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B In two weeks, B's had two groups of visitors at her little shack. The first was when a patrol just stumbled on in to make sure she was alright. They bought some liquor and went on their way. The second time, she expected much the same - a group of men came to rap on her door. That, however, was the last bit of their good will. The open fired and shot the place to hell. Thankfully, Derk was around (and rightly he should be since he lives here) to help her get a handle on things. Between the two of them, they managed to kill the invaders with a few founds to themselves. B's been shot a couple of times: one in the chest, and one in the leg.

Now, sagging with relief that it's over and the girls weren't here, B slides down the wall to a crumpled heap on the floor. The adrenaline is still pumping through her veins, keeping her pain at bay for the moment. She reloads her rifle .. just in case .. and turns to look at Derk. "Well," she says, swiping the back of her hand across her brow, "I think we got them all, but why did they keep calling me Sparrow?"
Derk Derk is in the process of stripping the last body of all valuables and dragging his carcass outside so that he can serve as a warning to others while he closes and latches the door behind himself. "Alright, I think they were calling you Sparrow cause they thought you were Sparrow?" Derk responds, referring to another of the women in the town. He gives B a look over then pauses as he realizes that she's actually been shot and that her armor hasn't stopped the bullets that have pierced her flesh. "Shit B!?" He asks in alarm, moving closer to her in several quick strides.

Kneeling down beside her, he looks at the way she's curled up and he starts to ease her into a more comfortable prone position, grabbing his kit and hurriedly taking a pillow from the small bed for her head. "Alright, you get yourself comfortable and cover the door, I... you're not supposed to be taking shots like this, you know?" He remarks to her, taking her leg and turning it slightly to appraise the damage, then moving upwards, and lifting her dress, while helping her out of the combat chestpiece, so that he can survey the extents of her wounds.
B B blinks at Derk's words. "Shot? Ugh.. I guess that explains the stinging sensation." She watches as he lifts her skirts to check out her leg. Almost immediatly the adrenaline seems to vanish, leaving behind a wave of pain that threatens to knock her out. "God, I wish you hadn't said that. I was feeling good until.. ugh." She reaches up to her chest just above her heart and fingers the frayed edge of her chestpiece. Those fingers come back red with blood. "I wasn't expecting them to open fire. The last time guys came here, it was to make sure I was okay."
Derk "Well try not to talk too much, you feeling any pain elsewhere? Or what?" Derk asks, moving quickly to catch her hand that comes back bloodied from her chest. He gets the buckles undone and lifts the chestpiece from her front, rolling the dress up higher as he exposes her skin to his explorative fingers. "Well... I've got good news..." he says quietly, touching her and gently exploring the wound. "Chestpiece took the brunt of the damage, the bullet didn't go past your ribcage. Gonna hurt like hell tomorrow though..." he remarks, though the tone of his voice is clearly relief.

Derk continues to search her body though, ensuring that she hasn't taken any other wounds in the process that her system isn't overloaded to recognize. Satisfied finally, he draws his kit over and starts to go to work on her.
B B nods weakly, focusing a minute on keeping her breath nice and even. A flicker of a smile crosses her features. "Good thing I was wearing it then," says she before nodding. Save her breath. Sounds like a good plan. She lays her head against the wall and looks up at the ceiling, noting for the first time how the light shoots in from the new bullet holes in the wall. Then, a thought. "Did they hit the still?" she wonders, struggling now to get to her feet to go find out.
Derk Derk places a restraining hand upon her chest when she tries to get up, "Hey now, just wait. I don't hear anything strange, and we don't smell anything different, and you don't need to go looking while you're bleeding out. I'll just be a moment," he explains, and a pair of forceps later and a warm bulelt is placed in her hand, "Keep it as a momento," he remarks, and while she's looking at it, he quickly checks her leg, giving it a spray to numb it a little before going in and pulling the bullet from the front of her thigh. "Stop getting shot..." he remarks, and there is concern in his voice. That done, he has nothing left to do but to quickly stitch her up to keep the scarring to a minimum and then he bandages her thigh and her chest, cleaning her up and giving her a pat and a smile. "Alright... we can go check the still now if you want..."