake their home. Who knew they could be so tasty?
Dusty Rose If there's one thing that's usually good to bring people together, it's food.

All the same, Dusty Rose is still giving those huge pots a somewhat wary look. Somewhere between wondering if she wants to know what's in the gumbo, or just where Kurokumo managed to actually get pots of that size.
Alasa Alasa finds herself in the hidden little courtyard, having been tracking the scent of food that was lofting through Shantytown. "This smells like the place..looks like it too, a regular picnic." She smiles, as she eyes the pots of gumbo..."looks good too."
Ashur Until his wounds have recovered more, Ashur has been unofficially ordered by the handful of people who have any influence over his behavior whatsoever to stop playing chicken with the Reaper. Given the visions that have been plaguing him throughout the nights, this isn't much of an issue-- he's been waking up tired more often than not, with little motivation to do much of anything. Which leads him to the current moment-- and it started so simple, too. 'Honey, I need a bit of everything on this list; go and get it for me, please?' 'Yes, dear.'

Oh, it was an adventure. Who knew that crooked old bat with the milky eyes would insist he inhale a bit from her pipe before she agreed to share some of her home-made special hot sauce?

The giant makes his way back to Kumo, eventually, and there's a certain deep relaxation about him-- almost post-orgasmic, in a recognizable way. He moves as though the air were water, languid, a casual struggle that slows him down; he also seems very fascinated with how the heavy fabric of his toga feels on his bare skin. His pupils might be enlarged, too.

"Sweet bride," the man rumbles, sliding up behind Kumo, one arm around her and the other clutching a sack of goods, including the Special Sauce. "Mm, it all smells so good."
Jacqueline A Wayne who gives her word can be counted on to keep it. Thus it is that Jackie has been here for a bit now, helping get things set up for the big gumbo-fest, even if she still isn't sure what /gumbo/ is. Before this evening, she would've sworn it was some kind of very clayey mud. The smells coming from the cookpots, though... those are saying, quite plainly, that gumbo is a lot more likely to be very tasty than any kind of mud.
She carries a stack of bowls (twelve high at least, and maybe three of them are the same kind even if they're all roughly the same size) over to one of the tables. "Is this where the line forms?" she asks, looking to Kurokumo. And Ashur, who has just joined her. "'Scuse me..." she murmurs, edging past Alasa and Rose. "Dinnerware coming through."
Derk Finishing up at the clinic, Derk finds himself taking the advice of his most recent client. Advice that made mention of edibles being offered on the other side of town. As a human needing such sustenance and without reason to provide for himself at the moment, Derk travels to the courtyard and casually waits at the entrance for a moment so that he can take advantage of the lull to view who is already there. Dressed in the fairly common attire of a wastelander who's managed to clean himself up to the point that most of the patches look new on the faded orange jumpsuit of a Brotherhood member, the man gives a nod to those whom he recognizes and has met before. "Looks like it's shaping up to be a busy event," he remarks to no one in particular, though loud enough to be heard by those nearby.

Derk gives his hands a glance, ensuring that the last wash before he left the clinic had at least left his fingernails free of blood and other delterious substances. Satisfied, he steps away from the entrance to the courtyard and heads into the area, slowly passing several of the tables before settling near the end of one, though he remains standing, seeing if there's some sort of etiquette that everyone else will follow.
Kurokumo Mibojin      Kurokumo is stiring the cooking pots periodically, keeping everything warm over the dying coals entrenched within stones. "Hey, Jackie! Yeah, the bowls go over there..." She's caught by surprise, the large arm encircling her waist as Ashur comes to visit. "Oh, good! I can get everything finished up." It hasn't occured to her, being the busy little bee that she is, that something is off with the giant. The final ingredients are taken off of his person, Kurokumo finishing adding the finishing touches.
Apostle     Derk is so considerate.
    Apostle is not so much.
    She is caked in the dust of roadside exploration, her respirator hissing in breath and letting it out in visible bellows that, for those close enough, smells strangely sweet and laced with spice that likely hasn't been found in these parts for some time. Her sash and scarf drag behind her, some bloodied warpath given life in the fabric folds that grow more tattered by the moment as they ease on over rough terrain and catch on every twig and burr there is.
    Golden eyes flick from one attendee to the next, slowly narrowing in contempt as the number of people begins to dawn on her, shoulders raising in apprehension as she slithers her way through to somewhere less populated.
Abe     A good meal, or at least... one not whipped up in the kitchen of the Gold Digger.

Mind you, the quality has gone up ever since Mayor Miss Kitty took office! This, beloved narrator will not dare to theorize why but even so.

Yes, Abe has come a'calling with a old BoS messkit in tow! He'd heard there was eatins to be had and by god if there was ONE thing he could do this week that would NOT get him shot, it was eat! He's done up as usual, maybe taking the trouble to have rubbed his hands in a horse trough somewhere. That new shirt of his also looks like it's been cleaned up... and stitched in a few more places.
Alasa Alasa hmmms as people continue to arrive, "I must say, this is really starting to get busy..but with that food, I can understand why." As she continues to just watch the people for a moment
Ashur "Good girl," Ashur growls into the neck of Kurokumo as she stirs the pots and sets aside the other ingredients and flavor enhancements. His hands rise to engulf her neck, whispering across shoulder and arm with a teasing delicacy before, at least, seizing her hips with an animal ferocity, fingers moulding her flesh around them. "I'm all sorts of hungry."

As if he weren't in the presence of a growing crowd, he damn near molests the hostess, nipping at that soft spot where neck and shoulder meet.

And as quickly as the affection began, it ends, with a smack to her bottom and a peck on the back of her head, the former Legionnaire pivoting on a heel and taking in those who have gathered. Some recognized faces, some not-- normally, the strangers would earn a wary gaze and severe treatment, but for some reason he certainly can't put his finger on, this is a mellow sort of day.

But Apostle, queer creature that she is, triggers some vague memory in the back of his head of their new Mayor, who caught him hauling a rucksack full of scavenged trash into town one day.. and so the bull charges toward her, arms folded behind his back.

"Woman," he calls, right hand lifting and snapping his fingers as he sees her bee-line for a quieter place. "Hold. I was informed you seek car parts; I've recovered one, and it is worthless to me."
Kurokumo Mibojin      When she's being manhandled by her husband, Kurokumo turns splotchy and red. He's not usually so frisky in the company of others! The woman literally squeaks when her rear is smacked, eyes blinking owlishly as Ashur stomps off business with someone else? Shaking her head, Kurokumo begins her call: "Dinner's ready!"
Jacqueline "Thanks!" Jackie moves to set down the bowls, the intention being to go back for more. People are still coming into the back lot behind the clinic; it looks like the gumbo cookout is a success, and it hasn't really started yet!
She turns to go back, and barely evades a moving giant, looking after him for a moment. "Huh... what Cazador's on /his/ back?" The gas-masked figure he's making for draws a look as well. Strange attire for a cookout. How do you /eat/ in that thing?
Her attention strays back to the gathering crowd. "Bowls are over here, spoons over there. Just grab one of each and getcha some!" she says cheerfully, standing back and smiling. She'll get her own helping last.
Apostle     Shoulders hunch at the fingersnapping.
    Apostle's head jerks to the side to fix Ashur with a sort of seething that can only come from a unique level of loathing, a latent hiss escaping from her mask as her breath fails to catch and draw in, as though she were going to fully deflate on the spot. Sunset intense gaze turns from him to Kurokumo and back again, the idle crawl of spiders through her veins at the intimate display. Where people are eating, no less. She stands, unblinking, staring toward them both as her mind worries away at exactly how to respond to such a disrespectful 'greeting'.
    Hssk. ... Hssk.
    She's decided, it seems, to fully ignore it all, aside from the very last.
    "All have their worth and each contributes to the worth of the others." She offers, as though scripture -- practiced, recited, empty -- though whether she's talking about the part that seems worthless to him, or reminding herself of something is left to question.
    Her head ticks to one side, a fractional movement as her eyes once more flick to Kuro at the call of food, then back to Ashur, and then to Abe, and back to Ashur. This is why she doesn't come to these things. There are -people- at them. Hidden by her mask, her uppet lip twists in undenied contempt at the world in general for bringing her to such a place, even should it yield a piece for her most beloved.
    "For service rendered to the city at the behest of the Office of the Mayor of El Dorado, I will recieve this artifact of denied purpose; I shall breathe the hum of life, the purr of engines, to the thrumming beat of piston heart. You will place it," She points at a nearby table quickly, before withdrawing her hand again and backing away a step or two. "Here."
    Hssk, hssk, hssKH.
Katherine Caine Mayor Caine and her son Sergeant Caine had arrived to the gathering better late than never, thanks to her insisting that Joe wear his Clean Militia Uniform so that he would look dashing and set a good example to anyone else who might be considering signing up.

Making her way for the host immediately, she extends a hand to Kumo and smiles, "Doctor Mibojin, I want to thank you so much for hosting this gathering. The city really needed something like this."
Abe     Abreham cues up for the line. When bowls are offered... he does tuck his messkit away. He'll trust his own utensils better, however.

It was hard... no, it was impossible to miss the sight of the woman that Vector was with. That's the best as he could name her. He watches, meeting eyes momentarily and sharing a look... as well as a slightly awkward wave. Hand lifting and cocking. He eyes the line, counting his spot and those ahead before he considers Apostle again... Maybe that wouldn't turn ugly and he wouldn't have to pop over.
Dusty Rose "Well, I suppose there is only one way to properly analyze what the actual composition of this 'gumbo' is," Dusty muses outloud, mostly to herself and sounding about as nerdy as possible about it as she gets in line for the food.
Ashur "Not all have worth," Ashur responds, blind or apathetic to the blatant disgust Apostle has for both himself and the circumstances she finds herself in. Whatever might crawl through her veins, his are filled with pride and narcotic smoke-- and it sees his typical imperious strictness softened, his voice less of a feral rasp than normal. The snapping hand returns to his position behind his back, knuckles curling inward as he enfolds the fist with the opposite hand, and he seems almost.. agreeable? To the demand of her pointed finger and rebreather-filtered voice.

"Mm.. one should not be so discomforted at my bride's festivity; the proper response to celebration is to celebrate. A moment, then-- a gift, given your obsession."

The behemoth turns and wanders off to the back wall of the clinic, where he'd earlier stashed a handful of his own possessions-- his hotel room felt like it was a little cramped, and he planned to dispose of some of the junk in the Shantytown markets today. He tosses aside a tarp concealing a disheveled pile of trinkets from onlooker's eyes and the sun's burn, kneels, and returns a moment later.

There are two things of note in his immense arms: one is a bumper for a car, held in a massive mitt like a spear, and impaled on the end of it is a large leather jacket, the Motorhead's gang patch sewn on its back. A biker's jacket, really-- and oh, how dark leather and metal alike glimmer in the sun, and the wind flaps the arms like a flag.

He deposits both in the desired spot with an unsubtle thunk. "Tell my Kumo the food is good, and both are yours."
Kurokumo Mibojin      "It is my pleasure, Ms. Caine. Thank you for coming to visit!" Her handshake is firm but not overbearing, before she begins dolling out the large spoonfuls of gumbo. When you live out in the Wasteland, you find what you can and share it. At least, that's how the Doctor sees her new life now. Turning to Abe, Kurokumo gives a smile as she pours the ladle into his bowl carefully. "Enjoy."
Fiona Fiona makes her way to the eat out with an even pace, dressed in her soldier gear, hand gripping her rifle strap. There is a rote steadiness of joining line for food before assesssing more than local threats. Once in place, she does smile a bit and give a few nods.
Jacqueline "Grab a bowl and getcha some!" Jackie calls to the new arrivals, gesturing to the pile of mostly-mismatched bowls on the edge of one of the tables.
She grins at Rose, hearing her comment. "If smell is half of taste, I don't think you'll need to analyze long. I'm getting a lot of spices, for sure," she replies. Abe gets a nod and a smile as he joins the line and gets his.
Not that she's ignoring what's going on over in the corner with Ashur and the masked woman. Is that a /bumper/? And a jacket? Strange things to have at a cookout!
Joe Caine Standing beside his mother, dressed in his finest clothing, is Joe Caine, his features partially shrouded by the shadow from the brim of his old, yet fine cowboy hat. He looks rather uncomfortable, despite his relaxed demeanor. He's carefully scanning the area, in an attempt to classify any type of foreign threat to the party. Nodding to a few people he recognizes, Joe moves towards the food. He was a large man after all, and his appetite was as big as him.
Katherine Caine "Well, I won't keep you any further. Thank you so much again." Katherine said to Kumo before stepping away so that the hostess could do her work with the serving and what not. Katherine for her part moved to the back of the line with all the other folks waiting their turn for some food.
Apostle     "The less worth of a man, the greater his pride."
    It's an easy retort, though once again spoken moreso as though she were quoting something than actually saying it; it's a curious method of conversation, to be certain, but it is what Apostle has to offer. One of her shoulders rolls in a lazy if tense shrug, the stiffness in the action speaking to the observant of her disquieted state, settling as she watches him pace away to retrieve whatever it is that he's off to retrieve. When he returns with his treasures and planks them down where she had directed, the hand that was still pointing casually loses its rigidity and settles at her side.
    Her eyes don't leave him, not even to observe such glorious treats.
    ... no matter how it glitters, despite the audible flap of sleeves...
    She maybe steals one glance.
    Without looking to the cook, she allows; "I like a cook who smiles out loud when he tastes his own work. Let God worry about your modesty; I want to see your enthusiasm." Hssk. "The discovery of a new dish does more for the happiness of the human race than the discovery of a star."
    That'll do, she clearly figures.
    Finally, that awkward wave of Abe's catches her attention, her head slowly turning toward him with a look that suggests he's interrupted something very dangerous, her brows creasing just so. Without so much as a word, a roll of gauze is produced from a tactical satchel at her side, her free hand lifting to jab a near-clawed finger toward him before her head tilts in question.
Ashur Ashur is not convinced the Apostle's words qualify as adherence to his command; nevertheless, he concedes a small shrug and a more decisive nod, his approval released in faint grunt. "Ride to your heart's content," he tells her, fingers combing through the thick bristles of his beard; sharp as boar hair, they are. "And enjoy." The man can be as generous as he is cruel; if nothing else is said about him, let it be that half-measures were an alien concept.

Besides, the woman reminds him, at least a little, of certain strange-minded brothers he had in the Legion, who were awkward with others and filtered the world through their obsessions. Perhaps her idiosyncratic methodologies elicit a certain nostalgic sympathy in his black heart.

He's turned away from her now, and made his way back toward Kumo and Jackie, mouth curved in faint smile. "Look at that, little one-- so popular. If the clinic ceases to amuse, your calling is clearly mistress of El Dorado's soup kitchens."
Jacqueline Frowning thoughtfully, Jackie watches the odd swap meet in the corner. She can't hear what's being said, but it doesn't look to be going well. Nothing's actually changed hands.
The mayor and Joe join the line about then, interrupting her wonderings about the oddness over there. She smiles and offers each of them a bowl for the delicious-smelling dinner that awaits everyone. The two bowls even look the same... except for the color, as one's a little more faded than the other. But with scavved dishes, one can't be too choosy.
The smell seems to have drawn another watcher: From the direction of a nearby wall comes a bellow of "GREAT HORNY TOADS!" But no one's there. Well, almost no one, save for a rather chubby bird with a bright orange beak and black, white-streaked wings and tail, watching the doings behind the clinic.
Apostle     Collecting her newly gotten gains, Apostle offers one last baleful glare at all those gathered before she backs away ever so slowly toward the door in what is quite possibly the least subtle exit anyone has ever made at one of these events. She's still pointing at Abe, all the way out.
Kurokumo Mibojin      Kurokumo playfully scoffs at Ashur's suggestion, her hands still moving as she feeds everbody, one by one. "I'm not -that- good." At least, not yet. Her stance shifts, lower back stiffening a bit in pain as she's stood a little too long. Her belly looks a bit fuller than before, but the Doctor hasn't put on any ungainly weight anywhere else. There's a quick smile, a daring look as Dusty Rose is served her bowl. "Bon Appetite."
Ashur "Nonsense," insists the brutish man, once more sliding an arm around his woman's waist. His fingers splay over her stomach, and he leans in over her to inhale the scent of the food. "There's no need for modesty, my Kumo-- even the strange girl with the mask complimented it."

Admittedly, she did it due to bribes, but it still counts.

At the bird's call, the man blinks, looks around-- Kumo might be familiar with it, but he most certainly is not. "Mm.. what a strange bird," he comments, eyes idly scanning for a rock. "Do you know any recipes for bird?"
Dusty Rose Dusty Rose takes a few testing bites. "... Despite the odd choice in 'meat' this actually is rather tasty. Must be all the spices to... actually, better off not thinking too hard about it." She shrugs a little, and wanders to find a place to sit and finish the rest of the bowlfull.
Katherine Caine Katherine mostly keeps to herself while she eats the delicious dragonball gumbo, saying to Joe, "You can barely taste the Dragonball, it's actually pretty good." She seemed glad for a chance to get out of the Mayor's office which was demanding constant attention. She had no clue how Solomon got by just by being crooked.
Joe Caine Joe Caine offers a toothy grin towards Jacqueline as he takes a bowl, "Why thank you miss, I don't mind if I do! Looks mighty delicious." With that he waits his turn to be poured a bowl, about as patiently as he can. Turning around to Kitty, Joe questions, "Hey Ma, any word on Captain Romero's condition?"
Jacqueline "Be sure to tell the cook that!" the perky bowl-hander-outer says, giving the Sergeant a smile. As the folks get their helpings, Jackie finally takes the last bowl, getting into line for her own share. It's been murder standing there smelling this stuff all this time and not being able to taste it!
She holds her bowl up to Kurokumo and smiles. "I'd say it's a success. Even the mayor showed up, right?" Ashur gets a quizzical look, less because of the swap meet and more because he's being so... affectionate. Last time she saw him, he'd been fully prepared to kill everything in sight, which is scary even when he's on your side. And she'd been stuck going over the trucks, just in case they had to make a quick getaway.
Unaware that he's being sized up for the next meal, the chubby bird flits to the edge of a table, close to one of the pots. "~Hamburger Helper... helps you make a perfect meal!" he comments sagely, click-click-clicking thoughtfully.
Kurokumo Mibojin      "Ashur, Wassup belongs to Jacqueline. It would make her sad if you ate him." Kurokumo knows that look all too well, of muscles bunching before her giant of a man makes his move. Her hand slides up his arm, soothing as she tries to gain his attention. There's a warm affectionate smile, as she turns and takes in her new family. Her new home.
Joe Caine Joe Caine offers a nod towards Ashur, who he slightly recognized. He takes his food, not waiting for his mothers response, and he moves towards a table, where he casually begins to eat his food.
Katherine Caine "He's better now, up and about." Katherine replied to Joe with a smile before chowing down on the DRAGONFLY Gumbo.