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Lilly Caine Lilly Caine makes her way in throuh the doorway. She waves at a couple of the regulars before she makes her way over to the bar, one of the stools on the end sporting a "Out of Order" sign. She takes the sign off, climbs atop it and proceeds to get comfy. She slides the breastplate off and peeks at her bandaged stomach
Nikki Nikki pokes her head into the saloon, looking around a moment before moving her way in. "C'mon Dink. Nikki thinks this place will be top notch!" Saying that to the floating eyebot above her left shoulder, which she then grins and looks back among the crowd and all. "Nikki just find something..." Or someone, or whatever. She never truly was looking for something specific.
Lilly Caine Lilly Caine turns when she hears the door open. "Wow! Cool Bot!", she calls out from her barstool. Her legs kick back and forth, alternating, as she motions the girl over.
Lilly Caine Lilly Caine sits at the bar, on her 'special stool', examining the bandages about her midsection. The chest armor piece has been removed so she can poke and pick at her injury unobstructed
Skittles Skittles looks up from her cleared plate, only the slight grease from the eggs and minuscule white crumbs giving any sort of indication to what her meal was, three scrambled eggs and three biscuits. An expensive one for sure, but she felt she had deserved it after what she had done. Spotting Lilly at the bar, she stands up and waves as she approaches,

"Hey there,", frowning, "What happened there?". "Oh, was that from the run in with the bandits?", she arches an eyebrow as she concludes. Pushing her hair back with one hand, she leans on an elbow at the bar as she converses.
Lilly Caine Lilly Caine lifts her head smiling. "Oh, I went on a rid with my Mom, got shot inna gut.. then shot the guy that shot me. Fell off my horse though", she ponders a bit.. nibbling her bottom lip.. then shrugs cuz it's not like it's gonna be anyh big secret, "then mom Banged the doc to get me patched up."
Manuelito Walking in, Manuelito heads to a table quietly where he sits down with a sigh. Looking to the waiter, he orders breakfast and what he hopes is decent coffee. Taking the hat off, he sets it on the table before finally taking a slow gaze around to take in the patrons.

His eyes fell on Lilly and frown creases his lips and his head shakes. Typical Katherine, recklessly putting people in danger and sleeping with people.
Skittles Skittles cants her head slightly as she processes the young girl's speech. She flushes a darker brown as her cheeks heat up, realization striking at last. "Oh, uh, well... that's how you know she loves you, I think.", she glances to Manuelito and then back to Lilly.
    "What've you been up to then?"
She asks, her cheeks and neck returning to their normal color.
Lilly Caine Lilly Caine hops off her stool and moves over to Manuelito.. "Hey manny", and shambles over to give him a hug. "I got the sunnuvabitch that did this. I didn't fnish him but he gotta gut fulla lazer for his troubles." beaming at the old icon. "I gotta scar. Now i'm badass"
Manuelito Giving his little niece a hug back and a kiss on the cheek, he nods. "Good. If'n you get me a description of what he looks like, I'll send out some militia men to round him up." He tells her kindly as he lets her go and looks up to her. "How are you holding up otherwise?"
Jacqueline A face framed by tousled dark hair peeks over the batwing doors. A moment later Jacqueline steps in, looking around casually. Though her smile is cheerful enough, there's a slash in the right thigh of her carpenter's jeans, and she favors that leg just a bit.
She spots Lilly at the bar immediately, that being where she'd been heading, but the girl relocates to someone's table almost as soon as Jackie sees her. The diminutive techie gives the other girl at the bar a curious look, moving to a stool close by.
Not Lilly's stool. She's memorized the location of that one. Signalling the bartender, she orders a soda and gives the formerly-blushing girl a smile. "Howdy."
Decius Not much later than Jacqueline another arrival enters the saloon, namely Decius who looks as much a Legionnaire as allways although dragging a bit more sand and dust from the Wasteland with him than usuall. He barely takes a few moments to take stock of who is present before quickly getting out of the way at the entrance and settling down at a table near the bar.
Skittles Skittles shrugs as the younger girl wanders over to Manny, and shifts her attention to the stranger's greeting.
"Hullos!", she responds.
Giving her a quick once over, she smiles softly and asks, "I don't think I've seen you before, are you just arriving?". She scratches her head before continuing, "I can't say I've been in here much though, so no surprise really.".
The bartending bot brings over a couple cups of coffee with double shots of Brandy each at Skittles' request. She slides over the appropriate amount of caps and pushes one of the drinks over to Jacqueline.
Lilly Caine Lilly Caine hugs Manny once more. She plays with his hair, contemplating whether he need a haircut as all female family members do, then makes her way back over to Her Stool.. the one with extra grease that can spin for a full 3 mins if she gets the momentum up.
Manuelito Smirking ever so slightly, Manny simply tells her "No haircut." as if reading, or perhaps knowing what she is thinking. A plate of what he hopes is eggs and bacon is placed in front of him, along with coffee as Lilly makes her way to the stool. Quietly the man digs in to the food.
Jacqueline Jackie shrugs and smiles. "I'm not new in town, no, but I just started coming to this saloon," she replies. "It's a big town, so I'm not surprised we've never met before. Call me Jackie!"
Her eyes follow the mug as it's pushed over her way. "Oh, thanks. I've never tried the coffee here." Glancing back, she sees Lilly making her way back from that fellow's table. She waves and smile to him, and nods to Lilly as the other girl claims her usual spot. "Hello again! How's the tummy healing up?"
Lilly Caine Lilly Caine grabs her breastplate and pads off behind the counter to the backroom, borrowing Aunt Roxie's "comfortable pile of crap" to nap on
Decius Decius glances over to Jacqueline and Skittles at the bar and gives a slight wave from where he is sitting. "Good day you two. Let me tell you, the coffee is tolerable if it doesn't feel like a kick in the head."
Skittles Skittles turns to look at Decius, and while joy and rainbows aren't the things she associates with him, she does give him a smile, saying, "Morning Decius.". Turning to face him completely, one leg crossed over the other, she slips an arm across her overalls, the other hand holding her hot beverage, and adds, "Glad to see you made it back safely. We're going to be cleaning out the area around our base if you're lookin for some extra work. I'm sure Knight can compensate you for your troubles.".
    Leaning back against the bar,she awaits a rsponse, and sips at her drink gingerly.
Manuelito Glancing up from his food, his eyes look over to Skittles. The mug is brought to his lips as he drinks it a moment before lowering it and wrapping both hands around it, enjoying the warmth. "So Tinman finally found a base for his little group?" He refuses to call them Brotherhood of Steel.
Jacqueline Glancing back at the sound of a voice, Jackie blinks in surprise at the sight of a man in Legionnaire armor. Sure, she's heard rumors that one of Caesar's soldiers has come to town, but she wasn't sure she'd actually /see/ him. But she marshals her courage and smiles and waves back. "Howdy! Glad to hear it, mister."
She looks curiously at Skittles. "Base? What sort of base? I'll understand if it's none of my business, Miss..." she intones, hoping Skittles will fill in the unstated blank.
Decius The legionnaire smirks slightly and nods. "Well, if its going to be as interesting as the last time I'm in. Besides, it paid well although most of the caps are going to end in the shops around here again anyway." He doesn't say much else though as he instead lets Skittles decide what else to say about where the 'tinman' set up camp now.
Skittles Skittles sideglances to Jacqueline, "Skitt... Sroids, Meggan Stroids, though most just call me Skittles.", she holds up a lock of her hair, the polychrome hair impossibly natural.
    "I'm with the organization called the Brotherhood of Steel. Though the chapter here is relatively new, and our mission strategy is a little different than what you might've heard about.". She shrugs a shoulder. "We recently took on a job for the city here to clear out some bandits. We also used it as an opportunity to set up a base of opperations though. Decius here,", she gestures to Decius, "Helpped us out a bit.". Sarcasticly, she adds, "We're hoping it'll break his aversion towards technology.".
Jacqueline "Skittles... catchy. Cool to meet you, Meggan," Jackie says respectfully. "I've heard of your order, but I haven't met any of you 'til now. Do you still need help around the base? I'd be glad to pitch in. It's gotta be less dangerous than poking around the wastes for scrap," she adds ruefully, glancing down at the rip in her right thigh.
She looks up at Decius quizzically. "You don't like technology, mister? I know some don't, but El Dorado's a funny place to come if you don't, bein' so chock-full of it and all."
Decius Decius scowls slightly in Skittles direction before looking back to Jacqueline. "Thirty years of being part of the Legion, so that should explain that. Besides, I have no aversion to technology, I've just no clue about any particularly advanced technology because the entire Legion is utterly technophobic with few exceptions. They prefer their blades, herbalism and so on over anything considerably more usefull."
Skittles Skittles's hand goes to her mouth as she involuntarily yawns. She glances down to her cup and takes a huge gulp, swallowing hard. Tears well up in the corners of her eyes from the heat. Nodding to Jackie, "Yeah, don't see why not. If you like, after you've seen who we are, you could probably join us, though it's up to you.".
Manuelito Finishing his plate, Manny stands and pays a few caps for the food and coffee. Finishing the coffee, he turns and places his hat on his head and quietly exits.
Jacqueline "Herbalism does have its uses, though it won't beat some of the recovered medical tech I've seen," Jackie says, nodding to Decius. "And guns do have a range advantage over spears and swords. But I've never seen a sharp object run out of ammunition, so there's that. Is it a teacher you need, mister? Or just time to get used to all this new stuff?"
She glances at Skittles, noticing that yawn and the sudden tears. Her soda has arrived, and she offers the BoS girl a sip to cool her mouth off with. "I don't mind helping, and I sure don't mind looking. Where can I find this base? Though... maybe I'd better let you show me, just in case your people aren't hot on visitors dropping in."
Skittles Skittles gestures about, "I'll let Knight show you. Maybe heading out that way sometime this evening.". She apologizes for her yawn, "Sorry, didn't sleep well, or I mean. I did, but it was uncomfortable.". A hand goes to her back as she drops down off of the stool. She drains her cup and sets the empty container on the bartop, nodding to the two she's been conversing with.
    "Going to engage sleep mode, see you two around again.", she gives a small wave as she leaves to exit the saloon.
Decius Decius is audibly muttering something for a moment before shaking his head. "Give me some time and I will be fine. Other than the majority of my fellow Legionnaires I at least had the good sense to at least 'attempt' to have a more common sense than a glorified raider, which they are at their worst and often also at their best." With that said he politely nods towards Skittles as she leaves. "Have a good rest."
Jacqueline "Knight?" Jackie apparently hasn't met this person, but she's not going to keep a tired person from sleep. "Take care, Meggan. Sleep well!" she calls, waving after the departing girl.
She frowns puzzledly at Decius and his muttering, but in the end doesn't ask. "Time it is. But please do remember me if you need anything fixed? I've yet to meet a modern weapon that didn't break down sometimes."
Decius The legionnaire simply shrugs and leans back into his chair. "Might take a while until I need your help since the most advanced thing I own right now are some wires and small energy cells I have attached to the spear I own to electrocute my enemies. Will keep it in mind though."
Jacqueline "Not a bad idea..." Jackie muses, considering that. "I've heard of someone trying that with a sword, but they didn't have anyplace to put the batteries, except for on a belt pack. It made the sword a little less nimble.
Decius Decius nods slightly at the explanation. "I can imagine that. The wires definitely would make swinging it a problem. In the case of my spear they are simply attached a bit below the tip itself with the wires leading up to it and coiling around it. Makes the pointy end a bit heavier than normal, but that isn't much of a problem."
Jacqueline "If balance becomes an issue, you could put the power cells on the other end," Jackie suggests, thinking about it. She collects her frosty bottle of soda and moves to join the Legionnaire. The coffee she leaves; it smells funny. Probably the brandy, which she didn't know about. "If you decide you want to try out guns later, there are a few good shops in town."
Decius Decius thinks about it for a moment before he shakes his head quite energeticaly. "No, no, no. That would make the placement of the wires a problem though since they would need to lead all along the spear making it impossible to grip without shocking myself unless I wrap it in leather or cloth completely and then the balance definitely is screwed up. You see, to use it properly I need to be able to grab it at any length depending on how close the enemy is."
Jacqueline "Oh! I'm sorry, I should've thought of that," Jackie murmurs, blushing brilliantly. After a moment's thought, she lifts her eyes again. "You don't give lessons, do you? On fighting with hand weapons?"
Decius "Well, I'm trained in the usage of most melee weapons so I can at the very least teach you the basics. Besides, I have a lot of time on my hands so I'd gladly do that." Decius says, smirking all the while.
Jacqueline "The basics would definitely help," Jackie replies, her smile sincerely grateful. "I'm a decent shot, but anything that doesn't involve bullets is a little of a mystery. I can usually tell which end to hit people with, but that's about it."
Decius Decius laughs briefly and nods. "Yes, thats a start. Doesn't help much if you can't hit what you aim for, overextend your swing or stab and hit everything except your target. I've seen people hit themselves with their blades out of sheer incompetence or embed their weapons in walls, trees, rocks and so on, causing them to be unable to get them out quick enough."
Jacqueline Jackie winces in sympathy for those pour souls, glancing down at the slash in the thigh of her jeans. "That's incentive. You'll find me a very attentive pupil, Mister Decius. On the other side of that coin, do you know how to shoot?"
Decius The legionnaire grumbles something about the Legion being a bunch of idiots before shrugging. "Not at all. In the Legion at best the scouts and some of the Leadership even bother using guns and even in those cases relatively simple ones. The rest are stuck with thrown weapons and in a few cases bow and arrow when they have to fight at range. Usually they only... Well, I've seen entire hordes of Legionnaires take out machinegun positions simply by running directly at it armed with nothing but blades and fanatism."
Jacqueline "It sounds like not everybody made it to the guns," Jackie says, wincing again. "The difference a few sharpshooters could make... Wesley told me of a time when he and another rifleman held a narrow defile against more than a dozen bandits. If you want, I could teach you a few firearms basics. It's not as hard as some of the militia make it look."
Decius "Sounds good. We will start with me teaching you a few basics sometime soon, so just keep an eye open for me. I'm usually around here somewhere." With that said he slowly gets up from his chair and makes his way to the exit. "Take care!"
Jacqueline "And yourself, Mister Decius!" Jackie waves after the former Legionnaire until the batwings swing shut behind him.